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Today marks my 1000th post on Instagram! I started this project because I believed the Overview perspective not only offered a means to look at our planet like never before, but also was something that could bring people together. To see where the project is now, nearly three years and 1000 posts later, has exceeded all of my wildest expectations. A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has shared the images, purchased a copy of “Overview", or simply followed along. Here’s to the next thousand posts!

Overviews shown: Washington Monument, Nardo Ring, Crescent Dunes Solar Project, and Marabe-Al Dhafra

Source imagery: DigitalGlobe and Nearmap


What I find really fascinating it that when you start reading more books and expanding on your knowledge, you start expanding your interests in certain subjects. Before, when I spent less time reading I had a very limited capacity for certain subjects, but now that I am reading more – no subject seems to small. One of the people that I have grown to look to for inspiration is Elon Musk, largely because with people like Elon. I believe that he has found a balance that is very hard for most people to achieve, this idea of capitalist scientific pursuits. When you think Tesla Motors, you largely think of a sustainable car, but what’s the business model for it? Or you think about his Solar projects, or Space projects – a vast variety of projects that are about sustainable energy, it should provide hope to the next generations that are coming through that saving the planet, can also be a viable business idea.

MAMAMOO′s Solar to Release 4th ′Solar Emotion′

MAMAMOO′s Solar is gifting her fans with Part 4 of Solar Emotion.

On midnight of February 21, Solar will release Person Who Gives Happiness as part of Solar Emotion through a variety of music sites. Solar will be remaking Sun Flower′s Person Who Gives Happiness, which was first released in 1989.

The upcoming release of Person Who Gives Happiness is especially meaningful as it will be released on the same day as Solar′s birthday. Solar produced the track while thinking of her family, who are the people that have brought her happines.s

Through Solar′s Solar Emotion project, the artist remakes forgotten songs of the past with her own touch and emotions. She has previously released I Lived Like A Fool, This Moment and In My Dreams.

Meanwhile, Solar will be releasing Part 4 of Solar Emotion, Person Who Gives Happiness, through a variety of music sites on February 21.


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also im callin this ship “astral projection” u can’t stop me

Hello minna ! Here’s an illustration I’ve been working on for 3 weeks ! It was hard but very funny, I’m happy to have finally finished it ! ^o^/

So here’s Tenshi in “space” mode, ready to slice Earth in half ! Will you recognize every satellites, planets and constellations pictured on her outfits ? :D
Governors From Both Parties Are Urging Trump to Support Renewable Energy
A group of governors from both ends of the political spectrum are urging President Donald Trump to support renewable energy, saying the wind and solar industries are crucial economic engines for impoverished rural regions.


A group of governors from both ends of the political spectrum are urging President Donald Trump to support renewable energy, saying the wind and solar industries are crucial economic engines for impoverished rural regions.

The Governor’s Wind & Solar Energy Coalition is seeking increased federal funding to modernize local power grids and boost clean energy research, according to a letter submitted to the White House Monday. The group is also calling for legislation to promote offshore wind farms and efforts to streamline the permitting process for wind and solar projects.

The message is the latest indication that Trump’s criticism of renewable energy puts him at odds with much of corporate America and members of his own party. Since he was elected, Republican governors in Illinois and Michigan signed legislation backing wind and solar. Last month, more than 600 U.S. companies issued a statement urging Trump not to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, saying it will generate trillions of dollars in investments.

The members of the Coalition include the governors of Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia and Washington.

Minor planet named Bernard

A minor planet in the Solar System will officially be known as Bernardbowen from today after Australian citizen science project theSkyNet won a competition to name the celestial body.

The minor planet was named by the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in honour of their founding chairman Dr Bernard Bowen.

Bernardbowen sits in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and takes 3.26 Earth years to orbit the Sun.

The minor planet was discovered on October 28, 1991, and until now has been known as (6196) 1991 UO4.

Based at ICRAR, theSkyNet has been running since 2011 and sees citizen scientists donating their spare computing power to help Australian astronomers uncover the mysteries of the Universe.

Its 50,000-odd volunteers entered an International Astronomical Union (IAU) contest to name planets beyond our Solar System.

Project founders ICRAR also won the right to name a minor planet within our Solar System.

Bernardbowen was one of 17 minor planets to be christened today.

Other newly named minor planets include Kagura, after a traditional Shinto theatrical dance, and Mehdia, which is equivalent to the Arabic word for gift.

Dr Bowen is renowned as one of the country’s finest science administrators and has presided over scientific advances ranging from the oceans to the skies.

He was instrumental in the establishment of ICRAR in 2009, and helped bring part of the Square Kilometre Array telescope to Western Australia.

The “Cool” Uncle

The “Cool” Uncle

Request: Hey I love your Tumblr and your writing !!!! YOU ARE AMAZING I was wondering if it’s not to much to ask if you could do a oneshot where Tony is the readers older brother, Who is very protective and the reader is pregnant with (Loki or Bucky) child and she is scared to tell him? But Tony finds out from one of the other avengers. Feel free to carry it on after I don’t really know how to end it ??? Xxxx

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x Reader with Brother!Tony

Tony Stark: a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, but also an extremely protective brother over you. He was constantly looking out for, kicking sand in the girl’s face who called you ugly at age five, staying up until eleven o’clock to help you with your solar system project at age 11, and chasing after every ex-boyfriend with fists raised at age 16.   You were the exception to his whole narcissistic personality; if there was one thing in the world he loved more than himself, it was you.     

