Spencer x Reader “Shes not my girlfriend… even if I want her to be… She’s my best friend, she rocks my world. I want to tell her but I just cant find the time nor the words” “Oh for gods sake kiss the girl!”

I can do this. Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Your girlfriend is beautiful,” the barista muses as Spencer watches you play your guitar and sing in a little coffeehouse just outside of town.

“Oh, no no no… she-she’s not my girlfriend,” Spencer says as the barista sets another coffee down for him.

“Really? I could’ve sworn by the way you were looking at her,” she smiled warmly.

“I mean… she’s not-…even if I wanted her to be, it just-”

Your lilting high note caught his attention as he whipped his head back to see you, and he took you in completely: your nimble fingers strumming your old guitar, your eyes closed as you internalize every note and lyrics, the way your back sat straight despite sitting on a mere stool.

“She’s my best friend…” Spencer trails off.

“You should tell her, you know,” the barista says as she sits down next to him.

“She could rock your world,” the barista teased.

Spencer chuckled lightly at her as he watched you finish your song. He stood to his feet and clapped for you, and he watched your face blush before flipping your music over and beginning your last song.

“I want to tell her, I-I-I just…”

“…can’t find the right time or words?” the barista finished.

“Yeah,” Spencer breathed as he watched you start in on the chorus.

This song always seemed to tug at his heart.

“Now I know he’ll never leave me even though he runs away.He will still torment me, calm me, hurt me… move me, come what may.”

It was then that you raised your eyes to meet Spencer’s, and it was the first time that he felt as if you were singing right to him.

And the words shook him to his core.

“Wasting in my lonely tower and waiting by an open door, I’ll fool myself, he’ll walk right in, and be with me for evermore.”

Everyone was entranced with your connection with him. The small coffee-drinking audience began to look back and forth between the two of you, and as the sound of your guitar built, so did your voice.

And so did the tears in Spencer’s eyes.

“Now I know he’ll never leave me even as he fades from view. He will still inspire me, be a part of everything I do.”

Spencer’s hands were trembling in his lap as he slowly stood to his feet.

And your gaze never wavered from his as the tears began rushing down your face.

“Wasting in my lonely tower, waiting by an open door. I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in. And as the long, long nights begin, I’ll think of all that might have been… waiting here for evermore.”

As you strummed your last chord, you stood to your feet as the entire coffeehouse fell silent. Spencer walked up to you as you wrapped your guitar around your back, and he took your fatigued hands within his trembling ones as he took in a breath to say something.

But, the barista said it all from the back.

“Oh, for god’s sake, kiss the girl!”

And the entire coffeehouse cheered at her statement.

“You heard the girl,” you breathed.

And Spencer took you in his arms as he pressed his lips with yours.

Anti Latinx Racism Is...

• Assuming all Latinxs are from the same/said country

• Assuming all Latinxs know Spanish

• Assuming all Latinxs should know Spanish

• Thinking issues Latinxs face are secondary to issues other marginalized groups face.

• Telling us to go back “where we came from”

• Thinking a Latinx is only respectable if they have a “high profile career” such as being a doctor, lawyer, etc

• Thinking all Latinxs look the same- we come in many different colors from all around the world

• Telling us we have to assimilate

• Trying to speak Spanish to us, thinking we all know it

• Thinking we all listen to Spanish speaking artists

• Blending in our cultures together. Latinxs come from many different cultures and all of them are unique and respectable

• Asking us to cook for you / assuming all we eat is Chipotle and Taco Bell shit

• Saying we’re “the best in bed” or “the best cooks” - that is FETISHIZATION. We will not appreciate or tolerate it.

• Calling us “spicy”, “caliente”, “fuego”, “mami” or whatever dumbass word you can think of. That is also fetishization.

• Making jokes about Trump’s dumb fucking wall

• Thinking Black Latinxs are less valid than non Black Latinxs. That’s also anti black racism which is also disgusting.

• Telling us we are not “Latinx enough” because of our skin color / ability to speak Spanish

• Thinking we all dance salsa, bachata, merengue… like seriously?

• Thinking all Latinxs know each other. No, I don’t know “Maria” from your job.

• Thinking only white people can be prejudiced against us

• Eating our food, listening to our music, using our fashion but blatantly disrespecting Latinxs. This one is pretty obvious and very common.

• Prioritizing documented Latinxs over undocumented Latinxs

• Thinking we all are teen parents. That’s ignorant and guess what? We’re not. Even if a Latinx is/was a teen parent, they’re still deserving of the utmost respect.

• Thinking every Latinx is “illegal”

• Thinking Latinxs owe you shit

• Calling us stereotypical names such as “Maria”, “Juan”, “Rosa”, “Diego”, “Jorge”, “Juanita”, “Alejandro”.. etc.. we have any name and our names, whether Spanish or not, are not for you to joke about. Shut the fuck up and go along with Richard Spencer and be a trash bag far away from us.

• Thinking we need to have a last name that is Spanish

• Derailing us when we try to talk about the issues we face. BIG ONE. Shut the hell up and listen to us for fucking once.

• Thinking we’re all criminals.. honest to god…

• Disrespecting Cinco De Mayo, Dia De Los Muertos, or any other Latinx holiday. If it’s not from your culture, either respect it or shut the fuck up.

• Disrespecting our culture.. duh!

• Calling us “Spanish”.. guess what, you dumb fuck? Spanish people are FROM SPAIN. Spanish people are also not Latinx. It’s not that hard. That’s like saying all white people are German or all Asian people are Chinese. That’s so fucking stupid. You are an idiot if you do this.

• “You don’t look Spanish / Latinx”

• Again, telling us the issues we face are secondary / invalid

• Using Latinx slurs.. if this wasn’t obvious..

• Calling us all “chola” or whatever.. you’re also very ignorant if you do this

• Telling us to calm down if we get angry.. we have a right to be angry just like everyone else on this damn planet

• Assuming we listen to a Spanish speaking music artist… like… ???

• Refusing to recognize the racism Latinxs face

• Thinking we should be glad to be fetishized. No fucking way, I will not be glad someone sees me as less than human and equates me basically to a sex toy.

• Thinking we haven’t face any problems.. we do. We do. Oh hell we do. Just because they’re not addressed in the media does not mean we don’t.

• Making jokes about calling immigration on us. It’s funny how I’ve seen Non Latinx POC do this more than white people.

• Thinking all Latinxs come from Spanish speaking countries… no…

• Thinking we’re all maids, janitors, fast food workers, nannies, etc… first of all, those are honorable jobs. Secondly, so fucking what if we were? You’re not better than people with those occupations. Thirdly, we have so many occupations- each and every one of them deserving of respect.

• Thinking we have to chose between our culture and westernized culture. We don’t.

• Saying stupid shit like “hot like Mexico”.. really? Are you serious?

• Only respecting Latinxs that look a certain way

• Making Anti Latinx jokes.. this is obvious

• Thinking you can appropriate our language and culture. There’s Spanish from Spain and then there’s Latinx slang. You cannot use our slang and then disrespect us which you all do tbh.

Other Latinxs feel free to add in because I obviously missed so much.

How PLL should've ended

Spencer finds herself locked up in a high tech prison underground and finds that a bloodied Ezra is locked up also, in a separate cell. He starts to tell her that he has to get out and hurry up to get to Aria He pretends to struggle at first but then, he pushes his cell door open with ease. Spencer is equally horrified and baffled.

“Spencer, you were always the smart one. You found out it was me, and you were about to tell Aria. But I can’t let you do that.”

He reveals that he is the real A.D. Assuming a different alias with Aria (unknowingly) being his accomplice. He is obsessed with toying with/torturing young girls - especially Ali. He discovered Aria’s multiple personality disorder early on and decided to use it to get in the girls’ inner circle. He reveals that he has poisoned Aria so that she would be barren. He intends to take the Emison girls as his and Aria’s own, and he is the sperm donor.

As Ezra is speaking, he looks back and finds Spencer’s cell is empty. She lunges a knife from the underground bunker into his back and we see his body fall.

“Deux peuvent garder un secret si l'un d'entre eux est mort… Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”

The last scene is the group of girls at an outdoor funeral for Ezra. After the other girls have left, Aria (now a “widow” in black) is crying with both sadness and anger. She hears rustling by a nearby tree. When she looks over, Ezra in a black hoodie puts his finger to his face as if to say “shhhh”. Aria returns this sign, except directly to the camera. Fade to black.


This is all the information I gathered so far from interviews, BTS pics, videos, etc.

1. Aria goes rouge because of the game. Which starts about 7x15.
2. Somebody gets arrested and is seen holding hands with another person under the table.
3. Wren (presumably) is aiming a gun at someone.
4. Aria attacks Sydney. (Already happened)
5. Melissa returns in 7x20 and has a scene with a Spencer at the stables.
6. Toby and Spencer has a scene of them hugging at the stables in 7x20.
7. The girls will be arrested in 7x18 and will probably be released in the beginning of 7x19.
8. There’s a scene of Aria sobbing in 7x16.
9. Aria finds a body in the trunk in 7x19.
10. 3 characters will die.
11. Ezria’s wedding is in 7x20. (Ian was wearing a wedding ring and Lucy was wearing a wedding dress)
12. There will be another wedding before 7x20. So in total we’ll see two weddings. One small one and one big one.
13. AD will be revealed in the beginning of the finale.
14. Wren has a part in the final twist.
15. CeCe will be in the finale.
16. The Nicole storyline will be resolved by 7x15.
17. Paige will be gone by 7x15.
18. There will be group scenes in 7x20.
19. Ezra will probably get knocked out and kidnapped (assuming) by AD.
20. Wren will return in 7x15.
21. Caleb will end up in the hospital because of some steam that was sprayed in his face. (Already happened)
22. Holden will be in 7x12 also. (Already happened)
23. Spencer will be interrogated.
24. One liar in the finale will leave rosewood for a short time.
25. There’s an emotional scene between Aria and Byron in the finale.
26. Dianne will be in the finale.
27. Jason’s last episode was 7x18. (Assuming since apparently he deleted the picture when they filmed that episode)
28. Alison will have twin baby girls.
29. The final scene of the show is with the 5 Liars.
30. Several people from the cast says that people will be satisfied with the ending. But Shay said some might be disappointed.
31. There will be an HBO level sex scene between ezria in the finale.
32. Ezra and Wren will have a scene with each other in 7x15.
33. Ezria will have their wedding in a church.
34. Alison won’t be in every episode of 7B
35. AD has not been confirmed yet if it’s a guy or girl.
36. The finale will have a full circle moment.
37. There will be a time jump that’s 1 year. 38. There will be a group scene that involves a bomb fire presumably in the time jump.

39. There will be a bachelorette party. For Ezria.
Silence // Spencer Reid

Warnings: If you like happy endings, this fic isn’t for you.

Originally posted by visions-of-brighter-love

There were many things in life you hadn’t planned for. For starters you’d never planned to move to DC. It had been an impulse decision when you felt suffocated in your own state, and it was there, and it was welcoming. You’d never planned to rent out the apartment next to a certain FBI agent. You could barely afford the rent but after looking for a cheaper place and seeing the safety risks, you’d decided to take the one bedroom apartment.

