How to know your friends are keepers:

You manage to explain the intricately literally mapped out plans you made while writing a fanfic about the apocalypse, up to and including prime locations for spreading radioactive fallout due to global wind patterns and thus causing the most damage, and somehow they don’t call Homeland Security on you.

can i just ask a question?

i’m honestly really confused and just like… why

people have been putting what pronouns to use for themselves on their blogs when they’re not trans or gender-fluid…

and i just don’t understand the point of this is if you’re cis…

like do people think that people putting up their pronouns is just a trend not to be taken seriously??? this, to me, is like when people put up those horrible ‘i identify as an alien/etcetc so use those pronouns’ so it’s just disrespectful to the trans community, and i don’t get why people feel the need to post the gender that you were born with -_-

also i’ve seen people post that they want to be referred to as petal/petals pronouns?? like wtf is that even??? and they were also cis so i really REALLY don’t get it

wait can someone actually explain to me why everyone hates 5 seconds of summer I’m genuinely confused