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Estamos cansados. Somos un hermoso país que lo han llevado a la ruina. Antes la gente venía a nuestro país por el cálido clima, las hermosas playas ¡incluso el Salto Ángel! (que todos conocen por Up). Y ahora todos se van. Ya sea por el aeropuerto o un ataúd tres metro bajo tierra. Me duele mi país. Me duele ver que mis amigos se van porque saben que su futuro aquí ya no vale nada. Me duele ver como los niños/adultos/jóvenes se mueren a diario porque no hay insumos suficientes para todos. Me duele que no puedo salir a una disco o a casa de un amigo, incluso a caminar de noche porque corro el riesgo de ser asesinada sólo por un celular. Me duele ver que los chamos están dejando su vida por nosotros en la calle protestando mientras que a muchos no les importa. Me duele ver niños toooodos los días comiendo de la basura porque sus padres no tienen para llevarle ni un pedacito de pan a ellos o lo peor sus padres no pudieron conseguir alimentos porque nos hay NADA en este país. Se lo han robado todo que hasta el miedo se nos lo llevaron. Yo se que algún día te recuperaremos, mi amada Venezuela. Se que pronto todos volverán y lloraremos de alegría porque volveremos a ser un país hermoso, seguro y alegre. Pronto mi Venezuela. Pronto serás nuestra otra vez ¡QUE VIVA VENEZUELA NOJODA!

PD: Necesitamos que estas fotos den la vuelta al mundo para que sepan lo que sufre nuestro país. Por favor, ayúdanos a que todos sepan por lo que estamos atravesando, se nuestro granito de arena, de verdad necesitamos que el mundo vea la crisis que estamos atravesando los venezolanos. Por favor… Les prometemos que no les tomará mucho tiempo


We are tired. We are a beautiful country that have brought it to ruin. Before, people came to our country because of the warm weather, the beautiful beaches, even the Angel Falls! (Which everyone knows about Up, the movie). And now they all go. Either by the airport or a coffin three meters underground. My country hurts. It hurts to see my friends leave because they know that their future here is not worth anything. It hurts me to see how children / adults / young people die every day because there are not enough medical supplies for everyone. It hurts me that I can not go out to a disco or to a friend’s house, even walking at night because I run the risk of being killed only by a cell phone. It pains me to see that young people are leaving their lives for us on the street protesting while many do not care. It hurts me to see children every day eating from the garbage because their parents do not have to take a piece of bread to them or worse their parents could not get food because there is NOTHING in this country. They have stolen everything that even the fear took away. I know that someday we will recover, my beloved Venezuela. I know that soon all will return and we will cry of joy because we will be a beautiful, safe and happy country again. Soon my Venezuela. Soon you will be ours again! LIVE VENEZUELA NOJODA!

PS: We need these photos to go around the world so they know what our country suffers. Please, help us all know what we are going through, it is our bit, we really need the world to see the crisis that we are going through the Venezuelans. Please … We promise you it will not take too long.

-Una chica invisible & Tiburón Krum

Coup d'état in Venezuela

This is important and needs to be broadcasted all across the globe. This should be trending. Please reblog.

The Venezuelan Supreme Court actually took over the responsibilities of their Parliament, making it powerless. Maduro, the Venezuelan president, is said to have ‘couped himself’ by the opposition (who were majority in the parliament).

As you may know, the South American nation of Venezuela is going through a horrible economic and social crisis. Necessity products can’t be found there, money is basically useless, public services are shit. The government repressed all forms of protests, even the more peaceful ones. This, using the Supreme Court to dissolve the Parliament, is the final straw.

As a fellow South American (Argentinian), I empathize with their situation deeply, so I’m asking you to share this because the world needs to pay attention. Something needs to be done.

