At a distance of about 1,500 light years, the Orion Nebula is one of the closest star formation regions to Earth. It is one of the brightest in the night sky and lies south of Orion’s Belt.


Can Bill Nye control meteors? The Science Guy flew out of our office yesterday after discussing the need to fund space research. He says asteroids and meteors are the only types of natural disasters that humans can prevent. The last time we had Bill Nye on the show, a meteor hit Russia the same night, which makes us wonder: is Bill Nye actually controlling space???

Watch yesterday’s interview here, and tune in to “The Young Turks” for more science knowledge Monday-Thursday @ 7e/4.

The inevitable companion piece to erika-youknowtheangel’s Galaxy!Kevin. It was only a matter of time, I just didn’t think I’d start Cecil near immediately after posting Kevin lmao.


New Portal video is up! SPAAAAACE!


Galaxies in your yarn? It’s more likely than you think!
100% superwash Merino wool. Super soft and squishy
100gr/~200m (DK weight)

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(bottom photo is the batch I currently have in stock. Contrary to what the photo suggests, the dark blue/teal is actually a little darker than the previous batch)

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There is now a lace version of this colourway called Nebulae. I think it’d be wonderful for patterns like Southern Skies

anonymous asked:

Top 5 things about space/space narratives

in no particular order whatsoever:

1. the horror/awe, longing/repulsion, striving/fleeing dichotymies

2. motherfuckin spaceships

3. the almost meta-level of fluidity in shaping the context of the story. the pure unknown chaos-stuff of what life in space would be like means that creating any space story is like drawing noughts and crosses across the void. which is what any storytelling is like - the selection of what you show the reader is so arbitrary - so in your hands as a writer you are godlike over your own creation. and in space stories that is doubly true because you are fabricating twin planets and quantum star clusters and seventeen branches of government and shining steel circles in the sky and living organism hull parasites and cthulhu black holes out of the narrative plasmic matter that is space.

4. humanism humanism humanism HUMANISM. not in the sense of ‘all about humans no aliens allowed’ but in the sense of ‘look at us living creatures throwing ourselves out of our natural context into the most hostile and terrifying of outside spaces just to push ever outward in the uniting discordant hope of finding something more. how we sketch our understanding of the universe like toddlers with fingerpaint and build upwards from there like priests like poets like precise and pure mathematician-magicians. all just in the pure hope of maybe finding something new. how fucking dreamboat.

5. humanism on another level in that any space narrative has to address humanity as a whole. what are we now? how are we what have we become? what has become of our selfishness and cruelties towards one another and each other as species, as nations, as races, as people? in what ways have we grown and what ways have we curdled and curled inward and become corrupt and rotten in same old ways in new contexts? and how do we see the hope and poetry of science and human understanding grow in leaps and bounds like the blazing light without seeing in exacting clarity the bleak shadow of all the people left behind or crushed under the heel of that momentum? how do we look the abyss of the universe in the eye when we can’t even meet our own (as a species) in the mirror? how do we dare? 

p.s. the visceral excitement of the physical/natural world, scientific endeavour as a spiritual experience, companionship and love in the face of utter oblivion, ridiculous outfits, being the setting melodrama was born for.


Rhinestone Twilight Knee Highs by K Bell!

Different than most galaxy styles we see, these softly pearlescent nylon blend knee highs focus on the stars! Sparkling rhinestones stud certain stars, making you wonder if those particular glints of light have their own little solar system…

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