You hadn’t planned on having your purse stolen on your way home one night. You had dragged your feet on your way home afterwards, a mix of anger and disappointment with humanity filling you. You groaned when you realized the landlord was still out and wouldn’t be available to open your door that night. Instead you simply took a seat on the hard floor and hoped fate would send something, anything, good your way. Much to your surprise, fate’s idea of a good thing was a tall gorgeous brunette.

“Are you ok?” Spencer asked as he saw you leaning against your door, utterly defeated by the long day you’d just endured. He himself had just gotten in from a case and was surprised to find someone in the hallway so late at night.

“I don’t have my keys,” you sighed deeply, “I won’t be able to get into my apartment until the morning when I can ask the landlord for a spare.”

He looked you over as if assessing if you were telling the truth and whether or not you’d be any danger to him. You weren’t offended by it. The city was a dangerous place and it wasn’t uncommon to be wary of even your neighbors.

“You can sleep on my couch if you want. It’ll be more comfortable than the floor,” he offered as he opened the door to his own place.  

“You promise you won’t kill me?” you asked jokingly. He chuckled, finding the question more amusing than you expected him to.

“Trust me, I’m not a killer,” he assured. He smiled and motioned for you to follow him. “Come on. It’s only a night.”

You hadn’t planned to spend the night on his couch, and you definitely hadn’t planned on falling in love with him either. That just sort of happened on its own due to the way the two of you clicked, your conversations flowing effortlessly. Simple conversations turned into coffee dates. Coffee dates turned into dinner dates. Dinner dates turned into dates that lasted well into the night, and even bled over into the next day until the sunrise shining through the windows let Spencer know it was time to get up for work. Spencer himself hadn’t expected to fall in love either, but soon enough he found himself in your bed most nights with a joyous grin on his face and you in his arms.

You hadn’t planned on many things, and being pregnant was one of them.

Spencer was in shock when you told him, just as you had been. You had been on birth control. He had used protection. The possibilities of getting pregnant had been minuscule, so tiny that the idea had never crossed his mind. It’d never even crossed yours until your period didn’t come. Even then you had been doubtful. You’d missed periods before due to side effects of being on the pill, but you had decided to take a test just to reassure yourself that you weren’t pregnant but the reassurance never came.

That one positive test turned into four after you rushed to the store in a desperate need for it to be negative. One after the other, they all read the same.

Both of you had sat in complete silence that night. You sat in front of the television, the sound muted the second you had announced that you had something important to share. Your mind was clouded and you were unable to formulate a single plan. All you could feel was fear. You were young. Unlike Spencer, you didn’t make enough money to be able to care for a child. Hell, you could barely afford your home. All of it simply made your stomach turn in nerves. Meanwhile, Spencer’s mind was spinning with new thoughts. He would have to take time off. He would have to find a way to be at home more often. As much as he adored both Hotch and JJ, he was aware of how often they left their children behind and he wasn’t willing to do the same.

“We’ll be ok,” Spencer finally spoke as he leaned back into the sofa. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled you close, his hand giving you a gentle but reassuring squeeze. “We’ll be ok.”

Within a month Spencer’s worried outlook had completely changed. He was excited, eager to become a father. He had kept the news a secret from the rest of the team simply because he wanted to enjoy something by himself for a moment. He figured he would let them know when your stomach had grown into a tiny bump, a physical proof of the life growing inside.

You’d gone to the doctor and had been told to try to rest as much as possible. A weak cervix. That’s what he had said. You instantly thought back to the distant memory of your own mother losing a child. You were just a kid, but you remembered the way your mother had cried. That sort of grief would be burned in your memory no matter how hard you tried to get rid of it. The revelation instantly made you nervous and so you decided to keep the news of the pregnancy to yourself.

Spencer had since then done his best to tend to your every need. Every moment he wasn’t on a case was spent by your side. He was attentive, obsessive even as he lectured you on what you could and couldn’t do in your state. You’d roll your eyes when he’d refuse to even let you stand at times.

“I have to pee, Spence,” you laughed when he tried to push you back into bed. He grinned sheepishly,  aware that he had been just a tad too overbearing the past weeks.

“Just don’t take too long. You need to lay down,” he replied.

“I’m allowed to walk. I just can’t do heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. If I don’t get up from bed I’ll lose all my muscle,” you frowned.

“Just take care of yourself. Please,” he begged. 

“Of course.”

Life, it turned out, had its own plans.

It came out of nowhere while you showered one morning. A sharp pain that begun in your stomach and stretched to your back. You gasped, unsure of what had caused it until you saw the blood begin to flow down your legs only to be washed down the drain with the rest of the water. You watched the red droplets turn pink and be gone in an instant.

You went still as the pain worsened, leaning onto the shower wall as the blood turned into clots. You watched in horror as your body cleaned itself out. The blood clots come out thicker, some made of tissue and not disintegrating as quickly down the drain. You could feel the life leave your body and crumpled into yourself.

You didn’t know how long you sat there, curled up into the bathtub as the shower overhead continued to run. Your body shook with your sobbing, so loud even the tenant beneath you wondered what was happening. You cried until you couldn’t cry anymore. The warm water turned ice cold as the hours passed, but you didn’t move. You couldn’t. In that moment you had lost all the will to live as your child had been lost. You remained silent, as if you had lost your voice along with any happiness you had felt that day.

Spencer found you like that. He had been away for a week on a difficult case and had thought of you the entire time. He had let himself in with a bright smile on his face that quickly vanished. When he walked into an empty bedroom with only the sound of water running, he had immediately been struck him with a gut wrenching feeling.

He felt himself lose his breath at the sight of you. Your skin was raised in goosebumps from the freezing water and your hair stuck to your face, concealing bloodshot eyes. You looked so fragile as you laid against the bathtub, your eyes dead of any emotion. He hurriedly rushed over to turn the shower off, his eyes widening when he saw the small amount of blood that still trickled out of you.

“Y/N, what did you do?”

You couldn’t answer. A choked sob left your throat at his question, at his accusation. As if you had done something. As if you had purposely caused this.

“I don’t understand,” he said again as he took a step back. His hands flew into his hair, grabbing at it in an odd desperation. He thought back to the various pictures you’d sent while he was out and recalled the conversations about your mother visiting and the activities she wanted to do. “I told you not to eat unhealthy food! I told you to stay in bed when your mother wanted to go for walks!”

You cringed as his voice rose with anger. A painful shiver shot through you at the cold air hitting your skin, but it wasn’t as hurtful as the words that were spewing from Spencer’s mouth. His words burned through you, the venom seeping straight into your heart and causing it to ache.

“I’m gone for one week! One week!” he cried, his emotions overflowing at the thought of the loss. “One week and you can’t take care of yourself! God, why are you so irresponsible! You knew this!”

“Go away,” you finally managed to say, your voice just above a whisper. You hugged yourself and curled up tighter in the porcelain bathtub. You couldn’t bear to hear his words. You couldn’t handle the fact he blamed you for this.

“Y/N, I just don’t get it. Why would you-”

“Go away!” you yelled as hot tears streaked down your face. Your vision blurred as your breathing became erratic. You shut your eyes, not wanting to exist anymore.

“No. Look at you. You’re still bleeding, you have to go to a hospital. You have to explain what you-”

“I don’t want you here,” you snapped, your anger rising at his constant blame. How dare he. How could someone who you loved, who claimed to love you, ever speak so ill of you in such a hard time. Where was the compassion? Instead all you got were harsh words and blame.  "I don’t want you anymore! Go!“



Spencer’s heart felt as if it had been ripped out when he heard the anger and grief rip through your voice. In an instant the overwhelming waves of emotions inside him calmed and he realized what he had done.

He had blamed you. He had blamed you for something he logically knew wasn’t actually your fault. His own anguish at losing a child had clouded his mind and made him forget that you were the one who had physically lost a baby. You had felt the life inside you leave and it had left you broken. And here he was, screaming at you.

“Y/N…” he whispered, instantly filling with regret. He bent down and reached for you, noticing for the first time how cold your skin was and how alarmingly weak you appeared to be.

“Don’t touch me,” you whispered as you flinched away from his fingertips. His heart shattered as he watched your eyes stare blankly at the drain, the tub lightly stained pink from all the blood you had lost.

“I…,” he couldn’t speak. You took one look at him and he knew. He saw it on your face. You wouldn’t ever want him back after his outburst and the accusations he had so carelessly thrown around. He saw the heartbreak in your eyes that he would never be able to mend.

And so he left, the image of you broken forever burned into his mind.


So what if some of the times we thought we were seeing Spencer, we were actually seeing her twin? 

There’s a lot of stuff that Spencer doesn’t remember due to her addiction to adderall. Remember how she was described as violent and unpredictable.

Also, we now know that we might not always be seeing who we think we’re seeing. Take this scene for example: 

Who we thought was Jessica lurking in the shadows actually turned out to be Mary! So what if at certain instances when we thought we were seeing Spencer we were actually seeing her twin? 

Remember this flashback of Ali’s? Spencer doesn’t remember a thing which would make sense IF IT WASN’T HER.

What if her twin has been here “always watching, manipulating”. (Mona says this in a promo for 7B but I’m just not sure which episode) Haven’t we all always wondered how no one noticed “A” doing all of the stuff they did? Us viewers along with everyone else in Rosewood wouldn’t suspect Spencer Hastings because we know her face. 

The scene from last night’s episode (7x15) with Ezra seeing “Spencer” and Wren in the airport was really odd to me. 

She was acting kind of strange to me and the timeline doesn’t really make sense. Wasn’t she just at the Lost Woods being questioned by Marco? So what would’ve then prompted her to contact Wren out of the blue? 

Also, don’t forget this sweet scene:

I think this was also potentially Spencer’s twin! They’re throwing little bits of her in here and there which will all make sense after we know the whole truth. Kind of like all the little hints and clues that are scattered throughout seasons 3-6 that now make sense because we know they are supposed to be pointing towards Charlotte! 

We all know how this show (i.e. MARLENE) has a thing for twins, and this would be the ultimate secret/betrayal! This would also truly tie everything together because I truly believe that A.D. has been here from the start, even if they weren’t always actively playing the game. 

You, Me, Him, and the Universe

Description: The universe won’t be any kinder to our children than it was to us if we aren’t kinder than our own fathers were.

Or… the reader and Spencer Reid have a child together. Spencer is desperate not to make the same mistakes that his father made.

Word Count: 1948 words (this got so long, sorry)

A/N: Haha ok so I wrote and deleted and rewrote the whole thing several times. At this point it goes in an entirely different direction from my original idea. Also. This is a Reid x Reader kid fic, but the reader isn’t actually the main focus of the story. It’s mostly Reid and, later, your kid. You make like, a guest appearance basically. Furthermore, I have no idea why nebulizers became so central in this fic. I don’t even know if they had the same kind in the 80s. If you don’t know what a nebulizer is, give it a quick google. Finally, part 1 of this is kind of stream of consciousness-esque and a little vague. I styled it this way because part 1 describes one of Reid’s early memories. Some readers might find it a tad annoying, and I apologize in advance if that is true for you. All of that said, it would be really great if you could give this story a try anyway. I’m actually pretty proud of it.