What he didn’t love however, was your relationship with the infamous, Bucky Barnes.   Ever since the lost soldier stumbled into the tower in tow with Steve, you would always be at his side.  Of course it wasn’t a romantic relationship at first; originally you helped Bucky get used to world in 2015 and living without his previous memories.  Bucky soon tethered himself to you, emotionally and physically.  You, of course, didn’t mind that Bucky needed to hold your hand and hold you to calm down, but Tony was seething when he would see the interaction between you two.  The billionaire couldn’t help but feel as if to protect you from the man who was trained as a lethal assassin.   

Which was why you felt nauseous at the two pink lines on the pregnancy tester.  

“Shit…” you whispered.  You were excited that you were pregnant, but dread filled you immediately at the situation; you were pregnant with the child of a superhero, who could die in battle at any moment’s notice, who was hated by your only brother.  

You immediately hid the pregnancy test behind the sink, and traveled throughout the tower looking for the former winter soldier.  You were not surprised to find him training, knowing it made him feel some kind of peace.  As soon as he saw you looking at him, he rushed over to you, reconnecting your lips.  

“Bucky,” sighing, you look into his eyes.  Seeing the worry and stress in your eyes, he starts to get protective over you, already thinking of ways to beat whoever made you upset.  You take his hand and guide him to somewhere more private to avoid any rumors.  Reaching your room, you sat Bucky down on your bed and started pacing nervously, before turning towards him, gaining the strength you needed to say those two life changing words.  

“I’m pregnant.”

Bucky immediately shot up from his place on the bed, and embraced you with tears running down his face. His hands circled around your waist bringing you closer to his as he rested his forehead against yours, planting kisses at your hairline while giving you the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on him, or anyone for that matter.   

“This is great news, doll.” he whispered, looking down at you, a smile appearing on your lips at his reaction.  Realization set in, wiping that smile from you face as you realized you would have to tell Tony that you’re pregnant.  With Bucky’s child.  

You knew that Tony would be the greatest uncle; he would spoil the child with hundreds of toys, playing the part of the ‘cool’ uncle who always said  he “couldn’t stand the little twerp,” but in reality, adored the child.  But Tony would have a huge problem with you starting a family with the one person he thought would hurt you.

“This is great news, right?” Bucky started to become worried at your own expression of dread as you looked at the carpet rather than himself.  Of course Bucky wanted to become a father one day; whenever the topic came up, he would imagine himself watching sunday cartoons with your little boy in his lap, or if you ever had a daughter, he would always accept to playing dress up for his daughter.  Even allowing her to place lipstick haphazardly on his face while you looked on from the doorway, trying to stifle your laughter.  “Do you want kids, Y/N?”  

You were still stuck in your anxiousness, only to be pulled out by the feeling out Bucky’s hands resting against your cheeks, pulling your face to face his own.  You didn’t even realized you were crying until his finger caught a tear falling down your cheek.  

“Do you want kids?”  His voice was soft, not wanting to add any more pain and anxiety than you already had.  “Of course I want kids, Bucky.” Your voice wavered as you answered from the sobs you were trying to hold in.  “It’s just my brother.”  At the word, brother, you broke out sobbing.  Bucky immediately held your frame to his chest, hating the sight of you crying.  Something inside would break at the sight of  teardrops, always claiming “You’re too beautiful for suffering.”  

Between sobs, you managed to hiccup, “I don’t regret being pregnant.  I jus-”

“You’re pregnant?!”

Between the news of being pregnant and the sob fest that was taking place in your room, you didn’t even notice your own brother walk in through your door.  Your tear stained eyes shot towards his face, trying to read his emotion to prepare yourself for the worst.  

Tony stood in the doorway, his mouth open and his eyes holding a shocked expression.  He couldn’t believe he was going to be an uncle.  He adored kids, but never thought about having his own. Between managing his company and being an avenger, there would never be time.  But with having a niece or nephew was just as good.

You shot up from Bucky’s arms, Bucky rising from his seat as well, ready to defend your position from whatever comment Tony could say next.  

You started walking towards your brother, crying even harder, knowing that your brother may abandon you after all you two have been through.  The truth was, you needed your brother.  He was your family, he had protected you, dried your tears, and comforted you.  You could never leave him, no matter how annoying he would get.  

“Please, Tony, don’t be mad at m-”

“Mad at you?  Y/N, how could I be mad at you?”  Tony took your hands in his own, rubbing circles onto the top, something he would do to soothe you when you were stressed.  Your sobbing had stopped, but insecurities still remained.  

“You’re my sister, Y/N.  Sure, I don’t like Mr. Tin-Can over there,” Tony jeered his chin over to where Bucky was standing, arms crossed and an unreadable expression. “-but I couldn’t leave you, even if I wanted to.  Besides, I’m gonna be the best Uncle ever.  You kid’s gonna have his own iron man suite before he or she can walk.”  Tony looked at you with a toothy smile.  Your heart fluttered at his statement, as you hugged him with every ounce of adoration you had within yourself.   After a few seconds, you felt Bucky join the hug, awkwardly avoiding Tony as much as possible.  You looked up at the two men in your arms, the only two men you loved, love rushing through your body.  The moment seemed to be picture perfect, only to be ruined by Tony speaking.  

“Can we name it Tony Jr.?”