What's REALLY happening in Venezuela

Although this post may barely get any notes, I want to take the opportunity to spread this information around because in like any other communist country, it is not shown in national media.

Venezuela is known as a rich country in oil and many other natural resources, however, the communist and almost totalitarian government has stolen all the profits from this primordial business and shunned it from the Venezuelan people since former tyrant Chavez took over. Those who work for the government and/or are associated with it have all access to basic foods and items that are needed on a daily basis. However, those not associated with the government (e.g. regular, middle and lower class people) are stuck with having to wait HOUR long lines EVERY DAY to find extremely basic foods such as milk, cheese, flour, meats, and fresh vegetables.

Basically, people like you and me would have no choice but to roam an entire city looking for these things. Food is not the only thing that is becoming scarce, but general cleaning items and detergents for clothes and homes, as well as self-cleaning items (deodorant, tooth paste, shampoo) are EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND. Even if you belong to an upper class family, you may have all the money in the world but you won’t be in luck anyhow because the things you want to buy are not available. 

Venezuelan families are struggling with having to ration the only food that they have within themselves. Is this the kind of life anybody deserves? Not in a million lifetimes.

How do I know this? I’m Venezuelan. I was born there. I’ve lived through it.

The only thing I’m asking is for people all around the world to spread this awareness for Venezuela and that although we may be known as a “rich country” we are now one of the POOREST nations in South America. The tyrant government prohibits any spread of this kind of information whatsoever, allowing for more pressure to grow amongst Venezuelan people. It’s 2015, and the economic depression thanks to the government has grown only worse. It’s becoming ridiculous to fight every day to obtain basic foods and items to maintain your family.

Please let this information pass on and do NOT let it die. Like Venezuela, there are numerous countries in the world that are suffering the same way we are. Reblog as much as possible in order to defy the government from blocking any kind of opposition towards their system. DO NOT LET THIS DIE.

Venezuela’s Maduro Launches “SOS Palestine” Campaign to Demand End to Israeli Bombardment

July 12, 2014 ( – Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has launched an “SOS Palestine” campaign to demand an end to Israel’s ongoing bombardment of Palestine’s Gaza strip.

“Enough already, I’ve joined the campaign. #SOS Palestina, let’s launch it,” he told supporters during a televised broadcast.

Holding up a handwritten placard, he asked fellow citizens to join the campaign, stating, “The Palestinian people have the right to live in their ancestral lands in peace…our international position over the issue of Palestine is just and follows the policy of comandante Hugo Chavez”.

Maduro also questioned the sincerity of international figures, including several well known artists and actors in the United States, who joined the #SOS Venezuela campaign earlier this year when the South American country was hit by a wave of opposition protests and violent street barricades. 43 were killed and over 800 wounded, including government supports, opposition activists, members of security forces, and civilian bystanders.

“To those who went around the world saying “SOS Venezuela”…what do the hypocrites that launched SOS Venezuela have to say about Palestine? Let’s see if they [famous celebrities] dare! SOS Palestine!” the Venezuela president declared.


Lately I have seen a lot of posts regarding protests going on around the world, and I’ve noticed very few mention Venezuela. PLEASE. I BEG OF YOU. DO NOT FORGET VENEZUELA. From March to May, 42 PEOPLE WERE KILLED AND MORE THAN 800 WERE INJURED WHILE PROTESTING. My half brother lives in Caracas and he tells me he and his mother wait more than 5 hours in a line TO GET TOILET PAPER AND CHICKEN. Most times they run out and fights begin. SO I AM BEGGING YOU: DO NOT FORGET VENEZUELA. DO NOT FORGET THEIR PROTESTING. DO NOT FORGET THEIR SUFFERING. POR FAVOR, ¡NO SE OLVIDEN DEL PAIS QUE ME VIO NACER!

I’m v high on emotions and a little incoherent rn but I’m going to try to make a rundown of what’s happening. Other Venezuelans with more info please add and correct as needed.

  • Today at midday there was a mutiny at Ramo Verde, the military prison where Leopoldo Lopez has been detained for a year now. I don’t know who or how it started but it went on to the afternoon and the end result was Leopoldo being taken. [I can’t find a concrete confirmation other than what’s being said on Twitter. Leopoldo’s wife tweeted that they were attempting to take him hours ago but nothing else on this] 
  • While all this is going on, a fully armed group of military busted in Antonio Ledezma’s office (the Caracas mayor) and used force to arrest him illegally. [The security footage was shown on NTN24’s current broadcast]
  • Maduro has been on national broadcast on radio and tv so there’s literally no way for people to know what’s going on unless they manage to connect to the internet  
  • Few minutes ago it was confirmed that Ledezma is now on the SEBIN HQ in Plaza Venezuela. His wife and a crowd of people are gathered there demanding information on his current status.
  • There seem to be reports of Leopoldo being taken to the SEBIN HQ as well.
  • WHY THEM BEING AT SEBIN MAKES EVERYTHING MORE ALARMING: The building was originally planned to be a bank but like everything in this country it was taken over by the government, the 5 subterranean levels were intended to be vaults but are being used as dungeon/cells. The thing is that the lowest level is called La Tumba and there’s reports that the students detained a year ago are being tortured there. It is very fucking likely that they will be taken here.
  • There’s information that apparently they intend to go after Maria Corina Machado as well, she’s currently with Ledezma’s wife outside SEBIN.[unofficial]
  • Other people that also seem to be targets: Gaby Arellano (student activist), Fredy Guevara and Ana Karina Garcia (both from Leopoldo’s party) [unofficial]

This is horrible. I’m not Venezuelan. I don’t live there. But this video, this terrifying video isn’t a fake, as much I as wish it was. This is true, and it’s happening. People, students, are giving their lives for their freedom and they are being killed. I can’t even put it into words how angry I feel. How enraged I am that this is happening. I don’t understand how anyone would hurt and control people like this and can’t stand it

Hoy un Guardia Nacional de 23 años ha asesinado de un tiro en la cabeza a un niño de 14 años que estaba cerca de una protesta en San Cristobal (Táchira) Venezuela.