“I can’t breathe, mommy!” Spencer’s four-year-old body shook with sobs, making it even more difficult for him to inhale oxygen in the midst of an asthma attack.

Normally, his mother would have brought out the nebulizer, helped him get the mask over his face, and gently rubbed his back and read to him as the medicine slowly opened his airways. But she was having one of her “bad days” and was convinced that the medicine had been tampered with and would hurt her son. So the nebulizer had been placed in a cupboard far out of Spencer’s reach, and he was left to cry and wheeze and beg his mother for his medication.

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My Muse.

Spencer Reid x Reader

In which your paintings have finally been featured in an art gallery. Your team comes to support you and when they do, Spencer is speechless at the fact that all of your work was clearly inspired by him.

anon requested. idk how accurate this is as far as art galleries go so that’s why i didn’t talk about the setup much but i hope you enjoy this! xoxo

Originally posted by dr-spencer-reid-though

You’d been interested in art since you were quite young. Upon seeing all of the beautiful work in museums, when you weren’t working on a case with your team you were painting. 

You’d paint whatever was on your mind and so all of your work was immensely varied. There were paintings with splashes of color that were quite abstract and messy. There were masterpieces consisting entirely of dull colors such as gray, black, and white, paired with harsh lines that were a contrast the the swirls of your art on happier days.

However although a lot of your collection was unable to be clearly interpreted into one specific thing, other pieces were obviously something that you might as well have written exactly what it was underneath it. Your coworker and friend Dr. Spencer Reid, who you had intense feelings for, was often your muse. He had unknowingly inspired you, his curly hair along with his soft brown eyes and sense of style had always ignited something within you that you couldn’t quite explain with words. Your art spoke for you.

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run pt. 2

Originally posted by crime-in-our-minds

summary: its been 5 months since you left the BAU to hide your pregnancy with spencer’s child and cope with your broken heart. you’ve moved to new york and started a new life, there are revelations about how spencer really feels, and your old life catches up to you

words: 1761

warnings: um vague sex, language, angst, pregnancy, etc.


read part three here

read part one here

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A Night in the City

Request; Um hi, can you please do a imagine where the reader gets stood up on a date and ends up crying to Spencer and to make things better the next day Spencer takes her out on a date going to her favorite places around the city like the art museum, a bookstore, a botanical garden, and finishes off with a dinner at the reader favorite restaurant and tells the reader how much she means to him.

Warnings; Spencer being a cutie

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE whoever requested this imagine. I love the idea of all this so much!



Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

5 minutes turned into 15, and then 30, and finally after waiting an hour, you were done. You hastily threw your napkin onto the clean, unused dishes on the table and stood up from your seat. Your blood was boiling and all you wanted to do was punch the douche you were supposed to go on this date with.

You had gotten yourself prepared for this special occasion. Your body was hairless, moisturized, and glowing in your mid-thigh red dress. Your hair was done without a single hair out of place and your makeup reflected an ethereal goddess. You fit in perfectly in the elegant, upscale restaurant; but the only thing that was missing is your date.

Your head was down as you weaved your way around the tables of other couples and families. Your eyes were glassy and pooling with tears and you so desperately wanted to go home to avoid any further humiliation. This was a train wreck just waiting to happen and you should’ve listened to your best friend, Spencer.

This wasn’t the first date you went on with the same douche. After you explained the whole date to Spencer and how the guy showed up almost 30 minutes late, he advised you not to go out with him again.

Yet here you are, crying your eyes out with your head resting on the steering wheel of your car. This was not how you imagined your night would go, so you decided to go to the one place where you know you would feel better. Spencer’s apartment.

So you drove to the address you knew by heart and hoped Spencer would be home from the BAU. He was always doing something work-related and it was times like these when you wished he had a different job, but you knew that was the only job that fit him and his impossibly high IQ.

It was half past 9 and way too dark for you to actually see where you were going but the tall building where Spencer may or may not be, finally came into view. You parked your car across the street from the entrance and carefully stepped out, careful not to trip over your high strappy black heels.

As you stumbled across the street, your eyes were blurring with tears and rivers of mascara were falling down your cheeks like rivers. You felt bad for the bystanders in the area who could see you. You looked like a ghoul straight out of a horror movie.

You pushed open the doors that enter into the lobby and hurried over to the elevators, trying your best to avoid eye contact with anyone else in the room. You almost reached them, but a hand had stopped you from going any further.
You looked up to see who it was, it wasn’t Spencer.

It was the security guard whom you were now on a first name basis with.

“Paul, can I please go up to see Spencer?” You plead at the tall and burly man.

“Y/N? Is that you?” Paul lets go of your arm and takes a step back to get a clearer look at you.

“Damn girl, I didn’t recognize you under all that scary makeup. I thought you were a demon for a second.”

“I know, I know, it’s bad,” you sniff as you rub at your eyes and cheeks.

“I’m sorry, kid,” he frowns and puts a heavy hand on your shoulder. “Spencer got here about an hour ago. Go talk to him, I’m sure he’s still up.”

“Thank you, Paul,” you solemnly grin as he presses the button on one of the elevators for you. The doors opened with a loud “ding” and you waited until they opened so you could rush inside and let your tears fall. You wasted no time in pressing the floor number and before the doors closed, you waved a goodbye to Paul and he nodded his head at you. You let out a heavy sigh as you let yourself fall back onto the cold metal walls, tears began falling down your face once again. Your love life was hard, it was hard to find a guy who shared mutual feelings with you and when you finally did, he’s a jerk.

The large number at the top of the doors froze and indicated that you arrived at the floor where Spencer’s apartment is. The second the doors opened, you ran out and jogged through the hallway until you reached his front door.

You brought your fist up to the door and knocked a couple times before waiting patiently. In all honesty, you felt bad coming to him at this time. He’s probably exhausted and stressed out enough as it is. You felt guilt wash over you and as you began to walk away from his door, the clicking of locks and a door swinging open made you turn around.

“Y/N? Oh my god,” he says as he takes in your image.

“Spence,” your voice breaks. You run into his open arms and throw your arms around his neck. His long arms encircle around your waist and he uses one to reach up to smooth the hair on the back of your head.

“Shh,” he coos as you cry into the crook of his neck. “Come on, let’s get you inside.”

You nod into his neck and he picks you up in his arms, your head resting against his t-shirt clad chest that for some reason smelt like coffee. That was when you felt your sadness begin to fade away. Just being in his presence made you feel better.

The warmth of his apartment and his body caused the goosebumps on your freezing exposed skin to disappear. It felt almost heavenly the way he strode through the room and lightly set you on his nicely made bed. He picked up one of the many knit blankets he had in his house and laid it across your body.

“I should have listened to you,” you admit to him. “I never should have gone on this stupid date.”

“Hey, it wasn’t your fault,” he frowns and puts your feet on his lap as he sits at the foot of the bed. “Tell me what he did.”

“Well for one, he didn’t show up, at all,” you angrily complain.
Spencer nodded his head as you continued to ramble on about the guy, your love life, and how difficult it was to get a guy. He listened to everything, not interrupting once. You finished your rant with an exasperated sigh.

“I don’t think you should waste your tears on guys like that,” he comments. “You deserve the world, Y/N, and if a man doesn’t give you everything he’s got, then he isn’t worth it.” You didn’t reply, only giving him a lazy smile.

The loss of sleep had caught up to you and you felt yourself slowly beginning to doze off. You felt warm hands wrap around your ankle and you looked over to see Spencer untying the straps of your heels. He undid the ties to both shoes before dropping them onto the floor. The air and release of pressure from the shoes felt euphoric against your swollen feet. You muttered a quiet thank you to Spencer and he chuckled.

“Good night, Y/N,” he says and you feel him stand from the bed. The warmth of his body was gone and all you felt was the lingering heat where he was sitting.

“Spencer, wait,” you call. “Can you stay?” Even though he had already turned off the lights, you could clearly see the blush that crept onto his face.

“I mean, if that’s okay with you,” he stammers.

“I wouldn’t want to be intruding into your personal space or anything.”

“Please,” you ask one last time and he sighs.

“Of course.”

He tip-toes to the other side of the bed before joining you underneath the covers and lying rigidly at your side. You could sense he was nervous and careful not to overstep his boundaries but you didn’t care. You scoot your body closer to his and wrap an arm around his torso and hug him close to you. He took a sharp inhale of breath as your skin made contact with his, a small smile soon appearing on his face. You feel his arm slide under your body and hold you closer to him.

“You know, Spence,” you yawn before continuing. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. You say I deserve the world, but I think you’re the one who really deserves it.”

“I already got it,” he whispers and curls a strand of your hair in his fingers. You couldn’t really process what he said seeing as you were dozing off. Your eyes were fluttering and heavy with sleep, your body felt limp against his, and your feet were pulsating from being in the air restricting heels. You were beyond exhausted and being in Spencer’s arms was really the cherry on top.

But before you slipped into your unconscious, you heard Spencer say one last thing, though you couldn’t make out what it was, so you fell asleep.


The next morning you awoke to an empty bed. You felt around for Spencer, but he wasn’t there. You began to think to yourself, maybe it was all a dream, but you swear you could remember how his embrace felt and the look of tranquility on his face. You remember how his sharp features looked so soft in the dark and how badly you just wanted to reach up and touch him.

Ever since you ran into him at the same coffee shop for a year straight, the two of you finally decided to become friends. You went from acquaintances to friends, to best friends, and now you’re almost inseparable. You can’t deny that at one point you started developing feelings but for some reason, you always felt like the two of you would never happen. So you hid those feelings way and hoped they would go away, but every time you saw him, they resurfaced.

His room was dimly lit, the white curtains hanging on each side of the bed were drawn shut. You had thought Spencer would already be the BAU by now, but the sweet smell of pancakes and syrup suddenly filled your nostrils. The heavenly aroma of the food woke you up immediately. You ripped the sheets off your body and stood up from the bed to go investigate but on your way out the room, something wicked catches your eye.

In the reflection of the full-length mirror, you almost look unfamiliar. Your hair was matted and out of place, your makeup was horrifying and smeared, and to make matters worse - you were still wearing the uncomfortable tight red dress. You felt like a wreck and all you wanted to do was shower and the door to Spencer’s bathroom was wide open.

You decided you would take a quick shower and you knew Spencer would be okay with it. This wasn’t the first time you spent the night at his house and you felt right at home doing whatever you desired. Spencer’s apartment was literally a home away from home. The warm and steamy water felt euphoric slapping against your back. You ran your fingers through your long/short hair and sighed contently as the water hit your face.

Once you finished your shower, you went into Spencer’s room to get a change of clothes from your designated drawer. After spending so many nights here, whether accidentally or planned, Spencer suggested you have a designated drawer for yourself whenever that was the case. Thank heavens for that idea.

After changing, you slipped on your fuzzy socks and padded into the kitchen where Spencer was cooking up something delicious.

His back was facing you as he flipped some pancakes while flipping the bacon in the other pan.

“You need help, Chef Reid?” You ask. He whips around and looks at you, cracking you a smile.

“I’m fine,” he retorts. “Go sit down, you’re not lifting a finger, not on my watch.”

“Demanding,” you tease with a laugh but still follow his orders.

You pulled out one of the chairs on the island and waited patiently in your seat until Spencer put an empty plate in front of you and a fresh cup of orange juice.

