oh jesus I just turned 18. I welcome myself to the gates of hell aka adulthood.

this is an appreciation post for the 100+ blogs I followed since that tragic deactivation of my account last year. because I was drunk and. well. shit happens. those were the good times. anyway, thank you for making my dash as aesthetic as Francis Abernathy. this is not in alphabetical order so I hope to God I tagged you all. 

“I love you, even if there isn’t any me, or any love, or even any life. I love you.” —  Zelda Fitzgerald

@mrozova . @asteriea . @thaleias . @patrochilles . @enjolrahh . @kazrietveldt . @achililes . @clairertemple . @anubls . @baeonia . @monetts . @conceptvals . @eirenelle . @empyrreal . @hcsperrhodos . @hecvbe . @ronankavinskys . @beuvolio . @thoodleoo . @monte-cristos . @ryhysand . @metvmorqhoses . @malglories . @minyardl . @adrasteiax . @kingagamemnon . @keelmeah . @nehmesis . @zcbini . @wildhvnt . @knjikishimoto . @writingletterstoshakespeare . @hecubas . @iluminacje . @soracities . @pelhamgrenville . @astraera . @dostevsky . @czerny . @lleotolstoy . @dolcegf . @fallingkingdoms . @histhory . @thragedy . @haermes . @glendower . @andromaque . @dcnnatartt . @saintjoan . @shrinemaidens @j-desesseintes . @metavoia . @bacchanaliah . @feralmermaids . @solasm . @aryasnow​ . @bibliochor​ . @dearorpheus​ . @mashamorevna​ . @lachansondelanuit​ . @satellitesoul​ . @catherinedefrance​ . @vvilde​ . @francoiseabernathy​ . @narcissiste​ . @ilyarepine​ . @calliophies​ . @apolloe​ . @tsarkoshei​ . @mithia​ . @therepublicofletters​ . @illuminosity​ . @oydssey​ . @medaeas​ . @narwen​ . @apollonic​ . @nicaises​ . @englishpearl​ . @tartt​ . @mermaeid​ . @sunflowrlesbian​ . @antigonick​ . @eurycide​ . @drunklesbian​ . ​@tiberian . @vergilliusrex .​ @corpsroads . @divinefruit . @hemingsways . @provst . @rosetoiles . @moody-poet . @petrichorals . @theladyintweed . @aradeia . @laviensroses . @chattevache . @dhupas . @lennuieternel . @liithi . @abrenathy . @shakepaere . @michelangehoe . @paedme . @aegeane . @poisonousgrl . @bellusisterror . @alwaschon . @ganceys . @yourfavwolf @softhomme @jingyans

I hope I tagged everyone. I love you all. Lana loves you all. xoxo  — Ardeth

The struggle of literature is in fact a struggle to escape from the confines of language; it stretches out from the utmost limits of what can be said; what stirs literature is the call and attraction of what is not in the dictionary.
—  Italo Calvino @soracities

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favorite writing blogs?

these blogs post their own work & are all wonderful:

@featherumbrellas // @pigmenting // @rabbittmouth // @sometimestuesday // @7-weeks // @tristamateer // @heavenfay // @jupiterreed // @dosenherz // @alonesomes // @venettaoctavia // @brennatwohy // @inkmagician // @allthesinkingships // @vagabondly // @latenightcornerstore // @rustyvoices // @natalieweepoetry // @softstained // @pouvoires // @boykeats // @clementinevonradics // @prcserpina // @sunrisesongs // @hauntingmoon // @crowsummer // @aislinnrose // @ashandabstraction //  @heartmagician // @splatterofchaos // @amaranthinehours // @antililies // @compllexes /// @fluerishing // @fly-underground // @inkchantments // @watercvlours // @charlotte–ford // @freethepoets // @schuylerpeck // @2wentysixletters // @cgcpoems // @softheartedpoet // @exit152 // @madgirlf // @magpiedreams // @flowerburnings // @whirlsofwords // @nobodysflower

these blogs reblog/post a lot of quotes:

@habituations // @wounden // @metaphorformetaphor // @gaugua // @soracities // @deerbheth // @luthienne // @bibliofumes // @adderalldust // @lifeinpoetry // @adrasteiax

It is summer.
I am coyote mouth,
biting a past-me until
it disappears into the lake.
And all the knives I’ve lapped up come spilling out of me like teeth.
And I can’t remember January
or March–
just my mothers hands
touching my face.
—  Allison Morgan, “a dog bit a chain link fence”
there’s a ghost roaming the streets of my house it has hands like mine beaming and
empty at the same time it’s face is cheap satin body is ocean waves to keep it moving and beating in an endless way dreaming of blood pooling in its chest like a mothers arms wrapped around like a noose dragging a heart around feels like deer skin still warm when you touch on it feels like a past me like a dream that i awoke from where my body is a house on fire
and my hands are gone
—  the moon has an invisible mouth, allison morgan

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hello, what are your favorite blogs? also, have a lovely day !

