Anonymous said to exactingleverage: why do you like the pretzel moment so much? 

Such a beautiful question but since I’m always a nerd for ranting about Leverage, I apologize in advance:

In 3x05, The Double Blind Job, Parker obviously struggles with what she may or may not be feeling for Hardison; yeah, it might be obvious that she likes him, and jealous of the girl they’re trying to help for spending so much time with him, but Parker just isn’t ready to admit that. Hardison knows that she means him when she says that she “likes pretzels”, and pretzels become her way of avoiding feeling vulnerable or seemingly silly in from of him, her way of enforcing a kind of emotional escape plan. Hardison, being an awesome dude, accepts it, and tells her that pretzels are always around for whenever she may want ‘em. 

Fast forward ten episodes, 3x15, The Big Bang Job. Parker and Hardison have just diffused a state-destroying EMP bomb after jumping onto a moving train from a bridge and surviving the bomb’s explosion. Sophie’s in the car waiting for them so they can make their escape, but Parker (probably chalk-full of adrenaline) takes the time to turn to Hardison and go “you know what I feel like right now? Pretzels” - and it’s just such a pure moment. They both already know that they like each other, but pretzels suddenly aren’t a way out for Parker anymore. They become a quirky little inside joke between more-than-just-friends and they reveal Parker’s growth both individually and with regard to her crew/fam. Where Parker never felt like pretzels in all her previous life, she slowly realizes that she’s found a safe place that she doesn’t need to escape from, and so she’s able to stop running long enough to munch on something meaningful and worthwhile.

And I mean, c’mon, Hardison’s reaction alone is defs a reason why I love Pretzels <3

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If you are feeling up for it, could you write something where it is Lucas and Rileys first time making out but Riley can't stop laughing anytime Lucas goes to kiss her neck or something. I feel like that is something Riley would actually do until she got used to it. Thanks!

Not sure this is exactly what you were looking for Nonny….. Please stop by my inbox and let me know your thoughts!

*sorry about the formatting 😕 posting from my phone and I have no clue how to format in the app🙊"

Lucas climbs through the Bay Window and walks up behind Riley as she stands in front of her full length mirror playing with her hair.
“Hey Bean.” He greets her as he wraps his arms around her from behind.
“Hey Bear” she returns as she settles back into his embrace.
Lucas leans his head forward and uses his nose to nudge her hair away from her neck. As he starts to kiss her softly, she jumps a bit and giggles softly. Lucas tries again and is met with the same result.
Before he can say anything, She wraps her hands around his as they sit on her waist. “Sorry Lucas. I didn’t mean to do that.” Riley explains quietly. She’s worried that he is interpreting her reaction incorrectly. She’s embarrassed to admit that it tickles and it gives her goosebumps.
“It’s OK Bean.” He answers her quietly. He knows her well enough to know that she is worried he is thinking negatively about her reaction. Truth is… It’s just as adorable as she is.
He tries to meet her eyes in the mirror but she keeps tilting her head down. Not wanting her to move her hands, he decides he is going to talk her through it. “Riley? Look in the mirror. That’s it. Hi!” He says as they lock eyes
“Hey” she replies with a hint of a smile.
“Hi.” He finishes their greeting “Keep looking at me Princess.” He admonishes as she starts to drop her gaze again. She snaps her head back up and they lock eyes once again.
“What’s got you so jumpy?”
“I don’t know”
“I think you do know and you can tell me whatever the reason is Riley. It’s just you and me here. No filters. I need to know what you are thinking. I need to know if I am making you uncomfortable. Am I moving too fast for you?” Lucas asks as he stares at their reflection.
Without even being aware of it, Riley has started to play with his fingers and has relaxed back into his embrace. She opens her mouth to reply and quickly closes it. She takes a deep breath and quickly asks him if he is disappointed in her.
“Why would I be? Riley… We do what we do. I could never be disappointed in you over something like this.”
“Lucas, I love being your girlfriend and I’m trying to be more comfortable with all of this togetherness. But it still makes me nervous and I get goosebumps. I don’t want you to think I’m being silly.” The smile that crosses his face is bright enough to rival the noon day sun. His pulse races as he realizes that she’s not jumpy because she doesn’t want this to happen but because she’s nervous.
“Riley… I don’t think you’re being silly at all. I want…no I need to know that you’re with me here. I never want to do anything that makes you uneasy or makes you feel like you have to react a certain way to make me happy. YOU make me happy Riley. Just as you are.”
As she flashes her trademark megawatt smile he reminds her of who and what they are.
“You’re my best friend.” He murmurs as he leans his head against hers.
“What are you? To me? You’re a princess” he whispers as she grows even more relaxed.
“Bonjour Riley.peut-être un jour moi et vous serez Paris à ensemble” she shivers a bit as the accented words are whispered in her ear.
Lucas leans forward and presses a soft kiss to her neck and this time she doesn’t jump. He continues to remind her of who they are to each other
“I never would have survived NY without you” he presses another gentle kiss to her neck.
“My favorite thing in this whole world is when you talk to me” Lucas cheers inwardly as she tilts her head to the side to give him better access to her neck.
“I promised you that my moment would be my moment.” He places another gentle kiss on her neck as she sighs happily.
“I choose you Riley and I really want you to choose me” as he leans forward to kiss her again, she turns her head and captures his lips with hers.
As she breaks their brief kiss, she smiles widely and replies “I do. I always did.” As he presses his forehead to hers, it’s his turn to sigh happily.
“Not so nervous anymore are you Bean?”
“Part of me will always be nervous with you Bear… But you’re worth it.” She smirks at him as she mentions another one of their signature moments.
As he leans in for another kiss, he corrects her “We’re worth it.”

