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ok i have to request this: Rebecca and Riza in your guardian au?

“Oh my god,” Rebecca breathed as she took a step back from her work and steepled her fingers. “You look so beautiful.”

A look of confusion crossed Riza’s face and she immediately looked down at the gown Rebecca had picked out, mechanically tangling her fingers around the chain of the necklace Rebecca clasped around her neck just moments before without saying a word in response.

It was then that Rebecca realized she had never received a compliment of that caliber, much less had the emotional capacity or wherewithal to appropriately respond.

ok but like i’ll forever be crying because even though ht clearly needs stitches and get that shit sterilized, the first thing he did was go look for guan shan and have him take care of the wound?? there’s blood still dripping from his hand and it must hurt like hell but he made seeing gs a priority :) and :) now :) he :) won’t :) be :) able :) to :) do:) anything :) hence :) gs :) is :) gonna :) have :) to :) go :) to :) his :) house :) and :) take :) care :) of :) the :) housework :) and :) make :) him :) beef :) stew :) while :) his :) hand :) heals :)

  • Me: I think I'm gonna work on being a better person by letting go of my anger
  • Some asshole: *does unnecessary stupid shit for no goddamn reason*
  • Me: It's time 2 murder

College AU where Saitama is a graduate student and is doing terribly in one of his classes because he can’t keep his eyes off of the GORGEOUS blond sitting diagonally to him. Like jfc the guy looks like a supermodel. He takes amazing and diligent notes and Saitama envies him for being such a good student. But one day while staring at him, Saitama finds out that while still taking notes, the blond is secretly watching shit on his phone in his lap. Sometimes it’s a cat video. Sometimes it’s something on Netflix.