today I had an accidental nap and I had this super vivid dream that there was a GMMore where Rhett was ranting about public displays of affection and how unnecessary they are and how there’s something weird about couples wanting everyone to watch them make out, and mid-sentence, Link leaned over and planted a big, wet smooch on the corner of Rhett’s mouth. and Rhett tried to keep on going with his rant as if nothing had happened, but Link was sitting there staring at him all smug and smirking, and Rhett just couldn’t control those traitorous, happy little cheekies, and he started to turn bright red, and then he started stuttering, and finally he just cast a sidelong look at Link with a little secret smile and just muttered “Okay, we gotta cut here.” and the episode just ended, and then we as a fandom collectively crashed tumblr’s servers the end

yoga: yog’d

weepings: weeped

shower: showered

bad thoughts: thinked

tea: currently steeping

five minutes until bedtime, just wrapping up some self-care stuff for the day.

Home Sweet Home (BamBam Scenario)

Requested: @mymisstina


Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 1950

Originally posted by defsouljb

Summary: You visit Thailand for the first time on a trip with your best friend, BamBam. While meeting his family, they assume you’re his girlfriend and you two agree to play along with it to avoid disappointing/confusing his family.

A/N: As this was requested as a “fake girlfriend” prompt I made it gender specific. However, I would be happy to post a gender neutral version if someone asks me!! Request more scenarios here!! 

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6, 9, 10?

(i’ve previously answered 9 and 10!)

6-  Draw the same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

…..i would like to personally apologize to allura this is like that episode of gravity falls where one of dipper’s clones gets paper jammed. someone help her.

Some people been asking me why I don’t ship Connor and Oliver in How To Get Away With Murder.

The reason is honestly is so present in the show, so I don’t see why others can’t see it.

Just look:

‘‘You know the way you can’t do drugs, you are like that for me.’‘

- Literally compared his relationship to Connor to drugs, acting as if both these things/people carry the same negative impact

‘‘You’ll have it too (HIV) and maybe we’ll be in this together.’‘

- Putting himself and his mental health over Connor’s and his well being

‘‘I hate you.’‘

- Subtle comment when mad/stressed (founded on comprehensible but somewhat unwarranted things

‘‘You are the idiot.’‘

- Subtle comment when mad/stressed

‘‘I’m surprised by blabbermouth boyfriend hasn’t told you already.’‘

- Subtle comment when mad/stressed

‘‘You’re not allowed to talk right now, consider it practice for not being able to keep your mouth shut.’‘

- Mocking sarcastic comment when mad/stressed

‘I’d never thought I’d end up with a self-absorbed pretty boy.’‘

- Unwarranted subtle comment

‘‘Why is it not bad? So I can hear your lame excuses?’‘

- Assuming the worst out of a partner

‘‘I mean, even I would probably have sex in a sex party.’‘

- Just to show how dedicated and faithful he is to Connor

*Did exactly what Connor told him not to do* (search for the secret baby)

- Disregarding Connor’s feeling and perspective

*Lied/Ignored to Connor about getting involved with the murder searching*

- Disregarding Connor’s feeling and perspective once again

‘‘Stop being such a buzzkill.’‘

- Subtle comment when mad/stressed

*Disregarded Connor’s feelings, safety and his life changing opportunity and decided to delete his Stanford email because he(Oliver) wanted excitement in life*

- Putting himself first in the relationship once again

*Disregarded Connor’s feelings and perspective once again by getting the job he specifically asked Oliver not to get because he(Oliver) wanted excitement in life*

- Putting himself first in the relationship for the third time

*Screamed and got mad at Connor because he didn’t react the way Oliver wanting him to react*

- Being controlling about Connor’s emotional state

*Broke up with Connor literally right after he found out about how Oliver ruined a big opportunity for him because he didn’t want Connor to go alone if he would be going alone, and wanted excitement in life if they were going together*

- Putting himself first in the relationship for the fourth time

‘‘I only ever do what other people want.’‘

- Lack of acknowledgment of the amount of time he put himself over Connor, more so than the contrary*

*The way he expected Connor do live with him and be weirdly close to him right after the breakup*

- Putting what he wants first, and disregarding Connor’s feeling and emotional state

‘‘You sabotaged me.’‘

- Accusations without giving him the benefit of the doubt (x2)

‘‘I don’t want you to be sorry, I want you to act like an adult.’‘

- Suble comment when mad/stressed

‘‘That’s just you and the entire city of Philadelphia.’‘ (x2)