“After you finish eating, I’m taking you home so you can get dressed,” Spencer announces as he joins you on the island with a plate of pancakes and bacon. You reach over and grab a pancake and a few pieces of bacon and pile them onto your plate.

“How come?” You question curiously, taking a bite from your bacon.

“It’s a surprise,” he admits with a smile.

“Hmm, fine,” you roll your eyes. “How should I dress?”

“Not casual but make sure you’re comfortable.”

“Gotcha,” you wink.


Spencer took you to your apartment like promised.

“You’re not coming inside?” You ask.

“No, I’m going to go back home but I will pick you up half past two,” he responds.

“Okay,” you nod with a smile.

As soon as Spencer drives off, you rush into your house and head straight towards your closet.

“Not casual,” you hum to yourself as you observe your selection of clothes.

To your luck, Spencer picked the best day to go out. It was a warm summer day but there was still a refreshing breeze in the air that refrained you from overheating. You began putting outfits together in your mind that would fit whatever Spencer had planned. Knowing him, you know you would not be doing anything wild or that requires a lot of physical effort.

When you finally put the right look together, you stepped in front of your full-length mirror and looked at yourself for the thousandth time in five minutes. You kept asking yourself if this was a date, deep down knowing you wanted it to be.

“He’s just your best friend trying to make you feel better,” you try to convince yourself - but you had a gut feeling that told you otherwise. There was something more than just hanging out with your friend, you can just feel it.

The doorbell ringing throughout your apartment caused to snap out of your daydream. You looked at yourself one more time in the mirror, hoping that you looked presentable.

“Coming!” You yell as you rush over to the door.

When you pulled the door open, you were left flabbergasted as you stared at the man in front of you.

Spencer stood there, his hair more in place than usual, a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, some slacks, and his usual converse. In between his hands, he held a bouquet of red and white roses.

“You look amazing,” you both said at the same time causing the two of you to erupt in laughter.

“These are for you,” he says sheepishly, extending the flowers towards you.

“Thank you,” you smile brightly, taking the flowers. “I’m going to go put them in a vase and I’ll be right back.”

As you walked into your kitchen to find a vase, you suddenly realized that this was, in fact, a date. You felt butterflies flutter in your stomach, seeing Spencer in a whole new light. Of course, you have always wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship with this incredible man, but you always pushed it away. Now that it seems he shares your feelings, you can’t help but let your deepest desires surface again. The man of your dreams is standing at your doorstep, waiting for you to join him for a night of adventures.



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Wake Up Call // Spencer Reid x Reader

A/N: Just something I wrote very quickly this morning. I hope you enjoy!

Spencer groaned as he felt pressure against his hips that morning. He was asleep, or at least had been until a pair of legs decided to straddle him. He groaned in discontent at being torn from his dreamless sleep and opened one eye, unsurprised when he saw your smiling face hovering above him.

“Y/N, it’s Sunday,” he groaned as he closed his eye once more and returned to the darkness behind his eyelids. He was unnaturally tired and desperately wanted to rest more. “This is my last day to sleep in before I have to go back to work.”

“It’s already noon, Spence,” you laughed as you pried an eye open with your fingers. He groaned again and lightly pulled your hand away, wrapping his own hand around yours. He gave it a light loving pat that caused you to grin, knowing that he was trying to get rid of you at the moment.

“Don’t lie to me,” he replied knowingly. You had a habit of telling him it was later than it was just to get him out of bed earlier. He was always slightly irritated when he figured it out, but that was quickly washed away when he realized it was just you wanting to spend more time with him. He found it sweet altogether.

“I’m not lying,” you whispered as you leaned over him, your lips pressed to his ear. “I swear on everything I love, on you and on puppies, that it is already noon.”

Spencer suspiciously opened an eye to look at you, your own eyes looking back at him and shining with amusement.

“You swear on puppies?” he asked.

“Yes. All puppies big and small,” you replied with a smile.

“You’re really serious then,” he yawned. His arms stretched above him as he finally forced himself awake before his hands landed on your hips.

“We should go get some lunch then, now that you’re awake,” you suggested cheerily once Spencer had fully opened his eyes. You tried to roll off of him only to find it impossible as he held your hips down in place. Your eyes widened as you felt something beneath you that definitely wasn’t there before.

“I don’t think I’m quite awake yet,” he replied cheekily as his hips gave a small thrust against you. “Maybe you should find a way to wake me up fully.”

Spencer’s heartbeat quickened at the seductive smile that spread onto your lips. Even after years, that same smile sent a wave of butterflies to his stomach. He could hear his heart in his ears as you leaned forward and brushed your lips lightly against his.

“I can definitely do that.”

Seven Years Later

A/N: This is legit my favorite story I have ever written, so happy to be reposting it, ENJOY! 

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Spencer paced back and forth in his small living room, continuously flipping through the pages of the manuscript. “You wrote a book about us?” he said as soon as he head the call connects. “Hi, how are? I’m doing okay, thank you for asking Spencer how about your self?” you said in a sarcastic tone of voice.  “Y/N, hello, how are you, I’m doing well. Did you write a book about us?”

“I wrote a book, in regards of certain events that unfolded in my life, you we’re involved in them. Therefor you are in the book, but there is no us so I did not write it about us, Spencer” you said calmly.

“Right” he wasn’t satisfied with that answer. “Look it doesn’t have your name specifically, it’s a young adult fiction book, no one you know is going to read it. I sent it to you only because I wanted you to know, but that’s all.” 

“Right, of course, no one is going to read it. Also I don’t think I look like a Matthew why did you name me Matthew?”

“Spencer if that is the only comment you have about that book, go read it again,” you said hanging up the phone. 

Spencer walked into Garcia’s office reading over the case file he was finishing, “Hey Garcia, can you verify this location for me.”

When she hadn’t responded he looked up to see her, and JJ’s face completely hidden behind a book, the book. “What are you guys doing?” Spencer said terrified. “Oh my god, this is so sad.” Penelope said still unable to put down the book. “I didn’t think it’d be so sad” JJ commented.

“What are you guys doing” Spencer asked again. “Reading, genius what does it look like” Penelope said flipping to the next page. “It looks like you’re not working” 

“How can we work? I need to know what Matthew does next, does he really marry Sara? Does Mila ever move on?” Penelope said dramatically.

“You’re reading a young adult book, on some teenagers relationship?” Spencer said trying to keep it casual. “This isn’t even real” he said trying to laughing it off.

“Well I hope it isn’t because if I we’re to ever meet this Matthew I would give him a piece of my very uncensored mind, I can’t believe he wouldn’t pick Mila, she was clearly the right choice” Penelope said.

“Seriously for being as smart as they make him sound he sure made a stupid move” JJ added.

Spencer was shocked to hear what his friends had to say. He knew he had made the right choice, he was certain he had. So certain, he’d never told anyone the whole story about you, because he didn’t need anyone’s opinions. But here they we’re reading it, and giving him all the unfiltered opinions he never thought he’d get to hear.

“Well let me know when you finally get back to work” he said as he headed for the door. “It’s gonna be a while Penelopes Magical Workshop of Knowledge is currently heart broken”

The book began to haunt Spencer is ways he never thought it would. There we’re poster advertisements everywhere he went. Every coffee shop was selling a copy, every book store was displaying it, every library was announcing when they’d have it available.

There was no escaping it, there was no escaping the thought that maybe he hadn’t made the right choice. Spencer sat at the table nervously awaiting your arrival. “I’m sorry I’m late, traffic was awful” you said catching Spencer by surprise when you sat next to him.

You grabbed the glass of water that was placed in the seat he was expecting you to take across from him. You didn’t see each other much, for many reasons, the primary excuse we’re your jobs, and crazy schedules. The other reasons we’re only spoken of once you had consumed enough alcohol.

You started off by catching up with any new work news or crazy cases he had, next the small talk of family. Followed by any news, weather, or books you had recently read. You both knew the small talk was coming to an end when you began to talk about the food. 

The same things we’re always said about the food, because you had been coming here for the last seven years. Gotten the same thing every time for the last seven years. Some might think it was repulsive to be so repetitive but this place held meaning.

It was where you told Spencer you loved him, it was where he told you, “You’re my best friend, I can’t risk losing you” it was where you told him you we’re getting married. That same restaurant was where he took you too eat the day you ran the opposite direction down the isle. 

But still you we’re his best friend, and he couldn’t risk losing you. It was where just a year ago he told you about Sara, and just six months ago he showed you the ring he would propose to her with. That was the last time you told him how you felt, just one last time.

So many memories, just not the ones you wanted. “Your book is every where, even my co workers have read it.” 

“Well so much for FBI agents not reading young adult love stories” you said shocked. “Well I’m sorry, they didn’t say anything did they”

“Yeah they did. They said Matthew was stupid and he made the wrong choice, and that for being so smart he sure was stupid” Spencer said with a fake smile on his face. “So did I make the wrong choice Y/N”

“That’s for you to answer Spencer, I’ve said everything I had to say. I even wrote it down for you so would never forget” 

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to do this again, I don’t want to hurt you, those we’re never my intentions.” Spencer could barely look at you in the eyes.

“It’s in the past, are we ever going to be able to keep any of this in the past”

That was the real question. For years it was a silent agreement, an elephant in the room. You never spoke of your feelings for him, although he knew. There we’re so many times when you swore he felt them too. It was so easy to fall in love with him, but so hard to forget about him. 

“There was one thing I have to say about the book”

You looked at him curiously, “You left out that Matthew loved Mila just as much as much. You made it seem as if I lied and I didn’t, but I didn’t have the courage to risk losing you”

“We lose some people either way”

“You’re right”

As Spencer walked up to his door the package in front of his door caught his attention, quickly he opened the sealed letter tapped to it.

“There are so many things I want to say, first off congratulations. Second of all, I’m afraid I’ll be missing the wedding. Warm weather, and sandy beaches await me. Third of all, I re-wrote the ending to the book. I wanted to give it, us, the happy ending we didn’t have the courage to give our self’s. Maybe in another lifetime, maybe never who knows. I’ll see you soon Spencer Reid.” Spencer traced over the words on the handwritten notes. Reaching inside of the shipping bag, he found the book, immediately flipping opening up.


“Dedicated to: Boy Wonder, it was an adventure being your friend, what a pleasure having my heart broken by you”

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Tale As Old As Time: Chapter 1 Provincial Life

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((Lmao the last thing I should be writing is another series right? But I saw beauty and the Beast the other day and I was inspired.))

I give credit to @dontshootmespence​ for helping me organize everything.

Contains: Fluff, Eventual Spencer x Reader- but sorry, you don’t have a really appearance in this chapter yet.


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young princess lived in a shining castle. Her name was Y/n.  Although she had everything her heart desired, the princess was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.  But then, one winter’s night, an old beggar woman came to the castle and offered her a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the princess sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away, but she warned the girl not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within. And when she dismissed her again, the old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress.  The princess tried to apologize, but it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in Y/n’s heart, and as punishment, she transformed her into a hideous beast, and placed a powerful spell on the castle, and all who lived there. Ashamed of her monstrous form, the beast concealed herself inside her castle, with a magic mirror as her only window to the outside world.  The rose the enchantress had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until her twenty-first year.  If Y/n could learn to love another, and earn his love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken.  If not, she would be doomed to remain a beast for all time.  As the years passed, she fell into despair, and lost all hope, for who could ever learn to love a beast?


