the other day she drank, she drank to forget, to be happy, to relax. she texted him that night, but instead of some sobbing “I miss you come back” stuff, she was nothing but pep. she was happy, she was laughing at everything, she was who you’d want her to be but without the alcohol, she was yours in that moment , but you weren’t hers. she spun around the room, falling on her butt, laying down with the blankets and her computer. that night nothing was going to cut her spirit and that night she realized what’s it’s like to be real with yourself, if you can’t see what’s in front of you , you lose.
—  vvimpful // it’s all fun and games until somebody loses
Falling For Your Best Friend

Prompt: Just a quick little something I thought of.

Pairing: Damon x Reader


Word Count: 503

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Okay, so I’ve been thinking about a Doctor Who/Stranger Things crossover for, like, months now (I mean. Eleven. And Eleven. My two favorite characters in existence. How could I NOT?). Just imagine it!

Elle is trapped in the upside down after what she did to the Demigorgon. Afraid and once again alone, she sobs quietly, asking for help that she know can’t come.

Somewhere in the universe, the Doctor (currently traveling alone) gets a message on his psychic paper. All it says is, “Help me.” He of course springs in to action, tracing where the cry for help came from, and is surprised to find that it’s from a small pocket universe.

He manages to fly the TARDIS in, and when he lands, he (for once) turns on the monitor instead of simply going outside to see what’s there. He sees a young girl, sitting alone against what appears to be a large tree. She’s got her knees pulled close to her chest and is sobbing rather heavily, this is evident only by her quivering body, as she makes no sound.
Then he runs out of the TARDIS doors to get the child. The TARDIS has warned him that the environment is toxic, but doesn’t care – the girl has already been here too long.

Elle looks up and sees a man running for her, but he doesn’t seem threatening. In fact, he looks worried. Worried about… her? She doesn’t move, or make him stop. She can tell he wants to help her.

When the man is in front of her, only perhaps a foot away now, he stops, and kneels down so that he’s at eye-level with her.
“Hello,” the Doctor says, with a small but kind smile, “I’m the Doctor,” the child flinches at the word. “I know you’re frightened, but it’s going to be okay. I’m here to help.”

Elle stares into his eyes for a few moments, then nods as though she’s decided to trust him. The Doctor’s smile grows a little now that he knows she’s not afraid of him. “What’s your name?” He asks gently. She stares at him again for a moment before answering in small voice, “Eleven.”
“Well, Eleven, we need to get you out of here. Will you let me help you?” She nods again and wraps her arms around the Doctor’s neck – they both know she’s too weak to walk.

Once they’re safely in the TARDIS he puts Eleven down on a small chair that the TARDIS has provided for her. The Doctor goes to the console and take them into the time vortex where he knows they’ll be safe. He then goes back over to the little girl, Eleven, and kneels in front of her again. Now that he gets a good look at her he can see what a mess she is. Her face is stained with tears and blood, there’s even dried blood that had come from her ears. He doesn’t ask what had happened though, he already has a pretty good guess.
Instead he asks, “Where is your home?” This time she doesn’t need to take any time to answer and says “Mike.” “Who’s Mike?” “Friend.” She smiles very slightly when she says the word, and the Doctor understands. “We’ll find him. I’ll get you home, I promise.” She nods, and then she does something he finds a bit odd. She places a small hand on his chest, feeling his hearts beating. Then she looks into his eyes again, seeing how old and how sad he is, and she says softly, “Eleven.” The Doctor smiles just slightly and nods.

The Doctor had got her home safely. She’d insisted that he meet her friends before he left, and they never forgot the strange man in the bow tie who brought Eleven home.

Years pass – for both of them, many for the Doctor, only a few for Elle. Something goes wrong; the bad people are back. She remembers the last time she was afraid and alone and who helped her. So she uses her powers to try and contact the man – the other Eleven.

And he comes. But he’s different this time. He’s not wearing a bow tie now, and his hair is grey. His face is different too, not just older, but different. However, when she looks into the man’s eyes she knows that it’s him.
Eleven smiles and puts a hand on the man’s chest, feeling the unmistakable vibration of two hearts beating, and says “Twelve.”

