I used to have this hope that one day Jon and Ryan would join Brendon and Spencer on stage. One last time. And Ryan would sing Northern Downpour with Brendon and it would be epic and beautiful. Now, I don’t know if that will ever happen but the way I picture it.. Ryan walking out on stage and Jon doing the same from the opposite side, huge grins on their faces, and the lights going up to reveal them there. Ryan locking eyes with Brendon and it just being so perfect and ugh…

I want this to happen. I just don’t know if it ever will now that Spencer is officially gone from the group. -_-

Last night I had a dream I was working for the Creatures. And one night, we stayed over this hotel because we were going to a convention or something. Me, Spencer, and Dex didn’t know what Intern Joe looks like, so we snuck into his hotel room; he was sleeping next to Artist Joe for some reason. I go in the room while Dex and Spencer wait at the door. As I approached the bed, I saw that Intern Joe’s face was being covered by the bed sheets. I pull back the sheets and it turns out…Intern Joe is Asian.

Ranking Don Draper’s Women From Worst to Best

As Mad Men is coming to a close, we should back at Don Draper’s gallery of lovers. Here is the official ranking of his women. 

(Note: This ranking consists of women that lasted for multiple episodes. No one-night stands here!)

10. Bethany Van Nuys (Anna Camp)

Bethany meant well, but let’s face it, she was Don’s rebound girl after his first divorce. It was a poor setup. Plus, they had zero chemistry.

9. Suzanne Farrell (Abigail Spencer)

By day, she was Sally’s grade school teacher. By night, she was Don’s mistress. Their affair was brief, but steamy. In reality, we knew their relationship wouldn’t last. 

8. Midge Daniels (Rosemarie Dewitt)

There’s such a nasty stigma that plagues Midge’s character. Nearly the entire pilot episode, we were led to believe she was simply Don’s girlfriend. Instead, she was the other woman. Well, the first of many “other women” it turns out. Sure, Midge ended up being a greedy, manipulative bitch. But hey, at least she introduced Don to the world of drugs! 

7. Diane “The Waitress” (Elizabeth Reaser)

Okay, so none of us really know what the exact deal was with Don’s infatuation with Diane. He saw something in her the rest of us didn’t. And as of now, we don’t know if we have seen the last of her. Either way, Don could do without her baggage. 

6. Bobbie Barrett (Melinda McGraw)

Honestly, we knew this relationship had no longevity. With that said, it was certainly one of the most fun. Perhaps its due to Melinda McGraw’s fun and arousing performance as the wealthy adulterer Bobbie “Cougar” Barrett.

5. Sylvia Rosen (Linda Cardellini)

Was Sylvia Rosen an interesting character? Not really. But the fact that this married woman was living in Don’s building certainly helped. And the whole game of keeping their affair a secret was fun to watch. 

4. Megan Calvet Draper Calvet (Jessica Paré)

Megan and Don were never on the same level intellectually. Actually, their relationship was sorta all-of-the-sudden, almost completely random. But when the dust settled, we do eventually realize Megan (at one point) cared for her eventual husband. Plus, we can’t forget her little drunken song and dance of hers in Season Five. It’s too bad she turned out to be so needy and overdramatic.   

3. Dr. Faye Miller (Cara Buono)

Dr. Faye Miller really falls on the wayside among Mad Men characters and it’s truly a shame. She was the definition of an independent woman. A go-getter who meant business, Faye didn’t put up with anyone’s BS. Faye is one of the show’s very few genuine characters. Ultimately her lack of connection with Don’s kids crumbled their relationship.  

2. Betty Draper Francis (January Jones)

Betty, Betty, Betty, where to begin with her. Cookie cutter housewife, narcissistic mother, and at times a batsh!t-crazy woman, Betty is interesting to say the least. Arguably going through the most physical and mental changes of any character on Mad Men. And let’s not forget, we were rooting for her early on in the series when she was the victim of Don’s affairs. She and Don weren’t meant to be, but you can’t deny their connection they once had.  

1. Rachel Menken (Maggie Siff)

The one that got away, Rachel Menken began as one of Don’s business associates and quickly developed into a romantic partnership. Of all Don’s lovers, he was never more himself than he was with Rachel. Above all, she was the only one that challenged him. Unfortunately, this relationship had many roadblocks, including the fact that he was married and how he really couldn’t get over the fact that she was Jewish. And despite her early demise in Season Seven, she seemed to have lived a happy life beyond Don Draper. The same cannot really be said for these other women. 

Honorable Mention: Anna Draper (Melinda Page Hamilton)

Although technically Anna and Don never had a romantic relationship with each other, they truly loved one another. They came together under unique circumstances (Don stole Anna’s husband’s identity), yet she still took him in after the war. She was a companion and sort of his wife, but in reality, she was his best friend.  


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Favourite TV Shows: house, modern family, parks and recreation, criminal minds, breaking bad, how i met your mother, greys anatomy, touch (once again im sure im forgetting some) OH and little house on the prairie. have any of you seen it? its pretty close to my heart

Last Movie I’ve Seen in Cinema: guardians of the galaxy. at a discount theater. (im not a big fan of spending $10+ on a movie ticket)

Dream Holiday: germany or france or spain. anywhere in europe. id totally love to go back to italy.

Dream Wedding: if anyone wants (probably not) i can make a separate post going into detail because i sadly have a lot of it planned.

