Remember in the doll house when she was always the last one who would get locked up and there was always this long ass close up of her with this guilty look on her face. Now.
Spencer tells Aria about the flashdrive and the first thing she asks is have you watched them all?
Giiirl what do you have to hide?

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You weren’t entirely sure how it happened, you were just walking across the dirt road, towards the house you shared with a few members of the group, and then you felt it as you walked by, it wasn’t hard but it defiantly wasn’t a familiar feeling for your ass. When you turned you saw the smirking face of Spencer, who no doubt just slapped your ass, however the smirk didn’t last long, for as soon as you made eye contact with him, he was knocked over. When you looked down a second later you saw the fist of Daryl Dixon collide with his face and you heard the deep growl, “Don’t touch my woman.” 

Before you could speak he grabbed your hand and pulled me towards the house and into his room. You looked at him as he slammed the door and stormed to the bed.

“Daryl…” You started

“He should not be slapping your ass!” 

“Because i’m ‘Your Woman’?” You added the air quotes in confusion, since you clearly heard the man you were not dating claim you.

“I… I….” He started to blush as you smiled a bit at his confusion.

“That’s what you said not me.”

“Well I…. he shouldn’t have..”

“Daryl were you jealous?” You asked as you closed the distance between you both, he was still sitting on the bed, looking up at you.

“No.” he answered but you could see though the lie.

“Oh my, the badass Daryl Dixon got jealous because a man touched little old me?” You smiled down at him as his eyes shifted towards the wall.

“Hmmm” He grunted, a sudden annoyance in his voice.

You knelled before him, sensing the change in the room as he won’t meet your eyes… “What’s wrong Redneck?”

“Don’t redneck me, this is exactly why I never told you this shit.” He tried walking out, however you held him down, your hands pushing against his legs, and you knew he probably could have pushed past you still, but he stayed put.

“Tell me what?”

He never met your eyes, just kept looking at the wall, and then you pieced it all together, “Daryl Dixon, are you jealous when it comes to me?”

His eyes snapped towards you, his face read that he was about to do what he did to Spencer to you, but his eyes told a different story.

“I know it is silly, you could never like someone like me, when you are the way you are. You are smart, beautiful, you’re a hell of a shot, and can make a mean drink. You deserve someone like Spencer, who is more suitable for you then a fuck up of a redneck.”

His words stung as you looked at him, realizing that in the end the real jealousy was pointed at Spencer, who did harbor a crush on you, but you never felt that way towards him, for you always looked at another with lust in your eyes, and now he won’t even meet them.

“And what if I don’t want the stuck up rich boy type of person, what if I want the redneck who can shot just about anything, will drink the drinks I like, and punch a prick just because he slapped my ass?” he looked at you finally as your words sunk in. He didn’t waste anytime pressing his chapped lips against yours, he was the one to pull away though, and just stare at you in silence, a look of wonder now replacing the sad one.

“Like you said earlier Dixon, I’m your woman.” you whispered 


“Is this your card?” The genius inquired, flipping up a card in between in forefinger and middle finger.

The card that was showing was the Queen of Hearts. Your card. “Woah!” You gasped, switching your awed gaze from the card to Spencer and back again. The young profiler looked proud of your wonder; his other teammates were already used to his tricks.

Morgan strutted past Reid’s desk, his brow arched up high and a wicked half-grin planted on his face. “Really, Kid? Card tricks? You’ve shown me better things than that.” He stated.

You playfully glared at Morgan, and Reid shifted in his seat. “I’m showing her multiple magic tricks. Each one is more impressive than the last; to keep Y/N interested.“

With a roll of your eyes, you scooted your chair closer to Spencer. “Enough talk, do another one!” You demanded, giving Morgan another glare as he chuckled.

Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife

I still find it weird that when Mona was in Radley and Hanna and Aria snuck in to look for answers and talk to Mona (3x07), Mona says 3 “coded messages” to them:

  • No One To Save Ali From Evil - NOT SAFE
  • Maya’s Away Sleeping Sweet, Until Garrett’s All Rosy Count On Me - massugar.com (maya’s website)

And the the last one that Mona kept repeating:

  • Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife - MAYA KNEW

Hanna and Aria went back to Spencer and Emily and only told them or conveiniently “remembered” the first two. And then it was never mentioned again. Why is that? Why wasn’t the last one mentioned? That seems really suspicious to me, and I think it was on purpose. I believe it could be another clue as to Aria being A (or Uber A?). And did you see Aria’s face when Mona was saying that? She looked guilty as hell.

PLUS if you look at the first half of the second riddle, “Maya’s Away Sleeping Sweet” looks like it indicates she’s actually fine, she’s not dead, she’s just hiding (oh hi again, foreshadowing, old friend).

But I just find it so strange that it was never brought up again, the girls never said anything about it, and they only talked about the other two riddles.

MAYA KNEW makes me think maybe she knew about Charles?! Or Aria being involved? That’s why she was killed? (or potentially hiding away)? What do you guys think?!

Then She Was Gone (Chapter One)

Can you do a one shot about being an old member of Panic! before they took off and Brendon talks about you in an interview and gets choked up and all depressed because he had fallen in love with you but never told you before you left. Sorry if its a wierd topic but idk I thought id be cute.

It was toward the end of the most recent Panic! at the Disco interview with Brendon ans Spencer, the boys were hyped. They had already crushed there performance and the interviewer was very pleasant and polite. 

“Okay boys,” the interviewer says with a cute smile that seemed to be contagious because it was spread across each of the members faces, “This is the last question so lets make it count.”  The interviewer looks down to her phone where she is receiving twitter questions for the fans. After a moment of quiet conversations from the band she lets out a little ‘Oh’ and all the boys look up. “Here’s a good one, and remember make it count.” She says with a fake scowl that makes everyone laugh. 

“Okay question from @(any twitter): Is there anything or anyone in the bands history that the fans don’t know about?” The interviewer puts  on a quizzical face with one eyebrow slightly raised higher than the other. There was a moment of silence where Brendon and Spencer look at each other with faces that immediately turn from giddy to solemn. Brendon gave Spencer a small nod that seemed to say something like 'it’s okay i’ll be fine’ before Spencer spoke.

“Well,” Spencer said quite slowly before continuing shooting a glance at Brendon, “There was a female member of Panic! at one point in time.”

“Oh,” the Interviewer said clearly intrigued by this new information. “Can we know more.” She said treading lightly due to the sudden mood change that was apparent in the two boys.

Spencer saw that Brendon still wasn’t ready to talk but gave another nod allowing him to continue. “It was a long time ago, before the band really took off, her name was (Y/N) and well…” Spencer seemed to have lost the word and looked down at his shoes. Then Brendon finally spoke up to finish Spencer’s sentence.

“She was beautiful, and she had the most amazing voice. She liked to play every instrument she could get her hands on, even if she didn’t know how she would teach herself. She was extremely bubbly and outgoing and when she was around you couldn’t help but smile. Oh and her laugh it was gorgeous I’ve never heard someone with a laugh quite as genuine as hers.” Brendon was rambling and had to stop to take a shaky breath to prevent the tears from falling. Spencer saw this and placed his hand on Brendons back and rubbed p and down to comfort him. Brendon just looked at the ceiling then down at his shoes trying to avoid eye contact.

After a few seconds of silence the interviewer spoke up “It sounds like she was very important to you.” She spoke quietly and meekly. Brendon finally found the courage to continue after a second or two and looked up at the interviewer.

“She was, she was always there for me when I needed her. I lived with here for awhile during senior year when me and my parents were in bad terms. She brought happiness and jot to my life when there was only sadness and she kept the band together during a rough patch. Shes the reason we’re here today even if she isn’t with us. She was really important to me and she…she still is,” by this point Brendon was having a hard time speaking without his voice being shaky. “I only wish she was hear today…with us, with the band…I miss her a lot, I…I love her” The last part was said really quiet as Brendon began to sob"But one day she came into rehearsal bruised and crying and before we could ask her what happened she hugged my tight and just said 'I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore’ she kissed me on the cheek and then she was gone. After that I never saw her again no matter how hard I looked, she was gone forever. I never even got to tell her why didn’t I tell her.“ At that moment he completely broke down while Spencer held him and comforted him. All was quiet except for Brendon’s sobbing and the occasional 'why’ or 'I should’ve told her’.  

