Short version: WE NEED COSTUMES. We are a third of the way to our goal. Here is the indiegogo.

Long version: see this gorgeous photo? Every fringe set in this photo was hand-assembled by the woman wearing it. Cin City (my burlesque troupe) works really, really hard to have gorgeous costumes on a budget. Even so, our pay doesn’t cover it–costume supplies frequently come directly out of pocket, and that’s not counting the time we dedicate to putting those costumes together–including adding hundreds (sometimes thousands) of sequins or crystals by hand to each piece we use.

Costuming for Cin City can be especially hard because we do a lot of large group numbers–which means whatever we buy, we have to buy anywhere from 8 to 13 of! And generally, if you want to get a match (and for better prices), you have to buy them all at once.

This is absolutely a labor of love, and to continue it, we’re trying to raise some costume funds. We’re also offering (in my opinion) some pretty cool perks, including the option to have the girl of your choice dance to the song of your choice and record a personal thank-you message. Signed photos, Cin City swag, and a video of a personal thank-you and signature performance from the entire group are also on offer.

Please, if you can, throw a few bucks our way! Even a small amount can buy a lot of sequins, and a larger amount can help us buy the items to attach them to! Again, our indiegogo is here.

Thanks for anything you can contribute!

I’m not exactly the gushy type of person, but I want to mention how much I love KIMs.

Besides being an unconventional, well-written, exciting fanfic, it’s also something that gives me (and I’m sure my fellow pirates) hope for Kurtofsky, however small it may be. I don’t really liveblog them, because it’s just such a personal experience for me, but I do want to emphasise how happy they make me. They really touch my heart and just give me something to smile about, and endear Kurt and Dave to me even more than Glee already does.

Oh, sappy post is sappy.

But, Tess and Magz, I just want to tell you how happy your… project makes me. Again, I’m not super good at explaining my feelings (or good at all, really…), but KJDHFSDKFJHSFEFIuew I JUST LOVE THEM A LOT OKAY.


Dave had listened in quiet agony (eavesdropping) as the Beast asked Hummel to take over and, oh, she knew it was a lot to ask – but it paid! Two fifty a week with an added bonus of getting to slowly and excruciatingly crush Dave’s life to little pieces. What a deal! Too good to pass up – really!

Sometimes (most of the time) Dave hated his life with a vengeance.

If Tess and Magz stop writing before theses stories are done, I will cry. I will legit fucking cry. I will BAWL. I have had stories abandoned in the past, and it really sucks. But these stories are so amusing and dramatic at the same time that I just want to see them end, in that I want them to actually have an end. Or if Tess and Magz want to just write a never-ending story forever and ever, that’d be completely fine too.