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yes give me this yesterday

I JUST!!!! LIKE!!!!! that pre-show special like, what do you wanna see them in the DMV??? FUCKING YES I DO 

give me the DMV, give me them being screened at a TSA checkpoint, give me even killian understanding the need for an eyeroll when someone writes a check at the grocery store, give me all the parents struggling with common core curriculum, give me emma making henry literally watching a pot of water boil because magic can’t do everything for us henry, give me tax season, give me installing playstation updates, give me thirty-seven minutes of previews before the movie, give me changing the bug’s oil, give me shoe shopping, give me a doctor’s waiting room and storybrooke elementary presents ‘the sound of music’ and give me a gODDAMN HOLIDAY EPISODE

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ahhh why do your tags say "dont bother writing it" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!! (on the dex post if that wasnt obvious btw)

that means that usually when a fic is dumped into my head in such a complete fashion that i see all the scenes and pretty much already know what is going to happen, i end up writing it.

so maybe i don’t need someone to write it for me. because my stupid ass is going to end up writing it for myself. maybe. dammit.

EDIT: this is NOT to say that someone else should NOT write it– everyone can write it!! im just saying i might end up doing it!

Looking for a proofreader!

I’m looking for someone to help me with proofreading the dialogue for my pixel horror jam entry! (I still haven’t come up with a name for that game ahaha.. ha…) 

 I’m looking for someone native English speaker, who knows the grammar well (no need for previous experience in proofreading.). English is my second language, so there will typos and weird use of grammar, so I need someone to pick those out.  Since it is a very dialogue heavy game and I will keep writing it on the go, I need someone who can commit to help me whole October, and can work quite fast since the deadline is October 31st. (And by that I don’t mean you have to get things done immediately I sent them, but that you can’t leave me hanging for a week. Busy times you know.)

If you think you can and want to help me, send me an e-mail at mannytsusgames[at] (or if you prefer, send an ask here with your contact info). I will pick someone by October 1st.

Thank you! I’m really looking forward to getting this game done!

  • Oikawa:[clicking noise]
  • Iwaizumi:[clicking noise]
  • Ushijima:Stop it.
  • Iwaizumi:Stop what?
  • Ushijima:You're talking about me in Morse Code.
  • Iwaizumi:Yeah, Ushiwaka, that's what we're doing. In our very limited free time and with our very limited budget we went out and took a class on a very outmoded, very unnecessary form of communication just so we could talk about you in front of you.
  • Ushijima:Am I wrong?
  • Oikawa:No. That's exactly what we did.
I’ve spent most of my life chasing the person I want to be. Because 20-year-old me will have better friends, and 25-year-old me will land a killer job, and 30-year-old me will be madly in love. And me 6 months from now will be skinnier, and me a year from now will be more confident, and me some time from now will be better somehow. So much better. For years, this is what I thought. That if I could just wait it out, everything would get better.
     It took me a long time to realize that life doesn’t work that way. Older doesn’t mean happier or easier, and it certainly doesn’t mean better; it just means older. Life isn’t a well plotted screen play, or a checklist, or, God forbid, some waiting room. We have got to stop waiting. Because life isn’t about growing up to be all that we’ve ever wanted; it’s just about growing.
     It’s about love, and change, and crying yourself to sleep when it’s all too much. And working at a burger joint, and kissing your best friend even though he might not like you back, and calling your mom every Sunday because you miss her like hell. It’s fights, and promotions, and hospital visits. And then it’s this: another wedding of another one of your college friends, the third one this year, but this time you meet a groomsman who’s just as down on love and you dance all night. And this: he cries when you say “I do.” And this: a kid with your eyes and his dorky ears.
      Or maybe not. Maybe it’s this: you write everything, everywhere, all the time, even when the prettier kids make fun of you, and the short teacher with the big nose tells you it’s good. Really good. And this: you’re living in a shoebox, by the skin of your teeth, but there’s a bar across the street that lets you read your poetry, and every time you do, someone in the crowd finally knows what it feels like to be understood. And this: your words being published. Your words. Being bought by people who could be spending their money on anything at all. And you sit in your twin bed where you’ve written your entire novel, a dozen empty coffee mugs still dirty on the nightstand, and you scream until your lungs burn.
      It’s all of these things, and bad things, and good things, and the raw realization that it doesn’t get better or worse, it just gets different. It just changes. Always, always changes. And somehow that makes it more wonderful. Because future you may have the friends, and the boy, and the job, but she didn’t get it by waiting around. She is a product of you. Right now, tomorrow, changing and growing every moment that follows. She is kind, and breathing, and beautiful. But she waits for the day she doesn’t have to worry about paying a mortgage bill, and she worries too often about what people think of her. She still doesn’t have it together.
     And maybe that’s what I’ve learned after all this time: nobody has it together. We’re all just here, floundering around in pursuit of being something more. Broken, thoughtful creatures with too much time on our hands, desperate for the companionship of someone who reminds us that we are not alone. We don’t have much of anything figured out. Maybe we never will. But more importantly, I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.
—  ramblings of an overthinker

Don’t tell me you weren’t thinking about it while watching the promo cause I know you’re lying

11x13 (x) AU where Lucifer doesn’t possess Cas and Sam is a little shit

I’m just missing a mysterious message. How do you know you’re too clingy?” (r.i.d)



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Looking for a snack? Try pie, or a pie by-product. Dinner? Pie and/or its by-product. Trying to patch a leaky roof? We have just the thing for you, and we also have its by-products.

