So I have a prediction:

So before “Young and Menace” came out, on this post I theorized that FOB’s new sound might have little hints of Patrick’s Truant Wave (a few teases being Bloom’s electronic loop sound, the photo of Patrick in “producer mode” and the post with the purple wave).

Obviously FOB isn’t going to full out rehash Truant Wave’s sound and give it the “Fall Out Boy” name. If it’s FOB, it’s most certainly going to be heavier with a little more rock influence.

Well “Young and Menace” comes out, and it makes total sense. It’s got more of an EDM vibe, but if you listen closely, you’ll hear that Truant Wave/Soul Punk influence. Patrick employs some different techniques of his voice that were used in Soul Punk. And it all has that “heavily produced” (wouldn’t want to say “over-produced” because that has a negative connotation) sort of vibe, but the fact of the matter is that it’s true and very characteristic of Patrick’s style. He just likes over-produced stuff (re: Soul Punk/Truant Wave) and THAT’S OKAY.

Well Pete says “Young and Menace” is the most “far left” of the songs in the album and there are other songs that will be more “palatable.” Certainly FOB will have some songs that are either catchy or at least written in a major key and have a more “fun” sort of vibe.

In that case what I’m trying to say is the odds of Mania being very Truant Wave/Soul Punk-influenced are HIGH. This should make us all very very excited 😃😃😃😃

But of course, don’t expect a rehash. My prediction is it’ll have that sorta vibe, but heavier and a little more intense with that Fall Out Boy “kick” that’s characteristic of the band.

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Soul Punk Patrick moodboard for anon! sorry that it’s taken so long, i’ve been going through some stuff, but I’m back! Hoping to get some requests out today. Tysm, everybody!!

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