First Time (Spencer x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I really enjoyed writing this and I have some more imagines coming you way!!
Warnings: protected sex (I forgot last time 😬)
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader is a virgin but spence doesn’t know and it’s her first time and she gets really nervous but he helps guide her
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You and Spencer laid on the couch, enjoying the second movie night in a row.
“I’m so glad criminals have days off so we can have ones like these.” You said snuggling into Spencer’s chest.
“Me too.” He said kissing your forehead.
You turned around and faced your back towards his chest and he pulled you closer.
His hands gently rubbed up and down your side, trailing from your ribs to your hips, slowly lifting your shirt.
“That tickles.” You said as his hands slid up your bare skin.
He smirked and started tickling you again.
“Spencer stoooop.” You barely made out through all of the laughing.
You kicked and tried to push him off but he turned to lay on top of you so you couldn’t struggle anymore.
“What do you want?” You asked still laughing as his fingers teased your sides some more.
“Mmm a kiss.” He said thinking and then leaving his lips centimeters apart from yours.
You sat up a little and kissed him sweetly.
“You got your kiss now get off of me so I can breathe.” You said squirming underneath him.
A small smirk played across his lips, turning your mood from cute and silly to daring and lustful.
“Are we going to play this game?” You asked biting your lower lip as his hands moved hair from your face.
You remembered how your last movie night went and how it ended in a heated make out session.
“Mhm.” He said slowly kissing your neck.
Your fingers instantly were instantly lost in his hair, making him moan into your neck.
He kissed your lips quickly and got off of you, making you desperate for him to come back.
He picked you up and carried you to your bedroom and lied you on the bed.
You started to take off his cardigan as his hands wandered to your sweatpants, slowly pulling them down.
You rolled over so you were on top of him and kissed his lips as you unbuttoned his shirt, leaving the tie on.
He sat up, making you sit on his lap, and pulled your shirt over your head.
Your hands wandered lower and lower and his breathe hitched in his throat.
“I want you.” He whispered looking into your eyes.
You stopped what you were doing in fear.
“I mean - sorry I that was really straightforward. I can wait trust me. Your worth waiting for.” He said awkwardly as you sat on him.
“No I… I want to. I’m ready I’m just a little nervous.” You said as he played with your hair.
“I am too but trust me I’m pretty sure you’ll do great.” He said trying to boost your confidence.
The only thing he doesn’t know is that your a virgin.
You know he is too, but he seems a lot more confident than you do right now.
You, of course, love Spencer but you don’t want to mess anything up.
“Y/N?” He said turning your attention to him again.
“Sorry umm… Spencer I'm… I’m a virgin. Like I haven’t done this before.” You said gluing your eyes to your hands.
“Hey Y/N.” he said tilting your chin up to look into your eyes. “If you don’t want to…”
“But I do Spencer.” You said interrupting him.
“Well I haven’t done it either but I have an idea so… let me guide you.” He said turning you over to lay on your back.
He slowly leant down to kiss your lips, starting slow and soft and shortly aggressing.
You felt your core tighten as his hands wandered lower and play with the strap of your panties.
“Spencer.” You moaned scratching down his back.
“Can I take this off?” Spencer asked hooking his finger in the middle of your bra.
You hesitantly nodded and he lightly kissed your lips, giving you more time in case you changed your mind.
His hands slowly went to the back of your bra and unhooked it.
Before pulling it from your body, he kissed a trail from your shoulder to your jaw.
Once he threw the bra on the ground his eyes wandered to your chest.
“Your so beautiful Y/N.” he said gently massaging your breasts.
You threw your head back in pleasure as his cold hands made contact with your sensitive skin.
Slowly, the anxious worry started to disappear as he appreciated every inch of your body.
Your hands roamed down his body, making his hips thrust against yours.
Your hands went lower to his boxers and you palmed his hard erection, earning a load moan to escape his lips.
You reached over to your end table and picked up a condom and put it in his hand.
“Now? I mean are you sure your okay with this?” He asked taking the little package from your hand.
“Yes I’m positive.” You said looking up at his gorgeous face.
You pulled down his boxers slowly for him and he put the condom on.
Then he returned the favor and pulled your underwear off as well.
His hand ghosted the insides of your thighs making your shudder underneath his touch.
He positioned himself at your opening and looked you in the eyes.
“Don’t worry. If there is anything you don’t like just tell me and I’ll stop.” He said brushing hair out of your eyes.
You nodded, desperate for him to be inside of you.
Then you felt his tip slowly enter you.
There was a little pain but once he was fully inside of you, you realized the pleasure of feeling full by the man you love.
He started thrusting slowly, easing in and out of you.
“S-Spencer… faster please.” You said pulling his hair.
You saw a smirk play across his lips as he started quickening his pace.
You wrapped your legs around his back, giving a new, orgasmic angle.
“Oh god Spencer…” you moaned as he hit your gspot multiple times, sending waves of pleasure throughout your whole body.
Your walls started closing around him making him moan your name.
“Y/N I’m going to…” you felt him shudder as he came inside of you, then throwing you over the edge.
He pulled out and practically fell on top of you, making you laugh.
“That was so… great.” He said out of breathe.
“I know. I can’t wait for round two.” You said playing with his hair.
His head shot up, his mouth open in excitement.
“Round two?” He asked taking the condom off and throwing it away.
“Round two.” You said as he laid on top of you, kissing your lips before breaking it with a cute laugh.

highlights of the auckland p!atd concert

-during the guitar solo of bohemian rhapsody all lights were on kenny and everyone was cheering him on
-before playing i write sins “THIS IS A BRAND NEW SONG”
-gay pride flag on the mic stand during girls/girls/boys
-dallon’s finger wag in “love is not a choice” i could picture the fucking smirk on his face
-dallon’s hair flips
-”you’re all beautiful”
-”this song…this one’s about my buddy, spencer.” cue everyone screaming
-everyone clapping and swaying their arms at the end of nine in the afternoon
-”That sign says fight me, brendon. Not only is that an invitation, i believe in equal rights to everybody.”
-backflip during miss jackson
-brendon’s fucking high notes????????????
-someone onstage (it could’ve been kenny????) dabbed
-victorious (the last song) had confetti blasting fucking everywhere that people kept
-brendon/etc doing a bow at the end
-”this means the world to us. i want to thank you from the bottom, top, left, right, and everywhere of our hearts. thank you.”

A Minds Deception - Reid/Reader


Her presence lit up his otherwise dull lounge room. The hair that sat in front of her face was soon moved behind her ear.

“Y/N.” He whispered to her, it was a silent pleading.

She stood in front of one of his many book shelves, scanning over the thousands of books stacked in them.

“I miss you.”

Spencer would do anything to touch her one last time, to feel her skin on his.