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Do you know where I can watch the full video of Gillian's panel at the Boston comic con? Hopefully someone records Gillian and David's panel in Chicago

Yes, you can watch the video here
But the quality is very low.
There’s also the audio of the panel here :
Hopefully, the comic con will upload a real recording soon! And I’m sure we’ll have something good for Chicago!


when life give you lemons
throws u into a lemon orchard,, gives the lemons feet to chase you down relentlessly without hope for relief and

Fanfic: Riley's New Bear

I’m beyond pissed over the Rucas scene being cut from Girl Meets Bear. More than the hug, I wanted the conversation that went with it. It was a real moment of growth for Riley. I have used a small portion of that conversation in this. A/N: sorry about the formatting… Posting from my phone 😕
Riley sits in the Bay Window and realizes that she has to come to terms with Her bear being lost. As she starts to think it through, she realizes she’s not as upset as she thought she would be.
Lucas walks in and sits down in the window as well.
“Hey Riles. You Ok?” He asks his girlfriend with a solemn look on his face. He knows how much the bear meant to her.
She’s quiet for a minute or two and just when he decides to ask her again, she answers him.
“You know what Lucas? I am. I thought it would upset me more than it is. I guess this is all a part of letting go of my childhood, and moving on to becoming an adult.” She looks at him with a soft smile. “I always counted on having him to make me feel safe.”
“You have me now. I’ll keep you safe. I will be your new bear.” Lucas replies with a grin.
They both stand and turn towards the other. Riley surprises Lucas by hugging him tightly. Lucas let’s out a little squeak in surprise. “You sound just like he did. I think I’m going to like my new bear more than my old one.” Riley remarks as she lays her head on his chest.
Lucas smiles as he tightens his arms around her “I’ll be your bear, your Maddog, whatever you need me to be. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.”
Riley giggles and quietly thanks him. As they stand in her room, wrapped in each other’s arms, she knows there is no place else she’d rather be and if moments like this are a side effect of growing up? Bring it on.

Reasons my Nonno is the actual best:

1. Will not go out of the house without a hat, and thus always has amazing hat hair

2. Grandma has a tiny black cat which he pretends to be indifferent to. Badly. He’s a wee bit deaf and we’ve all heard him chirping baby talk at her when he doesn’t realize we’re in the room 

3. Has a habit of proclaiming that IN MY DAY…mental health care sucked and it’s great that we’ve come so far

4. Rarely cooks, but when he does makes a ridiculous four-course pour-grandma-a-glass-of-wine-and-ban-her-from-the-kitchen flour-on-every-surface-including-the-ceiling production of it

5. Refers to Donald Trump as “that son of a bitch”

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I keep misreading your blog caption as "RISE FROM YOUR BURNING FAT", and it always makes me giggle.

Glad you got a kick out of it, haha! I’ve since changed my blog title, but buddy let me talk about the line for a second. 

Okay, so, the line is from the song The Rifle’s Spiral by The Shins. The full lyrics are:

“Let your viscera unfurl as you rise from your burning fiat.” 

Fiat (n):
- a formal authorization or proposition; a decree.
- an arbitrary order

Viscera (n):
- the internal organs in the main cavities of the body, especially those in the abdomen, e.g., the intestines.

The song is really quite grim, but I love the visual of this line. “Let your organs unfurl as you rise from your burning decree.”


Sorry about the quality. My old phone could only record so much but I tried anyway, for @hannibalcreative and you guys. :) The finished piece is right over here.

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♥: Reacting to the other one crying about something for Combeferre, Courfeyrac, and Enjolras? (Sorry my phone changed the emoji) (have a great week!!)

