Sorry its so rushed HHH. Some Genos Valentines art for all fluffy valentines needs. 

Im planning on offering the bigger version as a print!


Genos: Sensei! Please refrain from peeking. 

Saitama: Sorry kid ~<3


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Im dedicating this piece to @koneko-manga and @sarafinascomplex happy valentines day you nerds. 

8bit-nate asked:

Hey There! I was wondering if you could do Charlotte or Elfie in the Pixel Brush Style? I love how you make those characters so Maz Adorbs! Especially the pixel brush makes everything so much more adorbable! (Or whatever FE Fates Character you wish to do ATM.)

aaah HELLO and alsdfkjs thank you so much for your kind words !! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
hnnng I’M SO GLAD TO HEAR that you like the pixel brush !! i tried doing a real quick charlotte tho i drew a skirt because i couldn’t resist aha; hope you like it and THANK YOU for stopping by ~~ ♡

//weeps also sorry i’m doing these requests a bit out of order ; o ;


Michael was walking along the edge of the forest when he spotted a dirt path and walked down it soon coming to a clearing but soon sense something strange but by the time he determined what it was the portal had opened up and he was thrown into and out the other side int a similar clearning.

He shook his head sighing teleporting to a near by town called Mystic Falls and walked around looking at everything curiously and wondered why people did a double take when seeing him or called him Stefan.

My night has just been a wild ride. 

  1. Starts with this lady getting mad at me over a comment in my article 
  2. I defend myself politely but I wasn’t backing down
  3. She is like okay well what ever I don’t think it should say that
  4. And I am like well I never actually said that but you misinterpreted it however I will rewrite it so its easier to understand, sorry the article was rushed as I’m working really hard on a big series about Dingoes 
  5. then she is like oh well if you need Dingo info let me know, or if you ever need lure coursing info let me know 
  6. I say that would be great because I’ve been trying to contact a NSW club for ages with no reply 
  8. I was shitting myself that she would be offended that I said they hadn’t replied but I was like oh that is really cool where is it based 
  9. Now I’m allowed to join and she wants me to buy a whippet off her 
  10. I don’t want to seem rude and don’t know what to say

This is worse than the time I had to re-name my horse because I felt too rude to correct someone. Help I may end up with a really expensive whippet puppy that I can’t afford if I don’t find a way to handle social situations now.

part three has been posted - i try to refrain (but you’re stuck in my brain)

It takes me four days to convince myself to leave the motel room, and another three to obtain the courage to speak to Zayn.

It is not something that I slowly build up to over the course of the week. I think about Zayn, true, although probably not as much as I should be. The only thing that my brain wants to focus on is Harry, and even though part of me wants to stop, I’ve decided that I’m done with lying to myself. It will never make a difference anyway. But Zayn lingers there at the back of my mind, like the wine stain that I just cannot remove from my wedding dress no matter how hard I scrub, and then one day I wake up, and I know. I have to talk to him.

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“thIS IS SO RUSHED IM SORRY HUN” submitted by @toretaas


I AM YELLING!! look at this, would you just LOOK AT THIS!!

“Wait a minute, is that…?”

“What?… Ah. Yes, I guess it is.”

“Thought I’ve lost it for good. It’s…”

“Important, yes, you made that clear a while back. It was… Lying about, so I thought someone should care of it in case… I mean until… I hope it didn’t get too frayed.”

“No, no, it’s fine. Green suits you, you know?”

“If you say so… Uh… Welcome home.”

“Yeah, missed you, too.”

Inktober Day 16

For and by request of my dearest killjoyras, who had a less than stellar day today. Basically, Crowtaire got drunk on overripe fruit again, injured his wing and was taken away, causing Sassafras to panic. HARD. The one good thing about it was that once Crowtaire finally showed up, safe and (mostly) in one piece, several days later, the previously emotionally stunted cat finally decided to let some feelings show.

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The Girl on the Cloud (Pt 2)

PART TWO of two

This little two-shot was inspired by art by @kenjocatze! Go check out her blog, she’s a great artist!


Summary: The man in the moon, forever keeping out the bad dreams and nightmares, meets someone who gives him a sense of adventure during his boring, routine life. Nalu AU.

(He’s kinda modeled after the Dreamworks kid in the moon)

General Audiences


Silly Erza, it’s not like he liked her or anyth-

Natsu’s thoughts were cut short at the sight in front of him. Lucy, eyes wide in awe, watched the sky with the starlight shining in her hair. Her eyes reflected the stars above that she so intently gazed at.


It wasn’t until he heard her call his name that he realized he’s been staring.

“Natsu, what are you doing? Come over and see!”

He shook his head and strolled over to her. He’d already seen the stars plenty, he practically lived with them. But this time…

The view was magnificent.

He didn’t really think as he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, laying his head on her shoulder.

She shrieked in surprise, and turned around to yell at him.

“Natsu!” she shouted, but her voice faltered and died out upon realizing that she was still in his arms…and his face was overwhelmingly close to hers.

She took a deep breath and mumbled, red-faced, “Idiot…”

Natsu, in his own world, was slowly accepting the truth– he really wanted Lucy to stay with him. But…

He sighed and let her go, turning his eyes to the stars. He couldn’t keep her there, that’d be unfair to her. It’s not like he could just go…could he?