She turned to look at his slack figure, shaking her head at the sadness residing in his eyes. His head stooped, line of sight resting on his very ‘vanilla’ flooring. He tried his very hardest to keep everything inside, but he felt like a kettle that was so close to boiling over and exploding.

“Don’t do that.” She begged.

Spencer laughed, not at her but at himself. There was no way his mind was going to let him rest, not today of all days.

“You can’t just keep sitting around.”

“Why not?” He struggled, staring at her perfect face, seeing her pupils dilate easily, just like he knew his own would do.

“Because you need to get back out there and be the hero I know you are.” She smiled.

He shakily exhaled, shutting his eyes tightly. He felt her, right there next to him, getting a strong whiff of her fruity perfume.

“I love you, my haunted genius.” She pressed a soft kiss onto his cheek, lingering close to him, just for a sake of it.

“I love you too.” Was said, almost inaudible.

“Now pick up the phone you! It’s been ringing for 5 minutes.” She laughed, the infectious noise ringing through his head.

Spencer’s eyes finally snapped open, looking at his cell phone that was thrown on the ground. He begrudgingly picked up the piece of technology.

“Spence, it’s me. I’m just checking up on you.” JJ’s concerned voice was on the other end.

He swallowed, a lump in his throat stopping him from talking.

“I know it’s been a year.” Silence. “I miss her too Spencer, we all do.”

“Yeah.” His voice broke.  


Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: “Can you do a Reid x reader where reader doesn’t feel enough for Spencer and he just tell her how much she means for he? xx”

Requested?: Yes, by Anon! Thank you for the request, sweetheart!

(A/N): so, I think I did it wrong. I added dance. Again. I’m sorry, but I hope you like it!

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Y/n had been silent for the last couple of days, and even though Spencer was away most of the day, he couldn’t help but notice her strange behavior. She made dinner for him, a smile plastered on her face as she served another one of her delicious meals. 

“I have made dessert, but you don’t have to eat it.” She said, uncertain. Spencer raised his brows. She was a baker, her desserts were always so good.

“Of course I want a dessert, they always are delicious.” He said, speaking the truth. Y/n blushed slightly and got up, taking both her and Spencers plate. A few minutes later, she came back with two small plates, filled with some sort of crumble tart and a pink sauce. 

“It looks really good.” Spencer and Y/n ate in silence, and Spencer knew something was wrong. This was the first time they had eaten together all week, and she didn’t even bother to tell her something. 

“We caught the killer, by the way. Just before he kidnapped another child.” 

“Really? How did you find him?” 

“it was mostly the profile, but I had made the connection between his letter and the location. It was quite simple, actually if I had just spotted-” Y/n cut him off with a small smile. 

“That’s great. You are so smart, I don’t know how you could have fallen for me.” She said, an almost angry look on her face. Spencer was taken aback by her answer. 

“What do you mean?” He asked, his voice barely more then a whisper. 

“Why don’t you tell me, you’re such a wonderful, brilliant profiler.” Her voice wasn’t angry, she just sounded… Sad. She stood up, her tart barely touched. Without another word, she left the room. Her footsteps soft against the carpet. Spencer didn’t know where she went off to, but he guessed her room. 

with a slight hesitation, he left the table and went to her room, not even sure if she was there. 

To his surprise, she wasn’t there. He had no idea where she was up to. He knew she liked baking, writing and dancing. He guessed she was writing, since there wasn’t much of an opportunity to dance much in her house. he traveled to her small study, where a laptop normally stood on top of a few books, before a small, cute lamp and a picture of them together. He knocked and opened  the door. But Y/n wasn’t inside. He walked inside, just to be sure. He walked to her desk, and was surprised to see a bottle of tequila standing on the desk. Y/n wasn’t much of a drinker. 

“Y/N?” He called. There was no answer, only a soft music. Did that came from the attic? Moving to the smaller staircase, he thought about why she was acting like this. Was she breaking up with him? 

“Y/N? Is everything okay?” He asked when he came upstairs, opening the door. The soft classical music could be heard very clear right now. he saw Y/n sitting on the floor, pointe shoes in her hand. She wasn’t crying, but softly humming the music. 

Spencer couldn’t help but notice how pretty the room was. There was a barre in the corner, two walls were made of glass and a rather large open closet sat in a corner, full of dance arrangement. 

“Y/N?” He asked careful. She looked up and sadly smiled. 

“So, you found my attic.” 

“Why did you never tell me about this?” He asked. She shrugged. “I didn’t want you to think I could dance, only to disappoint you later.” She said. “Bu I already did that, so it doesn’t matter.” 

“What are you talking about? You have never disappointed me.” Spencer said. Y/n laughed joyless. 

“Really? I am just not good enough for you.” She said, getting up. “I am not smart like you, or beautiful like the girl on your team.” She said. 

“No, you aren’t as smart as me. But you are smart. You could almost do anything with your degree. But you choose to be a baker, because you love it. That means you are strong.” He caressed her cheek. “You are not beautiful like them, how could you? You are beautiful like you are, on your own way. You may not have the clearest skin, but you have the brightest smile. You may not be the skinniest, but your eyes hold all the planets, stars, rivers and trees. Your laugh can lighten up every mood, your kindness is too big for this world. And I love you. Not because of who you want to be, but because of who you are. Don’t you ever think you are not enough.” He bended down and softly kissed her. 

Y/n brought her arms around his neck ,forgetting about the pointe shoes and almost hitting his face. 

“Thank you.” She whispered, only inches away from his lips. 

“I just told you the truth.” He said. 

“nOw, can you show me a few moves?”


Here is the first chapter of my first multi-chapter fic requested by sarahcrystalheart.  You have worked on the team for a few months and have taken a quick liking to Spencer. You are on a case and are taken by the unsub so the team has to find you before it’s to late.

You walked into work today like normal, you went to get coffee, ran into Spencer in the break room,, and walked back together having an awkward but comfortable conversation. You had joined the BAU about six months ago and the first person you had really connected with was Spencer. You had become fast friends but lately he was becoming more like his old self, more awkward and shy. 

You walked to your’e desk only to be told by Derek that there was a case. Entering the room you could tell by everyone’s faces it was not going to be a good one.

“The unsub has been targeting women about 21-25 years old. Most of them were last scene at a bar but a couple at a restaurant. They were found seven days later in a hotel room. No one knows how they got there nor is there any surveillance videos that show suspicious activity or behavior. We are most likely going to send (Y/N) undercover if we can not catch him very soon.” Hotch said. Your heart dropped. You had been undercover before but this time it really worried you, and it wasn’t even a definite.

