Demon Unmasked

I decided to do a MercyKill story for all my MercyKill followers. I recently had this head canon, and I hope you all like it.

Before you judge, just read the story and you might find yourself surprised with how you feel about it :)

I’m going to start with an introduction that will lead up to my idea of how MercyKill came about.

I apologize for it’s length but it’s necessary to give you the full story before MercyKill came about in my mind.  

Enjoy! Feedback and Reblogging are welcome. 

Intro: Overwatch had been shut down since the accident. Angela felt that it was best it stayed that way. She couldn’t bring herself to go back anyway. Not after what she did…

Her worst fears came into perspective when Winston had contacted her, telling her that there was a need for Overwatch again. Talon had begun attacking his facility, and he was attempting to call the gang back together. Angela not only felt uncomfortable with the idea, but she also knew the entire gang wouldn’t be there. Two people would be missing…two very important people…the men she attempted to save after the explosion, but something went terribly wrong…

Out of all the attempts to save her friends, only two out of three were successful. The first was Genji. His brother had practically mutilated him. He was as good as dead when she found him. He was deformed, his features unrecognizable. He was barely breathing. She knew he’d never be able to live the same again, if he had any chances of living at all. She had to put him on a life support unit while she worked on an idea to keep him alive using a unique armor. The armor would help him breathe and move with ease. It would help strengthen him. And so became the Cyborg Ninja. When Genji awoke, his new self in tact, he thanked Angela for her hard efforts. He would be forever grateful. 

Then the explosion of Overwatch Headquarters. Jack and Gabriel were the only two inside. They had been fighting a lot, and she was the only one who knew about their fights. She should had tried to put a stop to it, but she thought they could work it out. Turns out they couldn’t. Angela was horrified that her friends were probably dead. She couldn’t allow herself to accept it; to walk away. She made her way through the rubble of what was left of the building. No one saw her go in, and she wanted it to stay that way. She found Jack first, he still had a small ounce of a pulse. Using her Caduceus Staff, she healed him as best she could, just to stabilize him long enough for her to search for Gabriel. It took her way too long to find him. Finally seeing his feet sticking out from under a piece of fallen ceiling, she used all the strength she had to lift the heavy tile from his body. As she feared, he no longer had a pulse. He was clinically dead. She knew that as a doctor she should have just pronounced him dead and called the time of death, but she couldn’t bare it. Not when it was Gabriel… Knowingly she’d have to pay the consequences of her actions, she plummeted her staff into his chest, piercing his heart. “Heroes never die!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, and activated her staff. Gabriel’s eyes shot open, his back arched from the ground, and a black mist began escaping from his mouth. It was nothing she had ever seen before. It was then she realized she made the biggest mistake. It was one thing to heal someone that still had a pulse, but it was another to bring someone back from the dead. She not only brought her friend back, but she brought back something from another world with him…the spiritual world. His body started changing before her.. His once tan skin tone became pale, his eyes turned red, his wounds began to heal themselves and then….he was gone. His entire body vanished into a black cloud of smoke and left her standing there in a state of fear, shock and confusion. She looked back over to wear Jack had been laying…but he too was gone! Scared of what would come about of her actions, she set fire to the remains of the building and later told the others that Jack’s and Gabriel’s bodies had not been found and burned with the building. 

It had been five years since the shutdown of Overwatch and it was still hard for Angela to even be able to work properly, to think properly. She practiced as a doctor in war, attending to injured soldiers. Her Valkyrie Suit and Caduceus staff put away for good. The injuries of war kept her mind distracted, until the day she got the call from Winston. At first she had told Winston she couldn’t come back, but after a lot of thought she knew that Overwatch needed her. She was the only one that could heal quickly aside from Ana’s biotic darts, but Ana had died in the recent years. Rumored that she had been killed by a Talon sniper. She felt bad for little Fareeha, who probably wasn’t so little anymore. She’d looked up to Jack and Gabriel and now her mother was dead also. Overwatch had lost so many…which is why it was important for her to fight for the lives of the remaining. 

After returning to Overwatch, Winston and Tracer had been watching the news. They’d found a man with odd abilities. It was reported that he could run in unbelievable speeds than that of a normal human. He wore a visor that covered most of his face. It seemed as though he used it for target enhancement. He had stolen equipment from the abandoned explosion site that must have been in the weapons room in the basement that didn’t suffer from the fire. He stole Jack’s pulse rifle and biotic canisters. The man went by the name of Soldier 76. Everyone he came across only ended up with non-threatening injuries. Winston was determined to find him and stop him. Angela, however, found the man oddly familiar. Her stomach felt like it had dropped, and a bile began to form in her mouth, making her sick. It was him… she knew it. Jack Morrison… but how did he end up with such abilities. She healed him like she would anyone else with injuries. He’d had a pulse, unlike Gabriel.

Winston and Tracer were successful in capturing the Soldier, but Angela knew he would go with them freely. Of course Jack would go with them willingly, they were his old friends. Soldier 76 had convinced Winston that he wasn’t harming anyone and he was only fighting for what was right, and that he wanted to join Overwatch. Winston agreed to it as long as Mercy approved his abilities to be safe for battle…Angela feared what was to come of her reunion with Jack. The others were oblivious that it was him. Of course, she did tell them all that he was dead.

Angela was in her med bay treating one of the new Overwatch members who sustained an ankle fracture while running. He was a young Brazilian who had created a unique way to healing. Since Angela had returned, she’d bonded with the young man, intrigued by his ideas. She was happy to have a healing partner on the team. If their battles were anything like the past, she’d need all the help she could get.  

“Good to go, Lucio.” She patted his leg, signaling he could step down off the table and smiled.

