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So she dated this fake soundcloud nigga when Valdaya was strong af and V was single? (like S19, S20) Okay Z 👏🏿👌🏿 Somebody shoot me 😕🔫 P.S. Do you remember S20 Finale? Now I see why he was there in the audience.

On her bday V did say she is one of his best friends…like maybe the sister thing was a cover-up for her being his best friend despite the age gap? Idk it’s just weird…but at least we know v and z are good and still actual best friends…and still follow each other on social media

I was tagged by the super fab @lias-obsessions. Awesome! 

1. Last movie you saw?
    Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas? (I had no choice!)

2. Last song you listened to?
   Flick Of The Wrist - Queen 

3. Last show you watched?
   The Hour (on DVD)

4. Last book you read?
    Somebody To Love by Matt Richards/Mark Longthorne (shoot me now)

5. Last thing you ate?
    Onion and goats cheese lattice thing

6. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?
    I’m home, I’m good, thanks!

7. When would you time-travel to?

8. First thing you would do with lottery money?
    Buy my own house - with more room for Queen merch!

9. Character you would hang out with for a day?
    Atticus Finch (I have issues, what can I say?)

10. Time right now?

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