Mandy & Jenny: “We are living in an immaterial world – a ghost world, and I am an immaterial girl – a ghost.”

Bitty: “To the family of Chowder the intern, we regret to inform you that your son has, in the line of radio duty, transformed partway into a shark, and that his original body will be missed and never forgotten.

To the family of intern Dex, we thank you for his service to the cause of community radio, and join you in mourning the permanent loss of his chill.”

Hockey Mantra: Pain is just weakness leaving the body. And then being replaced by pain. Lots of pain.

An update on our previous message about pie and pie by-products. You should not eat pie or pie by-products, say several frantic sports nutritionists, waving clipboards in our studio. If you have any pie or pie by-products in your home, you are almost certainly already dead. Sorry about that.

… even in crossovers, some things don’t change ;)

travel times DIY

bc apparently this is all i’m thinking about right now

fair weather, flat terrain, roads

  • foot: 20 m/day
  • forced march: 30 m/day (unsustainable for long periods)
  • horse: 40 m/day
  • fast carriage: 60 m/day
  • horse relay: 80 m/day (changing horses at each town)

fair weather, hilly terrain, roads (or flat terrain, bad weather)

  • foot: 14 m/day
  • forced march: 20 m/day
  • horse: 25 m/day
  • fast carriage: 30 m/day
  • horse relay: 70 m/day

fair weather, mountainous terrain, roads (or hilly terrain, bad weather)

  • foot: 9 m/day
  • forced march: 15 m/day
  • horse: 20 m/day
  • fast carriage: 40 m/day
  • horse relay: 60 m/day

fair weather, wooded terrain, off road

  • foot: 8 m/day
  • forced march: not here you’re not
  • horse: 20 m/day
  • fast carriage: see forced march
  • horse relay: ditto

fair weather, mountainous terrain, off road

  • foot: 6 m/day
  • forced march: don’t do it
  • horse: 10 m/day
  • fast carriage: ur not getting a carriage up here m8
  • horse relay: there’s nowhere to relay ur horse up here

fair weather, experienced sailors

  • decent-sized merchant ship: 80 m/day (brig/carrack/cog type)
  • fast/unladen ship: 100 m/day (caravel/clipper/corvette type)
    • in peak conditions, you could comfortably get up to 150 m/day
    • these boat speeds include some margin for days when little progress is made vs days when lots of progress is made
  • for bad weather, just add on a day or two i guess

other modes of transport

  • horse & cart: 10 m/day
  • fully laden soldier: 15 m/day
  • rowing: 3 m/hour (quite fast, 1 mile can be covered in anything from 15 to 45 mins depending on how experienced you are/what type of boat you’re using)

things to note

  • walking speed: 3-5 m/hour (on average)
  • walking for 7-8 hours a day
  • riding speed: 25 m/hour gallop ; 13 m/hour canter ; 9 m/hour trot ; 4 m/hour walk
    • obviously it’s unsustainable to ride at a flat gallop all day, unless you’re changing horses at each town
  • riding for 10 hours a day
  • 1 knot = 1.15 m/hour

To my dear artistic, writerly, and wonderful followers,

Watch this video. Save it in your favorites. Keep it where you can always watch it, where you know you can find it.

This is Neil Gaiman’s famous ‘Make Good Art’ speech, the source of countless comics and infographics. It’s inspirational, funny, and straight from the heart.

Watch it, and keep it around.

It will save your art.

abelas and solas banter
  • Abelas:You are no better than me, Solas. You may not have the vallaslin of a slave, but you have the demeanor.
  • Solas:What, proud? Free to pursue my own goals? Live my life as I choose?
  • Abelas:No. You are bound to your path, you could not change it even if you wished to. You have made sacrifices, and it has cost you your happiness.
  • Abelas:You speak of freedom as if it will make me happy, yet you are as deserving of my name as I am.
  • Solas:Tel'abelas. Even after all that has happened, I am glad that the life I live is for others.
  • ___
  • Solas:How are you adjusting, Abelas?
  • Abelas:To what?
  • Solas:To this world. I've lived in it all my life, yet there are moments when I wake from a dream and shocked by the present. I can only imagine what you are feeling, having lived in the wilds for so long.
  • Abelas:It is... strange. The world feels larger, yet also smaller. For every new piece of knowledge gained two more have been lost.
  • Solas:A thousand years of humans who wanted to make the world forget their kingdoms were built in the shadow of Elvhenan.
  • Abelas:I will not allow them to forget me.
  • Solas:Nor will I.
  • ___
  • Abelas:The durgen'len thinks he is clever.
  • Solas:And he is, in his way.
  • Abelas:How do you get him to stop talking?
  • (if Varric is present)
  • Varric:You could pay me, Gramps, but I don't accept acorns. Or whatever you elves used to use.
  • Solas:I would suggest engaging him. Think of him as a leech. He hungers for stories, you must let him suck you dry before he can move on.
  • Abelas:What does he call you?
  • Solas:... Chuckles.
  • Abelas:[faintly amused] Ah.
  • Solas:[incredulous] What?
  • Abelas:Nothing. Samahl. It suits you.