Venezuela’s Maduro Launches “SOS Palestine” Campaign to Demand End to Israeli Bombardment

July 12, 2014 ( – Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has launched an “SOS Palestine” campaign to demand an end to Israel’s ongoing bombardment of Palestine’s Gaza strip.

“Enough already, I’ve joined the campaign. #SOS Palestina, let’s launch it,” he told supporters during a televised broadcast.

Holding up a handwritten placard, he asked fellow citizens to join the campaign, stating, “The Palestinian people have the right to live in their ancestral lands in peace…our international position over the issue of Palestine is just and follows the policy of comandante Hugo Chavez”.

Maduro also questioned the sincerity of international figures, including several well known artists and actors in the United States, who joined the #SOS Venezuela campaign earlier this year when the South American country was hit by a wave of opposition protests and violent street barricades. 43 were killed and over 800 wounded, including government supports, opposition activists, members of security forces, and civilian bystanders.

“To those who went around the world saying “SOS Venezuela”…what do the hypocrites that launched SOS Venezuela have to say about Palestine? Let’s see if they [famous celebrities] dare! SOS Palestine!” the Venezuela president declared.

Cómplices del genocidio en #Gaza
Por Rubén Zamora
Nosotros, que hemos sufrido como pocos un prolongado conflicto interno, hemos de ofrecer nuestro abrazo solidario a un pueblo que lleva décadas resistiendo

…Lo que para el gobierno de los Estados Unidos es intolerable si lo hacen sus adversarios, es legítimo si lo hacen sus aliados…


Julia Boustros (cantante cristiana libanesa) dedica canción a la resistencia palestina.