So I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday...

and I really wanted to capture my thinking process when I was still dopey from the anesthesia, so I asked my mom to give me a pen and paper the second I woke up

you know what i fucking drew???? 

i drew god damn pepes i drew fucking memes im a shitty ass meme lover the truth is out theres no going back i hate myself


External image

shadow the ultimate twerkhog

Sonic is unique as a hero character, when you really think about it. 

- a speedster but not quite “hyper” like one
- calm and laidback, yet has the fiercest temper when he sees injustice
- aversion to crying and negativity
- loves nature but encourages the beneficial use of technology (i.e., the Tornado, Tails’ inventions)
- likes reading for fun but is more “street smart” than book smart
- amicable, can befriend almost anyone
- stubborn but not blindly so
- vivid imagination, cheeky, a bit of a smartass
- sometimes irritable
- a narcissistic tongue, yet humble
- somewhat tense around violent characters (like Metal and Shadow)