“No. Absolutely not.” Spencer exclaimed shooting out of his chair. “This is a highly dangerous criminal and we are not sending (Y/N) out there. He has already killed six women, do we need (Y/N) to be the seventh? I will not let you send her out there to her death.” You were shocked but slightly touched that he cared so much.

“I agree with Spencer.” Derek said. “You can’t just send Short Thing out there to die just like everyone else. You’ve seen what he has done to all the other women. do you really want to let that happen to on of our own.” Derek had called you Short Thing ever since you started because he couldn’t remember your name and because he was taller than him. Then again everyone except Spencer was shorter than him.

“We will not be sending her out there unprotected. We will have eyes on her at all times nothing will happen without any of us knowing and being able to take him down right away.” Even that did not make you feel any more comfortable. You knew how unpredictable these people could be.

“No there is still to many variables that could go wrong.” Spencer started. “Someone could take there eyes off her for a second or she could accidentally go somewhere were there are no eyes on her. What if you accidentally target someone who is completely innocent then we have civilians mixed into this. What if” 

“Spencer.” You said cutting him off. “I will be fine. They aren’t going to let anything happen to me. Right?” You say turning and looking at Hotch.

“Yes of course. We will not let anything happen to her. If anyone takes there eyes off her they will have to personally answer to me. That is, if she goes under cover at all.” He said reassuring you and Spencer while also reminding him that you may not be going undercover.

After debriefing you went to the break room to get another cup of coffee to calm your nerves. There you once again ran into Spencer. “I appreciate how concerned you got but you know I can take care of myself. It’s my decision if I go undercover.” You say feeling a little guilty but needing to say it.

“There is no doubt in my mind that you are not strong enough to take care of yourself (Y/N) but either way i still want to take care of you.” He said. “Why?” was all you asked.

“Because I can’t help it. I really like you and I just want to protect you.” He said. In that moment he looked so vulnerable you couldn’t help but lean up and kiss him. You both put all of your feelings into that one kiss until you heard a laugh come from behind you.

“That would explain that out burst from earlier.” You heard the voice that belonged to Morgan say behind you. “This I expected from Short Thing over here but i didn’t know you had it in you Pretty Boy. Sorry to interrupt but Hotch sent me in to tell the both of you to get to the plane. We’re leaving.

So this hasn’t really gotten into the plot yet but part two should be posted early next week. Love you.

Remember in the doll house when she was always the last one who would get locked up and there was always this long ass close up of her with this guilty look on her face. Now.
Spencer tells Aria about the flashdrive and the first thing she asks is have you watched them all?
Giiirl what do you have to hide?

She Speaks

(Part 2  Part 3  Part 4)

“Remember team, those are two of our own in there.  Proceed with caution”

As Hotch leads the team into the abandoned apartment building, a voice comes over an intercom system.

“Floor 9. Up the stairs. Take a left.”

Everyone furrows their brow.  Up until this point, no one could pin down the gender of the unsub, so everyone assumed it was male.  After all, the unsub did take down Morgan.

But what they heard was woman.  Which means that the unsub seduced Morgan, and overpowered Reid.

Panic wafting over your face, you wonder what sort of condition Reid is in, praying that the unsub didn’t use drugs.  The last thing Spencer needed was another backslide.

As the team makes their way up the stairs to the 9th floor, Rossi turns to you and says, “Y/N. You haven’t spoken this entire time.  Hell, I don’t think I’ve heard you say 5 words in the 10 months you’ve been here. But you’re incredible.  And I hear you are a good actress. Help us. Please.”

Looking painfully sad at Rossi, you nod your head.  It wasn’t that you didn’t want to talk, it was just that…well…conversation wasn’t your forte.

At least, conversation as yourself.

Slowly walking into the room, you see Morgan and Reid tied to chairs, blood trickling from Reid’s nose, and a blooming bruise across Morgan’s cheekbone.

“Hello, everyone.”

Recognizing that sultry, husky voice, you turn your head to see the unsub.  A short, stocky-framed, pale-skinned girl.  No more than 30. As you assess her frame, you find she is packing on her hip with a knife in her back pocket.

Palm to her nose, Left elbow to her jaw, right jab to the stomach, bend her over to grab the knife, roll onto her back taking gun off of her hip. Right foot to buttocks.  Condition: bloody nose, bruised jaw, mild concussion.  Disarmed.

Running this scenario thru your head, you slowly re-holster your gun.

“And what do we have here?” she asks you, watching you put your weapon away. Raising her gun to your eye level, you realize you didn’t take into account the gun she was already holding. Your emotions, your feelings…Spencer bleeding…it was causing you to slip.

And when you slip, things get bad.

“They’re beautiful, you know,” she croons, tracing the tip of the gun over Morgan and Reid’s cheekbones.  “Such find specimens of men.”

As you listened to her talk, you realized that there was no gloating.  No gotchas.  No happiness or sneakiness.  There was bluntness, with just a dabble of despair. You then realized the unsub’s motivation.

Tilting your head to the side, you release your voice.

“It hurts, you know.  Knowing they look at other women.”

Everyone whips their heads around to look at you.  Not only are they shocked at how delicate your voice is, they are shocked at your seemingly onset of understanding of the unsub.

“Morgan.  His muscles,” the unsub says, caressing her hands over Morgan’s chest.

“And Spencer…oh, his mind,” she moans as she buries her face in his hair. “Oh, his beautiful mind.”

“And yet, they don’t want us.”

As Morgan and Reid look quizzically at you, you see the corners of the unsub’s eyes glisten.

“They never look at us.  The short.  The curvy.  The plain,” you exclaim, slowly taking off your protective vest. “They never consider that what we lack in looks, we make up for in personality.  In humor.  In intelligence.  Hell, Spencer doesn’t even know I rival him in intelligence. All he knows is…well…that I don’t talk.  He doesn’t know about my 6 doctorates and my 189 IQ level and my 19,000 words/minute processing speed.  Morgan doesn’t know about my rippling muscles and my 200 lb squat and my 275 lb deadlift and my numerous years training in the martial arts and stunt work.  They don’t care, do they?”

As the unsub’s face lights up, you slowly move towards her, placing your holstered gun on the ground. “They don’t give women like us a chance.  Sure, we don’t have legs for days.  And no, we don’t have smooth, unrippling skin.  And nope, we don’t even laugh at all of their useless, stupid jokes.  We are real women.  Real women…” you trail off, trying to keep your emotions in check, “…who deserve real men.”

Realizing that Morgan and Reid have tears streaming down their cheeks, you sigh, knowing that hey understand that you are no longer acting.  That you are no longer fibbing.  That this lecture, this…this rant…is coming from a deep, dark, cavernous place of hurt and sorrow and sleepless nights and lonely mornings.

Moving, you’re toe to toe with the unsub, and, with your emotions in check, you continue. “I could love you.”