Please Don't Cry - Credence Barebone

It was cold and dark and Credence had no idea where he was. He made it out to be a dark and dirty alleyway. Last thing he remembered was a nice woman trying to calm him down and then MACUSA aiming wands at him. Credence huddled up in a corner and tears fell down his cheeks. The black mist from his obscurial was still around him, fading. He had nowhere to go. He has no home, no comfort, and no idea where he is…

…(Y/N) was walking down the streets on her way home from work. Tired and worn down due to the stress of writing for newspapers, she was only a few blocks away from her apartment when she heard a noise. It was soft sobbing coming from the alley across her. Curious, (Y/N) slowly walked down the alley. The sight in front of her made her heart break.

A quivering boy was crying his eyes out. He hadn’t noticed (Y/N) until she cleared her throat. He flinched and backed away.

“Wait- please… I won’t hurt you.” (Y/N) frowned.

The boy looked up with scared eyes and stops.

“I-I’m (Y/N). Are you okay? Do you need help?” She cautiously stepped towards him like he was a fragile creature- Well, he was.

Credence wiped a tear and noticed her innocent intentions. He sensed a goodness in her and trusted this beautiful stranger. He nodded.

(Y/N) held her hand out to Credence and he hesitantly grasped into it. When he got onto his feet, more tears come down. (Y/N) was so curious why this boy was crying so much. To her, Credence was beautiful. How can a beautiful boy be hurt that bad? She hates to see others hurt.

“What’s your name, Mister?” (Y/N) smiled weakly.

The vulnerable boy gulped, “C-Credence.”

(Y/N) couldn’t take seeing this boy hurt. She only met him right now but she felt so concerned. Gosh, he needed a hug. So that’s what she did.

Credence gasped and jumped back. (Y/N) winced. “I’m so sorry, I just thought you needed it.” She felt so bad. A tear fell down her cheek,too.

Credence noticed her guilt and whispered, “Please don’t cry, Miss.”

(Y/N), looking up at Credence, wiped her cheek and smiled. “Credence, do you need somewhere to stay? I can make you some cocoa.”

Credence, for the first time in a while, smiled. “Yes, Miss (Y/N), t-thank you s-so much.”

(Y/N) slowly grabbed Credence’s hand again assuringly and led him down the street, hoping to cause the handsome boy to smile again.

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Untouchable - Group (KBTBB)

a.k.a. Why nobody should mess with KBTBB MC

Genre: CRACK, Comedy, and some good ol’ friendship fluff

Pairing: subtle everyone / MC      

a/n: I was inspired by @voltageandheadcanons‘s post that my brain pooped out this drabble ( ◞・౪・) Lmao, this isn’t really meant to be taken seriously, but if you’re having a bad day, I hope this cheers you up!

@themysticaldaydreamer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

              “Hey, pretty lady! If you’re available now, come to the penthouse. Boss just bought this really fancy tequila from South America, and it’s super good!” Baba chirped happily into the phone.

               There was a sob coming from her end of the line before she spoke.

               “S-sorry, Baba. I don’t really feel like going there right now. Something came up today…” she spluttered.

               “Princess? What’s wrong? What happened?”

               “…it’s nothing. You don’t have to worry about it, really. Thanks anyway,” she said before hanging up on him.

               Baba could only stare at his phone worryingly. Her being sad just wasn’t right. Something had to be done about this!

               “Guys!” Baba yelled to get the others’ attention. “We have a problem!”

               Eisuke rolled his eyes. “What is it now, Baba? This better not be another one of your dumb ideas because if it is, I swear I’ll—“

               “It’s ____! She’s crying…”

               “Why? What happened?” Soryu asked, his attention focused on the thief. Everyone else had their interest piqued, too.

               “I wish I knew.” The thief shrugged.

               “Actually… I think I might have an idea,” Hikaru spoke up. “Earlier, I heard a guest lashed out at a maid and accused her for stealing something. The guest didn’t have any proof whatsoever, but he still blamed her anyway while threatening to sue. He even grabbed her by the wrist.” He closed his eyes in contemplation.  No one spoke until he continued.

