If Lyria hadn’t died
  • Rowan would have never joined Maeve’s cadre
  • No, he was too happy to do that
  • He and Lyria lived in a small house in Doranelle
  • With a big garden full of flowers
  • Together with their son Edan
  • Who had Rowan’s magic and incredible fighting skills
  • So it wasn’t much of a surprise when Maeve asked him to work for her
  • Almost 200 years later
  • When Aelin came to Wendlyn
  • He was the one assigned to train her
  • She was broken and empty, but Edan wasn’t
  • He was patient with her and encouraged her
  • Made her know how powerful she could be
  • It took her time, but Aelin believed him
  • She started to trust him with her life
  • They became friends and she could always rely on him
  • Because there was something about him that make her feel like home
  • it was so similar, so calming…
  • And somehow not quite right. She couldn’t figure it out at first
  • But then it came Edan’s birthday and his parent’s visited him.
  • One look was everything she needed to find out
  • She had liked Dorian, loved Chaol. She had been in love with Sam
  • But never had she felt something like this
  • It was like a thread, pulling her towards the silver haired male in front of her.
  • The sound of his laugh was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard
  • For a moment, Aelin could think of something that wasn’t Nehemia or her parent’s
  • For a second she let herself hope that nothing was over
  • And then Enda introduced him
  • Rowan
  • a prince
  • a warrior
  • a married man
  • his father
  • her mate
  • And when he looked at her, shock filled his eyes
  • He looked her up, too surprised to say anything
  • Then his perfect features without a trace of a tattoo relaxed and he just shook his head
  • It didn’t matter who she was
  • Aelin hadn’t been born to be happy
  • Everyone who got close to her got hurt
  • So even when she felt that bond between them break
  • even when her heart did the same
  • leaving an emptiness even greater than before
  • she couldn’t blame him.
  • She couldn’t blame her mate for rejecting her before he ever had the chance to get to know her
  • Why would he?
  • Rowan had a happy life. A wife and a son he loved with his whole heart.
  • And Aelin couldn’t give him anything else than death, ruin, ash and her messed up heart.

A MC fanart Post!!

I decided to draw some mcs because why not!(sorry for keeping you people waiting!)

(hifl mc is kinda pissed because i didnt draw her well….sorry there!)

Exams and stuff

Hey guys! 

I was thrilled to see how many asks I got for that prompt meme thing, but I am afraid that I can’t do all of them. I have 3 weeks left to prepare for my exams, so I kinda need to start on that. I have 9 courses, so it’s a lot of work. 

I will do some of them still, but only the ones that I really like and which give me easy inspiration. After that this blog will writing-wise probably quiet down a bit, because of the previously mentioned exams. 

I hope you guys understand.