"Oh god I’m sorry.” Brendon apologized to the interviewer in between sobs. Unlatching from Spencers side.

“No honey I should be the one apologizing I really shouldn’t have asked.” The interviewers face was full of sorrow as she grabbed Brendons hand and stroked her thumb over his soothingly. 

“No, No they deserve to know.” Brendon said tears finally subsiding a bit. “I really would give anything to see her again.”

Hey Babes I actually really like this one and want to continue this so if you want a part two like. How about 10 notes for a second chapter. Thank you for reading, and I love you.

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A Minds Deception - Reid/Reader


Her presence lit up his otherwise dull lounge room. The hair that sat in front of her face was soon moved behind her ear.

“Y/N.” He whispered to her, it was a silent pleading.

She stood in front of one of his many book shelves, scanning over the thousands of books stacked in them.

“I miss you.”

Spencer would do anything to touch her one last time, to feel her skin on his.

She turned to look at his slack figure, shaking her head at the sadness residing in his eyes. His head stooped, line of sight resting on his very ‘vanilla’ flooring. He tried his very hardest to keep everything inside, but he felt like a kettle that was so close to boiling over and exploding.

“Don’t do that.” She begged.

Spencer laughed, not at her but at himself. There was no way his mind was going to let him rest, not today of all days.

“You can’t just keep sitting around.”

“Why not?” He struggled, staring at her perfect face, seeing her pupils dilate easily, just like he knew his own would do.

“Because you need to get back out there and be the hero I know you are.” She smiled.

He shakily exhaled, shutting his eyes tightly. He felt her, right there next to him, getting a strong whiff of her fruity perfume.

“I love you, my haunted genius.” She pressed a soft kiss onto his cheek, lingering close to him, just for a sake of it.

“I love you too.” Was said, almost inaudible.

“Now pick up the phone you! It’s been ringing for 5 minutes.” She laughed, the infectious noise ringing through his head.

Spencer’s eyes finally snapped open, looking at his cell phone that was thrown on the ground. He begrudgingly picked up the piece of technology.

“Spence, it’s me. I’m just checking up on you.” JJ’s concerned voice was on the other end.

He swallowed, a lump in his throat stopping him from talking.

“I know it’s been a year.” Silence. “I miss her too Spencer, we all do.”

“Yeah.” His voice broke.  

She Speaks

(Part 2  Part 3  Part 4)

“Remember team, those are two of our own in there.  Proceed with caution”

As Hotch leads the team into the abandoned apartment building, a voice comes over an intercom system.

“Floor 9. Up the stairs. Take a left.”

Everyone furrows their brow.  Up until this point, no one could pin down the gender of the unsub, so everyone assumed it was male.  After all, the unsub did take down Morgan.

But what they heard was woman.  Which means that the unsub seduced Morgan, and overpowered Reid.

Panic wafting over your face, you wonder what sort of condition Reid is in, praying that the unsub didn’t use drugs.  The last thing Spencer needed was another backslide.

As the team makes their way up the stairs to the 9th floor, Rossi turns to you and says, “Y/N. You haven’t spoken this entire time.  Hell, I don’t think I’ve heard you say 5 words in the 10 months you’ve been here. But you’re incredible.  And I hear you are a good actress. Help us. Please.”

Looking painfully sad at Rossi, you nod your head.  It wasn’t that you didn’t want to talk, it was just that…well…conversation wasn’t your forte.

At least, conversation as yourself.

Slowly walking into the room, you see Morgan and Reid tied to chairs, blood trickling from Reid’s nose, and a blooming bruise across Morgan’s cheekbone.