As Hotch’s jaw unhinges from it’s place, you feel everyone’s eyes on you.

“W-what…” the unsub stutters.

“I could love you.” You repeat. “I can see your beauty.  Your worth.  Your intelligence.  I could hold you at night, make you breakfast in the morning.  I can make your toes curl and your neck hair tingle and your legs shake and your body quiver.”

Lowering yourself to the unsub’s ear, you whisper, “I could run away with you and never look back.”

As you pull yourself back to look in the unsub’s eyes, she crashes her lips into yours.  Wrapping your arm around her lower back, you hoist her up, her legs wrapping around your waist.

Running your fingers thru her hair, you kick your right leg back, forcing Morgan’s chair towards the team.  You spin her around, your back on the wall, and as she pins your arms and brings her ravaging kisses down your neck, you kick Spencer’s chair towards them as well.

Hotch and Rossi cut them loose, and as Prentiss shoots you a wondering glance, you shew them away.

At least my boys are safe, you think.

The Perfect Family//Part 6

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Chapter Six: Lock Down

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow, 8 am sharp” you said throwing your bag around your shoulder. “Are you leaving?” Cassie looked confused as you continued to gather your things. “Oh yeah, and you should too, we have a tough day ahead of us tomorrow.”

“But it’s not even four, you usually don’t leave until way later, and we have to go over all the questions, and—“ Cassie stopped in her tracks when she saw Spencer walk through the doors. “Don’t worry about it, we got this.” Cassie watched as you and Spencer walked to the elevators with a huge smile on her face.

The last couple of months you had been a completely different person. You felt free, confident, brave, you felt happy. It had been a long time since you’d felt this way, there was only one person to thank, Spencer.

“So I got you something,” you said reaching into your bag. “Why you didn’t have to get me anything? 

“Well it’s a book you love books” the book had a big baby blue bow tied around it.

“’Dude You’re Gonna Be A Dad’” Spencer said reading the tittle of the book out loud, you looked at him awaiting a reaction. “Is this some new humor book?”

 “Spencer, you’re gonna be a dad” he looked up from the book his jaw almost hitting the ground. “What? I’m… going … what”

“I got you a baby book, I knew you’d probably want to read up. I also didn’t know how to tell you I mean, we never really discussed this happening, at least not this way, and now we’re together so it’s kind of different and I just—“ Spencer threw his arms around you holding you tightly.

 “I’m so happy, are you sure, are you okay, have you gone to the doctor, I should’ve gone with you” he said hanging on to your shoulders.

 “I’m pretty sure, I’m okay, I have gone to the doctor, everything is fine”

“How long, how far along are you?”

“10 whole weeks today” you said with a smile on your face. Spencer placed his left hand on your stomach, “Two and a half months. 

Getting out of bed was hard when Spencer had his arms wrapped around you. “Call out, we can stay in bed all day, all three of us”

“All three of us, that’s something I’ll have to get use too”

Reluctantly you both got out of bed, Spencer made coffee while you showered. “So you get the pleasure of interviewing Michael Larson today?”

 “Yeah, I’m sure he’s a real nice guy once you get passed the fact he’s killed 10 woman.”

 “We’ll good luck, I’ll miss you both” Spencer gave you a tight hug.

As soon as Spencer walked into the briefing room he knew something was wrong. Everyone was gathered around the television, “And they haven’t given us the okay to proceed with this?” JJ asked Hotch confused. “They’re saying an electric wire fell, and this had nothing to do with any kind of breach involving the prisoners.”

“So they don’t want to draw any attention”

“What happened” Spencer said hesitantly approaching the team. “The prisons on lock down, the power went out, they’re saying they got everything under control.”

“Why aren’t we there, we should be there, Y/N is there” Spencer’s throat tightened and he felt his heart almost beating out of his chest. He couldn’t live with him self if something happened to you. To either of you.

“Have you heard from her? From Y/N or Cassie?” Hotch shook his head, “Hotch we have to go, she could be in trouble, she’s locked in a room with a serial killer and absolutely no way to contact anyone”

“Hey kid,” Morgan said putting his hand on Spencer’s shoulder, “It’s going to be okay, she’s going to be okay”

“I’ll call, see if there’s anything we can do”

“Hotch we need to get here out there, we have too”

 “Reid, I am aware of the circumstances, but right now our hands are tied”

 “She’s pregnant, she is pregnant, I can’t lose her, I can’t lose them, please”

Everyone looked around at each other shocked. But Spencer didn’t care to notice any of their expressions. There we’re only two things he cared about and he needed to do everything he could to protect them.


“Is this your card?” The genius inquired, flipping up a card in between in forefinger and middle finger.

The card that was showing was the Queen of Hearts. Your card. “Woah!” You gasped, switching your awed gaze from the card to Spencer and back again. The young profiler looked proud of your wonder; his other teammates were already used to his tricks.

Morgan strutted past Reid’s desk, his brow arched up high and a wicked half-grin planted on his face. “Really, Kid? Card tricks? You’ve shown me better things than that.” He stated.

You playfully glared at Morgan, and Reid shifted in his seat. “I’m showing her multiple magic tricks. Each one is more impressive than the last; to keep Y/N interested.“

With a roll of your eyes, you scooted your chair closer to Spencer. “Enough talk, do another one!” You demanded, giving Morgan another glare as he chuckled.

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You weren’t entirely sure how it happened, you were just walking across the dirt road, towards the house you shared with a few members of the group, and then you felt it as you walked by, it wasn’t hard but it defiantly wasn’t a familiar feeling for your ass. When you turned you saw the smirking face of Spencer, who no doubt just slapped your ass, however the smirk didn’t last long, for as soon as you made eye contact with him, he was knocked over. When you looked down a second later you saw the fist of Daryl Dixon collide with his face and you heard the deep growl, “Don’t touch my woman.” 

Before you could speak he grabbed your hand and pulled me towards the house and into his room. You looked at him as he slammed the door and stormed to the bed.

“Daryl…” You started

“He should not be slapping your ass!” 

“Because i’m ‘Your Woman’?” You added the air quotes in confusion, since you clearly heard the man you were not dating claim you.

“I… I….” He started to blush as you smiled a bit at his confusion.

“That’s what you said not me.”

“Well I…. he shouldn’t have..”

“Daryl were you jealous?” You asked as you closed the distance between you both, he was still sitting on the bed, looking up at you.

“No.” he answered but you could see though the lie.

“Oh my, the badass Daryl Dixon got jealous because a man touched little old me?” You smiled down at him as his eyes shifted towards the wall.

“Hmmm” He grunted, a sudden annoyance in his voice.

You knelled before him, sensing the change in the room as he won’t meet your eyes… “What’s wrong Redneck?”

