Starter for Demon-blood-youths

Sol adjusted the buckle at his hip in irritation. He’d been wandering for hours without a bite to eat. If he wasn’t careful, he’d slash Fireseal across the nearest bystander & fry them into dinner. But… this wasn’t his aim, honestly. He knew how foolish his hunger could cause him to act, but it never reached cannibalism. Not yet.

He sighed lungfuls of hot air out of his nose. What good would come of being alone? As accustomed as he was to his own solitude, Sol had begun to see the frustrating truth about loneliness, & in his anger, sought to pretend as if it didn’t exist.

“I swear, I’m gonna tear out my own heart if I keep feeling this way.” He muttered, fingers fidgeting for change so he could buy a sandwich.