“Hello, everyone.”

Recognizing that sultry, husky voice, you turn your head to see the unsub.  A short, stocky-framed, pale-skinned girl.  No more than 30. As you assess her frame, you find she is packing on her hip with a knife in her back pocket.

Palm to her nose, Left elbow to her jaw, right jab to the stomach, bend her over to grab the knife, roll onto her back taking gun off of her hip. Right foot to buttocks.  Condition: bloody nose, bruised jaw, mild concussion.  Disarmed.

Running this scenario thru your head, you slowly re-holster your gun.

“And what do we have here?” she asks you, watching you put your weapon away. Raising her gun to your eye level, you realize you didn’t take into account the gun she was already holding. Your emotions, your feelings…Spencer bleeding…it was causing you to slip.

And when you slip, things get bad.

“They’re beautiful, you know,” she croons, tracing the tip of the gun over Morgan and Reid’s cheekbones.  “Such find specimens of men.”

As you listened to her talk, you realized that there was no gloating.  No gotchas.  No happiness or sneakiness.  There was bluntness, with just a dabble of despair. You then realized the unsub’s motivation.

Tilting your head to the side, you release your voice.

“It hurts, you know.  Knowing they look at other women.”

Everyone whips their heads around to look at you.  Not only are they shocked at how delicate your voice is, they are shocked at your seemingly onset of understanding of the unsub.

“Morgan.  His muscles,” the unsub says, caressing her hands over Morgan’s chest.

“And Spencer…oh, his mind,” she moans as she buries her face in his hair. “Oh, his beautiful mind.”

“And yet, they don’t want us.”

As Morgan and Reid look quizzically at you, you see the corners of the unsub’s eyes glisten.

“They never look at us.  The short.  The curvy.  The plain,” you exclaim, slowly taking off your protective vest. “They never consider that what we lack in looks, we make up for in personality.  In humor.  In intelligence.  Hell, Spencer doesn’t even know I rival him in intelligence. All he knows is…well…that I don’t talk.  He doesn’t know about my 6 doctorates and my 189 IQ level and my 19,000 words/minute processing speed.  Morgan doesn’t know about my rippling muscles and my 200 lb squat and my 275 lb deadlift and my numerous years training in the martial arts and stunt work.  They don’t care, do they?”

As the unsub’s face lights up, you slowly move towards her, placing your holstered gun on the ground. “They don’t give women like us a chance.  Sure, we don’t have legs for days.  And no, we don’t have smooth, unrippling skin.  And nope, we don’t even laugh at all of their useless, stupid jokes.  We are real women.  Real women…” you trail off, trying to keep your emotions in check, “…who deserve real men.”

Realizing that Morgan and Reid have tears streaming down their cheeks, you sigh, knowing that hey understand that you are no longer acting.  That you are no longer fibbing.  That this lecture, this…this rant…is coming from a deep, dark, cavernous place of hurt and sorrow and sleepless nights and lonely mornings.

Moving, you’re toe to toe with the unsub, and, with your emotions in check, you continue. “I could love you.”

As Hotch’s jaw unhinges from it’s place, you feel everyone’s eyes on you.

“W-what…” the unsub stutters.

“I could love you.” You repeat. “I can see your beauty.  Your worth.  Your intelligence.  I could hold you at night, make you breakfast in the morning.  I can make your toes curl and your neck hair tingle and your legs shake and your body quiver.”

Lowering yourself to the unsub’s ear, you whisper, “I could run away with you and never look back.”

As you pull yourself back to look in the unsub’s eyes, she crashes her lips into yours.  Wrapping your arm around her lower back, you hoist her up, her legs wrapping around your waist.

Running your fingers thru her hair, you kick your right leg back, forcing Morgan’s chair towards the team.  You spin her around, your back on the wall, and as she pins your arms and brings her ravaging kisses down your neck, you kick Spencer’s chair towards them as well.

Hotch and Rossi cut them loose, and as Prentiss shoots you a wondering glance, you shew them away.

At least my boys are safe, you think.