Dream Job: doctor and wife and mom, and an artist/photog and writer just for fun. i want to get the most out of life.

What Are You Wearing Right Now: a tshirt and soffees

Last Book You Read: yes please

Jian Ghomeshi scandal leads to CBC ‘severing ties’ with ex-head of radio, HR director

Written by: Jacques Gallant
Original Article: The Toronto Star

CBC said it had “severed ties” with two senior executives Thursday as it released an independent report that said management “condoned” inappropriate behaviour by former radio host Jian Ghomeshi.
Former head of radio Chris Boyce and HR director Todd Spencer had been on leaves of absence since January.
“Management knew or ought to have known of this behaviour and conduct and failed to take steps required of it in accordance with its own policies to ensure that the workplace was free from disrespectful and abusive conduct,” reads the report from employment lawyers Janice Rubin and Parisa Nikfarjam.
“It is our conclusion that CBC management condoned this behaviour.”
Ghomeshi, who was fired last October, faces seven counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking. His next court date is April 28. His lawyer says he intends to plead not guilty.
CBC president Hubert Lacroix described the findings as “troubling and disappointing” when speaking to reporters after the report’s release.
“As we have said from the outset, we are, and remain, committed to creating a workplace where safety and respect for one another is a fundamental attribute and non-negotiable,” he said.
“To the extent that standard has not been met, on behalf of this organization, I offer a sincere and unqualified apology to our employees and to Canadians, who have a right to expect a higher standard from their public broadcaster.”
The report found that, in a “small number of cases,” Ghomeshi’s behaviour constituted sexual harassment in the workplace.
“There was behaviour and conduct on the part of Mr. Ghomeshi that was contrary to the Behavioural Standard established by the CBC,” reads the report. “Most prevalent was behaviour that was disrespectful including behaviour that is ‘considered to create an intimidating, humiliating, hostile or offensive work environment.’”
Rubin and Nikfarjam concluded that “host culture” was a contributing factor in the failure to properly manage Ghomeshi. They found management had at least three opportunities to properly respond to allegations, but failed.
Those three opportunities were:
-when employees complained of work volume and Ghomeshi’s behaviour in 2012;
-when an allegation was made in summer 2014 that inappropriate behaviour by Ghomeshi may have crossed over into the workplace;
-communication by an employee to management of “various objectionable behaviours” on the part of Ghomeshi.

Rubin and Nikfarjam go on to say that “there was no one who had clear and consistent authority over Mr. Ghomeshi on a day-to-day basis in the workplace.”
The authors said they did not believe that an allegation of sexual harassment made by former Q employee Kathryn Borel in 2010 came to the attention of management. Borel alleged she had been grabbed by behind on one occasion, and once told by Ghomeshi that he wanted to “hate f—” her.
They found that the complaint had come to the attention of Borel’s union, the Canadian Media Guild, “and it failed to respond properly.”
The authors’ recommendations include: a “broad review” of policies around protections and expectations of employees and training on the revised policies, a confidential workplace hotline, and establish a work and human rights ombudsperson.
“If providing a respectful workplace is truly important to the CBC, it must demonstrate this value to its employees through meaningful and consistent action every day, and throughout the organization,” the report says.

Rubin is well known in the legal community as a thorough investigator who has conducted probes at other corporations. She was brought in by CBC management last November within days of Ghomeshi’s firing. She is considered a pioneer in the field of workplace investigations, having co-written a book on the subject.
Her third-party investigation began as soon as she was appointed, and immediately drew criticism.
First, the scope of the investigation was perceived by some critics as being too narrow, as it would only look at complaints and concerns about inappropriate behaviour from former or current CBC employees who had worked at Q or Ghomeshi’s former CBC Newsworld TV show, Play.
Employees with information or concerns about harassment at the CBC not related to Ghomeshi were told to contact the human resources department.
Second, no one was obligated to speak to Rubin.
“Janice is interviewing people that have voluntarily come forward to her, but she will also be inviting people to meet with her if she learns something that suggests she should meet others,” Thompson told the Star last year.
There was reticence on the part of the union to cooperate with Rubin’s investigation. The Canadian Media Guild warned its members last December that Rubin was allowed to provide information she gathered from interviews to management, which could be relied on for disciplinary purposes.
Initially, the CBC was only going to release Rubin’s general recommendations on improving protections in the workplace, while the report dealing specifically with Ghomeshi allegations was only going to be delivered to senior management.
But on Thursday, CBC said it was releasing the full report “in the spirit of transparency,” while redacting information that could identify individuals.

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ofpetrovafire asked:

"Is that blood!? Oh god."


           it  happens before anyone can do  anything  about it. that 
          sickening  sound  of a  neck snapping , her sister’s body 
         TUMBLING  to the ground with a hearty thud. an audible
          gasp,  a  bodily  sort of  weakness  that  one  never does, 
         and  she’s  already knelt down  beside  melissa,  sinking
                fangs into  human flesh in an attempt to  save her life

                              you can’t fix everything.

              elena is the last to arrive to the scene,  but by that time
              spencer is nearly in hysterics after  realizing  how  it’s
             too late. face contorting  into  DEVESTATION  as she
             glances upward at the doppleganger, still hovered over
                 the elder hastings – ,  confirming the asked question. 

                    ❝       i - i, can’t  get a pulse. elena. my blood —  
             IT ISN’T WORKING.