I wasn’t going to address this, but seeing as how things are spiraling; 

“인스타 댓글” (instagram comments) is now trending in korea bc some of you guys cant keep your shipping opinions to yourself. 

Intl. fans are deadass trending in korea for being gross and disgusting. Kfans are literally making posts about this, asking intl. fans to stop commenting about your ship. 

Shippers are free to ship whoever they like, but actually commenting this on an idol’s sns for EVERYONE to see - including the idol? Kfans are talking shit about every intl. fans right now, thinking that we’re all the same disgusting ppl. 

You guys NEED to STOP posting inappropriate, obscene comments on an idol’s sns. It will not only affect how kfans view us, but also how the idol feels. Baekhyun even went ahead and posted a comment asking if what he posted was weird. 

The shipping culture is so toxic, yall are really making regular fans (AND THE IDOLS THEMSELVES) uncomfortable. Can’t you guys ship your otp in private? And NOT by bringing a photoshopped poster of chanbaek kissing to a concert? Or tagging them in over-sexualized fanarts, or by spamming the comment section about your otp? Especially by assigning traditional gender roles to the ship. I’m not even going to get started on the misgendering, that’s a whole other post. 

You guys are making things weird. Forcing your shipping onto your otp is not okay at all. 

This goes to all ships out there. 

Stop posting inappropriate comments. It’s disrespectful and disgusting. 

the way i see kpop boy groups
  • Big Bang: Trendsetters, synonymous with success, GD's hair is the honorary 6th member of the group
  • Block B: Zico and his backup crew
  • BTS: Talented memes, goes from lit af to depressing af, I still don't understand HYYH
  • EXO: They break records on a daily basis and have no chill, win every award, so much talent I cry
  • Got7: Jackson, dabbing
  • iKON: There are 5 other people in the group but the kpop scene only cares about Double B
  • NCT: So many members and subunits that SM is probably gonna fuck it up at some point, Johnny (DJ Jhonny) is the most popular member despite not having debuted yet
  • Seventeen: Bubblegum pop, still can't believe Vernon didn't win SMTM4, #Dark_Seventeen turned out to be #Regular_Seventeen with an Instagram filter applied
  • Shinee: Hella good dancers, memes, everyone's solo stuff is very sexual, Key is prettier than me
  • Super Junior: Throwback, made kpop an international thing
  • VIXX: Kinky as hell, Leo's falsettos shatter my eardrums