Day 12

Day 12

Opening the front door of his home, Rick made his way upstairs, calling out for Michonne. He’d been out and about looking for her with no luck. After Carl’s recent disappearing act, Rick had made it his mission to keep his loved ones in his sights…as much as possible, anyway. He walked into their bedroom, startled to find Michonne curled up in a ball crying.

Rushing in, Rick climbed in bed beside her.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” he questioned, gentling rubbing her back.

Michonne sniffled, refusing to face him. “I’m fine. Have you thought anymore about how to handle Spencer? Last thing we need is him trying to stir up trouble.”

“I don’t care about Spencer,” Rick scoffed. “What’s going on?”

“I’m just stressed, Rick. It’s nothing…just…I’m fine.” It was obvious she was far from fine but Rick didn’t want to push her.

“It’s stupid,” she admonished. “Shit happens. People die. That’s how it is.”

“It’s not stupid, ‘Chonne…it’s not,” Rick assured her, embracing her from behind.

Michonne had spent so much time being his rock, his constant. She’d held him and the others up while deep down she’d been falling apart.

Michonne had always seemed stoic, keeping them focused on the task at hand. Rick wondered if this was the first time she had gone off on her own to mourn in private.

Rick wrapped his arms tighter around her body, nuzzling the back of her neck.  It felt as if she was still holding back, trying to compose herself. She needed to let it go.

“You don’t have to be strong, Michonne. You don’t. I got you,” he whispered against her. “It’s okay.”

“I really should be used to this kind loss. This is the world now,” Michonne murmured.

“The worst thing that could happen to me has already happened. Seems like everything would be easier at this point. But it’s not…”

The worst thing that could happen, Rick wondered. What was the worst…Oh…god.

As if Michonne could read Rick’s mind, she quietly spoke up.

“He was three…when I lost him. Just turned three…”

Rick squeezed his eyes shut tight, tears running down his cheeks as his suspicions where confirmed. He’d been wondering since the prison if she’d had a child. The way she talked to Carl, how she handled Judith was indicative of how a mother would take care of her own children. She had been helping him raise his kids while missing her own. She’d cuddled Judith, holding her close while her own baby had been ripped from her.  Her heart must have broken again and again. And yet, she still did it, nurturing Carl and Judith without hesitation.

The strength of this woman was unlike any he’d ever seen.  

“Do you want…do you want to talk about it? You don’t have to…” Rick offered.

She shook her head. She wanted to tell him, needed to.

“I was on a run. I left Andre with his dad, thinking they would be fine. Mike, his father…was struggling with how things were. We needed him to stand up, to accept this was reality but he just couldn’t. When our camp was overrun, Mike wasn’t able to protect himself or Andre. I lost them both.”

Michonne turned over, facing Rick and burying her face in the crook of his neck.

“Oh…honey…” Rick choked, his shirt getting damp with fresh tears from Michonne.

“My only job in this life was to keep him safe and I failed,” Michonne cried.

“Every time someone else from our family dies, I feel like it’s another step back. Maybe we’re just kidding ourselves that we can build a life here. There’s always someone who’s going to take it from us.”

Michonne had been the one to hold everyone up. And now the hope she’d held onto was slipping away. It had always been her that kept him together. Now, he needed to do the same for her.

Rick stroked the back of Michonne’s head, his fingers threading through her locs.

“I can’t even begin to imagine how it felt to carry this around with you every day, ‘Chonne. I’m so sorry about Andre. But you didn’t fail him. That was not your fault.You’re an amazing mother.” Michonne noticed the present tense in his compliment and smiled a bit.

Her breath was starting to calm down, the tears slowing to a trickle. “He was the most beautiful boy, Rick. So sweet, so silly. You would have loved him.”

“I already love him. Just like I love you.”

Michonne lifted her head and placed a gentle kiss against Rick’s lips.

“I know you do. I love you, too.”

She dropped her head back against him, exhausted.

Neither one spoke, content to lie wrapped up in each other in the dark, quiet room. The outside struggles and dangers could wait, at least for now.