“Wow! Thanks, Doc! You’re the best!” He said with enthusiasm and skipped out of the room as if he never sustained an injury at all. 

“A lot of young talent joining Overwatch these days…” Soldier 76 said from the doorway, startling Angela.

She looked to him, placing her shaky hands into her lab coat pockets and took a deep breath. 

“Come in…” She spoke quietly.

He entered the med bay while she got a new, clean sheet for the medical table. She patted the table, signaling he could sit on it. 

“So the monkey says I need your medical approval…” He explained.

“So I heard…” She placed her stethoscope over her ears and placed the end of the scope over his chest with a shaky hand. “Take a deep breath.” He obeyed and took a deep breath and let it out. She placed the scope over his back, and asked him to do the same thing. “I’ll need you to remove your visor so I can check your eyes.” She was terrified to see his face, but she knew she have to face her mistakes one day. 

“I’m afraid I can’t do that…” He stated.

“I know it’s you, Jack.” She looked up at him, anger in her eyes. 

He reached up slowly, and removed his mask. A scar ran from his forehead to down across his nose. One of the wounds he sustained from the accident. He looked the same aside from his now grey hair that was once blonde. He aged quickly within the last five years. Of course he was in his late forties now. With tears in her eyes, she slapped him clean across the face. 

“What happened to you after I healed you?” She screamed. “Where did you go?” She paused to take a breath from her sobs. “Why didn’t you come back?” Her voice broke at the last question. 

“Angela…I’m sorry, but it was for the best. When you healed me, something happened. I felt a new strength I had never felt before. It felt like I had died and came back a completely new person.” He paused. “It was as if there was something more powerful in control that day…” He explained as best he could. “I knew that if I didn’t leave, you’d have to face consequences with Overwatch and United Nations about my unexplainable abilities…and I couldn’t allow you to go through that…” He bit his lip nervously. “I watched you raise Reyes from the dead… I saw what he became, and it was far worse than what became of me.” He stopped and looked down. “Be thankful it’s not him standing here.” He looked up at her. 

“…I’m the one who should be sorry, Jack.” Angela spoke quietly through her sobs. She wished Gabriel would had come back too, despite what Jack had just said. She owed him an apology also, although she was sure he would never forgive her. She didn’t even know if he was still alive… if alive was even a proper term for his state. 

“Shh, Angel.” He pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head, calling her by the old nickname he used to say before the accident. After all it was his idea for her to make her Valkyrie an angel. 

That’s what made Gabriel angry the most in his last days. He not only was passed over by the UN for commander position, that was given to Jack…he was in love with her, and she knew that because he had confronted her a few days before the accident. Her response was that Jack also loved her and she didn’t want to hurt either of them by her choice and chose to say no to both of them and focus on her studies. Gabriel refused her answer, and kissed her into bliss. One thing led to another and they ended up in bed together. She lost her virginity to him. She remembers the regret that washed over and how she would keep the secret from Jack. 

“I had sex with Gabriel…” She released herself from Jack’s embrace. She was sure her cheeks were red as she felt blood rushing into her face, terrified of Jack’s response. She wiped away her tears with the sleeves of her lab coat and turned her back to him. 

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Taken Aback

thanks for opening your requests!! so i had this idea (and i hope you understand it) where hotch fake spencer’s death (just like emily) and y/n is really heartbroken. what spencer didn’t know is that this y/n died while he was gone so when he came back he was angry and stuff because they were really close. sorry for my bad english x

You are completely fine, I understood what you were saying!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha.

The world stopped.

Everything was moving so slowly, like molasses through jello in a pool of…


You sat there in the hospital, covered in his blood, as Hotch continued to talk.

“…the doctors did what they could,” you heard.

“…there was just so much blood loss,” he said.

Could you wring it out of your shirt?

Could they scrape it off of your hands?

Surely you were carrying enough of his blood to-…


Oh, hell.

You stand at his funeral.  Spencer.  Your partner.  You friend.

Your best friend.

The only person who understood you.  You cared for you.  Who picked up your calls at 3 AM and was never bothered with being woken because, like you, he had not gone to sleep yet.

He promised he would never leave you.

“You promised,” you whisper as you watch his casket lower into the ground.

And the sky cried along with you as you watched your only friend become one with the ground.

You quit your job.

You moved out of your apartment.

You cashed in your pensions and assets and emptied your bank account.

You canceled your cards and tossed your phone.

You were done with the BAU.

Done with DC.

You wanted to drive.

Drive until you were compelled to stop.

But you hit a corner too fast.

You hit a corner too tired.

And you careened into the guard-rail and flipped down the mountain.

And your money poured from the windows of your car as you closed your eyes and sighed heavily.

“Oh, Spencer,” you whispered before your car crunched to the ground.

Now, it was Spencer standing at your grave.

Now, it was Spencer cursing you for leaving him.

“You promised,” he croaked out as Hotch put a hand on his shoulder.

But he shrugged it off in anger.

“I told you to tell her,” Spencer bites.

“We couldn’t risk it-” Hotch begins.

“It killed her, Hotch!” Spencer shrieks as he turns towards his boss, “It killed her!”

It was very rare that the team saw their steadfast chief flinch.

But he did at those words.

“I’m sorry,” was all he could offer.

And Spencer scoffed and walked away.

“She promised, damn it!” he yells as he walks towards his car.

He couldn’t handle it.

His father.



His mother’s memory.


So when he ducked down into his car, he reached for his badge, his credentials, and his gun…

…and he threw them in a puddle as the sky cried alongside him.

