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Bio: Oda Cadash

Oda is quite a brute. She’s ruthless and tempramental, hot headed even. Though partly worsened by the regular consumption of dragon’s blood to sustain her reaver-abilities. She is however a very capable leader and a fiercely loyal friend to those few who have earned her respect. In her spare time she likes to work out and tone her muscles, mostly because she loves showing them off, but it also calms her down.

She grew up in the dwarven carta, where eventually she was in charge of her own squad that mostly raided caravans. She loved the life in the carta, because she was one of the best. Yet Oda aspired advancement within it’s ranks. “Leadership” was something she’d always strived for and through a freak turn of events at the conclave she eventually became the leader of the inquisition… Which was not all she’d expected it to be.

Up until then, Oda had been mostly self-serving and had known only survival of the fittest. Luckily she rercuited a Grey Warden named Blackwall into her services. He inspired her to lead selflessly and taught her what it is to protect and serve people. In return her trust and affection made him want to be the man she believed he was.

The Finger Habit II

A/N: Again, I’ve come up with a sequel to an un-sequelable one-shot. It’s a talent.

He was doing this thing.

It was a thing he had never done when we were married. Owen and I were very on/off, and we’re both the first to admit that although we may still be soulmates, nothing can override two different desires for the life you want to live. Not even love. He wanted family, I wanted a career and him. He was enough of a family for me but I wasn’t fulfilling his need to be a father. Thank God, because that would be weird.

Switzerland was the best move for both of us and although at first we struggled, it appears we’re both stronger and better individually as more space and time has grown between us. This hurts, don’t get me wrong, but although the next statement is very cliche and horribly sick-inducing, I am genuinely happy for him. We’ve finally found the opportunity to move on with our lives- me to a Harper Avery award and him to his new family.

I first saw them together at Derek’s funeral. I had flown in to be there for Meredith (she needed her person) but I was also painfully aware of how many lives Derek effected, Owen being one of them. When I arrived at the funeral however, he seemed much more preoccupied by Derek’s little sister. I had told myself to ignore this and be there for Meredith, so this is what I did.

The second time was a few years later at the wedding of Alex Karev and Jo Wilson. I was honoured to be a guest there but was also dreading seeing Owen in case feelings arose once again and we ended up back at square one… you know? All the usual things to happen at a wedding. Meredith could have warned me that he had been dating the She-shepherd for a year or so but she hadn’t. So I turned up, wearing a dress I knew he liked, only to watch the two of them laugh and dance the night away. Luckily, a young hot doctor also happened to like the dress on me, if you know what I mean.

The third time was on Christmas day. I was sat opposite Meredith at her dining room table, enjoying the food and the company. I had my girl Zola to my right and Ellis on my left. Further down the table sat Owen and his wife, Amelia.

He was doing this thing.

It was a very miniscule movement but a movement I had not seen him do before, certainly not when we were married. He had finished what was on his plate and was deep in conversation with Richard to his right. His left arm was resting on the table’s edge and his hand was slightly raised off it. He was rotating his wedding ring around his finger with the help of his thumb, occasionally looking down to it. Every time his eyes met the gold glint from the ring, he would smile momentarily before re-engaging with the conversation.

Later that evening as he tucked into another whiskey, I noticed him clicking the ring against the side of the glass. He looked down to the sound and it’s source and smiled before continuing on with the drink. The two had been married for some time but the way he looked down at the ring and smiled, as if every time he looked at it was the first realisation of his life, was endearing to watch and for possibly the first time ever- I was actually, genuinely, not-just-saying-it-now, happy for him.

Christmas evening was drawing to a close. I walked into the kitchen to put a glass back and saw Amelia and Bailey at the breakfast table with a book. She was looking over his shoulder as he read the words about a silly stuffed bear belonging to Christopher Robin, her arm dangling over the chair’s back behind him. I silently watched as her fingers did this thing. It was the same twisting motion with her wedding ring as Owen’s had been doing. Her eyes followed her nephew’s progress but as the diamond of her ring became caught between her fingers she winced and looked to what her fingers had been unconciously doing. She returned the ring to it’s correct position, looked at it, smiled a wide and big grin, before returning her gaze to the book.

