I want the Marauders in their jammies headcanons.

  • I want James, who wears daggy pj bottoms and trackie-dacks coupled with scruffy white t-shirts, topped off with the messy bed head that he thinks is almost as good as hair windswept from Quidditch, although - ‘You can’t pull it off as well as me, Potter’ 'Sod off, Black!’ - he perhaps doesn’t look as good with slept-in hair as Sirius does, though don’t tell him he said that.
  • I want Sirius, who refuses to abandon ridiculously intricately embroidered, red silk pyjamas, that he sleeps in after showering and doing his in-depth skincare regime, because ain’t nobody got time for dry skin and acne son, but wears fresh cotton pyjama bottoms and t-shirts on a more regular basis, like his bro Jamie, except Sirius’s are much more refined and less scruffy, or so he says (they’re really just pyjamas that he stole, or borrowed, or shares with James).
  • I want Remus, who wears MATCHING FLANNEL JAMMIE SETS. MATCHING TARTAN FLANNEL JAMMIE SETS, that may or may not have been a Christmas gift from McGonagall. I want Remus in ridiculously pattered Christmas-themed thick cotton winter matching flannel jammie sets. You don’t have any ideas on what to get Remus for Christmas? Take a leaf out of McGonagall’s book. Buy him a set of flannel jammies. He is the king of matching flannel jammie sets. He collects them. Like the THICK WOOLEN SOCKS HE WEARS WITH THEM OH MY GOSH. I want Remus with his golden messy curly bed head in his matching jammies with one of his sweaters layered over the top, so you can see the patterned collar poking out the neck of the jumper. And then, I want Remus abandoning the top half of his jammie set, and wearing flannel red tartan jammie pants with a white t-shirt. Like his other two brothers. (You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you?)
  • I want Peter, whose Mum insists on buying him old fashioned, white-with-pale-blue-stripes, nightgowns. And I’m talking the whole kitten caboodle, here. Yes, the matching hat as well. It might even have a bell on the end of it (he thinks the other boys would probably call him a bell-end if they knew). I want Peter, who tries to act ashamed of it, but instead wears them liberally, and the boys don’t tease him for it, because it’s Pete’s Mum and NO-ONE makes fun of Pete’s Mum. They’re almost kind of befitting, actually. So, one year, Pete’s Mum sends them ALL nightgowns with matching jingly bell hats, and they wear them and love them to death, and they sport them every Christmas. Ridiculous nightgowns with jingly bell hats are the Weasley sweaters of the Marauder era. Remus couples his with a candle in its holder to complete the look. But, Pete follows suit, and soon enough all the lads have adopted their own pattern of pyjama bottoms coupled with white tees.
  • Needless to say, Pete’s are white with pale blue pinstripes. Remus’s are a red tartan. Sirius’s are a Gryffindor crimson. And James’s are a pair with little stags running all over them that he stole from Remus.

I just - I mean - the Marauders in their jim-jams.