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Crossember Challenge

Helloooo everybody. I noticed that it’s almost december and,as some of you already knew,I was working on a Crossember Challenge list! I almost forgot about it,sorry ^^;; (Also I’m posting this from my phone so I can’t make this post too organized,sorry again >_<)

What’s this,you ask? This list is filled with drawing prompts about Cross,Underverse and/or X-tale. Each day of december,you must draw one of these,depending on the number. Of course, you don’t have to do them all if you can’t, this is mostly just for funsies :D do what you feel like drawing!

Feel free to let your imagination and creativity flow,be as creative as you want while you follow the prompts. That’s the whole point of this ^^ and to enjoy this little challenge, of course!


1 - KNOCK KNOCK, IT’S CROSS! - Let’s start the challenge by drawing Cross coming into your life (and bothering you for the next 31 days,probably).

2 - UNDERFELL - Cross going to Underfell was a wild ride! Why not drawing something about the Episode 0.2? Or maybe something you had in mind? What if Cross came back? Let your imagination flow! Just draw Cross with something related to Underfell.

3 - UNDERSWAP - As many of us already know (and it has already been confirmed) the next AU we will see in Underverse is Underswap. What do you expect to happen in 0.3?

4 - THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM - Everything was okay before Error came to take Cross’ Soul.

5 - WHAT IF… - Ever thought about something that could’ve happened in an episode,instead of what you’ve seen? Tell us what you had in mind!

6 - CROSSCOLATE - Chocolate everywhere!!!

7 - CROSS IN YOUR FAVORITE AU - Perhaps Cross will go to your favorite AU…perhaps he won’t…either way,what would Cross be doing in your favorite AU?

8 - CROSS vs ERROR - Let’s make an hypothetical Cross vs Error fight! (Extra rating points if you give it a context!)

9 - MEANWHILE IN THE STUDIO… - The stars of the show need to take breaks between each episode. What could they be doing right now? (It doesn’t have to be related to the current events of the studio).

10 - LET THE X-EVENT BEGIN - Use your imagination for this prompt!

11 - ANGST - Oooohhh boy so sad! Is Cross suffering? Or maybe his loved ones? Whatever it is,make it as sad as you can.

12 - THE “SLIPPERCIAL” attack - Cross can’t run away from his past. The chancla will haunt him forever!

13 - FAVORITE PART OF UNDERVERSE - Re-draw your favorite part of the animated series.

14 - FAVORITE PART OF X-TALE - Re-draw your favorite part of the comic.

15 - TACOS! - Give this dork some tacos.

16 - RUN CROSS! RUN! - Cross screwed something up,and he must escape from the consequences. What does he have to run away from? (Try also adding context. Be as creative as you can!)

17 - I CHOOSE YOU! - Cross decided to become a Pokemon trainer. What pokemon or team does he have?

18 - HAVIN A GOOD TIME - Let this suffer ball be happy for once.

19 - SWAP - Cross could use some new clothes,don’t you think? Swap his clothes with someone else’s!

20 - CROSS YOUR LEGS - Who needs knives with legs like these? Draw cross as sexy -and funny- as you can (with mettaton legs of course).

21 - NOTICE ME SENPAI - Cross wants to get someone’s attention. Who are they?

22 - PUNS AND PRANKS - Cross could use some spare time to make some jokes and pranks. What puns,jokes and/or pranks does he do and who is/are his victim/s?

23 - X-PET - Cross was starting to feel alone,so he got a pet. What did he get? (Maybe he stole it lol).

24 - SANSTA CROSS IS COMING TO TOWN - Sansta Cross is planning something for Christmas! But what is he up to?

25 - MERRY X-MAS - Draw Cross having lots of gifts -or none at all- or just someone giving him a gift,or even him giving a gift to someone. Spread the christmas spirit,Giant X!

26 - FRESH!CROSS - Draw the freshest rad Cross possible!

27 - THAT HEART LOCKET DOESN’T BELONG TO YOU - Looks like Cross is pissed about something.

