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Idk if you read about the misha & bob jib6 short panel but Bob said that cas wouldn't consider the boys or anywhere home. Do you agree with that and do you think misha would have agreed had he answered the same question?

Lol, I read it! I definitely don’t agree, and I’m pretty sure Misha doesn’t either. I mean, come on, everyone with eyes can see where Cas thinks he belongs. He’s given up everything he had and left Heaven behind for the Winchesters, where do you think HE THINKS he belongs (or at least wants to belong)?

Quite frankly I think it’s ridiculous and illogical that the subject hasn’t been brought up at all, and that Cas living at the bunker hasn’t even been discussed at this point. “Hey man, you know you could have a room here if you wanted to, right?” And if Cas politely declined with a (good and logical) reason, then okay. But I can’t grasp how this has never even been brought up, because the obvious place for Cas to stay now that he doesn’t have a home, is the fucking bunker. He should’ve at least been offered the option by now.

And then there is the bullshit excuse of ‘but we don’t want him to be in every episode’ which makes no sense; Kevin lived in the bunker without being in every ep, hell, they even kept Crowley trapped in their basement for god knows how long!

I can’t put any of this on anything but illogical writing, but maybe that’s the bitter Cas girl in me talking. :p

About Singer though, I sort of understand why he doesn’t get the character; I highly suspect it’s because he doesn’t really care much about Cas’ character. That’s the vibe I’m getting from him, because he also still basically referred to Cas as a tool not too long ago. We can relate to this ourselves; when we watch TV shows, we all have certain characters that we just don’t like and just don’t care about, and we often find ourselves having difficulties to put ourselves in that character’s shoes. The problem being that we just can’t be arsed to take a look inside their minds or identify with their feelings, because we don’t want to waste energy on a character that we don’t give a shit about to begin with.

I think the only thing Singer likes about Cas is that Cas/Misha bring in a great deal of viewers, thus money. And so the problem being that he doesn’t really know Cas, not the way some of the writers do, and not the way Misha does.

I have a feeling that it was pretty much the same thing with Charlie, and basically everyone outside of the bros, therefore he isn’t a very reliable source when it comes to what’s going on inside most character’s heads. 

i’m so ready for stiles’ anger, you always see hints of it —– only coming out during times of stress. he hides it so well behind a mask of sarcasm & biting words —- something that’ll hurt, but won’t leave a mark. i’m ready for stiles to throw punches because words aren’t enough ; he’s going to make himself bleed because he can’t control himself. he can’t help but let it all out. he feels like he’s losing scott, that he’s going to lose his friends, that he might lose his dad ( change is scary, change is new, he doesn’t know how to deal with his father moving on when it feels like they never really did ). i want him to have shaking hands as blood trips from his knuckles, maybe from a wall, maybe from some glass. 


I was tagged by docholligay in a thing and I will do the thing but I am breaking all the rules and you can’t stop me (not really, I just always have trouble tagging people).

My questions:

1) If you could punch me in the face, exactly how fast would you do it?

Isn’t this the very foundation of our relationship?

2) What is your favorite way for lesbians to meet their untimely demise?

Happy Endings For Lesbians 2k15, fight me.

(“But Oath, you have been spamming us with your highly tragic SU ship-” “SHHHHhhhhh-”)

3) Snesbians (Snail Lesbians) or Snake Lesbians, or Snesbians?

Snake Lesbians, or Snesbians, obviously. They control our government at the highest level.

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4) Best Sailor Moon Episode of all time?

I know 110 is a classic and all and a part of my soul is forever curled up on the floor crying about “Haruka I won’t let you die”, but 106: The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus is where my heart truly lies.

5) If your blog had a motto, what would it be?

My blog has like 10 mottos and I’ve stamped them all over my theme because I am cheesy knight-and-honour loving trash. Alternatively (or additionally?) something from Cyrano about panache, aka my favourite word ever.

6) Offer me a baking tip

I tend to go by the maxim of “try not to set anything on fire this time”. That’s about as far as I can help you, sorry.

7) Who needs therapy more desperately, Haruka or Michiru?

My gut instinct says Michiru and I have many a headcanon of her family actually taking her to a variety of therapists when she was a kid (doing, in the end, nothing but harm), but at this point the only thing I can answer is Haruka in your fics, in those very rare instances when she lives. You monster.

8) Creepy Boyfriends: Team Helios or Team Nephrite?

Team Chocolate Parfait.

9) The most misunderstood character in Sailor Moon is:

My greatest treasure, my one and only, my ultimate troll mermaid queen Michiru Kaioh. (Hah, as if I was ever going to answer with anything else.)

10) I’m coming to your town. What’s one thing I should do?

Provide me with delicious baked goods, oh State Champion Baker.

Title: Misadventures in Taxi Cabs

Rating: T

Summary: A rainy night. A chance encounter. A…happily ever after? - A Fitzsimmons ‘gets into a cab only to find someone else is inside’ AU

Hi, felicity-smoaking! I know your birthday is on Monday (everyone remember to say happy birthday to her on the 6th!) but since I am skipping leaving the country tomorrow for 10 days, I need to give this to you early. I hope you enjoy it! (It’s very fluffy)

Read at AO3


She was starving, tired, and absolutely soaked to the bone.

Which is why when she saw the distinctive yellow of a taxi parked at the curb peeking out from under her umbrella, it felt like a gift from a very apologetic universe. She ducked her head from under the umbrella for just a second to confirm the light was on, then the strode towards it, oblivious to anything else in her determination to snag it before anyone else.

She opened the door and slipped inside, sighing in bliss at the dry, quiet cabin.

It was only then that she heard a sound of surprise emanating from the other side of the cab. She whipped her head around and caught sight of a young man about her age sitting as far away from her as he could in the cramped space. His face was a mix of surprise and panic. He must have entered the cab moments before her, but she’d been too distracted by the wild weather to notice.

Jemma glanced at the cab driver, but he was no help, looking between them with a disinterestedness that couldn’t be more obvious.

“I’ll get out,” Jemma said reluctantly. She moved her hand towards the door handle as slowly as possible, bracing herself for the unwelcome onslaught of wind and rain.

“What…ah…what direction are you going in?” the man asked.

“My hotel is east from here. Only about half an hour away,” she said hopefully, practically begging the universe that he was going the same way. The hotel was more like 45 minutes away in this traffic, but he didn’t need to know that.

“Mine, too,” he said. Jemma felt her shoulders relax as a drip fell off her hair and into her lap.

“We could share?” he said, sounding for all the world as if he expected her to refuse that offer.

“It would only be practical to split the fare,” she said with a decisive nod. They shared a smile, their gazes catching and then skittering away from each other.

Read it at AO3

Finished this piece! (Translation: I decided I’m done tweaking this piece). Now if only I could finish my recursion play-through of the game! Might still redo the text at some point in the future. Not sure I really like my handwriting for it.

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the north is very cold im v sorry bring many jackets maybe some snow pants

I will oh man I am moving next to one of the great lakes i am going to be so cold holy heck , 

thank you <3 I will be getting some snow boots and lots of layers and pfft probably will not go outside from november to like april