‘Oh Erwin…the things I’m going to do to you…’

Levi has many ideas for his new toy, all the little poses he has in mind - next to his favourite teacup like he’s climbing in. Holding onto his thumb. Raiding the snack cupboard. Reading books.

Deep down, Levi is just a big kid like us, was actually the first to pre-order his new prized possession.

Has this been done? Sorry if it has, but the idea came to me this morning so I had to do a quick doodle XD

Clearly couldn’t be bothered to do actual arms.

Be My Princess Difficulty Levels

Zain is boss because he is both a prince AND a butler. Just saying.

I’m sorry I rarely do edits and I can’t make fantastic stuff but this idea came to my mind and I just went ahead and did it

fleurdufeu  asked:

Could I prompt the Rogue One squads reactions if they were alive at the end of Return of the Jedi when the second Death Star is destroyed and the Emperor dies and everyone is celebrating?

Sorry I made this more rebelcaptain than you asked but I figured you wouldn’t mind. This idea just latched on and wouldn’t go away. I hope that you like it!

They could hardly believe it when news came into the base. They were all gathered in the control room awaiting word and when it came that the second Death Star was gone, along with the Emperor and Darth Vader, everything exploded. People were cheering and embracing. Cassian turned around to look for Jyn and he saw Baze lifting a grinning Bodhi and Chirrut with his eyes closed and his head tilted back.

She was standing apart from the others, her hands braced on a table and her head tucked down. After shaking several hands, including General Draven’s, he made his way over to her and hesitantly placed his hand on her shoulder. Jyn looked up at him, her cheeks wet with tears that she didn’t want anyone else to see. He took her hand gently in his, leading her towards the door.

As they passed their companions, she accepted a tight hug from both Baze and Chirrut and kissed Bodhi on the cheek. They all looked on with understanding as she and Cassian left. Once they were outside, she took several deep breaths of the cool night air before looking up to the sky. Cassian watched as several more tears slid from beneath her closed eyelids before she spoke.

“For you Papa,” she whispered.

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Everyone who followes me since before U4 came out already knows how deep my love for Chloe and Charlie ( and Harry but mind you, this isn’t about him because he’s canonly dead ) is and while I love the idea for Chloe to have a fun adventure with Nadine, I just hope that ND at least drops us a hint that Charlie is fine. I mean if Charlie should be in TLL I would be absolutely happy but if he isn’t in the DLC then pls ND just confirm that Charlie is well and not somewhere lying dead in a ditch.

Tell Me That You Love Me [A Stucky One Shot].

A/N: Hello my lovelies! So, I’ve been doing a lot of uni work lately and ideas for the story people asked for (injured Steve and the adrenaline crash), is just not working at the moment. I’m sorry, I can’t seem to get the words out. I might come back to it later on, but for now, I’m not sure. 

Don’t fret, I saw some headcanons that I want write, so there will be more Stucky coming. This however, came to mind and I thought I may as well post it. It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s fluffy and it’s Stucky. And uh, I’l just tag them because they love all the fluff: @undiscl0sed-desir3s, @mcuofstucky, @whydouwantaname and @stevestuckyonbucky

Pairing: Stucky. I don’t really need this here, do I? 

Disclaimer: All Marvel characters go to Marvel. But this fic is mine. 

P.S: This has been edited, sorry for any mistakes that may be left by accident! Enjoy <3 

It’s 1941 and Bucky is going off to war, leaving Steve behind.

“Don’t leave me,” Steve said softly one morning.

The two of them were sitting at their kitchen table, eating their breakfast, while the morning light seeped in from the open window, gracing Bucky’s creamy skin and his tousled lush, brown hair, still messy from sleep.

“Steve,” Bucky sighed, looking up from his paper, his light blue eyes were wide and sorrowful, “you know I have to. I’ve already got my orders, pal.”

Steve pursued his lips, running a hand through his golden blond hair and sighed, “Bucky –

“I’m comin’ back Stevie. I promise. ‘Till the end of the line remember?” Bucky asked, smiling.

Steve didn’t smile back.

He just shook his head and stood up, blue eyes broken and hollow, as he shuffled out of the kitchen and to his bedroom.

And he didn’t reply with their usual “‘till the end of the line.”

It’s 2015 and Steve was reading in his living room on his floor, finally having a quiet evening after a long time.

“Stevie?” Bucky asked from behind Steve, coming out of their bathroom, “how does it look?”

They’d been sharing the same floor but slept in different rooms, and Steve hadn’t told Bucky how he felt, yet. Steve turned in his seat and dropped his book in shock, Bucky was standing there with his hair short and clean shaved. His hair was like it been but not slicked back, no, it was tousled and messy, like it had been during the war, in that style that looked perfectly effortless.

“Buck,” Steve said softly, “it…you look - uh, good, really good.”

Bucky grinned; his were eyes light and happy, “thanks, punk.”

“Did Nat do it for you?” Steve asked, not knowing what else to say, blushing stupidly. Bucky chuckled, walking over to Steve, dressed in simple clothes, but the blond thought he looked so handsome.

“I remembered somethin’ else,” Bucky said, most of his memories had come back to him now, and only the odd few still needed to slip through, “that morning - when I had my orders and you asked me –

"Not to leave,” Steve nodded and sighed, “yeah that. It’s not important. You’re here now.”

“That’s not all,” Bucky continued, cupping Steve’s face, “you didn’t say it back.”

“Say what back?” Steve asked, shocked that Bucky was touching him like this, so affectionately, so not-in-a-friend way.

“Why didn’t you say it back?” Bucky asked, now frowning but his voice was soft, “why Stevie?”

Steve’s heart stuttered, of course, he knew what Bucky meant, of course.

