SOS venezuela


Estamos cansados. Somos un hermoso país que lo han llevado a la ruina. Antes la gente venía a nuestro país por el cálido clima, las hermosas playas ¡incluso el Salto Ángel! (que todos conocen por Up). Y ahora todos se van. Ya sea por el aeropuerto o un ataúd tres metro bajo tierra. Me duele mi país. Me duele ver que mis amigos se van porque saben que su futuro aquí ya no vale nada. Me duele ver como los niños/adultos/jóvenes se mueren a diario porque no hay insumos suficientes para todos. Me duele que no puedo salir a una disco o a casa de un amigo, incluso a caminar de noche porque corro el riesgo de ser asesinada sólo por un celular. Me duele ver que los chamos están dejando su vida por nosotros en la calle protestando mientras que a muchos no les importa. Me duele ver niños toooodos los días comiendo de la basura porque sus padres no tienen para llevarle ni un pedacito de pan a ellos o lo peor sus padres no pudieron conseguir alimentos porque nos hay NADA en este país. Se lo han robado todo que hasta el miedo se nos lo llevaron. Yo se que algún día te recuperaremos, mi amada Venezuela. Se que pronto todos volverán y lloraremos de alegría porque volveremos a ser un país hermoso, seguro y alegre. Pronto mi Venezuela. Pronto serás nuestra otra vez ¡QUE VIVA VENEZUELA NOJODA!

PD: Necesitamos que estas fotos den la vuelta al mundo para que sepan lo que sufre nuestro país. Por favor, ayúdanos a que todos sepan por lo que estamos atravesando, se nuestro granito de arena, de verdad necesitamos que el mundo vea la crisis que estamos atravesando los venezolanos. Por favor… Les prometemos que no les tomará mucho tiempo


We are tired. We are a beautiful country that have brought it to ruin. Before, people came to our country because of the warm weather, the beautiful beaches, even the Angel Falls! (Which everyone knows about Up, the movie). And now they all go. Either by the airport or a coffin three meters underground. My country hurts. It hurts to see my friends leave because they know that their future here is not worth anything. It hurts me to see how children / adults / young people die every day because there are not enough medical supplies for everyone. It hurts me that I can not go out to a disco or to a friend’s house, even walking at night because I run the risk of being killed only by a cell phone. It pains me to see that young people are leaving their lives for us on the street protesting while many do not care. It hurts me to see children every day eating from the garbage because their parents do not have to take a piece of bread to them or worse their parents could not get food because there is NOTHING in this country. They have stolen everything that even the fear took away. I know that someday we will recover, my beloved Venezuela. I know that soon all will return and we will cry of joy because we will be a beautiful, safe and happy country again. Soon my Venezuela. Soon you will be ours again! LIVE VENEZUELA NOJODA!

PS: We need these photos to go around the world so they know what our country suffers. Please, help us all know what we are going through, it is our bit, we really need the world to see the crisis that we are going through the Venezuelans. Please … We promise you it will not take too long.

-Una chica invisible & Tiburón Krum

When I was little, my whole fam lived in Venezuela, which was hard because we didn’t speak Spanish very well yet. I was four years old at the time. Anyways, we had this very straight faced, emotionless maid named Carla working for us. She always did a splendid job cleaning for us without speaking much because of the language barrier between us. So one day she comes up to my mom and says “cuaima… baño”, completely without emotion, and my mom doesn’t understand so she just laughs and goes “ok, sí, gracias” and continues on with her day. Well Carla comes up and says “cuaima” again to my mom the next day, and the next, and continues once a day for a week and a half. My mom is finally like, this must be pretty important if she keeps bringing it up, and grabs a dictionary and looks up the word ‘cuaima’. Well cuaima is defined as a very poisonous snake in Venezuela, so my mom freaks out and runs up to Carla like “DONDE ESTÁ LA CUAIMA”. Carla calmly walks over to the toilet and just points, and sure enough, a big black snake pops it’s head out of our toilet every couple minutes. So my mom and dad are like “what the heck do we do”, and devise a plan that they’re just going to pour some Drain-o down the toilet, and wait with an axe until something happens. This is really exciting stuff so of course me and my sisters gathered around to watch. So my dad pours the Drain-o, and about ten seconds later, this giant snake springs out the toilet and is furiously writhing all over our bathroom floor. So creepy. My dad swings the axe and chops the snakes head clean off and leaves a giant dent in our bathroom floor. Then Carla snatched the axe from him and chops the snake into, I’m not exaggerating, fifty different pieces. Our bathroom is covered in snake guts and blood. But, anyways, the point of this story is, after this happened I couldn’t use the bathroom alone until I was ten, and I didn’t conquer my fear of actually sitting on a toilet seat until I was thirteen.

I’m sorry that I post this… but… I’m really nervous right now.

As many of you know, Venezuela is in a very tense situation right now. From next week this could finally turn into the dystopia the goverment has tried to impose on the country.

I am really scared. I do not know if I’ll be able to leave the country with my parents, or if we are going to be safe. Only thing I now is that things are not going to get better.

