Elf - A webcomic you should read, with a Kickstarter you should look at

Do you like high-fantasy? What about goofy adventures?? How about combining those, adding a cool lady-elf, and then just a general sense of fun?! 

This webcomic is most likely for you! It’s called Elf, and it’s fantastic (and NSFW in places, along with not for younger readers)! A Kickstarter is going on, so please check it out and give a thought to helping. 

Written and illustrated by S. Kwon, the comic follows that wombat and that elf, and is equal parts total madness and deep character study, with D&D and tabletop gaming references, and a righteous fantasy setting complete with frogs who just freaking love swords. It’s worth checking out. I have laughed so much while reading this thing!

Kwon is responsible for character designs for the Cartoon Network show Metalocalypse, so if that’s your jam, you might love his comic.

The Kickstarter is HERE. Go forth my fellow warriors!


The Elf Kickstarter, a comic written and illustrated by Songgu Kwon, is SO CLOSE to hitting its goal!! There are 14 hours left and it needs a boost.

It’s a funny and exciting comic with unique takes on the comic page, and it also has a bunch of characters you love and want to see more of. Sometimes that means they’re naked, but not always!!

Please give it a look if you like fantasy epics, sword & sorcery, comedy, well-made comics, and/or wombats. If you can’t donate then please pass it on!!