Next up is Day 13 with @classicbkrder815


So I wrote a second Spencer Reid fanfic today and I gotta say I personally like this one a lot more than my first one. Please let me know what you think :)

“Only half and hour left” you sigh to yourself as you continue to fill out paperwork. Today has been a monotonous boring day at the BAU and the last half hour seemed like it would take hours.

After another ten minutes of working, you look up across the bullpen and see one of your best friends, Spencer Reid staring off into space. Since his desk was right across from yours, speaking to the young doctor was easy.
“What have you got going on in that big brain of your’s today Doctor” you tease as Spencer snaps back to reality.
“What?” He says with a confused look on his face, his nose scrunched up and he tilts his head sideways. Your heart melts at the adorable boy as you laugh and repeat your question.
“What are you thinking about Spence?”
“I, um, nothing” he blushes and glances down to his work and starts writing like nothing happened. I stand up, needing a stretch anyway and sit on the edge of his desk. He glances up and quickly back down refusing eye contact with me.
“Spencer” I say softly “You know you can tell me anything” He sighs and finally puts down his pencil and looks up at me.
“I was, um day dreaming” he says quickly
“About..” I try to lead him to keep talking.
“About, um you” he says softly.
“What?” I say with with a smile.
“I was daydreaming about you” he says rapidly, as he stands up, grabs his papers and quickly walks away. I smile widely, at the thought of the boy genius being embarrassed of thinking of me. I follow him to a back hallway where I see him leaning against a wall, his cheeks bright red.
His head whips in my direction and I can see him internally cursing.
“Yes?” He answers timidly
“Why’d you run away?” I say as I walk up to him.
“I’m kinda embarrassed” he says softly.
“Why, it was just a daydream Spence” I say with a small laugh.
“It wasn’t just a day dream y/n. I was daydreaming about…” He stops for a moment and looks up to meet my eyes, then takes a deep breath.
“I was daydreaming about taking you out on a date and being with you…. And what happens after a date.” He says softly and then quickly glances up at me, before looking back down at the floor. I place my hand under his chin and gently push his head up so he looking at me.
“Spencer, I would love to go out on a date with you” I say with a smile and give a small laugh. His eyes widen and he breaks out in a smile.
“Really?” He says in disbelief.
“Yes” I say grinning. “I’ve liked you for a long time Spence, and trust me I’ve daydreamed about it before too.” I check my watch and notice that we get off in about 10 minutes.
“How about tonight after work, me and you can go out for a cup of coffee, we both definitely need it”
He nods and starts to get off the wall he was leaning against, but not before I place my hand on his cheek and kiss him. He doesn’t kiss back immediately, but eventually he sinks into it and everything clicks together. When we separate, I give him a wide smile and start to walk back down the hall, but not before I stop and look back at him,
“Ya know Spence, you aren’t the only one to dream about what happens after the date either” I wink and turn to walk back down the hall but not before I see his eyes widen at my words. I chuckle to myself, and think about how much fun tonight is going to be.

Thank you for reading! I was thinking about making this one have a second part, so let me know what you think. :)

Train Hero Alek Skarlatos -- Busts His Nose in 'DWTS' Rehearsal


Alek Skarlatos Breaks Nose in ‘DWTS’ Rehearsal                                                                                

The bad luck streak continues … Alek Skarlatos – one of the French terror train heroes – just suffered a broken nose, courtesy of his “Dancing with the Stars” partner.

Our 'DWTS’ sources tell us Skarlatos and his partner Emma Slater were in rehearsals Monday morning when she accidentally hit him in the face with an elbow.

We’re told medics are at the dance studio right now … checking him out. Early prognosis is … it’s broken, but he’ll have to get x-rays to confirm.

Just last week – Alek’s fellow train hero Spencer Stone was nearly killed when he got stabbed four times in the chest in a bar fight. Also, Alek was supposed to be at Umpqua Community College the day the shooting happened there – but was at 'DWTS’ instead.

Alek visited Spencer in the hospital just this weekend.

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