En la última semana han aparecido tres estudiantes muertos en Los Andes y otros dos en  Caracas, todos ellos han aparecido con un disparo en la cabeza.

Hace dos semanas el régimen aprobó  legalmente el uso de armas de fuego para disolver manifestaciones.

Los asesinos de todas las personas fallecidas en este último año de protesta siguen en libertad, son 43 personas cuya muerte siguen impunes.

SOS Venezuela


Hi everyone, please take a moment to read this. My family is suffering every day in Venezuela and the situation grows worse every day. They have so few basic necessities, and the ones they do have are near impossible to come by. Crime goes unpunished far too often, and the only “crimes” people do get punished for are speaking out against a corrupt and incompetent government. I don’t know if there are any gofundme projects or anything to raise money to help, but at the very least spread the word about the injustice happening to my family and my beautiful country. #SOSVenezuela #FreeLeopoldoLopez #30MVamosTodos


hey, remember the hashtag #SOSVenezuela? remember how everyone cared for a solid month and then stopped? yeah well the fight is still going on. just because you chose to forget doesnt mean its over. the government has been locking up opposition leaders for speaking their minds and nothing more. they are taking away the people’s freedom of speech and threatening peaceful protesters (they even tried passing a law where they basically gave police and the military the right to kill anyone trying to act up against the government (this means that they could kill any group of people on the street with no questions)). do you see this? do you see whats going on? i understand its not your country but show you care even the slightest bit. thats my home thats where my family is….just dont forget…please


Please just watch this.

Hey just a little information about what's going on Venezuela.. again

*i beg pardon for any miss spelling here, my mother languaje is spanish*

Hello there followers and readers, its been a year and a week since the incident from last year here in Venezuela.

What happened last year?, let me resfresh your mind.

the 12th of february of 2014 was an awful day, students from the universities where going out to peacefully protest about the current goverment and where attacked by the military forces for causing disturbance and blamed them for anything that happened to them as in shooting, throwing gas bombs, THE ECONOMY (this literally said by the current “president” ) and much more.

what’s so important about this day?

the 12th of february is the national day of the students (or rather youth) here, Last year students from different universities along all the states here in Venezuela gathered to PEACEFULLY protest about the current goverment to show their dissatisfaction about the current situation of the high prices over the food and shortage of the basic food requeriments everywhere. and let me tell you THIS ISNT THE FIRST TIME THAT HAPPENS.

the current situation:

 Since last year there arent any diapers for the babies and if you find them sellers tend to give it to you higher than the original price, the same goes for anything related to food, cleaning products, personal hygiene, etc… and nothing hasnt changed since then.

Last year various college students died cause of these protest, and now is not only college students if not now high school students.

Now not only the economy is the worst thing ever, not even the minimun wage is the WORST, but now Venezuela future IS BEING STOLEN.

this is just a little shout out so everyone out there can know what is happening right now, i would be very happy if you people could spread the word.

thanks a lot for your time.


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To anyone doubting Venezuela's hardships.

I just heard my mom over the phone talking to my grandfather who’s still in Venezuela,

Apparently, to buy diapers.
you need to bring a birth certificate.

To buy sugar you need to make a huge line and you can only buy a little every month.

One of our family friends had to bar their roof for safety.

Last year when my grandad came to visit us in the US, he almost started crying from seeing all the stuff you could buy in Wal-Mart.
He almost started crying over being white to buy decent yogurt.

Also, I need to point out my family in Venezuela is good off, they have money. I want to emphasise that everybody, no matter who you are or how much money you have, is having a hard time. Hella hard time.


Todos los días hay más personas decididas. Con un nudo en la garganta, un paso nada fácil, sobretodo para aquellos que parten solos, sin amigos ni familiares. La butaca de un avión los espera para viajar a cualquier parte del mundo con un boleto que no tiene vuelta. Me da impotencia, que un país lleno de riquezas y de tantas personas que tienen la voluntad de cambiar se dañe por pocas personas que cada día van de mal en peor. Cada día se me llenan los ojos de lagrimas al saber que me deja mi hermano, mis tíos, primos y sobre todo mis hermanos venezolanos que parte a otro país. Para mi,no es justo, se que algún día los venezolanos nos volveremos a reunir como familia, y seremos aquellos que fuimos antes, mientras tanto, con mi cabeza en alto, me digno a luchar por mi país, y no tan solo eso, se que llegara un momento en que mis lagrimas no serán de tristeza, serán de felicidad, al ver que los pisos del aeropuerto internacional se rompen, al ver de vuelta a todos los Venezolanos.