He was doing this thing.

It was the same thing that I caught her doing. When two people’s desires for life differ, don’t try to outrun the inevitable. Stop running. Stand still and let life find those differing desires on their own. If you happen to end up with the love of your life then brilliant. If it means the love of your life ends up with the love of his life… well, be happy for him. Actually, genuinely, not-just-saying-it-now, happy.


Michael was walking along the edge of the forest when he spotted a dirt path and walked down it soon coming to a clearing but soon sense something strange but by the time he determined what it was the portal had opened up and he was thrown into and out the other side int a similar clearning.

He shook his head sighing teleporting to a near by town called Mystic Falls and walked around looking at everything curiously and wondered why people did a double take when seeing him or called him Stefan.

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“Wait a minute, is that…?”

“What?… Ah. Yes, I guess it is.”

“Thought I’ve lost it for good. It’s…”

“Important, yes, you made that clear a while back. It was… Lying about, so I thought someone should care of it in case… I mean until… I hope it didn’t get too frayed.”

“No, no, it’s fine. Green suits you, you know?”

“If you say so… Uh… Welcome home.”

“Yeah, missed you, too.”

Inktober Day 16

For and by request of my dearest killjoyras, who had a less than stellar day today. Basically, Crowtaire got drunk on overripe fruit again, injured his wing and was taken away, causing Sassafras to panic. HARD. The one good thing about it was that once Crowtaire finally showed up, safe and (mostly) in one piece, several days later, the previously emotionally stunted cat finally decided to let some feelings show.

Craigslist’s Gift - Bo Burnham Oneshot

Summary: “We were friends. But we had a different kind of friendship. We were friends who kissed and friends who almost tried. But we were friends who were confused, and didn’t know what we wanted. Friends who couldn’t wait for each other. Friends that would never be anything more.”

AN): SORRY ABOUT THIS TAKING 87 YEARS. I wanted it to be good.  I’m writing this on an iPod so it’s most likely going to be the worse one shots that you’ll ever read. If there’s any typos or something that doesn’t make sense, inbox me. Also, I’m up for critiquing to become a better writer! ALSO SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO damnmurdock FOR MAKING ME CHILL THE HELL OUT BECAUSE MAN I WAS STRESSED AF SHE’S THE BEST HUMAN BEING ALIVE AND THIS FIC IS DEDICATED TO HER- sidenote: saved my life and I dedicate my soul to them. 

Warnings: uhhh idk swearing?? But if you can’t handle swear why exactly do you watch bo? One of the characters gets drunk, so yeah, that’s a thing too. Also um, the character works at Olive Garden and goes to Starbucks so if you’re like an ultra mega Olive Garden/Starbucks hater and you cannot stand to see the sight of those words, this one shot probably isn’t the one for you????? Uh yeah idk.

Word count: 6k+

Genre: Fluff and Angst

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one last time ✶ mia & laura

The first thing Mia thought about when she woke up that day was Laura. The night before, it was very obvious that Laura was mad at her. She knew that she hurt her friend but she couldn’t stand the thought of not being there for Laura they way Laura was always there for her. So, Mia jumped out of her bed and ran down to the kitchen, grabbing two cups of coffee; one for herself and one for the girl she was about to face. Mia made her way down the hall to Laura’s room and knocked on the door with her free hand, “Laura? It’s me. Open up.” She didn’t know what to expect. She knew Laura was upset with her and she knew this wasn’t going to be easy but Mia was not ready to lose another friend. A minute passed and still nothing so she tried again. “I know you’re in there hungover like a 16 year old head cheerleader, the morning after her prom.” She smiled to herself, hoping the joke would lighten the mood and Laura would respond. Mia waited another moment or so before taking the hint that it was time to give up. She took two steps away until she finally heard the door click open. its-laurahayward