keith [cutting lance’s birthday cake]:

lance: sharp work, samurai ;)))))

keith [sighing]: lance, we already talked about this

  • Keith: What are Hunk and Pidge arguing about this time?
  • Shiro: They have a bet going about what Lance's like in bed. Pidge thinks he's secretly really kinky but Hunk thinks he's too romantic.
  • Keith: Yeah, he's actually both.
  • Shiro: .....
  • Keith: .....
  • Keith: I mean... How would I know? I don't know what Lance's like in bed.
  • Keith: But I would assume he's both.

“He reached up and weaves his fingers into the front of Lance’s shirt, using it as leverage to yank him down and shove their lips together hard before he loses his nerve to do so.”

All About Us by Seabreezy

(You all should check out this amazing fanfiction ;U;)