               “At first, I wasn’t certain if the maid was ____, but now, I’m a hundred percent sure it was her,” Hikaru grimly admitted.

               The room fell into a complete silence.  The once decadent atmosphere in the penthouse became gravely solemn, and none of them paid any mind to the liquor they were celebrating a minute earlier.

              “Soryu. Get your men ready. It looks like someone had no idea who they were dealing with,” Eisuke coldly declared, steepling his fingers together.

               The mobster gave a stiff nod while cocking his gun threateningly. “Already on it.”

               “So someone touched Koro the wrong way, huh?” Ota’s graphite pencil snapped cleanly in half at the force he was using to grip it with.

              Mamoru crushed his cigarette at a nearby ashtray before speaking. “I kinda feel sorry for that idiot now,” he sighed, his hand heading to the pistol in his holster.

               Shuichi said nothing, but his glasses glinted ominously as he texted cryptic orders to god-knows-who on his cellphone.

               “…I’ll prep the surgery room,” Luke announced with a dead expression and empty eyes. “There are still some scalpels I need to sharpen…”

               Hikaru was already typing furiously on his laptop before turning to face the others. “Should I terminate his bank account or release incriminating photos of him to the press?”

               “Wait, guys! You know she wouldn’t like this at all,” Baba intervened.

               They all hesitated momentarily before reluctantly agreeing.

               “…but that doesn’t mean we should let that guy get off scot free,” the thief added mischievously.

               For once, they all unanimously agreed to something.

               The next day, she arrived at the penthouse to clean as usual. She noted, oddly enough, that everyone seemed to be in a good mood. None of them were giving her a hard time, and not even Eisuke, Ota or Hikaru spat out a smartass comment.

               “So, ____? How was your day today?” Baba asked innocently.

               “I guess it was pretty much the same.” She paused thoughtfully. “Except a guest that kept giving me trouble suddenly came up to me today, knelt down in front of me and started begging me for forgiveness. It was all so surreal.”

               Unbeknownst to her, the eight of them smirked simultaneously.

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Dorian collared again except this time Manon is trying to pull it off with her hands & she can't & Dorian is crying into her shoulder and she's like "please, Dorian. Come back to me. Please" & Dorian is sobbing "I can't" but then she kisses him and the collar comes off all

[2] All princess style. And Manon is wiping Dorian’s tears away with the tips of her fingers, & Dorian is moving the strands of hair from her face with his. & Dorian and Manon on their knees just hugging each other like that picture Maas has on pintrest.


First of all: YES. 

Second: Where is this picture. Send it to me! 

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[freezerbrain] you're where I'm getting my followers from. it's your fault. ALSO. Veronica, in abnormal ghost verse where they can't touch, getting older and older with JD still being 17, still being incorporeal, and still being... him. And on her 30th birthday, she just starts to sob. And JD freaks out? She has kids now and they all come up to hug her and comfort her. And she's the only one who can see JD and he just looks so pained. Why stick around? It's just hurting her...

On a happier note tho what if he sees her kids as like, sort of his own? Like he always looks out for them and plays friendly tricks on them that make them laugh and makes sure they’re safe for her and also bc he cares about them even tho they aren’t his kids. I love.

Brother’s Best Friend (Part 5) - A.I

Okay…I jumped around and I apologize but I GOT STUCK AND I JUST NEED TO POST THIS AND IM SORRY

“Hey, Ash, you alright?” Michael asked as he opened his best friend’s bedroom door slowly, catching just a bit of his dirty blonde hair under the large duvet that was draped over the queen sized bed. He headed over as soon as he had gotten a text from Ashton’s girlfriend telling him to check up on his friend.

“She fucking left,” he muttered, sniffling a few times as he buried himself deeper into the blankets. “I’ve given her everything for the past year, and she just leaves. What did I do wrong?” The last sentence coming out choked before a broken sob escaped his lips. Michael’s heart dropped listening to the broken sobs come from his friend’s mouth.

“She left you?” he asked shocked, but quickly understanding why he was told to go check up on him. “Why? What happened?”

“She met someone else.” Michael looked down at his feet not really sure what to do. “I loved her.”