“I was upset. I didn’t want to lose you -

"Steve, it’s more than that and you know it,” Bucky said, his eyes were gentle but firm.

“I-fine,” Steve sighed, closing his eyes, “it’s because I love you. I. Love. You. I always have and I couldn’t…I didn’t want you to –

"Oh, Steve,” Bucky sighed softly, wiping away the tears that were now trickling down the blond’s cheeks, “look at me, baby doll.”

Steve started; Bucky had never used that term of endearment on him, not ever. It had always been ‘pal’ or 'punk’, then again they’d always just been best friends.

“Stevie,” Bucky murmured, nudging his nose against Steve’s, who was rigid and stuck to his seat, eyes still shut, “sweetheart, open those pretty eyes of yours.”

A soft, broken noise left Steve’s lips, as his eyes opened, feeling his heart crawling up his throat. Bucky had leaned down, his face was inches from Steve’s, looking at him with nothing but love and kindness.

“Bucky?” Steve managed to ask, his voice was quiet and shy.

Bucky smiled sincerely, leaning forwards, “can I kiss you, baby?”

Steve practically melted. Not only was Bucky being so sweet, but it was obvious then, that he felt the same.

“Yes,” Steve nodded, his eyes closing again.

And right before Bucky kissed Steve, he whispered, “I love you too, baby doll.”

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Feysand sub and dom kink fic

Sorry friend! I’m with @valamerys on this one I just….Really struggle seeing this for them, I’m sorry :(( maybe @squaddreamcourt would be up for this one?? Or there’s always the new acotar kinkmeme that’s popped up, I’m sure someone there would be willing to fill this for you? 

awkwardmarmar  asked:

Gajeel and Natsu and Juvia living together in apartment AU? I think they'd make an ot3 as in besties omg sorry if you don't like that just choose to ignore my request lol

I hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t help but adding a little Gruvia into the mix. It really helped solidify the idea I had with this prompt. ^^ I had fun, thank you for the request :-D It’s really long Idk what happened lol. 

“Gajeel-kun, don’t leave your metal scraps everywhere!”

“Don’t touch that! I’m working on a project,” Gajeel came running into the room the second Juvia touched one of the screws on the floor. He growled out the last bit, and finished it off with a glare.

“You can’t just leave these sitting around. Juvia nearly stepped on one of the tacks,” She stared at the offending object in question. Why had she ever agreed to live with two guys? She still couldn’t work out the reason in her head now. For one they were so messy!

“Look, you just won’t understand. I’ll finish it when I finish it, but until then just leave everything in its place,” Gajeel was grumpy. The way his voice scratched told her she had woken him up. She glared at him, but growing up next to him her whole life only meant he was adjusted to her evil looks by now.

“Glare all you want, but the project stays!” He left the room with a slam of his bedroom door leaving Juvia alone with yet another huge mess that she now wasn’t even allowed to clean. Who sleeps until one in the afternoon anyway?!

She stalked to the kitchen hoping a good cup of tea would help calm her nerves only to find a fire burning on the stove, “NATSU!”

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so this is a shoddy thing i did yesterday w/ one of my conceptual designs for rhodo (except i added some ruffles at the end of her sleeves as like a finishing touch i guess? the reason i chose C for this is bc not only was it my personal favorite (ironic, since only one person chose C as their fave… sorry @ everyone else) but it was also the easiest to draw imho) 

(yes, eventually i’ll actually draw out her face when i make a proper ref for her but these are just conceptual designs so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

i was also planning out a color palette for her as you might see; both versions have the same palette (i might try to come up w/ more later)

but the difference here is w/ her hair; yesterday this idea came up in mind; what if she had streaks in her hair similar to that of a irl rhodochrosite gem? so, i made one version w/ the streaks, and the other w/o them. 

do you think she’d look good w/ her streaks, or are they a bit too much for the design? also, does this design look okay? or do you maybe like one of the other ones i made better? (link is already at the top of this, bolded)


Jefferson x Reader (yes this isn’t marvel but I love once upon a time and the mad hatter so fight me)

Requested by @arianaamaris :  Hey again, so I came up with a fantastic idea for that Jefferson Imagine, if you don’t mind. So basically reader is close friends with Jefferson. Then one day reader sees a hat and is curious but then gets sucked into it and appears in Wonderland. Jefferson gets back to the house when he notices the hat on the ground and goes to look for reader. He really like the reader and maybe when he finds reader he says “I just couldn’t live without you.” Sorry if it’s long. Hope you like it!!

Word Count: 1,617

Authors Note: I’m back guys :) my exam is over and I can finally return to writing (which I have missed dearly) @ariannamaris , thank your for requesting this! I had fun with it and it was nice prompt to get back into writing with :) 

You looked out the window and watched the rain patter against the window. It was yet another dreary day in Storybrooke, and so you decided to spend the day with Jefferson at his mansion. He always prepared for your arrival, making sure that a fire was blazing in the fireplace and that he had tea ready for you to drink. He was currently in the kitchen, boiling the second pot of the day. The sound of his feet hitting the ground snapped you out of your trance.  

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You took a poem from a proinent African American woman, a civil rights activist that stood alongside Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, and used her words on a post that didn't include a SINGLE african american woman smh I know a lot of you overlook all of the black wlw characters, that'll never change, but the disrespect of taking THAT poem from THAT woman and using it on THAT post is just mind blowing smh

Wow okay … First ! I was recommanded that poem from a friend, I had no idea who it came from then, what the hell ? What if I chose a poem written by a white person and only gif back people on them ? Would people bash on me too for not including white people ? I included the women I love on this gifset, my OTP’s and I’m sorry but I don’t really have a back person in one of my OTP’s. Though Shaw is a WOC ! I shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to gif my female icons. And actually I don’t. I love this gifset and I love the women on it. The words are international. Now you don’t have to like it I understand but don’t come into my ask box, my safe place, (in anon!) saying what I should or shouldn’t do. I gif who the hell I want, to the words I want.