“Hey, Natsu…”


“Um…why do you stay here?”

“To…do my job?”

“Yeah, but…there’s so much more out there than…this.”


In all honesty, Natsu had never really considered leaving until he met Lucy. Of course he dreamed of adventure, but it was always in the realm of the impossible, implausible, improbable, and blocked by a wall of the inevitable thought: ‘I will never leave.’

But she was right. What was he doing for the humans other than providing a luxury to them without pay?

“You know what, Luce? Maybe…I don’t know, maybe you’re right, maybe I-”

He gasped as he suddenly noticed, though he should have much earlier, that she was…on the moon with him.

“Uh, Luce…where’s your cloud?”

Lucy’s eyes widened and she gulped. “Well, um, you see, the cloud was drifting away and I wanted to stay, and I figured there’d be more clouds, so I just…jumped over…”

Natsu blinked. “You what?”

Lucy sighed frustratedly. “I wanted to stay!”

Natsu frowned. The eclipse was nearly over, and he didn’t see any other clouds coming too soon. He couldn’t let Lucy just trap herself there, he had to move her along.

“Luce…” he rested his hands on her shoulders. “You can’t let yourself get stuck here. You’ve seen the stars now, you…you should leave on the next cloud.” It pained him to say those words, but he couldn’t let his face show it.

Lucy gasped. “What? B-but I want-”

“There are plenty of other places to watch the stars from, you should be able to see all of them.” He closed his eyes and shook his head.

“But…what if I didn’t stay for the stars?”

Natsu lifted his head and looked into her eyes, confused.


She lifted a hand to his cheek. “If you won’t leave, then I’ll just have to stay.”

“L-Luce…” he couldn’t find any words but he felt a sudden urge to kiss her.

Did he want this?

God yes. He wanted it more than anything else at the moment.

It no longer mattered that he might never see her again if she left.

It no longer mattered that he barely knew her– it felt like he’d known her for years, and yet…he wanted to know more of her, not only of her mind, but of every inch of her.

He’d remained distant long enough.

Natsu threaded his hands through her hair and slid one down to caress the back of her neck, pulling her to him and pressing his lips to hers. His mouth melded with hers, her full lips responding softly to his actions.

He held her there for as long as he could before he had to breathe, and pulled away, setting his forehead against hers.

Once her breath had slowed, Lucy spoke up.

“Hey…will you come with me?”

Natsu looked up and a smile grew on his face.

“Let’s go on an adventure!”

He’d captivated himself for too long. It was time to fly into his new world and never look back.

She was his new world.


Hope you enjoyed it!


Paper Animals (MKX)

[A/N: Truth be told, I really hate the Alt. Timeline, but I also want to post SOMETHING original of mine so take this. This is also my first time writing a MK fanfic in so long, so feel free to point out any of my mistakes]

Hanzo Hasashi set down the delicately made craft and leaned back to look it over.

It is not well-known that the grandmaster of the Shirai Ryu spends time making origami; a secret is a secret, after all.
Even if his anger and lingering thirst for vengeance has not completely gone away after his time as a fire-breathing revenant ninja from Netherrealm, that doesn’t stop him from trying to find ways to relieve of those emotions.
Luckily for him, he has a lot of paper.

He nodded his head slightly, pleased to see that the paper penguin he has made is once again, made immaculately.
Hanzo gently pushed it back with the others, then twisted his body around to cut out another square sheet of paper.

Pushing the sheet flat on the table, Hanzo pushed it away a bit before crossing his arms and stared at it, thinking hard on something.
Minutes passed, then suddenly his eyebrows rose suddenly and a new glint in his eyes shone. He knew what to make.

~~~~~~Two hours later~~~~~~

Takeda is stuck with lawn duty.


The young ninja grumbled under his breath as he attempted to no avail to rake the fallen leaves into a neat pile. Takeda is known to be well skilled with form of arts that require lots of energy; dancing, contact poi, wood shop, fire spinning (oh where could he have learned that from?), and if you leave him long enough, a good majority of the furniture will be rearranged in an creative fashion.
So imagine everyone else’s surprise when they find how pitiful Takeda is at gardening.

Even keeping the grass clean of leaves is a challenge for poor Takeda, who is now red-faced and is holding two halves of a rake.

He bitterly flung the broken tool away and is holding his face in his hand, the other on his hip. Master Hasashi is not going to be happy to hear that another gardening tool is broken.


Walking back to the temple, Takeda devised in his head all of the ways he can avoid certain trouble with the grandmaster before suddenly seeing the man on a hill.
The yellow ninja stood in front of two certain stones, holding something rather large and strangely shaped like a flower bouquet. Curious, the younger ninja cautiously crept up the hill behind some bushes, keeping sure that he is absolutely quiet.

It was only until he came close enough to read the engraving on the stones that he also realized that the flower bouquet is actually made of paper. And that the grandmaster was talking to one of the tombstones.
Takeda suddenly realized what is happening, and silently with a sad smile on his face, crept down the hill and back to the temple.

It was the day Hanzo would’ve celebrated his anniversary with his wife. But now he celebrated it alone .