Please have Venezuela in your minds. If you pray, pray for us.

I don’t usually pray, until now.

Coup d'état in Venezuela

This is important and needs to be broadcasted all across the globe. This should be trending. Please reblog.

The Venezuelan Supreme Court actually took over the responsibilities of their Parliament, making it powerless. Maduro, the Venezuelan president, is said to have ‘couped himself’ by the opposition (who were majority in the parliament).

As you may know, the South American nation of Venezuela is going through a horrible economic and social crisis. Necessity products can’t be found there, money is basically useless, public services are shit. The government repressed all forms of protests, even the more peaceful ones. This, using the Supreme Court to dissolve the Parliament, is the final straw.

As a fellow South American (Argentinian), I empathize with their situation deeply, so I’m asking you to share this because the world needs to pay attention. Something needs to be done.

The people need to rise up, and the international community must support them through their transition into democracy. They need medical, financial, and all kinds of aid. Let’s stand by them.


85 días de lucha por una libertad que la mayoría desconoce. 85 días viendo cómo hermanos son asesinados por las fuerzas que juraron proteger al pueblo. 85 días más donde la gente se sigue muriendo en hospitales por falta de insumos. 85 días más viendo cómo países hermanos nos dan la espalda (cómo claramente se vio en la sesión de la O.E.A.). 85 días más han pasado para esos niños que están en este preciso momento comiendo de la basura. 85 días más ha pasado una joven haciendo cola para obtener productos básicos para su bebe. En 85 días de protestas muchas madres y familiares han despedido a jóvenes en un ataúd o en el aeropuerto. En 85 días jóvenes han muerto en busca de un mejor futuro para ellos mismos. En 85 días jóvenes se han ido buscando un mejor futuro en otro país, y así han transcurrido 85 días de lucha. De una lucha cómo dijo uno de nuestros jóvenes caídos: “la lucha de pocos, vale por el futuro de muchos.”

Jamás los olvidaremos luchadores, siempre estarán en nuestro corazón y ustedes serán nuestra nueva historia!

Att: Una mujer orgullosamente venezolana♥

PD: Necesitamos que estas fotos den la vuelta al mundo para que sepan lo que sufre nuestro país. Por favor, ayúdanos a que todos sepan por lo que estamos atravesando, se nuestro granito de arena, de verdad necesitamos que el mundo vea la crisis que estamos atravesando los venezolanos. Por favor… Les prometemos que no les tomará mucho tiempo


this is a tired country, tired of dying because there is no food, tired of dying because you cant find medicines, you die protesting or you die when someone decides to steal your phone (that’s how much a Venezuelan life costs).
I’m posting this because I have A LOT of friends outside Venezuela and they don’t know what is going on here, we don’t know what is happening in Caracas, except for what people posts on twitter or instagram, and the internet isn’t working well, and I wanted people  to know what’s happening here

can you guys believe it’s official we’re fucked, trapped, living in a fucking dictatorship?

can you guys believe it’s been more than 120 days of protest with more than 120 deaths and thousands of imprisioned and yet the goverment it’s still fucking dancing over the corpse of our democracy? 

can you guys believe my people made their opinion clear, that we did NOT wanted that fucking bullshit called Constituyente bc it’s all lies and corruption and yet these fuckers went on with that shit bc they just couldn’t have enough with taking all the money and having all the power? 

So, long story short:

Today, july 31st 2017, the government of Venezuela and it supporters are voting to approve a new constitution. Earlier this year the president, Nicholas Maduro, completely erradicated the parliament since it did not agree with his ruling. The country is in an economic crisis, there is no food nor medicines. There aren’t even basic need products such as toilet paper, razors, soap, etc.

The photograph above is one of the best clinics in the country being gassed by government officials and rising the Red Cross flag as a sign of distress.

The President has already stated , on live television, (and I quote) that if he didn’t get enough votes to approve a new constitution he would “Manage to achieve with bullets what he didn’t achive with votes”. Meaning that if the country did not approve of the change he would use his military resources to eliminate those who oppose him.

I’m so fucking angry and sad, but more than anything I’m so scared. I’m scared for my venezuelan friends who haven’t been able to contact their families for the past 24 hours, I’m scared for my neighbor who had to leave her sick mother and sister in venezuela and hasn’t been able to send them medicine or money for the past two months, I’m scared for the future of my venezuelan brothers and sisters who are dying every single day fighting for their rights and their future. 17 people have died since yesterday during elections, two of them were children. They were 13 and 17 years old, they should be playing with friends and living their youth but instead they were fighting for their rights and they were killed for it. I feel so hopeless, because there’s nothing I can do, the only thing I can do is inform y'all of this, since I havent seen many posts about it and since nobody seems to care. Even in my country, a south american country which should be doing everything in it’s power to protect our latinx sibilings, people are clueless. They know shit is going down, they know venezuela is currently hell, yet they do nothing to help or inform themselves more than the little our news channels or the goverment tell us. Please don’t turn your back to Venezuela, whatever country or continent you are from, they need our help, they need us to be informed so no one forgets about them, so no one gives them their back just as their goverment did