The people need to rise up, and the international community must support them through their transition into democracy. They need medical, financial, and all kinds of aid. Let’s stand by them.


this is a tired country, tired of dying because there is no food, tired of dying because you cant find medicines, you die protesting or you die when someone decides to steal your phone (that’s how much a Venezuelan life costs).
I’m posting this because I have A LOT of friends outside Venezuela and they don’t know what is going on here, we don’t know what is happening in Caracas, except for what people posts on twitter or instagram, and the internet isn’t working well, and I wanted people  to know what’s happening here


85 días de lucha por una libertad que la mayoría desconoce. 85 días viendo cómo hermanos son asesinados por las fuerzas que juraron proteger al pueblo. 85 días más donde la gente se sigue muriendo en hospitales por falta de insumos. 85 días más viendo cómo países hermanos nos dan la espalda (cómo claramente se vio en la sesión de la O.E.A.). 85 días más han pasado para esos niños que están en este preciso momento comiendo de la basura. 85 días más ha pasado una joven haciendo cola para obtener productos básicos para su bebe. En 85 días de protestas muchas madres y familiares han despedido a jóvenes en un ataúd o en el aeropuerto. En 85 días jóvenes han muerto en busca de un mejor futuro para ellos mismos. En 85 días jóvenes se han ido buscando un mejor futuro en otro país, y así han transcurrido 85 días de lucha. De una lucha cómo dijo uno de nuestros jóvenes caídos: “la lucha de pocos, vale por el futuro de muchos.”

Jamás los olvidaremos luchadores, siempre estarán en nuestro corazón y ustedes serán nuestra nueva historia!

Att: Una mujer orgullosamente venezolana♥

PD: Necesitamos que estas fotos den la vuelta al mundo para que sepan lo que sufre nuestro país. Por favor, ayúdanos a que todos sepan por lo que estamos atravesando, se nuestro granito de arena, de verdad necesitamos que el mundo vea la crisis que estamos atravesando los venezolanos. Por favor… Les prometemos que no les tomará mucho tiempo



April 19th - Mother of all Protests

I want to share with you what’s happening in my country because the world needs to know. We need the world to know. I need to tell the world because reporting abuse is one of the main things you do when you witness injustice and how civil rights are being violated. But because our justice system is so damn corrupted and under absolute control of the goverment, we have to report all these atrocities to international organizations.

What I’m about to show you are pictures from today’s biggest protest so far in Venezuela. We call it the “Mother of all Protests”. The main goal was to get to the Ombudsman’s office and tell him to investigate the unconstitutional decision by Supreme Court to officially take over power from the opposition-controlled parliament (which we won in elections two years ago) I think in EEUU and Europe this figure investigate things related to maladmistration, especially that of public authorities but here the “Defensor del Pueblo” is literally the “People’s Defender”, so he should investigate any situation where civil rights were compromised, advocate in favor of the people and vail that our Constitution is being respected.

But of course, in Venezuela there’s no such thing as “Separation of powers”, so our useless Defender (Tarek William Saab) just spend time twitting and telling the word he “rejects any actions against our people” when in reality he is full of bullshit. Important fact: He is the leader of the Fifth Republic Movement (MVR) party founded by Hugo Chávez (The biggest mother fucker ever to exist) And all of our public figures (or most of them) are enrolled in the political party, the PSUV. The goverment party.

So yeah, we are under a dictatorship since many years ago but because we still have “elections”, international organizations considered us as a democracy. Thankfully they have been opening their eyes and are finally acknowledging what’s happening and reject the economic crisis and humanitarian crisis we are living in Venezuela.

What happened with the “Mother of all Protests”? It got intercepted by the National Guard, who by Minister of Defense’s orders can now take control of the police and act as figures of public order and can use lethal weapons against the people on protest control.

It is not the first time they make a disproportionate use of their forces against unarmed and pacific protests. We know it won’t be the last one either. But today it was brutal… The tanks, the picket, the bombs. They got hit with everything and the people got scared. And they ran. 

When you fill the highway there are no crossways to get out of. There were frightened and suffocated people who had no alternative but to jump to the Guiare (the river that carries all the black waters of Caracas). Imagine the panic of those Venezuelans who opted to go to the Guaire rather than die asphyxiated (or who knows otherwise) at the hands of the National Guard.