Ashton snapped out of his memory, watching as y/n walked into the lunchroom with Crystal.

“She isn’t Britt,” he muttered to himself standing, ready to lead the girl to his table to sit with him.

“Well, I’m glad things are working out for you and Michael,” Crystal said as they walked into the lunchroom together ready to head to the table they had sat at the day before when she was out casted. “He’s always been so nice so it’s good to see him coming around.”

“Yeah, it’s just strange…like we actually had a conversation in the car this morning,” y/n said back placing her lunch on the table only to be stopped by a hand grabbing her arm. She looked towards where the limb was connected making eye contact with Ashton Irwin himself. “Hey.”

“Hey,” he said back, a smile tugging at his lips, his face usually framed with glasses now bare, seeing the clear ring in his eyes from the contacts he had in. “Why don’t you two come sit with us?”

“Mikey won’t be mad?” y/n questioned as Crystal’s face turned a light shade of pink.

“Well if he is, he can answer to me, alright?” Ashton said to her with a cheeky smile on his face as he led the two girls to his table, Lily being the first one there lit up when she say y/n’s face, even more so when Crystal came over

“I’m so glad Michael didn’t scare you away,” she said standing to move down some to make room for both girls. “I’m Lily by the way.”

“Crystal,” the brunette responded sitting next to Lily as Ashton pulled y/n into the booth next to him. One by one, the three boys missing trickled in, Luke’s girlfriend quickly disappearing as he made his way to the table, blue eyes clearly darker than they usually are, not holding the brightness they usually did.

“What’s got your panties in a bunch?” Lily asked shoving a carrot into her mouth.

“Vi’s been cussing me out all morning because I’m tutoring this girl, Maise, in my calc class, but I don’t really have a choice considering my mum’s my teacher. And I wouldn’t really want the poor girl to fail,” he said back tugging at his hair clearly a bit stressed out. “I didn’t flip the fuck out with Joey gave her a ride home that week she didn’t have a car.”

“They were probably fucking,” Calum said before chugging his coffee, Luke glaring at him from the side.

“I agree with the tan kid,” Crystal said interjecting as Luke turned towards her with a confused expression. “She always talks about wanting to get in his pants with one of her friends in our psych class.”

“Crystal, right?” Luke asked suddenly more interested in the girl across from him. “What else does she say about Joey?” y/n drained out the conversation quickly growing bored of it as she picked at the bagel she had bought that morning not necessarily hungry, more from the nerves of being distracted by the boy sitting next to her and how great he smelled.

Ashton watched her drift into space, the way her bottom lip ran through her teeth before her tongue poked out wetting her lips making Ashton do the same to his own wanting nothing more to be the one biting on her lip in that moment. Michael was right when he called out Ashton’s bluff of not being attracted to y/n. He wanted to know her favorite color, her little quirks and what makes her tick, hell he’d be happy if she told him what she did at three am that morning, if anything.

“You alright there, sunshine?” Ash whispered to her, his arm draped behind her on the booth as he cocked his head to the side. She nodded her head looking towards him slightly. “You don’t seem alright.”

“I’m fine. Just distracted,” she said back nonchalantly letting the bagel fall to the table as she turned to look at him fully.

“Wanna start that tutoring tonight? We can head right to my place after school, and it’ll be just us. Lauren and Harry both have after school programs,” he questioned ripping a piece of the bagel for himself, popping it into his mouth as she watched carefully, her lip slipping between her teeth again as he tried to suppress a moan.

That damn lip.

“I guess that works. You’re really going to have to help me though. I know nothing when it comes to how cells work,” y/n said back, Calum watching the interaction, kicking the boy across from him before signaling to look towards the two shamelessly flirting at the end of the booth. They both had the same thought that Michael had the day before: he was finally getting over his unresolved feelings for his ex. Brittney was no longer the main thought in his head.


“…and that is osmosis,” he said finishing his explanation before pushing his glasses up his face more as she stared at her book trying really hard to focus and not look up at the shirtless boy sitting in next to her with his glasses on. All she wanted to do was be on top of him. Naked. “Questions?”

This was week 2 of their after school study sessions, y/n going over every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday going over the material they went over in class.

