You know, the thing is...

…Dean doesn’t truly think he’s a “hopeless romantic” as he says it mocking- and self-deprecatingly (and him “scraping heart from the bar room floor” just shows how he thinks he does not deserve any true hearts but only those covered in dirt, cause he’s unclean with the mark or evil or whatever), but he totally completely is. And not just because Crowley called him “Romeo” and was right on about that, but because he’s proved it plenty of times. And maybe I’m having a very twisted way of thinking of romance, but seriously, the most romantic thing Dean imo may have ever said is this:

“And if leviathans want to take a shot at us? Let ‘em. We ganked those bitches once before, we can do it again […] Let me bottom line it for you. I’m not leaving here without you. Understand?”

Cause that’s romance right there. That’s Dean taking the pain and the fight and the danger and quite possibly death. Choosing all of it over and again rather than leaving this place alone, rather than leaving Cas behind. 

I’m sorry, but… sometimes I remember this and get all kinds of emotional of just how much Dean loves and cares (and doesn’t think he deserves to be loved back) and how he doesn’t even realize how much he does half the time and how it’s one of his most beautiful assets. Just… Damn you, Dean Winchester. Damn you, for taking my heart in one swift motion and making me a tin man too. For you. <3 <3 <3

i’ve only ever felt at home with my friends. i feel like i can tell them anything and they’ll always be supportive of me. i can talk about my distorted thinking and they can help me get through it. my family cant do that for me.

So I recently hit 300 followers on this blog and realized how awful of a person I am for not thanking you guys yet. I guess I got distracted by spending too much time eating valentine’s day candy that my mom got me (because I’m a loser) and thinking of bad jokes. Anyway, I’m a little late, but I wanna thank you all for following me. <3 I really appreciate it, along with all of the nice messages I’ve gotten since I started this disaster. I always go through my notifications and seeing each and every one of you there just makes my day. Thank you all so much for following me. You guys’ll never know how happy you make me. <3

(I tried to find a gif from Diabolik Lovers that would work but most of them were just bite scenes or Yui being thrown into a pool and that’s not what I want to do to you cuties.)

don’t talk to me about how much kes dameron was made for fatherhood & family life because i will truly talk your head off.

bold any fears which apply to your muse. italicize what makes them uncomfortable.

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Soooo, on Wednesday night (three am Thursday morning technically) I went over to the boys apartment. And I was with him until he dropped me off at work today at five in the afternoon. And holy shit. I’m going to rant about all that jazz under the cut cause most, if not all of you, don’t care. Which is fine! But I want to talk about it. :)

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