A young man exited his home, an unseen smile blooming on his face at the valley he and his mother lived at. The dirt roads, leading to the cobblestone village were earthy and coffee-like, light in the rays of the sun and sapphire skies. The grass wasn’t too green, but his mother’s garden did brighten up their yard, and brought a sweet smell to his nose.

His name was Spencer. The man was past his twenties, not too long ago turning 37, and still without a bride, content in looking after his mother. Her brain wasn’t too sharp anymore, but she had her moments where the young woman he grew up with shone through.

Spencer smoothed down the white smock he wore over his light blue trousers, and matching vest, a white shirt to cover his arms. His shoulder-length hazelnut locks were tied back with a blue ribbon he had stolen from his mother. He grabbed the basket that lie next to the stone stairs he walked down from, placing the book he had thumbed over the last few hours into the weaving.

Every morning Spencer went into town to grab some ingredients for food that day, and to head to the bookshop in town, his favorite place in the entire world. Unfortunately, not everyone in the town really respected him. Some people were cruel, teasing him for being so odd, or being Diana Reid’s son. As he reached the buildings and shoppes, he could already see people staring and whispering about him.

He ignored everyone whispering about how he was a ‘funny man’ or making fun of him for being smart. Although the townsfolk boasted of his beauty, he felt upset and annoyed that that was all they cared about. His mother had always warned him that one shouldn’t judge a book by their cover. Speaking of books…

“Ah, Spencer!” The librarian, Emily Prentiss, got down from her ladder where she had previously been dusting to hug her favorite (and most frequent) patron. “Let me guess, you’ve finished the book already, and no, I’m sorry, we don’t have anything new.” She pretended not to notice Spencer’s embarrassment as he nodded. The library had maybe twenty books to it’s name and not many people came to visit. But her business was held afloat by the absence of taxes.

“Can I borrow…this one?” He asked shyly, holding up a familiar leather cover. She nodded, but still felt confused. “I know, I’ve read this one too many times but…it"s my favorite. Far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!” A dreamy look overcame his face as he rambled on.

“Well, if you like it all that much, it’s yours!” She proclaimed, laughing at his dumbstruck look upon his face. “I insist! You’re the only one who really likes it anyway!”

“Well thank you.’ Spencer’s voice was quiet, reaching out to hug her once more.  "Thank you very much!” He left the shop, looking like a boy on Christmas morning.

Spencer held the book in his hands that he had already read so much like he had just received a chest of gold. He could practically recite it from memory, but he still contained as much joy as when he first read it as his eyes hungrily ate up 'Once upon a time’. He was careful to avoid damaging the book or running into anyone as he whisked by the market, digging out coins from his smock pockets and paying each merchant for bread, eggs- which were quite expensive- and some slivers of meat from the butcher.

“There he is….” A young girl watched from afar, sipping from her teacup. She wore an expensive tea gown, hair curled and styled high in the fashion that was popular in Paris, looking through the window of a shoe shoppe. Diane Turner was a young, weathly orphan who never stopped reminding Spencer that she was eligible for marriage. It seems the only reason she was so infatuated with him was because he didn’t make a bumbling fool of himself offering himself to her like the small group of men she had attracted in the village. She had just returned from Paris, another trip to buy more expensive things and had set her eyes back to on as who she referred to as her future husband.

“No one stands a chance against you Ms., especially against any man.” Her friend/servant since birth Maeve Donovan stood by her side, voice gentle, as if merely speaking would anger Diane. Maeve never knew what mood her mistress would be in, but she seemed happy enough with her 'cat ate the canary’ smile

Diane set her teacup and saucer down on the windowsill, standing and promptly walking out of the shoppe, ignoring the owner’s frown as the rich customer didn’t buy anything. Maeve quickly followed suit behind her, amazed how Diane could walk so fast in heels. “I know Maeve, and my eyes are set on that man right there.” She pointed up ahead where Spencer slowly walked, softly humming to himself and he flipped through the book.

“You mean crazy Diana Reid’s son?” Maeve gasped, furrowing her eyebrows. “But he’s-”

“The most beautiful man and town! That makes him the best! And I dare say I do deserve the best don’t i?” Diane interrupted with a sneering tone. Maeve stopped in her tracks, blushing as she apologized.

“It’s just his mother….you really want to marry into that family?” She mumbled, scurrying back after Diane. Diane made a rude noise, clicking her tongue loudly as she moved to face Maeve.

“You’re so simple-minded. His mother is old, she’ll probably die soon. Then it will be just Spencer and I. Imagine it… his latest kill roasting on the fire, and I, his little wife massaging his feet while our six or seven little ones play with the dogs.”

“Spencer? Hunting?” Maeve had to stifle a laugh, questing down as the pair finally reached the aforementioned man. The idea seemed positively ridiculous. “Spencer!” Diane greeted, smiling and giving a polite nod.

“Bonjour…” Spencer quickly finished the last sentence of the page he was reading and looked up, bowing slightly. He wasn’t expecting Diane to pry the book from his hands as she did, flipping through the pages.

“What’s this about hm? Shouldn’t you be out hunting with the other village men? I heard they were all out today.” Spencer had to hold back scoffing at her statement. It wasn’t that he was against hunting, he just preferred staying inside and reading with his mother.

“There’s more to life then chasing an animal.” Spencer nodded politely, taking the book back and trying to end the conversation and walk away but Diane stood in his path. “Yes, there is, I am delighted you’ve noticed. You know, most of the townsfolk think that you might not be looking exactly for a wife due to your…lack of…” She rambled on and his face turned a light pink, eyebrows furrowing. “You should join me for tea one day.” She proposed and he shook his head, declining.

“I can’t, my mother needs my help.” He gestured to the path that led to his house, grimacing when Diane started laughing at him, elbowing Maeve harshly to join in. Spencer bit back a sigh, almost rolling his eyes.

“Your mother? She’s just a peculiar old spinster….I guess that would mean she needs all the help she can get.” Spencer’ saw clenched, making Maeve stop her forced laughter out of fear, Diane being completely ignorant.

“Don’t you dare talk about my mother that way.” He walked around her to head back to his house, ignoring the four heels that pitter-pattered behind him, biting his lip harshly when Diane tried to pass the comment off like Maeve had set it. Spencer practically ran up the path when he finally saw the fence around his house.

“Spencer!” Diane cried exasperatedly, corset and excessive exercise making it hard to breathe. “Listen, we’ve lived in this town our whole lives, yes?” She waited for him to agree before she continued. “Let’s not beat around the bush then. We’re both in our prime, and let’s be honest, you really can’t do better then me… let alone being in this small town or not….” She trailed off, giving him a pointed look.

“What are you…why…is this your way of getting me to propose to you?” He almost laughed but the fear of being Mr. Diane Turner overpowered his hysterics. His pace started getting quicker. “Diane, you’re right about one thing, we’ve lived in this town our whole lives. I’ve known you since we were little, but the one thing that has never changed is your arrogance.” His hands finally reached the wooden gate and he tried to quickly shut it but Diane, with a furious expression tore right through behind him, not caring if she stepped on any flowers.

“All I’m saying is that we could never be happy together, so therefore, after thinking, and realizing I’m too poor to buy you a fancy ring or anything really, maybe, perhaps, we shouldn’t get married at all. Have a good day!” He opened and slammed his front door shut, leaning his back against the heavy oak and sliding down until he almost hit the floor. After he was sure she was gone, he bolted out of his house, muttering to himself.

“Mousier Turner- ha! Can’t you just see it? Her husband! No sir!” He ran off into the wide open lands behind his house, practically collapsing as he stared up into the sky. Didn’t anybody realize that he wanted to leave this village? He wanted adventure so much he dreamt vivid dreams about traveling. Why couldn’t anyone understand?

“I cannot do this anymore Spencer.” His mother sighed, quill in hand, scrolls of various chapters about her novel she had been working on. Every year she would write one but no one ever picked them up. “Too intimidated by your genius” Spencer would tell her.

“Mother you always say that, and every year you finish it.” Spencer waved off his mother’s rambling, trying to find a place to set down a meal for her. It was crunch time, her leaving tomorrow meant he needed to finish editing today.

“I mean it, this time.  I’ll never get this boneheaded story to sound even remotely good at all.” Diana ran her hand through her hair, elbows on the desk in front of her. Spencer shook his head, making his way over to her.

“Yes, you will.  And you’ll finally get that publication.” He continued as she groaned,
wrapping his arms around her shoulders.  "…and become a world famous author! Soon every person in the world will have their very own Diana Reid story.

“You really believe that?’ Her tone became soft, unbelieving.  "I always have.” he reassured her, kissing his mother on the cheek. She seemed satisfied with that so he had started cleaning up, making sure not to step on any pages.

“So, did you have a good time in town today?” She mumbled as she worked, adjusting her spectacles.

“I got a new book.” He shrugged and stayed quiet for a few moments. “……Mama, do you think I’m odd?”

“My son?  Odd?” She tutted, shaking her head.  "Where would you get an idea like that?“

"Oh, I don’t know.  It’s just I’m not sure I’ve ever really fitted in this town. There’s no one I can really talk to.”

“What about that…’ She snapped her fingers for a moment trying to think. "Diane?  She’s a pretty little thing! Rich as well….” Spencer snorted. “She’s pretty all right, pretty rude and conceited and…Oh Mother, she’s not for me!”

“Well, don’t you worry, cause this book should be the start of a new life for us. I think that’s done it.  Now, give it a read.” She thrusted the stack of papers over in his direction. It took him about 20 minutes to get through the whole thing, well, everything he was given while Diana almost paced a hole in the floor. “Well….It’s wonderful. My favorite book so far.”

“It works? It works!” She shrieked, grabbing him in a hug and kissing his face.

“You did it!  You really did it!” He hoped his mother’s words rang true. He so badly wished to get out of here, one nice he knew for certain his mother was safe, maybe then he could try thinking about love.

The next morning Spencer watched with a frown as his mother got ready for her yearly trip to Paris. He was never allowed to go, and although he wondered why, he never fought his mother’s decision. She went every year not only to go and publish her books but to go and learn new things, get new books, and bring back new ideas. Diana had always wanted to be a teacher, but she wasn’t allowed to, as a women, for they were too “fragile”.

“My dear, is there anything you would like?” Diana was bustling around outside, getting all of her bags and books. Spencer pitched in to help, his added strength unfortunately making the job done quicker.

“I only wish for a rose.” He replied, smile growing when Diana turned, slightly puzzled. “You ask for that every year…” She wondered out loud, giving him a look.

“There are no roses that grow in this part of town… I’ve looked everywhere. I can remember when I was younger, they used to be all around us…” He mumbled, scratching the back of his neck, stopping his bashful activities when his mother leaned over and kissed his forehead.

“Then I will continue to bring you one.” She cupped the side of his face with her hand, saying her goodbyes and heading on her way. Spencer ran behind her, shouting and waving his own goodbyes until Phillippe pulled the carriage too fast for his liking.

