I am so proud and happy that some children can grow up watching this show. It is teaching so many lessons of love and caring which is nice to say the least.

 And I just love Garnet so very dearly. She’s perfect. Fight me.

Hey there, my name is Aewen and I started sobbing when Balem Abrasax died in Jupiter Ascending.

I must admit, I’m starting to think (actually, no I’ve been thinking this for several episodes now) that it’s got to the point where Hirst needs someone else helping him write the show.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, this show is incredible and what Hirst has done is incredible, but I think after two seasons he may have started to…maybe get a bit…bored..? *ducks fruit* It happens all the time, writers get bored and lose their muse for certain characters/plots which is probably at least one of the reasons why (pretty much) every long-running TV show has a team of writers. Or at least more than one…

I don’t even really know what I’m saying right now but I think Hirst’s original wish to have Ragnar dead by the end of season 1 is finally starting to show, if only subliminally. Everyone in the cast always seems to joke about not knowing who’ll be the next to die or when a character will die, but this is 3 major deaths in 6 episodes. I’ve never seen a TV show with that ratio before (though granted I don’t watch GoT, so…). At Comic-Con, Clive said that a well-loved character played by someone not at the panel was going to die. Now, I’m fairly sure he was talking about Athelstan, but that description can apply to any of the three main deaths. And I don’t think Hirst is anywhere near done yet. (I can’t imagine Floki surviving much longer, and I can’t think of any reason for Helga to be on the Paris raid except as a way to kill her, with the in-show excuse of Ragnar wanting all the help he can get). Even in the England storyline, I can see Ecbert not lasting for an awful lot longer since he’s managed to piss off Ragnar, create even more dissension among his own people thanks to the whole Alfred debacle (I’m seriously pissed off about this as a thing, okay?), and I can’t imagine Kwenthrith would be happy about his whole puppet ruler venture…

Given that S4 is now a done deal, I reckon over the course of it, or at least by the end, all the adults currently in the show will disappear and the kids will take over. Which, if that’s what Hirst wants to do, then fine, but with a lot of people’s favourite character(s) dying left right and centre, the writing needs to be more solid than what this season has been giving us. It needs to be back on par with S1 and definitely S2. Otherwise, there’s just not going to be any hooks left for people to get back into it…

I need someone's opinion on something

Just a little background first: I have interesting dreams. These dreams often have plot. Because of this “gift”, I suppose you could call it, it is really easy to come up with writing ideas.
So I had a dream for a fantasy story. I love fantasy, but told myself that I’d never write what some might call “normal” fantasy, like with dragons and orcs and the like. It felt too cliched to me. Anyways, I had a dream with an idea too good to throw away. I eventually did because the story didn’t progress anywhere, but I recently had an idea to spice it up and now am continuing to write it.
So this story has an agender character (not the idea to spice it up, this character was in the dream), but I’m not sure if I writ them well enough. This is where tumblr comes in. I don’t know anyone irl who could help me with an agender character, so I am asking you guys for help. Here is their intro (minus the part with their name, because I already know that is a good part:

"Finally, the third. No gender could be placed on them. They spoke with a voice that could’ve been either gender, both a man and a woman’s, and had their hood drawn over their head at all times, along with the gray scarf that was customary to put over their faces during combat. No one knew their gender or sex, and frankly, none of them cared. Their eyes (which was the only visible feature on their face) were gray, the color of an old man’s hair."

Please give your honest opinion, and don’t be afraid to be brutal, thanks and sorry for the long post!

anonymous asked:

Someone needs to write a story about Will reading Nico Harry Potter!! I love Will as Belle!!!!

I know!! There’s this one called All Was Well where Nico reads Harry Potter and he’s such a dork and I honestly love that fic with my heart and soul but WILL READING TO HIM IT’S SO DIFFERENT AND LOVELY AYY

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I’m just missing a mysterious message. How do you know you’re too clingy?” (r.i.d)


sterek meme: sterek au: anastasia (2/10)

Years ago, the Hale castle was invaded by the Argents. Derek remembers being with his sister Laura and their nanny. They were studying in one of the rooms of the west wing when everything started to collapse. The servants were shouting, windows broken and a fire that was spreading at full speed. They were trapped and that was the first moment where Derek experienced actual fear for the first time.

There was a boy, though. He was younger than Derek, but apart from that, Derek knew nothing about him. Except how he saved their lives and helped them escape through a secret passage inside the castle.

The city was a chaos, people pushing everywhere, stealing the nearby shops and taking everything they could. That’s how Derek stopped holding Laura’s hand. She screamed his name, but it was too late. He was being dragged by the crowd, the train was leaving and he was too small to climb it. A shiny necklace was being thrown at him and as soon as he caught it, he glanced up to look at Laura. “Find me.”