This will be my first follow forever


@saintjoan, @malglories, @eveninglesbian , @echymosis, @ghostsmostly, @gatarojastuff, @metvmorqhoses, @ultravhiolence, @shrinemaidens, @alwaschon, @bienenkiste, @lacepearlsandlavenders, @moongloss, @rose-butter, @debussys, @babynectar, @egyptiaca, @goldmask, @aleaergane@therepublicofletters, @blysse, @writingletterstoshakespeare, @ganceys, @dulcifera, @acrownofpeaches, @laduree-et-cigarettes, @hcsperrhodos, @za-vedno, @selkiecherie, @silverysylph, @wraithlings, @soracities, @metavoia, @keheri, @kantkid, @nocturnalwaltzes, @narcissiste, @dearorpheus, @amadryades


archistratego  asked:

@celisse, @kingscross, @orgaena, @larklight, @ladycapulet, @soracities, @narcsissa, @finnblush, @nxrcissamxlfoy, @moonrivier, @nifflers, @victorvaale, @sirousblack, @thewinedarksea, @rosecallaway, @alasseablack are wonderful beings!

@celisse @kingscross @orgaena @larklight @ladycapulet @soracities @narcsissa @finnblush @nxrcissamxlfoy @moonrivier @nifflers @victorvaale @sirousblack @thewinedarksea @rosecallaway @alasseablack

more love from our beloved eliot aka the biggest heart on tumblr 🌹

send me ur fav tumblrs and i’ll @ them!!!

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Ma hai eliminato l'ultimo ask?

Sì, sì, Tumblr è stronzo e me l'ha eliminato.
A quanto pare non puoi entrare ed uscire dall'applicazione mentre stai postando neppure se sei al lavoro.

La risposta era (previdente io che l'ho screennata):

Beh, @dietrolemaschere perchè è una ragazza molto simpatica e scrive molto bene.
Anche @papesatan, @atarassie e @imprudenza pubblicano cose molto interessanti, così come @rosolaccio e @consonanza, che mi piacciono un sacco.
E poi c'è @-seaweedbrain-, perchè sì.
Per quanto riguarda la poesia, invece, adoro ciò che postano @luthienne, @soracities e @lifeinpoetry, mentre per la cinematografia consiglio @hirxeth.

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What are some of your favorite blogs to follow?

These are the blogs that I adore and that make me slow down when I’m browsing through my dash.


anonymous asked:

What are your favorite poetry blogs? I love your writing so I'm assuming you also have great taste! :-)

Oh, thank you! I’m so glad you like my writing! And I always love a chance to gush about my favorites, so yeah, this is great.

Rupi Kaur is amazing. I don’t know if this is her real blog, but you can find her poems at @rupikaurpoems.

Lauren Shaw, @poemsforpersephone, is GREAT. She works with a mix of themes like mythology, feminism and fairy tales, and it’s all so heartfelt.

We have the famous tumblrs that everybody knows and loves: @clementinevonradics, @writingsforwinter, @sierrademulder.

A. Davida Jane, @adavidajane, cuts straight to my bones. I love her poetry to death.

Natalie Wee, @wondersmithinc, is sincerely so good I can’t even describe her poetry.

Phi, aka @lostcap, is the kindest, they have talent that slaps you through the computer screen. Also, they do comissions!

Eliot C., @archistratego or @pushkins, is my favorite person on tumblr, with prose poetry that just stays with you forever.

Venetta Octavia, @medeae or @venettaoctavia, doesn’t seem able to write without killing me in the process, I love it all so much.

Jessica M., @wordsbyjm, is another favorite. A lovely person, talented writer, the whole package.

Ramona Meisel, @ibuzoo or @rmeisel, is incredible, as well. She just published a book, Sunblind, which I would kill to read, but have no money. I bet it’s so good, oh dear.

Brittany, @hynpos, has some of the best myth poetry I’ve read.

Ana Carrizo, @elvedon, just transports me with their poetry. I check their blog pretty much daily.

@rewoven and @soughtstory are lovely in every way. I met them when I first created this tumblr and they have been an inspiration ever since.

@fairytalesques‘ poetry is actually what motivated me to write on tumblr, because I loved the themes and the format and absolutely everything about them.