It wasn’t until early the next morning, earlier then the crows of the roosters that Spencer heard violent whinny’s outside of the house. He opened the door to find Phillippe, no carriage, his mother not in sight. Without a second thought he climbed on the horses back, flicking the reins.

“Take me to her.”

Prompt: “I keep telling them we’re not dating, but they keep telling me that friends don’t normally make out when drunk”

Characters: Reid x Reader


Prompt came from THIS if you wanna send one in :)

Originally posted by zugzwangcm

You were avoiding him, after you found out what happened last night there was no way your were gonna be able to face him this morning. But unfortunately for you, you had gotten called in for a case.

Walking in the room he was already sitting down, looking up at you he smiled at you like normal. Maybe he didn’t remember, and maybe no one told him. You sat down across from him. This warranted a brief look of confusion on his face as you always sat next to him. Emily walked into the room and looked between you two noticing how awkward you were, she couldn’t help but smile at you. You shot her a look that said something along the lines of ‘shut up’. After getting briefed about the case you had to go get your suitcase, you were flying to Portland, Main, which luckily was only an hour and a half flight. 

You managed to avoid having direct conversation with Reid the entirety of the flight but not with Emily and Derek. Derek also knew about what happened. They cornered you in the back of the plane and asked if Reid knew “He either doesn’t remember or he is a really good actor, which we all know he isn’t. So don’t tell him.” Going back to your seat Reid gave you a look which you figured meant ‘are you okay?’ all you did was smile and put in your headphones. He knew something was wrong, but what? He would have to ask you once you got to Portland. 

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High Tensions - Six

Spencer X Reader

“Who’s Y/N speaking to?” Derek was eyeing her from across the bar. Spencer and Emily followed his gaze to see Y/N speaking animatedly to an attractive blonde girl. 

“That looks like Tash,” Emily was squinting to try to get a better look. Spencer watched as the girl hugged Y/N, giving her a kiss on the cheek before leaving with the rest of her friends. 

“Who’s Tash?” Derek asked Emily as Y/N made her way back across the bar to their table. 

Emily grinned, “I’ll let Y/N tell you that.”

“Tell them what?“ Y/N climbed back on to her bar stool next to Reid, taking a sip of her cocktail. 

Things had seemed weird between the two of them for a few days after the incident on the jet. They’d hardly spoken to each other the following day at work and Spencer had wondered whether he’d gone too far. He’d spotted her in the hallway earlier today and had asked her if everything was okay between them. 

“I’m fine Spencer? Why?” she’d peered curiously at him. 

“It’s just…… You haven’t really spoken to me since we got back from the last case. I wondered if I’d gone to far. I didn’t see anything I swear.” He was suddenly concerned that he’d upset her. 

She laughed, placing her hand on his arm in a comforting gesture. “I wouldn’t care if you had. Surely you’ll be seeing it and doing a lot more to it eventually anyway.”

“So we’re still doing this?”  

“Unless you wanna call the whole thing off. I’m still game if you are. As sexually frustrated as you’re making me, it’s kinda exciting seeing what you’re gonna try next. I’ve never had so much foreplay!” she grinned at him and he relaxed. 

“Okay good. I lied by the way, of course I looked.”

“Hahaha. And what man wouldn’t eh? Did you like what you saw?”

He smirked before replying,“I did indeed. I think that would look extremely good hovering above my mouth.”

“It would looked extremely good clenched around your dick too, but that’s not gonna happen until you ask for it.”

So the status quo of things had been restored and the game was still on. Spencer was enjoying it too, the reactions he was receiving from her was doing wonders for his ego and confidence, although he honestly hoped she’d crack soon. If she didn’t, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. 

They bantered for a bit longer, before making plans to meet up with Derek and Emily who they knew were going out later. 

“Tell you what guys?” Y/N enquired again, as neither Derek or Spencer had answered her. 

“The boys wanted to know who the blonde was. I said it looked like Tash but then remembered that none of them were with us when you introduced her to me and Penelope,” Emily spoke. 

“It was Tash. She’s been out of town for ages in business, only got back last week.”

“You meeting up with her again?”

“Maybe, when this little bet is over.”

“Who the hell is Tash?” Derek asked. 

Y/N turned to him, “Some one that I have a mutually beneficial arrangement with.”

“You and her? Really? So you weren’t joking before about girl on girl action?“ 

"Nope.” Y/N popped the p and Spencer could tell she was enjoying the look on Derek’s face. 

“So you’re……….?” he trailed off and she nodded.

“I like both.”

“I hate to be a typical guy here but that’s so hot.”

Y/N laughed and nudged Emily who was sat the other side of her, leaning over and whispering something into her ear. Emily grinned and nodded at her, whispering something back. 

“What do you think Spencer? Are you a typical guy when it comes to girl on girl?” Emily looked at him directly as she asked, watching his face carefully. 

“You mean do I find it a turn on to see two girls together? I think I’d have to be dead for that not to affect me.”

Y/N chuckled again, reaching out with her hand and stroking the back of his neck gently, causing him to shiver. He was gonna kill JJ for telling her that he had a thing about his neck. 

“If you give in and admit defeat Spencer then I can offer you a two for the price of one deal.”

“W-what?” was she offering what he thought she was? 

“You heard. Isn’t that every guys dream? Two girls in one night?” She continued caressing the base of his neck. 

“You and your friend Tash?” he gulped.

Y/N glanced over to Emily, and he detected a slight nod. 

“Or me and Prentiss.”

What the fuck! Were they being serious? Derek looked between the two girls and then at Spencer. 

“Pretty Boy, give in. Admit defeat now. Think of what they’re offering.”

Spencer watched as Emily leant over, her hand starting to move up Y/N’s thigh. 

“Last chance Spencer?” Y/N turned in her seat, her hand still on Spencer’s neck.

“No!” he managed to choke out.

“You sure about that Spencer?” Y/N asked him. No he wasn’t sure at all. And the feeling in his pants was screaming yes, do it, at him. Think with your head Reid, not your dick. 

He nodded, the feeling of Y/N’s fingers stroking his neck combined with the view of Emily’s hands slowly inching up her thighs was doing ridiculous things to him. Stay strong boy, you can do this…. But. Two girls. Two hot beautiful girls, one of which he’d had a crush on since she’d joined the team. Fuuuck. 

“Final decision? You sure you don’t want to take us home and watch us leaning over your naked body doing this to each other whilst we work your dick?”

Spencer’s eyes widened even more and he nearly fell off his seat as the two girls, his two colleagues leant into each other slowly, both licking their lips. Derek was as entranced as he was, not that Reid was paying any attention. 

You almost felt guilty about using this trick. Not that it was a trick as such. Em was game, you’d checked. And if she changed her mind about going the whole hog, then Tash would definitely be game, you’d been in this situation with her before. 

What guy couldn’t resist two girls offering to spend the night with him. Spencer was putting up a fight, his mouth saying no but his eyes and his breathing saying another thing. 

You leant into Emily, keeping your hand still on Reid’s neck, your fingers moving in slow circles. She bridged the distance between you pressing her soft lips to yours, you hearing both men’s breathing almost stop completely. 

You moved your lips slowly against her’s, enjoying how soft and supple they were. Moving your spare hand to your colleague’s chin, you tilted it up to you, tracing the line of her neck with your finger tip. Gently sucking, you pulled her bottom lip in between yours, biting it gently feeling her moving her head to the side to deepen the kiss. 

Hmmmmm. If Spencer didn’t give in soon maybe you’d just call the whole bet off and take Prentiss home instead. The older women was an amazing kisser. Her lips parted and you felt her tongue flick out, pushing in between your lips and finding your own. You moved against her for a few more moments, enjoying the sweet taste of her mouth and the pressure of her tongue against yours. 

You heard a groan from the man beside you and then the sudden movement of him hopping off his stool. You pulled away from your friend reluctantly to see what he was doing, turning just in time to see him leaving the bar. 

You grinned at her, hearing a slow clap coming from Derek’s direction. 

“Ladies I think you just broke him, in fact I think you broke me. That’s not an image I’m going to forget in a long time. Does your offer extend to me as well? ”

You laughed, “Sorry sweetness, as handsome as you are, you know you’re not my type.”

Derek shrugged back at you, not taking any offence. 

“I’m gonna see if he’s still around, I feel kinda mean.”

You slid off your own stool and grabbed your bag and heading to the exit. 

You found Reid outside the bar, leaning against the wall breathing heavily. 

“You okay?” you asked. 

“No! I hate you right now. Were you two actually being serious?”

“I’m not sure how far Em would have gone to be honest Spencer, but I know Tash would go all the way.”

He closed his eyes for moment, and you reached out pressing your hand to his arm. 

“Do you wanna go back inside?” you asked him quietly. 

He shook his head. 

“Do you wanna go back to my place?” It was worth an ask. 

To your suprise, he nodded. 

“Do you want me to get Emily or Tash?”


He grabbed your hand and started tugging you along the street in the direction of your apartment. 

Yes yes fucking YES! 

Inch by Inch

[I got a request! Actually I got two requests in the same day, I couldn’t believe it. I’ll be working on the other one next, and I, ugh, I just hope their good. I picture it in my head and I can see it but I don’t know….But enjoy!]

“ – and after that he just wouldn’t stop laughing. I swear those boys are crazy, they have to get it from Will’s side of the family.”

You laughed, watching the screen of JJ’s phone as she showed a video of Henry making silly faces at Michael; the little toddler waving his chubby arms and squealing in delight with each contortion.  

“It’s so adorable, Henry was made to be a big brother. Thinking about having another one soon? Maybe a little girl this time so Garcia and I have someone to dress up and have tea parties with finally?”

You and Garcia had talked about that while JJ was pregnant with Michael. Both of you fantasizing over the clothes and toys you could buy for a baby girl. But with the bulge of shock coming from JJ’s eyes you knew that possibility was a ways away.

“I think I’m good for right now on the baby front. Maybe you two could just dress up each other. Right Spence?”


Glancing over next to you, Spencer blinked his eyes blearily. “Have you slept at all during this case?”

Child abductions had been happening in a small area of Wisconsin, and with no similarities between victims, Spencer had been the one to piece together that though they had no physical similarities, the children were all on the same medication. Leading them to the unsub which was the doctor that had prescribed them. But during that time you doubted the genius had used his bed even once, now beginning to nod in and out on the jet.

“I slept some. Just really tired now that it’s over.”

“Want a blanket?”

“No, no I’m good, thanks.”

JJ’s eyes crinkled. “Well, you need to be a little careful there, Spence, with the way you’re swaying you’re going to bop into Y/N’s skull.”

“Oh, hush, he’s fine. Go back to sleep, Spencer.”


“Oh, he’s gone.”

You laughed. “I’d say so. Hey, pass me some of those Cheetos.”

“You have three steps to the kitchen, get your own.”

“Don’t be like that, JJ, I always share with you. I’m only asking for a few – oh.”

During your debacle Spencer had decided to face plant onto your shoulder, and like JJ had predicted the thud of his skull had sent a sharp signal of pain up to you.

“How did he not wake up from that?”

“I have no clue. Should we wake him?”

You shook your head. “No harm in letting him lay there. Kind of feels nice if you discount the bruise I’ll have tomorrow.”

