So, I had an AU idea.

It’s set in modern times in New York City, where illegal experiments, run by a scientist named Dr. Eggman, have been conducted for years underneath the government’s eyes. Children disappear without warning, and many are simply never seen again, mysteriously being considered missing within weeks of their absence. Meanwhile, the number and scale of crime and destruction in the area increases due to what people claim to be “monsters,” unknown creatures with indescribable powers and behaviors, resembling mutants or “freaks of nature” as many call them. With very little to defend themselves with, the people are helpless to these abominations.

Until, it seems, one of these monsters starts fighting the others and defending humanity.

Maybe more later? I had a lot of fun coming up with the names and designs for them all, along with their personalities and roles in the universe. It was definitely a fun exercise, and I’m glad I finished this introduction!

I’m mostly happy that I actually completed something, haha. I hope you like this concept!