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Lily put on her nicest casual clothes and rushed towards the bakery on her way there she was getting stared at 'ignore them lily' she thought as she arrived at the bakery. hopefully aiden would show up soon.

Aiden was awoken by Delta, who was shaking him furiously.

“WAKE UP YOU BLOODY IDIOT!” she yelled. Aiden looked up at his sister with sleepy eyes. “Ugh…what is it?” he moaned “Let me sleep.” 

Delta glared down at him. “Have you forgotten? You have a date today!” 

Aiden leaped up from the ground he slept on. He had forgotten.  He was totally screwed. He left the campsite and began running to the bakery as fast as he could, but he knew he couldn’t make it in time. 

Road Trip AU | Milo & Max

Jesus Christ it’s hot in here, Milo thought as he drove through the deserted place, it was really quiet on the road and he didn’t really mind. It gave him the opportunity to turn up his music really loud and drive relaxed. He’d been on this small trip across the states a few days ago- mainly to get away from his family, it was a little boring alone though.

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Can you please write me a short hiccstrid drabble? I'm bored and I love your fics =)

When Hiccup came upon his girlfriend—fixing her hair from an unusually windy flight—he hadn’t expected to be greeted with such offense.

“Hiccup!” Astrid hissed. “Don’t—don’t look!”

He paused between trees. “Erm… why?”

Aside from her removed furs and a slightly askance skirt, she appeared decent enough.

Astrid gathered her hair over her shoulder and held it, twisted, in both hands as though she were trying to keep it hidden as best she could.  She scowled.  Her cheeks, vermillion, flexed with the clenching of her jaw.

“Because,” she ground out, “my… just… let me put my hair back up.”

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