Thank you for your understanding !

Broken (Part 2)

Request and idea from @itscoolayout

A/N: Okay, I kinda got carried away 😁. This supposed to be only two parts but my mind came up with scenes so quickly that I just couldn't help it. Sorry 😑. Part 3 will be posted very soon. Hope you enjoy this! :)

(Part 1) (Part 3)

Warning/s: It’s kinda sad. Kinda. It also has mentions of violence.

You stepped out of the lab…

“Why is he here?” Dimmock asked.

“This again? You know why. I work with him.” You replied.

“You don’t even have a case right now.” He reasoned, pissed off. “I want him out.” As he declared that, a loud sound caught your attention and you saw Sherlock went out through the back door.

“I guess your wish has been granted.” You said plainly and you start to walk back to the lab.

“I’m not finished.” He said with a menacing voice as he tightly gripped your wrist up to turn you around, stopping in front of the door. The pain of twisted skin echoed on your body. He brought his face closer to yours, staring angrily through your eyes. 

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EXO Reaction: You kissing them out of the blue.

Hey sweet anon! Here is your request! I’m so sorry for the long wait! & thanks for requesting <3 

Xiumin: *will smile slyly licking his lips* 

“Shall I return the favour?” *Suggestive look* 

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Luhan: “So do you wanna go get some ice-”

*You kiss him suddenly* *Intense dazed stare* 

“Well… I don’t mind some of this too.” *pulls you in for a proper kiss* 

Originally posted by ballaydeer

kris: *you kiss him*

“Oh well… ok… Umm skudweuwuew” *Flustered Yifan is flustered* 

Originally posted by ohseungyeons

Suho: “Hey! Long time no see! We just came back from Beijing! You have no idea how-” *Kiss* 

“Oh my god.” *GIF* “Suho internally: Thank you lord.”

Originally posted by wooyoung

Lay: “Aish! *bites his lips* What is this?! HUH! Are you trying to kill me?!”

Originally posted by elaysium

Baekhyun: *When you first startle him with the kiss* 

“Oh.” *pervy thoughts* 

Originally posted by thurstae


Originally posted by exoturnback

Chen: “Did you just!”

You: Whoops?

Chen: Comere! *GIF* pretend you are kyungsoo :p

Originally posted by kyvngsoo

Chanyeol: *Will lick his lips unconsciously trying to realise what just happened*

“Did you just-” “Yes. I did kiss you Chanyeol.” 


Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

Kyungsoo: *After you kiss him…*

“Shit what do I do what do I do! You got this Kyungsoo you got it… THAT’S it! Say something nice and smile! That should work right?!”

“Well.. umm… uh… you look nice today”

Originally posted by krungsoo

“Nailed it!” 

Originally posted by kaiflowers

Tao: *Uncontrollable endless giggling*

Originally posted by aeloea

Kai: *Sigh* “Girl. You make my heart skip a beat~”

Originally posted by kaibility

Sehun: *Been waiting for this moment for his entire life, he will simply return the kiss with a more passionate one* 

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Feel free to request~

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56:“Teach me how to play?”

This request started out as being just a Haylijah drabble, but then turned into a Haylijah + Hope drabble. I couldn’t resist writing it once this idea came into my mind. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

“Mommy! That’s not fair!” Hope exclaimed, watching as Hayley knocked one of her Sorry pawns back to start.

Hayley let out a small laugh and shrugged her shoulders. “You chose the game, Hope. I am just playing by the rules,” she told her daughter. “I landed on a space with your pawn so it goes back to start.”

Hope sat back in her chair, crossed her arms, and pouted. “I do not like this game anymore.”

Shaking her head, Hayley replied, “We’re not even half way through the game yet. You still have plenty of time to win it.”

Hope’s pout immediately turned into a smile and she sat up straight. “And I will,” she said confidently, flashing a toothy grin at her mother.

A chuckle escaped Hayley. “Don’t get too confident.” She smiled back at her. “Who’s to say the cards are on your side?”

“It’s my game,” Hope pointed out. “Of course the cards are on my side.”

“Right,” Hayley said, nodding her head. “That’s sensible logic.”

“Yes, it is.” Hope grinned, picking another card from the draw pile. “I got an 11!” she exclaimed, doing a little dance in her chair. “I want to switch with that one,” she said, pointing at her mother’s pawn that was closest to her safety zone.

“Good move,” Hayley replied, reaching across the board to switch the pawns.

The sound of the door opening briefly distracted both Hope and Hayley from their game. They both turned their heads towards the door and smiled when they saw who had come in.

“Hi, uncle Elijah!” Hope exclaimed, smiling brightly as she jumped out of her chair and ran over to him.

“What are my two favorite girls up to today?” Elijah asked, picking Hope up and walking over to the table.

“We’re playing a game,” Hope answered. “And I’m currently beating mommy,” she added proudly.

Elijah laughed. “Is that so?”

Hope nodded her head as Elijah placed her back down in her chair.

“For now,” Hayley said, smiling as Elijah walked over to her and kissed her briefly; after all there was a kid in the room.

Elijah backed away from Hayley just enough so that he could look back and forth between Hayley and Hope.

“Teach me how to play?” He requested more so than asked of them.

Hayley couldn’t stop the surprised look that took over her facial features. Never had she expected Elijah to be the type to actually enjoy board games. He was always more of the reader type. Being into board games cam as a definite surprise to her.