“Can you explain that one more time?” She asked looking up at him with a cheeky smile as he sighed. It would be the third time he had explained it not convinced she was grasping the topic.

“Babe, what don’t you understand?” He asked, her face heating up slightly from the pet name. He’d become more accustomed to using it for the past two weeks when they were alone, y/n still not used to it.


“But how? It’s just water moving in and out of cells.” She looked up at his face and saw the serious expression making her bite into her lower lip, a groan escaping his lips just barely as he looked away from her fidgeting in his seat. “Can you please stop biting on your lip?”

“What? Why?” She questioned looking at him weird as he quickly stood up. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. I just need to pee,” he muttered quickly disappearing into the bathroom that was down the hall, shutting the door behind him before pressing his back against the door sighing heavily. “This is fucking nuts “ he mumbled bringing his hand to his crotch palming himself through the fabric of his sweats. He couldn’t go back out there like this, especially in sweatpants where nothing is constructing him to hide his erection. He made his way to the toilet, lifting the seat up as he released himself from the sweatpants, quickly spitting on his hand before rubbing at himself, his breathing becoming uneven.

“Ashton,” y/n said from outside the door, slowing down his movements, ready to moan out from the sound of his name leaving her lips. “Are you sure you’re alright. You seemed a bit pale when you left and kinda pissed.”

“I’m fine,” he managed to barely get out leaving y/n confused on the other side of the door, her hand resting on the knob. She didn’t want him to be mad at her if he was, for whatever reason. “I think you should go, though. We can finish this Wednesday.”

“Ash, I-,” she started as she opened the door catching him pleasuring himself, both faces now extremely red. Her eyes trailed down his body quickly, before flicking back to his face, her lip in her teeth as she tried to not think about him like this. “I…I should go.”

“Yeah…,” he trailed off watching her back out of the door, closing it behind her. “Fuck. Me.”

Crying Headcanon- Miraculous Ladybug

Don’t tell me that Chat and Ladybug haven’t used their secret identities to go and cry sometimes. That when Adrien’s suffocating loneliness overwhelms him, or when Marinette is afraid that her civilian self is worthless, they might take a break and have a good cry, alone, on the rooftops of Paris. Maybe even one day one patrolling hero bumps into their partner curled up in a ball, sobbing behind a chimney.

When Ladybug softly asks “Chat?” before going over to him and crouching down to the ground. Cupping his face in her hands and telling him, “Look at me. Listen. It’s ok to cry. Everyone needs to cry.” He only nods and gives a watery smile before a fresh round of sobs come, knowing his Lady is there to support him. She sits next to him, letting his head rest on her shoulder as she runs one hand through his hair and the intertwines the other in his.

Or if Chat hears the mournful sobbing of Ladybug and his heart shatters into a million pieces. He seeks her out and tells her that she is strong, she is beautiful, and she can cry whenever she wants to. Ladybug can only wrap her arms tightly around her partner’s neck, and he scoops her up to cradle her shaking body as her sorrows pour out. Her head is buried in his shoulder but he still hears her quiet “Thank you.” “It’s the least I could do for my Lady,” he whispers back and wraps his arms around her more tightly than ever before.


Make it Official

Hey guys. Sorry for not writing. I have been really busy. I want to write more often. I am trying because I have so many ideas. I also want to do a multi chapter story. Without further ado I hope you enjoy this one.