28 - INK & CROSS - \Imagination//

29 - REJECTED - It’s almost new year! new hopes and dreams for everybody…I wonder if Echotale!Frisk is going to notice Cross!Chara and his charms? -probably not-

30 - THANKS! - Let’s give a huge thanks to @jakei95 for creating this wonderful character by drawing her and cross together! :D <3

31 - THE END - Let’s say goodbye to this 2016 so we can give a warm welcome to the brand new 2017!

Or course,there are some prompts that probably Cross!Sans fits perfectly,but if you have an idea with Cross!Chara and it follows the prompt,you can totally do it!!

I hope that everybody can have some fun with these prompts~ ^_^ Enjoy this little challenge!

Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

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Victuuri Soulmate AU

Ok so this has probably been done and it’s 5am so it will be bad but -
• soulmate AU where once you make contact with your soulmate you begin to see colour for the first time (I know that part is cliche stick with me here)
• victor is still an ice skater but yuuri is a doctor
• during a Grand Prix qualifier in Japan victor suffers a serious injury to his head
• and yuuri who is still a figure skating nut and victors #1 Fan is watching from the stands but doesn’t hesitate to sprint to rescue probably in one of those “WE NEED A DOCTOR, IM A DOCTOR” movie scenarios
•so whilst yuuri is checking over a super unconscious victor, at his first touch low and behold colour begins bleeding in to everything and yuuri is nearly about to join victor in passing out
• but he’s great at his job so ofc he doesn’t
• victor ends up in the hospital yuuri works at
• whilst victor is asleep, fanboy yuuri is freaking out but also super professional and looking after him but he has no idea if victor will even know when he wakes up?
•Like does this thing work when one of them is unconscious???
•he sits at victors bedside sometimes on his breaks and tells him loads of things about his life and about how great he thinks victor is, he tells him about vicchan and all the posters he had of victor as a teenager (all very quiet so none of the other doctor hear ofc)
•victor eventually wakes up, but he needs to stay in the hospital for a few days to be on the safe side
•yuuri still visits when victor is asleep
• but he’s never around when victor wakes up because yuuri is still a shy adorable dork and he doesn’t know how to interact with his idol when he’s awake
• because of his anxiety he had assigned another doctor to victor and this is why he has no idea when victor is discharged
• or that he’d repeatedly asked his doctor about who sat with him whilst he was out, or demanded to know every person who had touched him since his fall
• yuuri is devastated that victor doesn’t seem to know he’s met his soulmate, and he’s not sure if that was their only chance or if touching again will make it work for victor, either way he doesn’t know how - if he built up the nerve - to get in contact
• but that doesn’t matter, because not even a week later victor nikiforov is standing on yuuri katsuki’s doorstep looking ecstatic and also pretty miffed
• “yuuri! How could you?!”
• and ofc yuuri is all stutter-y but also like wtf
• and victor launches into an overly dramatic story about he woke up thinking he’d missed meeting the love of his life and how /so/ many people had touched him during his time unconscious/treatment that he thought he’d never find them
• but he was watching footage on YouTube about his fall and there yuuri was, checking his vitals
• victor whips out his phone and shows yuuri the video
• there’s a moment where the person behind the camera zooms in, landing on yuuris face just as it freezes and he blinks rapidly after touching victor
• the video focuses back on victor but yuuri is still in it looking shocked and dazed
• “and then I remembered what you told me, when you spoke to me, how you’d been in the audience during my fall and how you didn’t even consider your anxiety before rushing to help. How you felt that very moment was the reason you became a doctor, so you were there to help me”
• yuuri is still in total shock at this point, his mouth is just opening and closing like a goldfish while victor rambles excitedly about how he’d “made some calls” and gotten yuuris name and address
• victor finishes looking expectantly at his soulmate waiting for some kind of reaction
• and man does he get one because yuuri passes out right then and there and victor is like fuck, why can’t I be the doctor in this relationship jfc, what use is his quadruple flip to a passed out soulmate???????