I feel like I’m being more detailed than you’d expected when you asked this, so I’m just going to list some other writers that I absolutely love: @soracities, @ghaffas, @illuminosity, @wylaneck, @selfapologies and @antigonick.

anonymous asked:

do you have any favourite blogs?

Hey! I wrote a somewhat comprehensive list a few months ago of blogs that I admire that you can find in my blog recs tag (/tagged/blog+recs). Granted, it can use an update, as I missed a few blogs at the time that I wrote it, but it is still a solid list nonetheless.

However, I would say that my current top five are as follows:

  • @soracities: I don’t think that Mim will ever not be within my top five because we have been friends for a long time and she is an absolute sweetheart. Solid aesthetic blog, excellent taste in poetry and literature.
  • @malglories: Possibly my favorite blog aesthetically, with elegant, but wonderfully morbid taste.
  • @luthienne: Wonderful, wonderful literature blog and Kelly is lovely.
  • @saintjoan: The princess of blogs, imo.
  • @elvedon: She writes absolutely beautiful poetry!

Also, check out: @wolfsmilk, @echymosis, @omniscientlyeye, @postmoderniste and @archaeologicals!

Thank you all so damn much for sticking by me, this year has been one of the hardest I’ve lived through and I think the roughness might have shown on my blog and this blog has been through a lot of transitions, I’ve entered several new fandoms and lost some love for others and it’s amazing that you guys have not only stuck with me through all of it, but more of you have decided that it’s worth you time to follow me and I’m really thankful for that. Really, this blog is my lifeline and y’all mean so much to me. Anyways…

bold = senpai I look up to || bold + italic = my bros

@ajincentral / @ajindemihuman / @awildshinjiappears@chelleinhelle / @chicken-fetus / @cousaten / @delishinoya / @delusional-lune / @desferal / @dolleye / @dorobbong / @emeraldwxves / @falsehero / @farbsturz / @floppyamon / @ghostyartblog / @hahanken / @haikyuusetters / @hanabiangel / @hanabunga / @hiiide / @ipoophere / @junetg / @kageyamashgeo@karasunovolleygays / @kelpie-hearts / @kenkamishiro / @kingkishou / @klanced / @kukkikukki / @kuseiro / @ladymoonstache / @lenreli / @lokh / @loveandallthat7 / @mangojammy / @mewyuki / @micaelis / @milkcandie / @minibuddy / @nadenwolf / @nagaikei-ajin / @nanazumi / @officialkuroo / @oikawam / @origami10 / @pagsywagsy / @pastryotism / @petitrequin / @pireri / @rammiel / @rawdaisy / @rayrayswimusic / @rayraywrites / @rhymewithrachel / @rip-ipa / @rrraichi / @semiyukii / @shiggeo@shiro-keneki / @shizuos / @sicktier / @soracities / @ssghoulhaise / @svetozar-nien / @taviacoolcat / @thekookiest / @torikagos / @tullp-ohare / @unlocklist / @venlax / @viria / @youhavebeentraceyd / @zuraun

Here are some other places where you can find me:

twitter (beware I whine like a lot on twitter & major spoilers for w/e I’m watching/reading) /// instagram /// youtube /// ao3

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I absolutely adore this for introducing me to a wealth of incredible poetry. Do you have links to any similar blogs that you frequent?

Thank you! I recommend the following poetry & lit blogs:

These all post content somewhat similar to mine, and have certainly contributed to and influenced my own taste in poetry.

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend me some blogs with a similar aesthetic as yours? x

This isn’t the first time that I’ve gotten this message recently, so I think that I will just make a brief (well, somewhat brief) list of various blogs that I like in different categories as I see fit, as my blog is a sort of combination of aesthetics. c:

Poetry and literature: @soracities, @luthienne, @antigonick, @elvedon, @postmoderniste, @pigmenting, @openlylesbian, @florizels and @lifeinpoetry.

General aesthetic: @malglories, @haffalump, @wolfsmilk, @archaeologicals, @fairywasteland, @shrinemaidens, @writingletterstoshakespeare, @catvoice and @dearorpheus.

Soft aesthetic: @foglesbian, @homerics, @girlsingreenfields, @sleepymood, @francoiseabernathy, @felimath, @seafairys, @arosary, @ambroses, @gentlefairies and @paleviolet.

Sapphic: @moonlesbianthings, @sapphicsuggestions and @dateagirlwhosuggestion.

Additional favorites: @cithonic, @omniscientlyeye, @caterinadulac, @tartt, @moronthehound, @beeslyp and @sirxusblack.