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You were helping Newt take care of his creatures when this embarrassing yet sweet event took place. The two of you were running around admittedly not really being cautious of where you were going.

You almost ran into each other several times so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when you both ran face first or rather in this case lips first into each other.

Your brain turned off for at least five seconds and you ugh seemed to completely forget to pull away but when you realized what happened both of you went completely red from embarrassment.

“I…I am t…terribly sorry” Newt stammered. He looked so flustered.

“I…it’s fine” you replied stuttering yourself. God you two couldn’t look each other in the eye for days after this.

> You’re wandering through the street humming to yourself softly. Many of the trolls you pass move out of your way as soon as they see you coming. That was something you’d always found disheartening about being a tyrianblood, that no matter how friendly you try to put yourself across as being, someone was always scared of you. Ah well.

> You’re not really looking where you’re going, and you end up bumping into someone, making you stumble back in surprise.

Oh! I’m terribly sorry aboUt that! I wasn’t looking where I was going… Are yoU okay?

Public Dare | Open |

Oh well that was fun, he thought bitterly. A very fun dare. How was he supposed to convince the first girl he’d meet to… eat her in public? He looked around, trying to choose the darkest place he could find, during his free hour and took all the courage he could find before he pushed the door and got in. He kept looking down, he didn’t really have the courage to look up, but that trick only made him trip and stumble against someone. Without thinking he raised his eyes and…. there she was…. the lucky chosen one. “I’m sorry… I wasn’t looking, I’m terribly terribly sorry… I.. may I take five minutes of your time?” 

Same Soul Another Life || thxydcthxt


June was hurrying on her lunch break. She was off getting some coffee for the meeting. She didn’t see where she was going and accidentally runs into someone. Apology falls out of her mouth even though her bosses Pumpkin Spice latte was on her sweater. Sighing as she tried to wipe it down with napkins. “I am terrible sorry that I wasn’t looking where i was going. Please say I didn’t get anything on you. I will pay for the dry cleaning.” She looked up at him with a smile. Her eyes light up right away but she instantly looked away feeling a little foolish about that. She wasn’t sure why but she felt a rush when she looked up at him. She pushed back her hair and looked down at her drinks trying to not act like a fool around him. But it was her soul that recognized him immediately. Someone that she always returned to.