“In Paris” [Jared - Christmas one shot].

Inspired by: (December) Imagine: Jared bringing you home to spend the holidays with him and his family. 

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Merry Christmas!


Jared rings the doorbell while holding a pile of gifts in his right hand.

-Are you honestly hiding behind me like a little kid? –He asks.

-I’m terrified. –She answers.

-Of my mother?

-Of the whole situation. No one’s ever prepared to meet their significant other’s family. Let alone on fucking Christmas.

-Hey watch it, Ebenezer.

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anonymous asked:

What are some highlights of backpacking around Europe?

There were so many, but here were my top 5:

1. Hitchhiking. I hitchhiked in Greece on the island of Mykonos and in the Austrian alps. Both were thrilling and really showed me the kindness of strangers. 

2. Crashing my ATV in Santorini, Greece…….. It was a joy ride I’ll tell you that much.

3. Hijacking a pub crawl with two new friends I made in Barcelona, Spain. We ended up leading the whole pack of pub crawlers to another bar and became the leaders of the pub crawl for the rest of the night. I got many free drinks that night. 

4. You’re not suppose to take photos in the Red Light district… However when I was in Amsterdam, being a photographer, I couldn’t help myself. A prostitute saw me, and then came charging out of her door at me, and threw water at me. Never had I ever got squirted on by a prostitute until that night.

5. I backpacked by myself throughout Europe. In Paris, I asked this guy to take a photo of my in the Jardins du Luxembourg. Afterwards he asked me to take a photo of him. We ended up exploring all of Paris together, biking around the city and museum-hopping. He then asked me out on a date that night and took me to dinner. We got drunk on Bordeaux and watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle. It was his first day in Paris, however my last night.