- Subtle slut-shaming comment when mad/stressed

‘‘I need time alone.’‘

- Only to go on dates like three days later

*Literally went to Connor because he couldn’t get laid disregarding all the time he said he didn’t want Connor, disregarding Connor’s feeling and literally using him for his benefice*

- Putting himself first in the relationship for the fifth time

*Mocking Connor’s wanting to keep him safe*

- Suble comment when mad/stressed

*Mocking Connor’s perpective on love and his feelings*

- Suble comment when mad/stressed

‘’I’m not some security blanket for you to go to every time something bad happens with Annalise.’‘

- Hypocrisy as everytime somethinga bad happens with another man, he comes back to Connor

‘‘Some weird messed up emotional damage that you been carrying around since the day I met you.’‘

What I don’t undertand is how you can ship them especially if you include the things that Connor is to blame for in this relationship  which I’m not going to explain since I’m biased like that. Look, I’m not saying that Connor is this perfect character, just look at the way he treats Michaela sometimes but he deserves so much better than someone who constantly belittle him and puts his feelings over him(Connor) all the time.

When Oliver is calling out Connor on everything, I think it’s his subconscious actually calling himself out. 

  • “I think you only love the idea of me.” Oliver was constantly making remarks about how Connor was gorgeous and he didn’t understand why Connor was with him. But he grew to love the idea of this pretty boy wanting him. 
  • “Like I’m some security blanket that you wrap around yourself every time things get too intense with Annalise.” When Thomas rejected Oliver for being positive, he went to Connor and he was the one to make the first move to kiss Connor. Then afterwards, he was the one suggested that they have sex, knowing full well that Connor still had extremely strong feelings for him and would do it. He also mentions Connor staying three nights in a row, which I’m sure Oliver insisted on him doing. Note also that right after their breakup, he was keeping Connor around for as long as possible and insisting that he didn’t have to rush to move out of the apartment. 
  • “That is not real love. That is just some severe, messed up emotional damage that you’ve been carrying around with you since the day I met you.” Oliver has always been insecure about himself and that ultimately became the downfall of his and Connor’s relationship. 
Common obstacles in figuring out your true type


I’m pretty sure I’m a thinker, but I hate to upset people or see them upset

Yup. As an auxiliary Te user, this is a daily problem for me. I want to be logical at all times but when it ruffles feathers I often step on logic and preserve harmony instead. Or do I? Most thinkers HATE to deal with drama and emotions from others, therefore, they’ll say or do what others want as to keep things cool THEN they can proceed in dealing with facts. This is especially common with IxTJs because they typically don’t have those “commander” traits found in ExTJs, whom are notorious for bulldozing through emotional plights in favor of results. But ask yourself this question: Am I afraid of upsetting people because I value their feelings and want to be liked? Or is it because it will create drama which is an obstacle that I hate going through? If it’s the latter, you’re probably a thinker.

I’m pretty sure I’m a feeler, but I’m not some emotional mess that acts blindly on how I feel

Feelers seek harmony and appreciation, but when it comes at the expense of logic and rationality, a lot of them will be like “nuh-huh” and therefore may reconsider if they are actually feelers. That’s actually just healthy behavior. “Tough love” much? As a feeler you may be inclined in giving people second chances despite something atrocious they have done, you might also stick to your values despite all opposition, but so long as you keep things in check mentally, you’re good to go. Unlike popular belief, being a feeler doesn’t mean you are intellectually inferior to thinkers. It just means your heart has a strong voice in how you go about your life. That doesn’t necessarily translate in you being naive and denying cold hard facts. 

I’m pretty sure I’m a sensor, but I’m very creative and imaginative.

You know how we say that children are extremely imaginative? Well guess what… we were all kids and obviously not all of us are intuitive. Imagination and creativity is basically using what we see or have seen and then expending on it. We all do it. The difference is that sensors usually start from sensory experience THEN imagine. Whereas intuitives can leap immediately to what is “not there”. A lot of world’s greatest artists are actually sensors, they just built off from concrete experience, whereas intuitive can forego that step. This may make them seem like they have some sort of mental advantage (and perhaps they do), but sensors are more realistic in nature, even in their creative endeavors 

I’m pretty sure I’m an intuitive, but I consider myself realistic and down to earth.