Lucas walked into the apartment he shared with the love of his life. He had just come back from work and couldn’t wait to see her. His back was to her as he hung up his coat.
“Hey baby, how was your da-” He stopped mid sentence when he turned around and saw his fiancè with tears running down her cheeks.
“Hey whats the matter?” He asked concerned.
“Me and Maya got into an argument and I don’t know if she’s gonna be my maid of honour or even come to the wedding.” Riley said as she sobbed. Lucas took her into his arms as she cried.
“What happened?” He asked.
“I don’t know. The day started out great. We went to go see my wedding dress. They had made all the alterations so I went to try it on. God it was perfect. It all felt real when I put it on. This whole wedding has seemed like a dream but when I saw myself in that dress I saw our wedding and us getting married. Anyways me and Maya went out for lunch and she told me she was pregnant. I was so happy for her, I mean she got what she has always wanted.” Riley said as Lucas ran his fingers through her hair comforting her.
“This sounds like a great day.” Lucas said.
“She then told me she wants to announce it on our wedding day and I said no. She got angry and called me selfish then walked out.” She told Lucas.
“Oh boy.” Lucas said.
“I am happy for her. It’s just me and her have always done everything together. I mean we shared family, experiences, we even shared you at one point. I just always thought my wedding day was something that we would experience separately. I want my wedding day to be about me and the man I love. I want to celebrate our love and how far we’ve come. I mean there was so many people who believed we wouldn’t make it. We have been through and overcome so much to get here. I don’t want it to be our wedding day and her baby announcement you know.” Riley said.
“I understand and you’re right. It is our day not hers. It’s okay for you to be selfish.” Lucas told her.
“Our wedding is the first day of the rest of our lives. I want it to stay that way. When we got engaged we didn’t announce it until after Maya’s wedding so we didn’t take over their special day. I don’t understand why she won’t do the same for me. Now I just feel guilty for not letting her. I don’t know if I can get married without her next to me. You know what i’ll just call her and tell her to do what she wants.” Riley cried as she reached for her cell phone which was taken by Lucas
“No it’s not about what she wants.” He said.
“I just don’t know what to do!” She cried.
“Hey look why don’t I run you a relaxing bath and sort out dinner. Just forget about it for the rest of the night. I will even give you one of my special massages.” He whispered suggestively kissing her neck to make her smile and it worked. She giggled at the feeling.
“I would really love that baby.” She said as she pecked his lips.
“Okay go get undressed while I get the bath ready.” He said.
“I love you Lucas.” She told him.
“I love you too Riles.” He replied. She walked to the bedroom to get ready for her bath.
Lucas left the apartment to pick up dinner but he made a stop before. He stood outside Maya and Josh’s apartment. He knocked on the door and Josh answered.
“Hey is Maya home?” Lucas asked.
“Yeah. Come in.” Josh said.
“What do you want huckleberry?” Maya asked.
“I want you to know that what you asked of Riley was completely out of line.” He said.
“What’s out of line about wanting to share good news?” She asked.
“Theres a time and place. Our wedding day is not it.” Lucas said.
“Why are you guys being so selfish?” Maya said.
“Because it’s our day not yours. You had your day and Riley was nothing but selfless. She never told you this but we actually got engaged before your wedding day but Riley didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to take away from your big day.” Lucas told Maya.
“What?” Maya said confused.
“And I had come back to find her so upset at the fact she argued with you. She feels guilty for being selfish for once in her life on her day.” Lucas said.
“I’m sorry.” Maya said.
“You should be. Look Maya seeing her like that kills me. I will do anything to make her happy and will come after anyone who hurts her. Even her best friend. I love her more than anything and will always protect her. I really don’t want to have to protect her from you.” He said and Maya and Josh smiled.
“You are going to be a great husband.” Maya said.
“Yeah. Never lose that.” Josh added.
“I won’t. I better go. See you guys.” Lucas said as he made his way out.
“Bye huckleberry.” Maya said.
“Oh congrats by the way.” Lucas said smiling.
“Thanks dude.” Josh said and Lucas left.
Lucas walked in again to see his fiance laughing at the TV. He was glad she was smiling.
“Hey babe I got dinner.” Lucas said as he put her favourite pizza on the table.
“You got me Al’s pizza?! Thats all the way across town.” She said excitedly.
“You had a rough day.” He said.
“This makes it better. You make it better.” She said.
“You know what else makes it better?” He asked.
“You shirtless?” She quipped.
“Well that and dessert.” He said grabbing a bag of goodies he bought for her.
“Lucas…” She said but he cut her off.
“I got cookie dough ice cream, red gummy bears and chocolate cake. I also thought we could rewatch the Notebook.” He said putting the items away.
“You always complain that we have watched it too many times.” She said.
“Yeah but it makes you smile so its worth it.” He said.
“Lucas thank you.” She said.
“Anytime.” He said and she kissed him before digging in.
“I went to talk to Maya. She needed to be told that its our day and I will not have her upsetting you.” He said.
“Lucas you didn’t have to do that. I can’t wait till we get married.” Riley said.
“Me either.” He said as he held her hand.
Halfway through the movie Riley pulls Lucas in for a kiss.
“What was that for?” He asked.
“I love you so much.” She said.
“I love you too.” He replied.
“I can’t believe you are all mine for the rest of my life.” She said.
“Well once I become your husband you’ll have to believe it.” He said.
“Well I already consider you my husband. All we need to do now is make it official.” She said as she kissed him again. They were interrupted by Rileys phone.
“Maya sent me a text.” Riley said.
“What’s it say?” Lucas asked.
“She says she is sorry and she won’t say anything until after the wedding.” Riley said while replying that it was okay and that Maya’s maid of honour dress was ready tomorrow.
“So everything okay now?” Lucas asked.
“Yeah. Everythings perfect.” Riley said.
“Great.” Lucas said.
“I think I might cash in on that massage you promised.” Riley said while kissing Lucas’ neck.
“Here or the bedroom?” He asked.
“Bedroom.” She whispered as he picked her up to take her to their bedroom while she giggled knowing that her life was as perfect as it possibly could be.