There was frost on the ground of Le Puy-en-Velay, but nothing more. Combeferre was grateful. The lack of snow meant the roads were not impassable, and their journey had been an easy one. He was grateful, too, that he and Courfeyrac has been able to accompany Enjolras at all on such short notice. His chest grew heavy at the thought of the alternative: Enjolras, utterly alone, in a big empty house. 

The death of Enjolras’ grandaunt had been sudden, according to the letter Enjolras had received from her manservant. She had been healthy and herself one day, but had not woken up the next morning. Combeferre had not been well acquainted with her, but he had liked her all the same. A sharp, intelligent woman, brusquely affectionate, she held in common with her grandnephew an aloof, cold exterior which hid the warmth at her core. She had been Enjolras’ only family since he was twelve, and now he was alone. 

The unexpected disadvantage of this was that the moment they had arrived at Enjolras’ childhood home, Enjolras had been waylaid by business matters. There was the estate to be settled, the funeral, which they had missed due to the long journey, to be paid for. Courfeyrac had been incensed that Enjolras could not just be left alone, but Combeferre supposed that there was nothing to be done about it. The business was all finished soon enough. 

Throughout all of this, Enjolras had been much his usual self. Perhaps a bit more somber, and a bit more quiet, but he had done all that was required of him without wavering. Now, however, they at last had time to visit the cemetery, and as they stood in front of the gravestone, on the freshly dug earth, Enjolras bowed his head. Combeferre raised his eyes from the ground to look at his friend. There were tears streaming down his face, his breath coming in quiet, uneven gasps. With a heavy heart, Combeferre grasped his hand. On Enjolras’ other side, Courfeyrac slipped an arm around his shoulders and held him tightly. Now that Enjolras could, at last, grieve in peace, neither said a word. 

Preview of my next drawing of these two. There’s a lot going on outside the cut, mind you! XD haaaah its 1:00 am and my brain is beginning to go fuzzy so I’m just gonna…go to bed…yea

I’ll be working on this for a little while :/

Jamie looks rather happy! I wonder what he’s got up his *nonexistant* sleeve ;)

Also, sorry about the quality. Took it with my phone and was too tired to actually fix the lighting…

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"fuck off, I mean it"

Sorry it took so long! (Also, when I first got the message, totally forgot about the prompts and very confused for a minute)
(Principal/teacher au) sorry about any typos, written on my phone


Loki straightened his tie, leaning back in his desk as he thought of you across the hall.
A bell sounded, signaling the passing period and he slowly stood up, casually checking the time before making his way across the hall. He watched in mild annoyance as the numerous students shuffled out of the classroom but remained silent. Every student, upon seeing who stood in the hallway, quickly averted his gaze.
“Don’t forget to study for the test tomorrow, the grade will be on your midterm.” You called, sighing, knowing that most of the students would probably have ignored you. Such was the price of being a high school English teacher. The last student left the class and you sat down at your desk, sighing in relief. Finally it was your much needed break.
Loki cleared his throat, tapping on the door as he entered. “Ms. (Y/n).” Loki’s voice seemed to purr in greeting.
“Principal Laufeyson.” You muttered back, opening one eye lazily, “to what do I owe the pleasure?” You tried to keep your voice to a low drawl, but something about Loki’s presence sent a tingling to your abdomen.
“Just checking in on one of my fine teachers.”
You snorted, “yea ok, sure. It’s my break, what do you want.” Again your eye drifted shut, tired from the last few class periods.
You felt, rather than heard, Loki arrive at your desk, bending over and looking down at you. There was a pregnant pause and you slowly opened your eyes to look up at him. Loki grinned, staring down at you haughtily. “I enjoyed dinner with you last night, particularly dessert.”
You bit the corner of your lip, fighting back a smile. “ Fuck off, I mean it. Lunch period will be over soon, I’m not risking any students being anywhere near that.”
Loki rolled his eyes, slowly straightening up, “fair enough.” He hummed for a moment, strolling around your desk and stopping to stand behind you. He bent over whispering softly in your ear, “then I look forward to seeing you after school.”
Without a backwards glance, Loki straightened up and left your classroom.
You sank further into your seat, sighing as you moved. Fulfilling the subconscious need, you rubbed your ear, the ghost of his breath still tingling the sensitive skin. Again you sighed, the final school bell couldn’t come soon enough.


Sorry about the fuzziness! FOr some reason my phone camera only focuses in the middle of the image >_<

Signs And Symbols- Flora
Flora- Lotus
SOURCE: “The Illustrated Signs & Symbols Sourcebook: An A to Z Compendium Of Over 1000 Designs” By Adele Nozedar

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My first day of school was shit

Awh I’m sorry :( hopefully tomorrow will be better. My phone is about to die so if I don’t respond in a few hours that’s why 😔