When Stiles’ mother dies, he and his father are left with bills and more bills because of a treatment that never worked. His father leaves the city temporarily to look for a job, but it’s been two years since Stiles is left trying to make a living in this city. Well, not entirely alone, he has Scott with him. Together they manage to find some small jobs here and there. But their way of living is to find some hidden treasures inside the Hale castle. Stiles knows that castle upside down, he knows every secret passage, every chamber, every little corner. When Scott can’t come with him, Stiles spends hours walking around the castle, looking at the pictures of a family long lost. He remembers the Hales, the parties, their smiles… He also remembers the only prince of the family and how he always wanted to be allowed to play with him. He remembers saving his life.

Scott meets him one day with the greatest news ever, he said. Laura Hale, the oldest princess, was looking for her long lost brother. Their nanny passed away a year ago and she has no one else left. Laura believes that her brother is still alive and, the best news for Stiles, she offers a good amount of money for anyone who finds him. Enough to make him quit this meaningless life, pay all the bills and live happily with his father.

Obviously, the city is in a frenzy. No one mentioned the Hales for years and suddenly not only they found out Laura is alive, but the prince might be alive too. Stiles always knew it though, but right now he doesn’t have time to search around the world for a boy with dark hair and hazel eyes. That’s how Stiles and Scott, while everyone is looking for the real prince, go on a quest to find out someone that looks similar. Stiles is good with faces, he will find his long lost fake prince.

He does.

At first, Derek was just a business deal. Some replica of the prince, too perfect to be true. Derek is rude, grumpy, they fight a lot and it’s mostly Scott who convinces Derek to come around. They never tell him the truth though. It’s a good deal. Derek doesn’t have a family, Laura doesn’t have a family; and Stiles and Scott are watching both their families fall apart. Everyone wins.

The plan goes smoothly. Thanks to Stiles, Derek starts to behave like a real prince; it’s difficult at first, but during the trip to where Laura is living, they manage to not tear each other apart. They become close, maybe too close.

When Derek finally opens up and shows Stiles his most valuable and only treasure, Stiles finds out that Derek is not just a simple replica, he is the prince. He is the one that Stiles saved that night. And Stiles is about to lose him one more time.

"You’ll be fine, Derek," Stiles tells him at night when he notices that Derek can’t sleep. It’s probably their last night living like peasants. Their last night together.

"How are you so sure?" Derek whispers and there’s something in his voice that makes him look like he’s that scared kid again.

"I know that when you lose someone, your only wish is to see them again. Laura wants to see you."

"What if it’s not her? What if she doesn’t recognize me? What if I don’t feel like she’s really my sister? What if—"

"Derek," he looks straight at Derek, his hazel eyes flickering with the low light, just like that night of the fire. But this time there’s no screaming and no smoke, there’s only the sound of Scott sleeping next to Stiles’ bed.

"You’ll know. Trust me."

abelas and solas banter
  • Abelas:You are no better than me, Solas. You may not have the vallaslin of a slave, but you have the demeanor.
  • Solas:What, proud? Free to pursue my own goals? Live my life as I choose?
  • Abelas:No. You are bound to your path, you could not change it even if you wished to. You have made sacrifices, and it has cost you your happiness.
  • Abelas:You speak of freedom as if it will make me happy, yet you are as deserving of my name as I am.
  • Solas:Tel'abelas. Even after all that has happened, I am glad that the life I live is for others.
  • ___
  • Solas:How are you adjusting, Abelas?
  • Abelas:To what?
  • Solas:To this world. I've lived in it all my life, yet there are moments when I wake from a dream and shocked by the present. I can only imagine what you are feeling, having lived in the wilds for so long.
  • Abelas:It is... strange. The world feels larger, yet also smaller. For every new piece of knowledge gained two more have been lost.
  • Solas:A thousand years of humans who wanted to make the world forget their kingdoms were built in the shadow of Elvhenan.
  • Abelas:I will not allow them to forget me.
  • Solas:Nor will I.
  • ___
  • Abelas:The durgen'len thinks he is clever.
  • Solas:And he is, in his way.
  • Abelas:How do you get him to stop talking?
  • (if Varric is present)
  • Varric:You could pay me, Gramps, but I don't accept acorns. Or whatever you elves used to use.
  • Solas:I would suggest engaging him. Think of him as a leech. He hungers for stories, you must let him suck you dry before he can move on.
  • Abelas:What does he call you?
  • Solas:... Chuckles.
  • Abelas:[faintly amused] Ah.
  • Solas:[incredulous] What?
  • Abelas:Nothing. Samahl. It suits you.