That your best alternative is to throw you into a river of shit to survive means that your other option was much worse. The metaphor lasts and can be applied to all of these years of injustices: they sent the country (with all our people inside) to a river of shit.

Let not forget what we are opposing. Against what we are fighting.
They do not care about our life.
They do not care about our country.
They do not care about anything.

Today’s balance was:

Over 200 detentions and 2 people died (no, killed). A 19 year old boy and a 23 year old woman (she was killed in San Cristóbal, a city near the border with Colombia). Both of them shot in the head.

I know I’m forgetting to tell you a bunch of other atrocities that happened today and had happened, at least, in the past 3 years but please, PLEASE, spread the word.

The opposition gave a press conference later today and said the people should stay in the streets protesting, so tomorrow we will resist and fight again.

The Situation in Venezuela

I take this moment to tell what is happening in Venezuela.

This country has been suffering almost 20 years in a political regime that at the beginning promised a lot to its people, but that in fact did not fulfill anything.

Since the 4th of this month students from all over the country and political leaders have taken to the streets demanding their rights as Venezuelan citizens.

The regime of President Maduro is not far from becoming a dictatorship, this regime has taken what was once a prosperous country to the bottom of the abyss, has turned it into a country with one of the largest inflations that exists, its capital ( Caracas) is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, you can not go out without being robbed, the media show nothing of the reality of what is happening, it is an oppressive government regime, have committed violations to The human rights of its citizens in the last days, its constitution has been violated, police officers violently repress the demonstrations.

Unfortunately, on March 5, police forces raided the premises of a state university, which had students inside, of that confrontation left 14 wounded: 3 by bullets and 11 by pellets. At the end of the day the number of injured was 21 students from the university.

But not only that, it is dawn confirms the death of a student of 19 years of age, by a shot to the heart, that was manifesting.

I want to clarify that you are peaceful demonstrations, these students and leaders opposed to the regime have been victims of violence by the police, these people are not armed, they have nothing to defend themselves with.

The reason I tell this is because the international community does not know or know very little about the real situation that Venezuela is living, we ask for support so that the world knows what happens because the media do not tell it, we tell its citizens By means of the networks.

The Venezuelan people are already tired of queues, inflation, scarcity, insecurity. The Venezuelan people want peace, they want their country to return to being what it was, it wants the tyrannical resignation and its cabinet, it wants a change, it wants a true democracy, but above all it wants support.

So, after some discourse™ about Yastin Biver and the remix of “despacito”, talking with other latines, i realized that gringxs feel like we need to “thank” their artists because they talked two sentences in one of our languages, meanwhile latine artist are killing everyone by just being talented af. I wanted to make a little post praising some (let’s be honest, if we list every latine that fits here, we will have a bible) of the latine artists that are fucking awesome in more than one language:

Better covers for “Despacito”: Tritom / Maxi Espindola and Agustín Bernasconi / Carolina García / Karen Méndez, Pablo Saavedra & Juacko / Boyce Avenue / J.Fla / Susan Prieto (bachata) / Gabi Luthai / Nix / Zhamira Zambrano / Santos & Ledes / Naju y Tute (pop rock) / LOS 5  (there’s a mix between spanish speakers and non-spanish speakers. I included the last ones because they at least know the lyrics of the song, even if their accents are not perfect :) )

There’s people that honestly believe that we don’t like the remix because we don’t like “gringxs” singing in our languges or because we don’t accept them because they have accents (arguments from gringxs. Like, en serio?) Anyways,i’m gonna share with you some non-latine artists that sang in our languages that are knew and loved in latinoamerica:

Extra: latin american version of other songs, because they are….better: shape of you* / thinking out loud* / the beast and the beauty (bachata)* / all of me* / love yourself* / despacito / paisaje / paisaje (cumbia) / je l'aime a mourir

*: means that they have more songs in that language.

If you are latine, please add more songs!

(i’m tonta and i forgot to thank @dasakuryo @dixonette1013 and @keith-koganes for helping me with this post!)