“Don’t redneck me, this is exactly why I never told you this shit.” He tried walking out, however you held him down, your hands pushing against his legs, and you knew he probably could have pushed past you still, but he stayed put.

“Tell me what?”

He never met your eyes, just kept looking at the wall, and then you pieced it all together, “Daryl Dixon, are you jealous when it comes to me?”

His eyes snapped towards you, his face read that he was about to do what he did to Spencer to you, but his eyes told a different story.

“I know it is silly, you could never like someone like me, when you are the way you are. You are smart, beautiful, you’re a hell of a shot, and can make a mean drink. You deserve someone like Spencer, who is more suitable for you then a fuck up of a redneck.”

His words stung as you looked at him, realizing that in the end the real jealousy was pointed at Spencer, who did harbor a crush on you, but you never felt that way towards him, for you always looked at another with lust in your eyes, and now he won’t even meet them.

“And what if I don’t want the stuck up rich boy type of person, what if I want the redneck who can shot just about anything, will drink the drinks I like, and punch a prick just because he slapped my ass?” he looked at you finally as your words sunk in. He didn’t waste anytime pressing his chapped lips against yours, he was the one to pull away though, and just stare at you in silence, a look of wonder now replacing the sad one.

“Like you said earlier Dixon, I’m your woman.” you whispered 

Trustworthy// Criminal minds// Part 2


If you haven’t read Part 1, click the link above to catch up!

Hope you guys are enjoying this new series, feedback is always appreciated.

Someone shakes your shoulder gently, You look up into the face of Dr. Spencer Reid, his eyebrows flicker as you wake up. You sit up straight and look around, outside the hospital room of Sophia, the busy hospital in full swing. You wonder how you’ve stayed asleep, and why no one woke you up.

“Hey, I just, I was wondering if you wanted to go check out the last house with me. We didn’t get to all of them yesterday” Dr. Reid explains, you take a deep breath. You did want to go to the houses yesterday but there’s no way you could trust Rossi alone with Sophia, it would have ended terribly. Glancing up at Dr. Reid, you see his face soften.

“Look, we aren’t the enemy here, we have the same goal.” Dr. Reid waits for your reaction, you nod slightly.

“Sure, I’ll go” You agree, standing up and walking down the large hallway with him.

The dirt road is windy, weaving through a thick forest, you come up to a metal gate, stopping the SUV.

“Usually the male agents insist on driving” You mumble to Dr. Reid, opening your door and stepping out into the morning light.

“I don’t enjoy driving much” Dr. Reid explains, you huff a laugh, shoving the keys into your pocket.

“Me either” You approach the gate, unlatching the chain link and grabbing the top to open it enough to get you and Dr. Reid through. You walk the rest of the way, your feet stirring up gusts of dust onto your shoes, you don’t mind though. The house looks… lived in. As if it’s been in the family for a long while. Wind chimes, and all sorts of clutter lay around the porch, weeds growing knee high on either sides.

“Frankie said he ran out of the back of the house, through an open back door.” Dr. Reid reminds you, Frankie couldn’t have that much information about anything, he wasn’t there long enough. You step onto the creaky dusty wood porch, and look around more before knocking. An old rocking chair sits by a small end table with a book perched at the corner. Gulliver’s Travels.

“I liked that book” You say, Dr. Reid glances over, huffing a laugh.

“My mom read that to me when I was five, I think” Dr. Reid shares, you raise your eyebrows, impressed he was so educated at such a young age. Looking through the small dirty window on the door, you don’t see signs of anyone. You open the screen door carefully, and turn the nob.

“Mr. Nero?” You call out, Dr. Reid behind you as you enter cautiously. You see a dimly lit room, just light beaming through the windows and catching the dust in the air.

“Stuffy” Dr. Reid makes an observation. You look around the front room, it’s a mess. Old books in ruin, dirtied t-shirts, mud here and there.

“Hey Dr. didn’t I hear the boy was found with mud up to his knees?” You ask, Dr. Reid clears his throat.

“Yea, red mud, he said he traveled by a small creek and they had to cross it to get to the road” Dr. Reid answers. You walk towards the kitchen, something metallic catches your eye, looks to be a small metal airplane. Not any new model, a dark figure covers the screen door leading into the back and you see them rush at the door.

“Put your hands up!” You order, but they don’t seem to be listening. You see something long raise up and you move instantly, pushing Dr. Reid back into the other room, and ducking behind the dirty counter as a shot fires off.

“Garcia, we’re gonna need units at the Nero house, all units” You hear Dr. Reid yell, You scramble backwards and lift your weapon.

“Charles Nero! Put down your weapon!” You demand, your gun aimed perfectly at his head. Something makes you move your aim, maybe the need to know what happened to these children.

“Get off my property!” He yells. The gun doesn’t move, but you see his finger lift off the trigger, you back up slowly out of the room and onto the porch.

“We’re going!” You yell back, trying to calm him down. Sirens echo off the trees, coming down the driveway. When he sees the lights he seems transfixed. Dr. Reid is protected behind a big riding lawnmower, eyes on you, then back to Nero.

“Put down the weapon!” You yell out again, Nero groans seemingly annoyed, you hear objects dropping. One glance at Dr. Reid and his face is alert.

“No!” Dr. Reid shouts, you jump up, and leap onto the porch, tackling Nero to the ground. He yells and fights you, but you manage to get him on his front as the officers arrive. You see all of the shells laying around you, he dropped all his ammo, he might have tried to get another shot in.

Nero is cuffed and placed in the back of a police car, you watch as it pulls away.

The station is all in a serious hustle as you make your way to the observation room, Agent Rossi has already started in on Mr. Nero. You open the door hurriedly, and listen carefully to Rossi.

“Why did you shoot at out agents then Charles?” Rossi asks, the man looks aggravated still.

“Because that’s my land! Can’t have no government dogs on my property!” Nero says, huffing and puffing himself into a storm, he’s sweating into his shirt again.

“And why’s that? Because they might find where you’ve been keeping children locked up?” Rossi accuses, Nero seems totally taken back by what Rossi said.

“Ch-Children?” Nero asks “Locked up, what the hell are you spoutin’ about” Nero asks, Rossi opens a folder and slides all of the pictures of the recovered bodies out to show him, all stages of decomposition, all in one big grave site. Nero’s eyes widen, and his body seems to shake.

“Lord… you think… you think I did this?” Nero asks, looking up at Rossi with both fear and disgust on his face.

“I think you took them, and I think you kept them for as long as you could, but when they got to big or died off because of your torture you just buried them like old bones” Rossi beats into him, but the look on Nero’s face is pure terror not denial or basic fear. He has an honest reaction to the death of these children, a negative reaction.

“He didn’t do it” Dr. Reid says, observing exactly what you’re observing.

