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do we know what weapon Sol have in the cover of the arbook "Artworks of Guilty Gear X 2000-2007" ? surely it's not a sword or something like that

Sol is an inventor of sorts. More specifically he is a Magic Particle Physicist, but he works on various devices now and then for various purposes.

The “exact nature” of each device he has created over the years isn’t well known or documented either (since he seldom ever bothers to explain anything to anyone).

What is known is that he was the creator of the OutRage Magic Amplification Device (which he later broke up in to the 8 Sacred Treasures, they aren’t necessarily weapons but were converted in to them, though some had other more specific uses).

He also created his own rendition of a portable Phonograph to listen to his old LP records (Sheer Heart Attack being, of course, his personal favorite). He seems to be a bit of an audiophile in the sense that he has worked on several sound-based devices (his most recent being a guitar-like hand manipulator device which he uses as part of the Guilty Gear x BlazBlue Music Live promotions).

Finally of course, he can make and modify his own weapons, such as the housing upgrade for his Firesealed Sword, which he dubbed the “Junkyard Dog“ (supposedly named after his original sword while he was in the Sacred Order, though that’s debatable). It has two iterations so far, the most recent being the Mark III. He seems to be associated with the group known as the Gunsmith Dogs who make brand names like Bullet Heaven.

Other than that, this particular device seems to be based on a Handcuff design, not unlike a certain device that Bridget came up with.


Since the PC version of Xrd came out on Steam, I decided to capture Sol’s standing animation and make a transparent gif of it!! It took a long time so I just worked on it slowly during my free time. I love that most of the textures are just flat colors, so you can practically upscale his model without losing quality at all. This is what the size of his sprite is at 2560x1440!