No one ever said that being an intuitive means you are completely disconnected from reality. It just means you are able to see other realities behind reality (if that makes sense). This is why intuitives are often referred to as “idealists” because they seek what is beyond concrete reality, peeking through un-opened doors. But they do initially have to deal with things as they are, which can give them as sense that they are down-to-earth and practical (to begin with…)

Love ‘em and Leave ‘em

prompt by a sweet anon: can you do a fic where Cas is afraid that Dean will leave him?

They were standing in the kitchen, so far inside each other’s space that they were almost touching.

Their hands were soft and slightly reaching, their heads tilted, their lips parted. They could each feel the warmth, the want, radiating from the other.

This was it. This was it. This was it. Dean could barely breathe. He leaned forwards, slowly… he blinked, once, and then let his eyes fall closed as he –


Cas’ voice was a saw through the silence, rough and unexpected. Dean’s eyes snapped back open, to see that Cas had turned his face away. He was looking down at the floor, his lips tight and unsmiling. For a moment, Dean stood absolutely still, frozen in place by sheer horror.

“Oh, God…” He fell back a step, reaching out blindly behind him and finding the edge of the counter, gripping it for support. He stared at Cas, his mouth still open, sucking in breaths that sandpapered the back of his throat. Cas didn’t look up; Dean thought he looked as though he’d calcified under the threat of the kiss, become stone instead of skin. Dean swallowed painfully. He wanted to run, but his feet were anchors.

“I’m – C-Cas, I’m –” Dean stuttered, the words like petrol on his tongue, leaking from a choked engine; he was turning red, now, shit, he needed to get out of here –

“I’m sorry,” Cas said, with his eyes still fixed on that same spot on the floor, his lips barely moving. Dean couldn’t look at his white, white face. Instead, he watched the way Cas’ fist was clenching and unclenching ever so slightly, as though Cas were digging his fingernails into his palm, over and over.

“You – you shouldn’t apologise,” Dean managed to say, around the growing lump in his throat. Shit, was he going to cry? He needed to run, now. He took a step sideways, heading for the door. “I never would’ve – I thought you wanted…” His voice was shaking. He stopped speaking abruptly, turning his back on Cas and walking away. His legs weren’t his own and the door was approaching far too slowly, was he even moving? His cheeks were on fire and oh, God, let this all be a nightmare…

“But I do,” said Cas, just as Dean reached the doorway, and the nightmare fell sideways into confusion.

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  • Oliver: You're afraid that I'll really know who you are and not like him.
  • Connor: You do know me.
  • Oliver: Parts of you, but guess what, Connor, I want to know everything about the guy that I'm with, the good and the bad, that's what love is.
  • Connor: No, I think love is letting a guy stomp on your heart and still being there for him when another guy rejects him!
  • Oliver: Oh, you think that letting me cry on your shoulder is proof that you love me?
  • Connor: Yes! Because I do.
  • Oliver: No. I think you only love the idea of me.
  • Connor: No, I love you.
  • Oliver: Like I'm some security blanket that you wrap around yourself every time things get too intense with Annalise.
  • Connor: That's not true.
  • Oliver: And that...That's not real love. That is just some severe, messed-up emotional damage that you've been carrying around with you since the day I met you.
  • Connor: ...Is that what you think of me? That I'm damaged?

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Hey, uh, I just like your ramblings so - how do you feel about Steve/Clint? Or alternatively; Cake or pie?

I like Steve/Clint! I think it works best when Clint has some pretty major issues, because Steve – while having issues of his own – is also really stubborn and immovable on matters of importance. So if he decides “We’re going to be boyfriends and you’re not going to sabotage that because you think you don’t deserve nice things (also thank you I AM a nice thing, I’m so glad you noticed)” then they will Be Boyfriends and Clint can’t make him walk without being emotionally open and honest, which, AHAHAAH, THIS IS CLINT BARTON. 

So yeah, I think Steve/Clint is probably my most dysfunctional ship in terms of having to write some pretty heavy emotional messed-upness in order to get to the sexy fun times, but for a writer, the challenge is a feature, not a bug. 

I have no strong feelings about cake vs. pie, really. It depends heavily on what kind of cake and pie we’re discussing. Chocolate cake is better than apple pie, even though apple pie is better than most cakes. Cherry-rhubarb pie is better than red velvet cake, but not better than spice cake. Really good carrot cake is better than almost any pie, especially if it has cream cheese frosting, but marionberry tarts trump most cakes. Pumpkin pie, I’ve come to realize, is really more of a custard, so it has its own special category of delight.