“I need to get in there” you say, walking past Dr. Reid.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea-” Dr. Reid suggests, you ignore him and walk into the room, Rossi doesn’t falter when you enter, he readies himself for anything so he shows the man no surprise.

“You took those children, Nero, you took them and you kept them for years.” You accuse, the man looks to be stirring for an answer.

“I wanna go home.” Nero shakes his head, you shake yours back.

“You didn’t rape them though, you didn’t even touch them. You can’t, it’s because your mother used to beat the shit out of you every time she caught you… experimenting. Then she’d punish you, make you do it in front of her, show you new things” You dug deep into him, laying out his deepest fears, all replaying in his head. Charles Nero looks up at you with horror in his eyes.

“That never happened to me! I don’t remember that!!” Nero denies again, and the truth is all over his face. This isn’t the man who took those children, this isn’t the man who hurt Sophia.

Rossi sighs as you both leave the room, looking at Burke and shaking his head.

“Charles Nero is an innocent man, other than firing a permitted weapon at two federal agents, there’s nothing we can arrest him for.” Rossi explains, Burke looks uneasy.

“God dammit, you were supposed to catch this sick bastard!” Burke yells.

“Sir we’re trying-” Rossi starts, but Burke’s eyes are on you.

“You caught every bad guy you set your sights on, but the second Big Brother shows up you put your tail between your legs?! Just because they got their fancy jet, and their fancy title doesn’t mean they’re any better than you! Buck up Hound, you’re dirtyin’ your reputation here, and puttin’ more kids lives on the line!!” Burke yells, you watch as he storms down the hallway, slamming a door on his way. You sigh, and look back through the little window to Nero, looking down at the pictures of the children, and looking away with tears in his eyes.

“Hey, all of the signs pointed to Nero” Dr. Reid offers, you nod.

“I know” You continue, Nero looks up at the window to you. His face blank as he stares at you. Tears gone.

Sophia’s dark eyes peer into the blanket, willing it to set fire, and end everything. Burn it all to ash, everything goes away, everything. That way the world doesn’t just move on without her, there’s just nothing afterwards. No pain, nothing.

“I’m gonna catch him Sophie” You promise, she glances down at your hand on hers, and you realize you’re holding her a bit tight. You let go, and Sophia lets out a deep breath.

“I know you will, the nurses told me about you, they call you the hound because you sniff out all the bad guys.” Sophia says, you nod, and look up at her.

“Can you tell me anything Sophia? Anything about him?” You ask, she stiffens a bit, but she sees the importance in your eyes.

“He’s… He’s old.” Sophia says, you nod. You knew that, the profile reveals his age.

“He looks like a normal guy… Nice even. But he’s not, he isn’t even a little nice” Sophia seems to stop.

“What is it?” You ask, Sophia seems to shrug it off.

“Everything is important, even something that might not seem important” You explain, Sophia takes a deep breath.

“Sometimes, he’d leave me toys” Sophia says, toys? Gifts? That doesn’t make any sense, he tortured her, sliced her open, beat her bloody. There’s no signs of remorse in the profile, none at all.

“He left one for Frankie too” Sophia says, you nod and thank her. Getting up to talk to the doctor. The hallway is pretty much empty, you see the doctor at the end of the hall.

“Frankie Garcia, where is he?” You ask, he looks at his chart then back to you.

“He was just released” The doctor answers, you jog to the elevator, and down to the parking lot. You see him, walking with his grandmother to a car.

“Mrs. Garcia!” You call, thankfully they turn around. Frankie looks a bit spooked, but what kid that jut got kidnapped wouldn’t be.

“Hi, I just have one more question for Frankie” You say, Mrs. Garcia is a tall woman, who always smells of scotch and tea.

“I don’t think so, he’s been through enough.” Mrs. Garcia says, pulling Frankie with her.

“No, I wanna help” Frankie says, pulling away, looking up at you.

“Frankie, the man who took you, he gave you a toy, what was it?” You ask, Frankie answers instantly, and you nod lightly.

“A toy car” You repeat as Frankie and his grandmother pull away. The airplane, Nero, all of it was just you reaching for your answer too early. You walk along the cars, heading back to the hospital. A tight grip on your arm, swings you backwards. Something sharp stings your neck, and you start to feel dazed.

“I wanna go home!”  “I don’t remember that happening!” the words run through your mind, as your world goes blank, you see a little metal plane and a small boy.

“What do you mean you haven’t seen her since this morning?” Dr. Reid asks, Rossi looks quizzical too.

“She must have got a little shy after I ripped into her” Burke says, Dr. Reid doesn’t understand.

“There’s no way she would willingly leave the investigation, she connected to Sophia personally” Rossi says, Burke looks confused now. Dr. Reid walks away swiftly, down the hall to your office, the lights are off and it doesn’t look as if you’ve been here the entire time.

“Chapman hasn’t seen her since this morning either” Dr. Reid says, they have gathered some officers, and the rest of the agents.

“I’m always with her, I do all of the paperwork, she hates paperwork.” Chapman tells everyone.

“We need to find her, whoever took her is the man we’re looking for” Rossi says, in disbelief you might wind up being the unsubs next victim.

The door opens, and you hear something clank against the stairs, your head hurts. The pounding is pulsing against your temple, but you need to get up and see what the noise was. It’s dark, but you reach for something at the bottom of the stairs. Picking up an old handbag. You’;re getting presents, just like the others. It might as well be your death certificate. You stand up, walking around the room. A weathered mattress, bowls, water bottles. There are boxes all in the corner of the room, you walk over and start to go through them, random useless things he must have packed up years ago. Things of his mothers are broken, crushed. But he didn’t throw them away, he kept them because he had to. The hatred wouldn’t let them go. As you get to the bottom boxes you start finding toys, the children must have hidden them. Why would they hide toys that they were given?

You sit against the wall, trying to keep your eyes up at the stairs, waiting for anything, readying yourself for anything. Slipping in and out of sleep, nothing happens. The toys looks recent, he didn’t start giving them to the children until recently. It all makes sense.The door creaks, and you see light fill the room, you get up and scurry behind the boxes, looking out to see him walk around, in a confused state.

He starts climbing the stirs, and you hear a screen door shut, he left the door open. Just like Frankie said… You walk up the stairs cautiously, stepping lightly on the stained linoleum.

“Who are you?!” Nero yells, you turn to him, taking a step backwards, but he doesn’t have his big shotgun.

“You, don’t remember me?” You ask, holding back your shaky voice.

“Course not” Nero answers, you look behind him at the back door. You put a smile on your face, and loosen up.

“My car broke down a bit down the road, you found me and said I could use your phone” You tell him, he nods, as if he knew that.