With that the two of you carried on your conversation, sneaking a few Cheetos from JJ’s bag while discussing where the next team dinner should be. Until you felt a Spencer moving next to you, in almost slow motion you watched as Spencer begin curling up against you, his body moving in closer to you.


“Want to move him now?”

Honestly, you didn’t. His chest pressed alongside your arm, his breath a millimeter from your ear, you could even feel his lips moving near it though nothing intelligible could be heard. He was warm, and he smelled nice, his hair somehow smelled spicy, woodsy.

Cinnamon. How the hell did he get his hair to smell like cinnamon?

Not unless one of the baristas attacked him with one of their seasonal flavors, it didn’t seem logical. But it fit him. It was nice and though JJ’s eyes stared at you in an incredulous amusement you pretended like nothing was out of the ordinary.

“So, I was thinking we’d spend Christmas Eve with the team and Christmas day with –“

And again, Spencer’s spastic motion cut you off. But this time…

“Oooh, I see Pretty Ricky copping a feel over there.”

Great, now Morgan knew what was going on. You huffed, carefully moving Spencer’s hand away from your chest only to have him flop it back in your lap.

“I think he like’s you, your body is like a magnet to him.”

Damn you and your baritone chuckle, Morgan.

JJ was covering her mouth to hide her smile. “I don’t think he’d be offended if you woke him.”

Before you could answer the hand began to shift and squeeze, tugging you closer to him.

“Hmmm, Y/N.”

With Morgan’s laughter the rest of the everyone’s attention was drawn to you, and you had no idea what to do.

“Tell you what Y/N, if you can last with him on you like that I’ll give you fifty bucks.”

Well, thanks Emily.

You still wouldn’t move him, not even out of liking it now. It was more of a point to make. It didn’t bother you, but them thinking it bothered you, bothered you. By the time you were getting ready to land Spencer had folded himself nearly across your lap, his face pressed into the thin fabric of your shirt, which you could feel a small wetness from what you guessed was him drooling. His arms encircled your waist fully now while one of his legs had tangled with yours. In short, the two of you looked like a mutant pretzel.

“Pretty Boy! Rise and shine! Come greet us and look at the mess you’re in.”

The yelling and the jolt of the jet making contact with the ground was enough to get Spencer to open his eyes. Blinking slowly before becoming large when he realized his position.

“Sleep well, Spence?”

The jeers were enough to get you to roll your eyes, as you patted Spencer’s knee in attempt to tell him it was all right. Everyone filing out before the two of you.

“I guess, you won, Y/N.”

You glared up at Emily as she tossed a fifty in your lap. With the two of you remaining Spencer fidgeted with his hands as he looked to you.

“What did you win?”

“Not waking you up while you did your yoga poses on me.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N. Are you mad at me?”

“Not really. Though you do get that they’re going to find out about us pretty soon now.”

“Probably, is that a bad thing?”

“No, I don’t think so, I just wanted to tell them in a better way than you slobbering on me.”

“I do not –“

Giving him a pointed look his mouth clapped shut. “Fine, I just, I can’t help it, you know? Whenever you’re next to me, my body knows somehow that you’re near and wants to be close to you.”

Giving his cheek a kiss, you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend’s neck. “My body likes your body close, it’s the reason I didn’t throw you off.”

Quite The Impression

A/N: An anon request where Spencer tells Morgan about this woman he met at his library, and Morgan doesn’t actually think she exists, but as they’re talking, a woman walks into the BAU, and it’s the woman they were talking about. @coveofmemories 


“Not so fast, Pretty Boy,” Morgan said as his kid brother walked into the BAU with a cup of coffee and a giant smile. “It looks like someone had a good night.”

Spencer smiled, understanding what Morgan meant. After years of working together, he had picked up the way he spoke, although that wasn’t how his own mind worked. “Not that kind of good night,” he replied, sitting down and taking a large sip of his coffee. “I did have a nice night last night, but not the kind of late one you’re implying.”

“Okay, so spill it, Pretty Ricky,” he laughed. Morgan figured it was about damn time that the kid found some happiness in his life. They both loved their jobs, but to be the sole focus on one’s life wasn’t healthy - and neither had been able to find someone who could understand the balance necessary to work for the BAU and carry on a successful relationship. “I can only assume by the smile on your face that you met a pretty honey yesterday.”

As Spencer finished taking another sip of his coffee, he smiled, remembering the forwardness with which the librarian asked him out yesterday. “I did,” he smiled. “I had to return a book to the library and the librarian is new. Just out of a master’s degree in the field and extremely beautiful.”

Of course he would meet a woman at the library, Morgan thought to himself. Most people picked up dates in bars and through work, but Spencer found his companions through libraries and chess tournaments like a true nerd. “So tell me about her. Describe her to me.” Morgan formed an immediate picture of what she might look like - exactly the kind of woman that Spencer would be into, but once he’d started describing her, Morgan couldn’t reconcile the differing images.

“Where do I start?” Spencer wondered aloud without actually wanting an answer. “When I walked into the library she looked kind of out of place. Societal expectations tell us that the typical librarian is supposed to be nerdy and not typically ‘beautiful.’” He hated that kind of thinking, because he fell victim to it also. Someone that looked like him wasn’t supposed to be an FBI agent either. What had that one man from the militia called him? That’s right, he called him ‘a pipe cleaner with eyes.’ “Anyway, she’s on the short side. Long, wavy Y/H/C hair that goes past her shoulder blades. She looks gorgeous in red, which was what she was wearing yesterday. Her eyes are…and her smile…” Spencer started floating off into a daydream thinking about Y/N. “And when I went to return my book, she just asked me out, very straight-forward. I was really thrown off.”

Morgan practically choked on the drink he’d just taken a sip of. That did not sound like the kind of woman that normally went for Spencer. This woman sounded extremely confident, which was at odds with the kinds of women that tended to go for Boy Wonder. “She just asked you out on a date out of nowhere?” he asked incredulously. Even Morgan didn’t have a ton of women just asking him out with no lead up; that was a kind of confidence he admired.

“Yea,” Spencer said disbelievingly. “I asked her for her name first, because we didn’t even know each other’s names, but then I handed her my card and told her I’d love it if she called. I haven’t heard from her yet though and I didn’t get her number. I was so thrown off and nervous, I just walked out with my book.

That Morgan could picture. In his experience, whenever someone made a move on the genius, he tended to stumble over his words, blush like a madman and then awkwardly walk away. “Well how am I supposed to know if this woman even exists, kid?” Morgan teased, smacking him on the shoulder as they both went to grab something to eat. He knew Spencer wasn’t the type to make something like that up, but as the proverbial big brother, he felt it was his lot in life to make fun of him regularly.

“Of course, she’s real, Morgan,” he said defensively. However, upon seeing Morgan laugh, he realized he was only teasing. “Why would I lie about that? I mean she was beautiful. I really hope she calls. I can’t believe I didn’t get her phone number. I’m such an idiot.” After grabbing a candy bar from the vending machine, because as a genius, the smartest move ever was to eat a candy bar with his coffee for breakfast, he and Morgan made their way back to their desks. Today was going to be a heavy paperwork day. 

As soon as they approached their desks, Anderson ran toward Spencer, claiming that someone was there to see him. Morgan hadn’t sat down yet, so he joined Spencer in his walk toward the elevators. 

“Hi, Spencer!” Y/N said, feeling a little bit off in such a foreign environment. “I’m so, so sorry to come to your work place, but I meant to call you last night when I went home and when I reached into my pocket for your card, it wasn’t there. Last thing I wanted was for you to think I blew you off and I remember you saying you worked here.”

Morgan looked between the two in stunned silence as he gave her his phone number verbally so she could program it into her phone. “Just texted you, so now you have mine too,” she said, turning towards Morgan. “You work together?”

“Yea, nice to meet you,” Morgan said, extending his hand toward Y/N. “I’m Derek Morgan. Spencer was actually just telling me all about you.”

Her hand still clasping Morgan’s, she turned her head toward Spencer. “Oh really? Good things, I hope.”

“Only good things. Frankly, I was wondering whether or not you actually existed the way he was going on about you.” Spencer’s face curled up into an embarrassed smile, the blush rising to his cheeks quicker than a thermometer on a hot day. Hopefully, Morgan’s endless teasing of him wouldn’t drive Y/N off. 

Thankfully, it only served to make her smile wider. “Well then,” she said, “I’m glad I made an impression. I don’t want to keep you from work, I just wanted to make sure that I got into contact with you, so you didn’t think I blew you off. I’ll text you and maybe we can get together this weekend.”

“That s-sounds great,” Spencer stammered. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Me too,” she said, turning toward the elevator and giving both men a small wave. “Oh and Spencer.” A big, dumb smile still plastered on his face, he spun around to look at her. “Just so you know, you made quite the impression too.”

As the elevator doors closed behind her, Spencer let out a nervous giggle. “Oh man,” Morgan exclaimed, slapping him on the shoulder even harder than he had before. “She is something else. And you are smitten. You should text her now.”

“You don’t think it’s too soon?” Spencer asked. He had always been under the impression that there was a timeline for these types of things.

“Y/N doesn’t seem like the type to beat around the bush. She asked for your number and she came her to get it again when she lost it,” Morgan replied. “Screw the rules. Screw what’s expected. Just go for it.”

Empty Place

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: (anon request) Can you make an image where Reid is secretly in love with the reader and he always acts weirdly around her. One day when Penelope is exposing(?) the case the reader finds out that an important old friend died and she’s destroyed so Reid tries to solace her and he takes care about her more than ever, he tries to make her laugh and other things… love how you write❤️

I hope you like it anon! Also, this is unbeta so please excuse any mistakes! 

“Hey it’s me Y/N. I am coming back home for a case, so I was wondering if we could hang out after that? I was thinking of taking a week off, so maybe I could stay at your place and we could spend some time together? It’ll be fun and we haven’t really seen each other for a long time. So call me back when you’re free. Bye.” She ended the voicemail, still frowning over the fact that her best friend didn’t take the call. she shove my cell back in, joining the team as Penelope showed up on the screen.

“Hello my lovely crimefighters! I just got an ID on our last victim. Her name is Olivia Carter-“


The team turned to Y/N in confusion, but she didn’t notice it though. All her focus was on the tech analyst, who was looking confused as everyone. “Did you just say Olivia Carter?”

“Yeah, she was reported missing this morning by her husband-“

“But I talked to her last night. There’s no way that she is the victim Garcia.”

“The dentals matched and the clothes she had on matched the ones reported… oh my god,” Garcia gasped, suddenly understanding why Y/N is reacting this way.

“No, you’re wrong Garcia. There is no way Olivia is dead okay!” Y/N screamed, her body shaking. Spencer, her boyfriend, quickly gets up and tries to reach out to her but she flinches away. Spencer slows down, holding his hands to show that he means no harm. “She can’t be died,” Y/N whispers, whether to her and to the team is unclear.

“Y/N,” Spencer calls out, dread in his voice as she doesn’t respond to him. He can see how pale she became, and her body doesn’t stop shaking. He quickly grabs her when her legs give out. She doesn’t move away from him, but instead buries her head against his chest and lets out painful sobs. He shields her away from the team, who thankfully divert their eyes away from them. They knew how much Y/N hated to show her weakness to anyone, yet they needed to know everything about their victim, and Y/N is the only one right now to provide answers.