Elijah raised an eyebrow as he stated the obvious, “You seem surprised.”

“Yeah, I just never assumed you’d like this sort of game,” Hayley admitted to him.

Elijah smiled. “You both like it,” he pointed out. “Therefore, it can’t be that bad of a game.”

“Yay!” Hope exclaimed. “You can be on my side while we teach you how to play,” she told him, standing up and offering him her chair. “Since we’re gonna be on the same team, we can share the chair.”

“Thank you, Hope,” he replied as he took the seat across from Hayley.

“You’re welcome,” she said, squeezing herself into the chair with him; thank goodness for her still being small enough to do that.

Hayley grinned as she stared at the pair across from her. “So now, not only do I get to beat one of my favorite people at a board game today, I get to beat both of my favorite people at a board game.”

“Haha,” Hope replied.

“We’ll see about that,” Elijah told her, smirking. “I catch on quick, and I’m good with strategy.”

“Oh, I know you are.” Hayley chuckled. “But that doesn’t mean you’ll win this game.”

“Don’t worry, uncle Elijah. The game is mine so the cards are on my side.” Hope assured him.

Elijah bit back a laugh and looked at Hayley across the table. They both smiled at each other before letting their expressions turn into serious ones.

“Maybe the best and luckiest ones of us win.”


“That’ll be us!” Hope interjected, causing both Hayley and Elijah to erupt into laughter.


» dark padme; ft. anakin AU | castle.

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I honestly don’t know how I feel about this video, to be honest. I felt like the idea I had in mind was a lot better than what actually came out, and I just don’t know:/ *sigh* But anyways, what inspired me to make this video was the upcoming movie The Huntsman, which I just loved the idea of Padme being this evil queen type figure and Anakin being her Huntsman. So that is where this idea came from.
But I hope you guys enjoy the video, please let me know what you think in the comments. I love reading your feedback! :D You guys are all so wonderful and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you! :’D Enjoy!
- Cailey

Instead of Anakin being the one to help Palpatine take down the republic, it was Padme. After Palpatine becomes the Emperor of the galaxy, Padme enlists help from her beloved to help her take down Palpatine and, together, become the rightful rulers of the galaxy. They take down as many of Palpatine’s soldiers on their way to the top.


A/N: okay, so this is my FIRST EVER one-shot. i believe my writing sucks and i’m new to  this industry. the idea came to my mind and i just wrote it. i hope you like it and be good to me, guys. :D and, um, sorry for mistakes.

Paring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson x Reader

Warnings: none except coursing

Aaron’s POV:

(y/n) was my co-star and she was playing Pietro’s secret love. She was one year younger than me and believe me or not, but I’ve never seen such a beautiful and hilarious girl like her. Literally, she was hilarious. She made pranks on everyone, but no one was mad. She was that kind of person who people wanted to be around. She was always smiling, laughing and helping, even scenographers. It was just wow! And I liked to be near her, I liked a lot. I had a crush on her, for the first time she smiled at me. We liked each other since we were introduced and hanging around. We were almost inseparable and the cast teased us, that we would be a sweet couple. I was laughing outside, but inside i wanted it so bad. She was friendly with everyone and I always felt jelaous when someone was near her, especially Chris Evans. I saw that he liked her a lot and I played it cool, but inside I was furious when he touched her or made her laugh. I wanted her for my own. I have never felt like that before. Even with my ex-wife. She has never made me so jelaous like (y/n) has. Deep in my heart I knew that (y/n) is the one I’ve been looking for my whole life. But the problem was that I had no idea, if she felt the same way or she just treated my like a good pal.

Nevertheless, we were on the Avengers set filming one of the last scenes. I was lying on the ground and pretending I was dead. It was scene where (y/n)’s character was holding Pietro’s dead body, stroking his face and finally kissing his lips. Believe me, I couldn’t wait for the last thing.

It was first take and I was really nervous. I was an actor for long years, I’ve kissed and had sex scenes with actresses, and then I was trembling like it was my first time on set.

‘’ACTION” I heard Joss voice.

I heard (y/n) steps. I was waiting for her touch on my face, but instead I felt light kicks on my right side. I did nothing, my eyes were still closed. Joss didn’t said ‘cut’ so I thought we were still filming.

‘’Pietro, wake up.’’ I heard (y/n) voice with accent and I knew she did it for fun so I play along.

‘’Pietro, you ass, wake up, I’m so horny’’ I did nothing. ‘’Pietro wake up, I’m so horny, I want to do nasty things with you, very nasty and naughty.

I tried not to smile, but inside I was laughing and wanting do nasty and naughty things with her for real.

Then I felt my shirt went up and her warm hand on my abs. I shivered under her touch. I heard her and the rest cast and crew giggle. I lied still, I felt her above me, her face was inches from mine and felt her hot breath on my lips.

‘’You play dead very convincing, Aaron.’’ (y/n) whispered ‘’I almost believie you and it would be such a shame to not having that good and handsome actor around.

I heard her smile in those words and I tensed up immediately. I wanted to lean in and kiss her, but I fought this urge.

‘’Relax, big boy. I’m just fooling around.’’ She said and gave me a quick kiss on the chick. I felt her standing up. All crew members cracked up with laughter. I opened my eyes and saw that she was looking at me with wide smile. I smiled as well and stood up from the ground.

‘’Okay, cut! That was lovely, (y/n), but I thought about something more dramatic.’’ Joss said with a smile.

‘’Okay, okay, I will try my best in the next take’’ (y/n) said to Joss.

