sarada saying that sasuke is amazing reminded me of sakura saying the same thing when she saw sasuke’s susanoo which makes me go uwu


From the collection of the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Hematite - Cumberland, England
Pyrite - Lograno, Spain
Opal - Queensland, Australia
Kolwezite - Mupine, Shaba, Zaire/Democratic Republic of the Congo
Malachite - Utah, USA
Azurite - Bisbee, Arizona, USA
Calcite - Utah, USA
Krohnkite - Chuquicamata, Chile
Pyrite - Randolph County, Illinois, USA
Limonite - Isle of Elba, Italy

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There wasn’t much Aomine could do when he saw them seal their vow with a kiss. He could only clap for them, silently congratulating them and smile when he saw them walking down the aisle hand in hand, gracing his newly-wed wife the happiness she deserved.

That could’ve been him up there with Kuroko.

What would it be like if he was the one to be married to the man he had a crushed on for years?

Why didn’t he say anything? Was he afraid? Did Kuroko even knew about it?

Too many years passed and he said nothing.

Aomine kept himself together as he saw the two in sight. He tried to raise his lips and concentrate on keeping it cool. He can do this, he won’t be a baby about it. He was a man, for god’s sakes.

Their eyes met for a brief moment. Aomine kept silent and grinned, a part of him tried to tell Kuroko he was sorry for being an idiot but he was glad to see his best friend found someone to keep him happy for the rest of his life.

He wished he was the one for Kuroko but he was too late.

He doesn’t know if Kuroko understood but Aomine eyed at the raised fist bump in the air. This was their long forgotten bond, THEIR bond and support that they had from the beginning. How long as it been since they did this? They weren’t kids anymore but it brought back good memories and even the bad.

He wouldn’t leave Kuroko hanging like this so he lifted his hand, clenched it into a fist, and tapped Kuroko’s own.

‘Thank you for being here’

'I wish you all of the happiness in the world’


Autumn is having a hair revolution and I wanna send her these pics but tumblr is silly and won’t attach pictures in its asks. So- Autumn, this is what my hair looked like on a particularly bad hair day. The two lessons I hope you learn from this are:
1. Everyone has bad hair days sometimes, and I guess the most important thing to do when it’s really catastrophic is to laugh and take a picture.
2. DO NOT BRUSH THAT SHIT. I think all curly girls have learned this lesson by now. (My little cousin didn’t believe me when I told her I don’t brush my hair, so I brushed it here to prove my point.)