Flowerfell by @underfart-snas is a really good AU and people should check it out.

also this is literally the fourth thing i’ve ever drawn so that explains the wonky angles and weird coloring lol

and i messed up underfell sans’s jacket oops

I guess it looks better without the background, but hell if I’m not gonna at least use the background once after drawing it.

Can we all just agree to not post inane posts like “X-character is so gross, I don’t know why anyone likes them!” in the tags, for either the character or the fandom they’re in?

Also, if you’re someone who does that, could you please explain why? (You can tell me on anon if you like.) You do realise all you’re doing is making people feel like shit? Was venting really needed IN the tags? Are you desperate for attention even if it’s negative? Because I’m sorry, but that is what it looks like.