“Right, yea, it’s over there.” He points to the living room. You walk over hurriedly, and grab the phone, dialing the first number you remember.

“Hello?” Dr. Ried answers.

“Hey, it’s me” You say happily.

“Oh, we were wondering what happened to you-” You cut him off.

“Yea haha, I got a flat tire” You say quickly.

“If you’re in trouble, tell me you’re gonna call triple A next” Dr. Reid says.

“Yea, I’m gonna call triple A next, just thought I’d let you know why I’m late” You say looking to the kitchen, Nero looks confused again, you need to tell Dr. Reid where you are before Nero’s lucid again, but he looks up in your direction, so you act as if you didn’t see him.

“Yea the weather’s crazy! Rain and sunshine, what’s that saying? ‘Satan’s beating his wife?’  I don’t know, but I should be on the road again soon” You act surprised when Nero jerks the phone away and hangs it up.

“Sir?” You ask, Nero’s dead eyes peer at you.

“Don’t “Sir” me you government scum” Nero says, anger shaking his voice.

You don’t scream, you hold in every cry you want to let out, you need to power through it no matter what. It’s the only way you’ll live through this. Nero laughs as he drags the blade over your side, your shirt unbuttoned and revealing all the cuts he’s freshly sliced onto you.

“You thought you could just trick me didn’t ya, pretend you’d broke down, then get me talkin while i was stupid?” Nero says, digging the point of the blade into your side.

“Nope, I figured your old ass would be so deaf you wouldn’t hear me open the damn doors!” You spit blood into his face, he looks furious now. Your arms and legs strapped down on a table, he hits you in the face freely.

“Angry chuckie boy?” You say again, getting him angry is the only way to hold off any fatal slices. Just hold on longer. Another blow to the face, yes… slowly you feel the darkness start to creep over you. Nero won’t kill you while you’re passed out, he needs the satisfaction of seeing you in pain while you die.

“What did she say?” Rossi demands when Reid hangs up the phone, he nods.

“He has her” Reid confirms, Rossi sighs.

“We need to know who this guy is now, put an APB out on her, i want patrol cars on every road from here to the next town over.” Rossi yells out.

“This woman devoted herself entirely to this case, she can’t die because of that” Burke yells out. Reid looks puzzled.

“She said something about the weather, is it raining?” Reid looks to the window, it’s sprinkling a bit now.

“What did she say, exactly, Reid” Rossi comes closer, Reid nods.

“Yea the weathers crazy, rain and sunshine whats that saying the devils beating his wife…” Reid trails off, there’s something he isn’t seeing.

“Weather, crazy, Satan beating his wife.” Rossi repeats the keywords.

“She was trying to tell me something” Reid says, thinking again and again, weather, crazy, Satan beating his wife…

“Crazy, when Nero was here he wasn’t acting like a grown man, more like a child, both Sophia and Frankie said they were given toys. Sophia said that she hid hers because if he saw them sometimes he would get mad. What if Nero is Schizophrenic?” Reid asks, Rossi seems to believe the theory.

“Satan’s beating his wife, once referenced by Jonathan Swift… When she and I went to Nero’s house there was a book “Gulliver’s travels” sitting on the porch, Nero has her” Reid says. They all break into action, hoping they reach you in time.

Rossi stands outside the door, there are people at every entrance, he won’t get out alive if he tries to run. Rossi signals the men behind him, Reid follows him in.

“FBI!” Rossi yells out, but there are no signs of anyone in the living room.

“Clear!” They sound off, all of the rooms are clear, Rossi walks to the basement door, and slowly opens it. Stepping down each step, there’s a light in the corner, coming from another room.

“Charles Nero!” Rossi yells out, there’s a sudden scurrying, Reid walks ahead of Rossi, nearing the room.

“Charles, are you okay?” Reid asks, rounding the door, he sees Nero standing over your body on a table.

“Weapon!” Someone yells, Reid blocks all aim for Nero.

“No!” You shout out, Nero shakes in front of you, looking down at you so afraid.

“I… I did this?” Nero asks you, but you shake your head.

“No Chuckie you didn’t, but you have to untie me, because those men think you did this and I have to tell them you didn’t” You explain, Nero nods and reaches for you. A shot goes off, and you see Nero jolt forward onto the table, with a scared face.

“No!!!” you scream, it wasn’t his fault, it was never his fault. Nero falls and Reid runs over to untie you, you pull at the ties until you’re free, then you drop to the floor next to Nero.

“Hey buddy, it’s okay” You tell him, Nero’s eyes start to fill with tears.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” Nero starts, you shake your head.

“It’s okay, it isn’t your fault” You promise him, his breath starts to hitch, and you watch as he cries.

“Hey, I saw your plane when I came to lay the other day, it was so cool” You tell him, he nearly smiles.

“I call it birdie” He chokes out. You nod.

“Yea, big metal bird, where I grew up I knew a guy who had a plane, a real one. It was so big” You keep talking to him, as he falls. As he dies, the innocent part of him. Nero lays dead on your arms, you finally stand up, wrapping your bloody shirt around yourself.

“He was harmless” You say looking up at everyone.

“Harmless, he didn’t do that to you?” Burke asks, you shake your head.

“Not this part of him” You say, Reid watches as you walk past everyone, and head outside. Protective over a man who tortured you because you understood it literally wasn’t his fault, that part of him hadn’t a clue that those kids didn’t belong there, he had no idea he’d taken them and hurt them. You yelled out for them to stop, don’t shoot him, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. You understood.

My Boys...Part 6

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Epilogue)

As Spencer bursts back into the bullpen, the paper wafting in his hand, he strides over to Hotch as he slams it onto the desk.

“What’s this?” Hotch asks.

“Where’s Y/L/N?” Morgan interjects.

“The unsub leaned too far into the last killing,” Spencer points, ignoring Morgan’s question, “that’s his face.”

As Hotch picks up the picture, his eyes studying it closely, he thrusts it to Garcia as his eyes glare one more time at Spencer.

“Get a general sketch using these features and get it running through a facial recognition program,” he orders.

“Reid.  Where’s Y/L/N?” Morgan enunciates.

“I don’t know.  Probably still in Garcia’s computer room still or something,” he throws out.

“Kid.  Look.  I get it.  You’re mad because she hid this from you.  But Reid…she hid this from all of us.  None of us knew she had kids,” Morgan reasons.

“You mean to tell me none of you knew!?  Even Hotch!?  Who has to approve her health insurance paperwork!?”

“I don’t do that anymore.  Haven’t for a while.  I send it all down to HR now,” he states.

None of us knew she had kids!?” Spencer yells with his arms thrust out.

“Spence…” J.J. coos.

As he whips around to her, his face wide with anger as he bends his torso towards her, J.J. crosses her arms across her chest as she sighs heavily.