Spencer looked up to the rest of the group with teary eyes, noting the guilt and pity on their faces. Hotch looked grim, looking like he didn’t want to do this yet he knew he has to. JJ came forward and rested an hand on the grieving girl’s body, silently trying to comfort her. “Y/N, I am so sorry,” Hotch felt guilty for what he was about to do. She looks up at him, red eyes filled with pain. “But you were the last person to talk to Olivia, so-“

“Hotch do we need to do this right now?” Spencer spit out, his eyes bright with fire as he stared at his boss. Couldn’t he give her some time to grieve before he asked questions?

“No,” Y/N whispered, her voice cracking. “We need to do it right now to catch that son of a bitch.” She reluctantly turns her body away from Spencer, but he doesn’t let go of the arm on her waist. Morgan, Rossi and Blake were giving her such pitying looks that she forced herself to look at her boss’s sympathetic eyes. She felt JJ close to her, thankful for her friends’ silent comfort.

“Did Olivia tell you where she was going the last time you talked to her?”

“She said that she was at home. It was late at night, I think around 11 when I called her, so she always made sure that she would be back at home before 10. She said it was because of my horror case stories that made sure she would always go back to home at night.” A nostalgic smile is on Y/N’s face as she remembered an horrified Olivia as she talked about her cases and why should always be careful. It quickly shifted into an heartbroken expression, and Spencer yearned to comfort the woman with all he could. But he knew that this was important, so he kept quiet but he reassured her by gently rubbing her back in comfort.  

“What did you and Olivia talk about last night?”

“She wanted me to come back home,” she answered, fresh tears streaming down her face as she remembered the excited voice of her best friend. “She always tells me that though, but this time she was excited about something. She wouldn’t tell me on the phone, but she was clearly happy about something.”

“How long have you known Olivia?”

A lost look comes on Y/N’s face, her eyes not focusing on the present. “She is-“ she stops to take a deep breath to not let the cry come out. “She is my best friend for 25 years now. She is almost like my sister, you know. I knew everything about her and vice versa. She was so mad at me when I left our hometown, but she understood. She always did, no matter what.”

No one correct Y/N’s use of present tense, keeping silence as Hotch continued to take on the lead. “Do you know anyone who would want to hurt Olivia? Her husband perhaps?”

“No, Percy would never do that. They were high school sweethearts, everyone in the town knew that they would get married when they started dating. No, Percy could have never-“ she broke off, looking away as new way of grief washed over her. What was going to happened to Percy now?

“So whatever Olivia did, the entire town would know about it?”

Y/N solemnly nodded, sniffing as she wiped the tears on her cheeks. “It’s why I wanted to leave. Someone’s business was everyone’s business in that town, and I hated that. There was no privacy and everyone knew everyone. I shouldn’t have left, then Olivia wouldn’t-“

“Hey listen to me,” Spencer interrupts, cupping Y/N’s face to force her eyes to meet his. “It’s not your fault Y/N, don’t ever think like that.”

She slightly nodded, leaning into Spencer who continued to hold her. The rest didn’t say anything for few minutes, feeling remorse for what their friend is going through. Hotch cleared his throat, either trying to regain the attention of Y/N or get a grip of his own emotions, Spencer didn’t know.

“Usually, I wouldn’t have let you be on the case, however I think it would be better if we have your insight. You know this town better than anyone.”

“You really think it’s someone from the town?” Y/N knew that they were right, however it didn’t feel right.

Hotch nodded. “However you won’t be on the field.”

With that and the plane soon landing, the rest of the team shifted to prepare to land soon, but Spencer didn’t leave her for a second. As soon as they land, Hotch pulled Spencer away from the group for a minute. “Reid? After we give our profile, I want you to take Y/N to the hotel,” his boss ordered and received a nod from the genius.

Hotch resisted his urge to sigh as he watched the genius quickly walk next to Y/N, holding her as they walked to the car. The team always tried to not make a case personal, however this was going to be gruesome.


After giving the profile to the police and catching the son of a bitch, Y/N became quiet. Almost too quiet. There was a blank look on a face, but her team could see the lost look in her eyes. Spencer gently urged her to the car, and he became worried over how unresponsive she was during the car ride. However at one point, she told him to take a right. He hesitated at first, but continued to follow her directions as she led him to a park. She got out as soon as the car stop, but Spencer didn’t try to stop her. She walked until she came in front of a particular tree and he stood few feet away as he watched her put a hand on the tree.

“We would come here whenever we wanted to tell a secret,” Y/N spoke out loud, her back still facing Spencer. “This was our safe place in a way, because here we could tell each other everything and know that we would be near hurt by the other person. And now she’s really gone.“

"I am so sorry Y/N.” He took a step closer when she turned to him. Her grief broke his heart, and he wanted to comfort her but he knew that she was still processing the loss.

“I don’t know what to do Spence,” she mumbled, bringing her arms across herself, hugging herself for comfort. “She was terrified of something happening to me, but the opposite happened. I always thought that she would be safe. I feel so empty right now Spencer, I don’t know what to do.”

“When Gideon died,” Spencer started, “All I felt was an empty place in my heart. As time went by, the empty place didn’t go away, but it became better to live with it.”

She takes a step closer to him, allowing him to hug her as she rested her head on his chest. “Thank you,” she whispered. He looked down at her in confusion. “For what?”

“For being here with me.”

Afraid of Losing You (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I’m soooooo excited for tonight (criminal minds) but I don’t want this season to end 😢 I’ll just have to watch reruns to fill my void of criminal minds deprivation
Warnings: abuse (by unsub), umm I think that’s it 😬
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: you guys argue for whatever reason and spencer refuses to talk to you. You decide to go to a building with the team there but at a distance where they can’t really help you and you face off with the unsub by yourself then you get seriously hurt. Spencer is super super worried and once you wake up
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: the reader is in love with Spencer but he doesn’t know it…
“Just let it go Spencer.” You said exhausted and annoyed.
“Let it go? You want me to let this go? I asked you of one simple thing.” He said walking after you.
“It was my choice! You had nothing to influence it!” You snapped as you faced him.
Earlier, he told you to stay in the car as he checked out the house of the suspect.
But being the ambitious character you are, you had to check it out for yourself, resulting in you barely getting a scratch as you took down the UnSub.
“Is it a crime I want you to be safe? That’s all I ask for!”
“No one is guaranteed safety when we do what we do! And you aren’t my guardian angel I don’t need you to protect me!” You yelled slamming your apartment door in his face.
You sunk to the floor, embracing the silence you have craved for the last hour.
Spencer was your best friend, but boy can he be annoying.
The next few days Spencer hasn’t really talked to you.
Was it out of anger?
But you didn’t know that.
He was afraid.
Afraid of losing someone he holds so dearly to his heart.
But that all changed.
The team, including you, went to the abandoned warehouse where Penelope traced down the UnSub.
You all split up, you pairing with Rossi but you saw movement in the opposite direction he was heading, so you changed routes.
You were relatively confident in your defense and attack skills, so you were okay on your own.
You entered a small room, unlikely he would be in there though.
You turned around and were struck in the head with something hard.
You gasped as you doubled over, only to be kneed in the face, sending you to the floor.
You finally opened your eyes to see a man, easily 6 foot, standing over you.
You tried to crawl a little further away but he picked you up by your FBI vest and slammed you onto the ground, knocking the wind out of you.
You tried to speak, to convince him to stop but knowing this mans MO, you knew you didn’t have a chance.
He watched your slowly sit up, gasping for air until he kneeled next to you and painfully slowly put his hand around your throat.
He wasn’t choking you, just squeezing the sides, restricting blood flow.
You struggled to grab his hand, to get it off of your throat, but he quickly used his heal and stomped down on your wrist.
The pain was so intense, a scream escaped your throat as you felt something snap.
Thankfully to your rescue, Derek stormed in, yelling at the UnSub.
He didn’t release any pressure on your neck, in fact, he started to cut off oxygen by pressing down.
You gasped and Derek yelled again until Hotch came in and shot the man in the leg, causing him to collapse with you as you coughed and gasped for air.
Your vision has gone blurry from the loss of oxygen.
Then you felt arms wrap around you and prop you up.
“Y/N Y/N hey look at me.” You heard a voice say.
You thought it was Derek, until you saw him walking the UnSub out.
You looked up but were stopped midway when a pain shot through your head.
You felt comforting fingers comb through your hair as you were rocked back and forth.
You even felt a tear fall onto your burning wrist.
Was it yours?
The arms you were in felt so desperate.
They wanted to hold you tighter but then again also held you like you were porcelain.
You faintly saw more people come in the room with a stretcher.
The medics.
You slowly started to interpret reality a little more as they put an oxygen mask over your face.
You felt a hand hold yours and you gently squeezed back.
You finally found the energy to turn your head and to your surprise, you saw Spencer.
He noticed you were looking at him and he quickly wiped his face of tears and smiled sadly.
“You’re going to be okay Y/N.” he said still squeezing your hand.
You slightly squeezed back and then let go as the medics hoisted your stretcher into the ambulance.
You heard him ask if you could come with, which surprised you.
He wasn’t even talking to you like an hour ago.
The bright ambulance light made you screw your eyes shut as a shooting pain sent up your back.
You keep your sensitive eyes closed and you saw faint blobs of dark cross your vision.
The sounds became more distant.
Your hands starting tingling and you didn’t feel as much pain.
Was it medication or are you dying?
Pretty soon all of your senses faded away, leaving you in darkness.
You woke up to more blinding lights.
You turned your head slightly as if it would shield you from the blinding light.
Then they disappeared, leaving you in the slightly dim room.
“Y/N!” You turned your head and saw Spencer kneeling next to your bed.
“I said are you okay?” He asked with a concerned look.
You looked down at his hand, which laid on top of yours.
“Yeah… I’m okay.” You said, your voice raspy.
Spencer smiled and gave you a cup with a straw he grabbed from the side table.
“It’s just water.” He said as you weakly took the straw in your mouth.
The cool liquid felt extra cold as it went down your dry throat.
You went to grab it so he didn’t have to feed the water to you, but you lifted your left arm and there was an object on it.
A cast.
“Oh keep it elevated. It’s been 8 minutes you should keep it up for at least 17 more.” He said reaching across and laying your hand down on the little pillow that was to your side.
“Why?” You asked weakly.
You had a full question in mind, but why was the only part that came out.
“Why? Well if you don’t elevate it there can be a fault in the healing process…”
“No… why did you come… why did you come with me?” You asked, the question staggering to come out of your weak throat.
“I had to. Your my best friend.” He said combing through your hair with his fingers.
“But I thought you were mad at me.” You said immediately feeling better at his touch.
“Mad? No I was never mad at you. I was… scared. Your just so… dangerous and I thought distancing myself would decrease the impact of losing you if something were to happen but that was probably the stupidest assumption I could have made so I’m sorry for being so distant.” He said with a small laugh.
“You don’t have to be sorry. I understand.” You said squeezing his hand because it’s really the only movement you can make besides talking.
He smiled shallowly and kissed you on the forehead before leaving.