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Do you Know what is happening in Venezuela? This is what is happening. This is what has been happening during a week. The students have been protesting in a pacific way against the repressive and tyrant government that we have since 1999 (yes, 15 years living with insecurity, food and medicine shortages, deprivation of liberty, and media blackout) and what is the police and the army doing? Beating us, shooting us, and recently some students were condemned to jail for 13 years!! For what crime? For claiming justice and democracy. Please, share this post, the world needs to know.




UPDATE: Government-owned Internet CANTV has blocked photos on Twitter. We need to keep spreading this information! Rihanna and Jared Leto have tweeted their support! AP, HuffPost, Buzzfeed and more have picked up the story. It’s working guys KEEP SPREADING THE WORD!


This happened today (Feb 12th 2014) in Venezuela, in a peaceful protest carried out by college students in various cities across the country.

The demonstration was met with violence from the Venezuelan Armed Forces, the Government Police and armed groups. Two students were killed by gunshots, and many other were injured.

The media completely ignored the violent response towards the students, because all of our national TV channels are under control of the government.

Our own government is killing us, either with hunger or violence. Please, reblog. We need help in Venezuela!


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#9M Venezuela. We will continue to fight for our freedom and against dictatorship. We are not afraid! The totalitarian government lies to international organizations to create a mask to the implanted dictatorship! All rights are violated and there is no respect for human rights! we are all alone against an armed state! WE NEED HELP!! 




These are NOT fascist murderers, they are freedom fighters. Warriors against Venezuelan dictatorship. Against impunity. Against injustice. Against abuse of others. 

These Venezuelans are true patriots who daily risk their lives to demand their rights and are being criminalized by a dictator regime that seeks to censor everything that opposes! 

The world need to know what is happening in Venezuela. The media is censored. We are all alone against a corrupt government that suppresses all in their path!

We are the resistance, we are re-evolution! 

Spread this please! Thank you!

Photos: Alejandro Cegarra



Ok, so I feel with the obligation to post this. What is happening in Venezuela is really sad, but this is not new. At least in Mexico we had a lot of confrontations like these, even some people in Michoacan started to organized against crime and “narcos” because the government never helped them.

Mexico faces a serious crisis of governance, leading to the Mexican State to use force and repression in order to contain the violence and dissidence, with disastrous results to the general population. The ONU remarks the military force as constant violators of human rights.

The most sad part is that none of these news were shown in public television or in mexican newspapers webpage or something, even if some of them are shown the information was distorted, why? Because the few television chains and mass media in Mexico are sold to Peña Nieto’s facism government: PRI.

Here’s some of the relevant information that not were shown in TV or any massmedia, but this information was uploaded by reporters who made their own webpages to show what has been really happening in Mexico:

Jan 1, 2014 - 2013: Year of Reforms (Last picture)
This year was the most remarkable in introduce reforms to change the laws about economy and politics of the country. The government is applied from “up to down”, and all citizen participation has been changed into a passive way to accept the order imposed by the Hause of Representatives, while many mexicans still suffering missery, starving and oppression with the promised idea of Mexico as a capitalist country.

Jan 13, 2014 - Two corpses were found hanging from a bridge in Michoacan
Two corpes were found hanging from a bridge in Michoacan, as a response by narcos “Los Templarios” to the “Autodefensas”.

Jan 14, 2014 - First Civilian killed by Michoacan Military Force after the singn of “Acuerdo por el apoyo federal para la seguridad de Michoacán” (Agreement for the federal support for security in Michoacan)
After the signed agreement by the Secretary of Interior, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong y Michoacan’s Governor Fausto Vallejo, military forces killed a civilian during a manifestion as part of the “Autodefensa” movement, while they were taking guard of their community.

Jan 14, 2014 - Soldiers shooted 11 persons, 4 dead one of them was a little kid.
At least 4 persons were killed during a shooting in Atunez, Michoacán. Military forces has taken actions against “Autodefensas”, according to Beltrán, a day laborer of that community said that what they are doing is try to protect their family, that the government has not taken action in the last 12 years about all insecurity in the state. [The Army came and took our guns, then people started to come to the place asking them to give us back our guns because we were protecting and guarding the place of narcos “Los Caballeros Templarios”], then they started fire against us.

Jan 20, 2014 - March to support Autodefensas in Michoacan (first 4 pictures above)

Around 50 persons (majority women) were marching in Angel de la Independencia in Mexico City to support the liberation of Autodefensas in Michoacan, 300 elements of the Secretary of Public Security were sent to control them. In several times, cops tried to block them and also pushed people with their shields.


What’s going on in Venezuela

(video by Andreina Nash)

I don’t know how many of you know where I am from or how is it like over here, I don’t know if you know about the political situation in my country, I don’t know what kind of information you get - if you get any, or if you even care…
But I live (more like survive) in a country where there’s no food in the supermarkets, there’s no medicines in the hospitals nor pharmacies, a mobile phone can cost the salary of a whole year, a car costs the salary of ten years, a house costs ten times that car, and if you’re very lucky you won’t get a gun shot in the head when someone tries to rob your phone, your car or get into your house. It’s likely we will die of hunger or victims of the insecurity… and when we go to the streets to protest about that, we can die there too…

However, this message I’m sharing is not about politics, this is about justice, this is about freedom and peace, this is about human rights.
I know I’m not gonna take down the government by protesting or posting this and I know there’s no so much you can do to change our situation, I just wanna share this video because we want and need the world to know what we’ve been through the last few days
So I’m just asking you to take 7 minutes of your time to watch this and share it if you think it’s worth it (I hope you do).

And last but no least, please pray for Venezuela 💛💙💔.