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I’ve reopened my online store with some new stuff! Getting ready for cons and stuff too :o !! I’m booked for Anime North if anyone is going! I’ll be sure to bring some original works with me :>

For now, new stuff in store : studio ghibli medallions, stars in the sky, petite trois, bbc sherlock buttons, bbc sherlock : doctor’s blog buttons ! Thanks for looking <3 

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“Where exactly are we getting married?”
He turned back with a smirk. “Treasure Island wedding chapel.”
“The one that looks like a pirate boat?”
He shrugged and grinned wider “I am a sailor.”

-An Officer and A Bounty Hunter 

anonymous asked:

You put Miyuki on that poster in the office au post for oofuri, didn't u?? ;]

i sure did (they misspelled “TRASH” tho)

also gonna drop a whole bunch of office au hc below the cut so i don’t spam with another text post heh. I’M SRY MOBILE USERS pls just scroll rly fast from this point on

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