“You’re being selfish,” she states.

“Sel-…selfish!?” Spencer stammers.  “I’m being selfish.”

“Yes,” she states as she uncrosses her arms, “Y/N gave us the rundown of her life story.  Reid, she was raped.  And she kept the child.  And her parents disowned her.  Then she adopted an abused child out of the goodness of her heart, and now?  Now her sons…the two things she cherishes most in the world, are…”

Looking at her watch, she blinks back tears as she raises her gaze back to Spencer’s face, which was now finally beginning to soften.

“…10 hours away from being killed,” she chokes.

“And you’re so preoccupied with your broken heart that you aren’t stopping to think about why she did it in the first place,” Rossi says, stepping up to the plate as tears rush down J.J.’s cheeks.

“She told you why?” Spencer asks as he looks over at Rossi.

“No.  But do you remember the first case she worked with us?”

Everyone gathered around Spencer as the slow dripping of realization spread across his face.

“Jack and Henry…” he muses lightly to himself.

“She came in for interview moments before J.J. and I were notified that Jack and Henry had been taken,” Hotch says, stepping in front of Spencer as his disapproving glare burrows into the middle of his eyes, “and before she was even hired, she offered to help find them…whether or not she had the job.”

“Coming into something like that as a mom…especially with everything she’s already been through…?” J.J. trails off.

“She kept them a secret to keep them safe,” Rossi states.

And as silence descends upon the conversation, Spencer’s cogs fire back up again.

“Wait…say that again?” he asks, whirling back around to Rossi as it dawns upon his conscious mind.

“Oh god,” Rossi murmurs.

“’She kept them a secret to keep them safe.’  That’s what you said,” Spencer quotes.

“That’s what you said!” he shouts as he drops his messenger bag to his side, his legs dashing him back through the doors of the bullpen as Rossi starts after him.

But Rossi was caught on his shoulder by Morgan.

“What just happened?” Morgan asks.

“She kept them a secret, Derek.  From us.  If she can keep them a secret from us-”

“…the unsub knows her,” J.J. states with wide eyes.

But Spencer was already crashing through doors, running as desperately as his legs would carry him to get to Garcia’s lab as he throws his body through the open door and into the room.

But all he was met with was an empty seat and a mugshot pulled up on the screen.

Scurrying to the chair, he sits down to take a look at the screen as he yelps, jumping up from the cushion of the chair as his eyes settle upon the objects he had sat upon.

And his heart began to flutter in fear for your life.

“Reid!” Rossi pants as Hotch and Morgan lean in behind him, “She down here?”

“No…” he murmurs lowly, his torso standing up as he holds your badge and gun in the palms of his hands.

“We have a problem,” Spencer muses, his eyes connecting with his boss as Hotch clenches his jaw.

“We have a serious problem.”


“High-oo, mommy!”

As you push Wilder higher in the swing, DeShawn grasping onto your pant leg as he shakes against your skin, you bend down and take his shoulders as you find his teary gaze.

“What is it, sweetheart?” you ask, brushing your thumb across his bruised cheek as you wipe away his tear.

But DeShawn didn’t answer.

“You know you can talk to me, right?” you ask lightly as you try to hold his gaze within yours.

“Th-th-…thank y-…you foh-w…taking me…to the…th-th-the pawk.”

But you could tell by the way he was shaking that he was scared.

“Sweet cheeks, if you don’t want to be here, we can go home.  Or we could go see a movie, or maybe get some food?”

You watched his face for any change in emotion as you feel Wilder scamper up beside you.

“Wuh-s wrong wif Dee?” Wilder asks.

“I don’t know, baby boy,” you say as you wrap your arm around your son.

“What do you want to do?” you ask him, his teary gaze finally panning to meet yours as he suddenly throws his arms around your neck, squeezing you tight as tears begin to form in the back of your eyes.

“Can I…call you ‘mommy’…like Wee does?” he asks meekly in your ear.

And as you feel your jaw trembling against the little boy’s shoulder, you see Wilder slip his arm around DeShawn as you hold both of your sons tight to your chest.

“You can call me anything you want,” you whisper into his ear, planting a firm kiss onto his cheek as he nestles closer into your body.

“Ma?” DeShawn asks, looking up at you after a few minutes of hugging in the middle of the park.

“Yes, sweet cheeks?” you smile at him.

“Can we go get fwench fwies?” he asks sweetly.

“Oh, you want french fries, do ya?” you ask as you wrap your arm around his neck and bring him in for a kiss on his forehead.

“I think we can manage french fries,” you say as you let go of your boys, feeling them each take your hand as you begin to slowly weave your way back to your car.

This One Last Time - Deejaymil - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 4: Alcyone – August, 1992

“Why do you look so miserable?” Aaron asked suddenly, sitting upright with a twig in his mouth and shuffling over his butt. “Nine months isn’t so long.”

“It’s almost ten percent of my life to this point,” Spencer protested, without marking it to the decimal point (9.72%), “that’s ages! And…” He trailed off, coughed, swallowed whatever he’d been about to say.

Aaron watched him. There was something in his face, some expression that made Spencer uncomfortable. It reminded him of the bullies at school, but… nicer. Some worried kind of knowing. Something that made his gut ache. He wondered if he’d see the same expression if he looked in the mirror. “What if we say something?” Aaron said, ignoring the drooping sun and their time together coming to an end. “To mark the occasion?”

Spencer thought about that. Like a contract. Or a… vow. Of something. Of existence.

Yeah. If they vowed, Aaron would have to come back.

And he knew just what to say.


“Hey (y/n) do you wanna go over this latest case? I think we should- oh god I’m sorry!”

You turned around to see Spencer standing in the doorway, trying his hardest to look anywhere but at you. You smirked and turned to face Spencer fully, only half dressed but fully aware of how good you looked today.

“Yeah sure Spence, let me just get dressed and I’ll meet you out there!” you said with a smile. As he turned to leave you asked him one last thing, “Hey Spence? Does this look okay?”

Now forced to look at you he gave you a quick once-over before giving you a thumbs-up and saying, “Yup, you look great.” He then turned on his heel and practically ran out of the room.

You smiled to yourself at how adorable he was, now fully convinced that he had feelings for you. Always a gentleman, you thought. Then you got dressed and made your way to wherever Spencer had run off to.

Requested by Anonymous

To be honest, people like Caleb are the people I avoid any kind of contact with.. It isn’t necessary for someone to be such a rude asshat, especially to people they consider special enough to call their significant other. I don’t care if he is in love with Hanna, the way he treated Spencer this episode, and the last one too, was completely uncalled for and I wouldn’t blame her if she punched him in his fucking face.. Wouldn’t mind if Mona popped him in his mouth either -_-