Today was dedicated to great food, intentionally losing ourselves in the city, and learning to slow down from tourist mode with long conversations–three hours talking with a fellow traveler, four in a café with our Parisian host (now friend!), and three hours together talking over a picnic of bread, meat, cheese, and wine as we watched the sun set and the Eiffel Tower sparkle. #MGEurope2015 (at Tour Eiffel)

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seeing the eiffel tower sparkling at night, laying down in the sand with a good book, paint covered jeans and tattered t-shirts


The Eiffel Tower, Part 1

Those of you who talked to me before I left know that I had exactly one non-negotiable plan in Paris: Watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle.

Knowing that the crowds can be atrocious, I made sure I was there early enough to check it out during the day, then find a good spot for the light show after dark.

These are the daytime shots.

I spent 5 months studying in Paris and didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower once.  

I’d been up it twice before with my family on previous vacations, both times during the day, so it wasn’t a huge priority while I was on a tight budget.  But then, on one of the last few days of my exchange, someone told me that when you go up the tower at night it feels like you’re inside a crystal ball.  

By the time I’d learned this I was too busy with packing and goodbyes to make the visit, but on this trip I FINALLY (!) got to go up it at night, and now I can definitely say that the Eiffel Tower is a thousand times more magical in the dark. See for yourself.


Sparkling Eiffel Tower at night! Sayang di kaya yung buong portrait screen dito sa IG. 🇫🇷🗼👭 #Europe2015 #France #Paris

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