‘’Oh my God, look at Aaron y’all’’ I heard Downey ‘’He is as red as my armour. Someone has a crush on (y/n)!’’

Everyone eyes land on me and I felt my cheeks burn, but I tried to play it cool and just laughed.

Then I went to my trailer, I had to rest from that tension. I was falling for her, that was for sure. But I had no idea, how to show her that. I took off my shirt and lied down on the sofa. Few minutes later I fell asleep.

I didn’t know how long I slept, but I was woke up by knocking on the door. I groaned and wiped my eyes. I yawned and opened the door of my trailer. (y/n) was standing in front of me. Her (y/h/c) hair was in a little ponytail and her fringe was covering her beautiful (y/e/c) eyes. She wore black tank top and skinny ripped jeans in the same colour. On her foots she has a pair of black and purple Adidas Flux.  I noticed that she bit her lower lip while looking at me. Suddenly, I realized that I was shirtless. My first thought was to wear something but then I decided not to, I just straighten up and showed all my muscles. I know, it was lame, but I wanted her to look at me, I wanted her attention.

‘’Umm, hey Aaron. I just wanted to check if everything is all right with you…’’ she mumbled stroking back of her neck.

‘’Oh, I’m just fine. Took a nap, thanks for asking.’’ I said laughing a little.

‘’So I just woke you up, sorry! I have the perfect timing.’’ She said sarcastically with a smile.

‘’It’s totally fine, (y/n), don’t worry!’’ I said a bit nervous.

‘’That’s cool. So, I won’t disturb you anymore. Take care, brother of Moses.’’ She joked and winked at me.

She started walking away. Fuck, Aaron, now or never.

‘’(y/n)! Maybe you want to come inside and have a drink with me?’’ I said and kicked myself in the ass, because that was so stupid question.

‘’Why not.’’ She turned around and got inside my trailer. I shut the door and asked her to take a seat. I took two bottles of coke and handed her one. She thanked me and I sat next to her. We were silent for couple of minutes, only drinking our cokes.

‘’I hope you are not mad at me for that prank earlier. You know how I am…’’ she mumbled not looking at me. She looked so pretty.

‘’Not at all. It was really funny and…’’


‘’And I felt nice. I like being in your company.’’ I said scratching the back of my neck.

‘’Aww that’s sweet, A. I like being in your company as well. You’re such a nice guy. I feel really comfortable having you around. I mean it!’’ (y/n) said looking in my eyes and I smiled.

‘’Same here. I’m really happy that you joined us on the set. Without you, it would be really boring here.’’

‘’I think not, ‘cause of the others and especially Downey, but it’s nice to hear that.’’ She laughed ‘’And I knew that we became best mates!’’

‘’Yeah, I knew that too…’’ I said a little bit disappointed. So she saw me only as a friend. That was clear.

She smiled and we were silent again. The tension was big. I almost couldn’t handle it. I just wanted to lie on her and kiss every inch of her skin. I couldn’t wait for our kiss scene, I wanted to taste her lips, feel them on mine own.

But what happened next was like a blur. She put her coke can on the table and sat on my lap, that I was between her legs. She put her hands on my bare shoulders, squeezing them lightly. We were looking into each other eyes. I couldn’t move, I didn’t know what to do. Still looking at each other, her hands went to my chest and abs. She dug her nails into my skin and I couldn’t help but moan and closed my eyes. Seconds later, I felt her breath on my neck. She was just lightly touching my neck with her nose and lips. But even those things drove me insane. My hands laid on her hips and I squeezed them. (y/n) changed the side of my neck and did the same. She entwined her hand in my hair and pull. My head leaned down exposing my neck. (y/n) kissed my Adam’s apple and I bit my lip. Her fringe was tickling my skin. Her lips was so warm and soft. I started breathing heavily, my hands went to her back pulling her closer.

‘’Aaron….’’ She whispered into my skin. Shivers went down my spine. ‘’I couldn’t take it anymore. I need to be closer to you, as much as possible.’’

‘’I feel the same, really.’’ I said and she looked at me.

‘’I really liked you from the begining, you know, as a friend and as a man. You’re funny, smart and smoking hot, but I knew that you were divorced, have kids and I thought that you didn’t want any woman in your life for some time, so I decided to just stay close and little by little show you my affection in every gesture. Everything I did, I meant it. ‘’ She said not looking at me.

I was stunned by her words. I didn’t know what to do or say.

‘’Please Aaron, say something. Do I have a chance to be a part of your life?’’ she whispered.

I took her by her chin and lifted her head. She looked at me with worried expression.

‘’And do you want to be my better half?’’ This time I whispered.

She smiled broadly and crashed her lips into mine. She put her hands into my messy hair. Her kisses were hot and passionate, longing and honest. I gave back kisses immediately with even bigger fervency. She stood up on her knees and leaned down my head again. I put my hands on her ass and squeezed it hard. She moaned into our kiss. Then she went lower, to my neck and started kissing and nibbing delicate skin. A growl came out from my throat.

‘’(Y/n)…’’ I hissed when she bit my collar bone.

Then, I took her under her tights and laid her on the sofa. I was hovering above her, our faces inches apart.

‘’I thought you don’t feel the same. I wanted to be close to you as well and I was furious and jelaous when any other man touched you or something. I knew that we don’t know each other for long, but I couldn’t stay away from you, even if I just got divorced. You are that kind of person, people want to be around all the time. You are so beautiful, caring, inteligent, smart, funny, you help everyone around. And maybe I am not an ideal role model for a partner in life, because I’m divorced twenty-five-years-old guy and father of two girls, but my feelings for you are so strong and, maybe this gonna sound stupid, but I feel like you are the woman I was waiting for my whole life. And you have to know that my past will be with me all my life.’’ I said honestly cupping her right cheek with my hand.