Nightmare Lullabies (Closed RP w/ DarkChocolateKnives)

‘Come follow me…’

Zoey struggled against the black arm-like appendages holding her arms and legs. A girl with black hair and completely black eyes stood ahead, looking angry.

'Come follow me…’ She repeated, like she was a broken record. Zoey strained herself, trying to get free. She finally closed her eyes tightly in defeat, wishing she could wake up from this nightmare. When she opened them, she saw… Blaze, standing where the girl was.

“Blaze! You’re alive?? Oh thank God!” Zoey sighed in relief. Blaze smiled at Zoey. The normal, cocky smile she came to love before a gunshot was heard.

Zoey screamed as she bolted upright in her bed, hyperventilating. It took her a minute to register that it was all a dream. Blaze is dead, she realized, and may never come back. She began to sob hysterically, wondering who killed her beloved friend and sister and why she was killed.

"Charaaa…” She managed to choke out, calling for the one other person in her life that cared for her. Zoey’s Chara, the one in her timeline and who was looking after Xaviuur, was the one she tried calling out for…

* Somebody heard, but it isn’t your timeline’s Chara.


Having a mentally ill friend is not fun. Answering your phone at 10:30 am to your friend sobbing asking you to come to the hospital because she needs you is not fun. Sitting in the hospital room watching your friend break down is not fun. Hearing her tell the doctors that she wanted to hurt herself and explain how she was going to kill herself this morning is not fun. Not being able to do anything but watch is not fun.
Do not involve yourself with a mentally ill person with intent to fix them. Do not romanticize mental illness. Do not get into a relationship or friendship with a mentally ill person if you can’t handle not being able to do anything but be patient, loving and supporting. You cannot fight your mentally ill friend’s battles for them and watching them suffer is so awful.
Do not romanticize mental illness and get yourself into something you thought you could handle but can’t because when you decide it isn’t for you and you don’t want to deal with it anymore, leaving them could potentially be their life on your hands. It’s not a game. They need love and care and more than anything they need patience and support. Do not romanticize mental illness because you want to be a hero and fix someone because you can’t.


She sobbed into your chest. You’d just come back from the Ultron attack and her brother had died. Kindly, you had taken her into your embrace and was slowly rocking.

“Whatever happens,I’ll swallow tears and breathe in your hair. Misbehaving, we cry in each other’s embrace.” You sung in your first language. Your voice was soft and calmed her, she didn’t know what you were saying but it was comfort nevertheless.

Song request by anon. Year of Silence - Crystal Castle.

BTS Reaction to you (S/O) having your virginity stolen.

Anonymous said:
Hi, ummm…. can you do a reaction of when their girlfriend was waiting till marriage for sex. But then on day she comes home sobbing because her virginity was almost stolen. Sorry if it is not appropriate. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

Sorry, I will on put gifs. Because I feel like the will not have anything to say, only comfort you be angry or upset, but not at you.



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