‘’Maybe this gonna sound cheesy, but I want you, all of you with your past, present and future. I want to make you happy and feel loved. I’ll do what I can and even more.’’ She took my face in her hands.

We were staring at each other and I really saw love in her eyes. I leaned down and kissed her hard. I licked her lips and put my toung in her mouth. It was good, it was right. I felt it in my whole body. Then she broke the kiss, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tightly to her body.

We were like that for couple of minutes. She was stroking my hair carefuly and giving me light kisses on my temple. I wanted it to last forever. I wanted to be in her arms forever. I knew that, that time I had the right woman by my side. I felt a little regret that I haven’t met her earlier. Maybe by that time we would be marriage waiting for our baby boy or girl. I didn’t regret having kids with my ex-wife, my daughters were everything to me.

‘’You know what?’’ She whispered and I just hummed. ‘’I just experienced my first kiss ever.’’

I looked at her and she was smiling.

‘’I am honored to be the first guy, I mean it. And how it was?’’ I gave her peck on the lips.

‘’Not bad.’’ She laughed and took my messy, dayed hair away from my face.

‘’Not bad? That’s all? You just hurt my feelings. I am great kisser, ya know.’’ I said cockyly.

‘’So I’m now lying with Aaron or Pietro? I though only Pietro is so cocky and hell of a womanizer and Aaron is such a sweet-boy-next-door.’’ She said winking.

‘’I have something from Pietro in me, that’s why you fell for me.’’ I smailed.

‘’That’s interesting, but I prefer all Aaron in this smoking hot body. And I fell only for him’’ Her hands slid down my back.

I chuckled and kissed her neck softly.

‘’I’m yours.’’ I told her seriously.

‘’And I’m yours. All of me.’’ She said seriously as well and kissed me. ‘’And I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat, handsome.’’

I kissed her once again and go tup, helping her too. I put fresh shirt on me and opened the door of my trailer. I went ouside and reached out my hands to her. She grabbed them and went down the small stairs. Then I took her by waist, brought her up and held her tight to my body. She took my face in her palms, pressed her forhead against mine and chuckled.

‘’You fucking owe my twenty bucks, Evans! I told ya, they’re gonna be a thing!’’ I heard Downey yelling and (y/n) and I looked in his direction. ‘’Thanks kiddos for helping me win!’’

We both looked at each other and laughed hard.

A/N: so, that’s it. tell me if you like my lame writing. maybe i could take request from you, for example about Marvel shit or Assassin’s Creed (i love AC af). feel free to write me. X

(credit to the owner of the picture)

2# Vocablist

조언을 해줘. - Give me advice. (informal)

난 그위 골수 팬이야. - I’m a huge fan of him. (informal)

난 조금 늦을 거예요. - I’ll be a bit late. (formal) 

우리는 방법을 찾을 거야. - We’ll find a way. (informal)

그냥 몸만와. - Just bring yourself. (informal) 

집안 내력이야. - It runs in the family. (informal)

Sorry these are like super random, but they came to my mind like that.

I also tought that putting informal or formal behind them would be a good idea, for those who are actually learning korean. 

Swan Queen Drabble (SQ Week - Day 1)

For Swan Queen Week, day 1 - Bed sharing.
Bandit!Regina and Emma.

“Do you have a place to stay?” the bandit before her asked.
Emma couldn’t stop staring at Regina’s candid appearance, so different from the woman whose wardrobe choices consist of black pantsuits and high heels; still she retains that regal aura around her.
“You can stay here, I mean it’s just a shallow tree log, but it can keep you warm at night,” the brunette with the side braid continued.
At noticing Emma’s lack of response, she started babbling nervously.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to, there are decent inns at the village nearby and maybe you could…”
“I’ll stay!” Emma interrupted with a shy but determined smile on her face. Regina let out an almost imperceptible sigh of relief that wasn’t missed by Emma.
“I’ll sleep on the floor”, Emma said while inspecting her surroundings and the humble accomodations Regina owned.
“Nonsense, we can share my cot”, Regina responded in such an open way that Emma’s heart gave a jolt. Regina blushed at her immediate suggestion and added, “Because of the wolves, you know? It’s better if we stay together.”
“The wolves, right!” Emma agreed trying to hide her reaction of how ridiculous that notion was.
“Ok, we can sleep in inverted positions, I don’t want to bother you by taking all your space.”
“Why would I want your feet on my face!?” Regina asked scrunching her features. Emma mentally slapped herself, of course there’s still a queen behind that wild facade.
“You know, nevermind, we’ll do as you say.” She gave the brunette a reassuring smile which was answered in the same way.

Emma woke up at dawn with the sound of birds chirping; Regina’s arms were loosely wrapped around her. She smiled as Regina’s breath tickled her forehead and lulled herself to sleep again with the steady rhythm of Regina’s heartbeat on her cheek.

Acute Sadness - Merintosh Fic

I am so sorry about this in advance. 

I have no idea where this came from, and the whole thing took me maybe an hour to write, that’s how formed the story was in my mind. Damn these two Scottish dorks.

Also if you think this sucks to read, just imagine writing it. I really must hate myself a lot.

Here be the angstiest angst ever. I promise I’ll make it up to y’all by writing some fluffy, happy Christmas stuff later tomorrow!

Acute Sadness 

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Her mother had told her, weeks before this point, that the best thing she would ever hear after all the hours of labor, was the sound of her new child crying. So it takes Merida the span of eight heartbeats, full of exhaustion, to realize the room around her is silent.

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