ok one of the biggest things in this episode, in my opinion, is david being a realist.

this whole show he has rarely, if ever, dropped his positive attitude and tried to force it on others. this whole show he thought max just needed a push to unlock his true, happy self, but the reality of the situation didn’t match up with his expectations.

when david realized the reality of the situation, and was face-to-face with max’s pain, he sobered.

he and gwen took max away from the other families. they sat him down and treated him to food. david apologized to max for being blind. he apologized for trying to make him be happy, and this here is the biggest thing for me, he validated his feelings.

he continuously told max he didn’t have to be mad, or cynical, or frustrated, throughout the show with max’s best interests in mind. but here, when he saw all of this, he told max how he had every right (EVERY RIGHT) to be angry, and he said he was sorry his parents didn’t care, TOLD HIM HE DESERVED TO BE LOVED. AND MEANT IT. AND DIDNT EXPECT HIM TO BE HAPPY RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

and that, the fact that david was able to do that for him, the fact that david wanted to do that for him, is everything to me.

I hate the fact that someone else gets to know all of your secrets now.
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Lily + Sirius
  • Of course, Lily hated Sirius’ guts at first. “He’s James Potter’s best friend, of course he’s awful,” she tells her friends back in first year.
  • She has also heard stories of hows his family is so anti-muggle and she does not like it. But then around Halloween she is out of bed at night because she desperately needs a library book and she also likes to explore the castle (but never gets caught like the Marauders do).
  • She runs into Bellatrix, Malfoy and the other Slytherins and she is terrified but she holds her ground and when they are about to hex her Sirius suddenly shows up from around the corner and hisses something like “Back off Bella!”
  • It takes them a few days to warm up to each other, but eventually they become friends much to James Potter’s chagrin.  “How did you become friends with her, Sirius?” (”Maybe I don’t tease her, James”)
  • But he does all the time, and Lily is constantly coming up ways to tease him back, and their prank wars last for several weeks.
  • Once Lily’s entire collection of books of Charms was found hanging from the Quidditch Goalposts.
  • As a result, Lily hexes him to say “Minerva McGonagall is my muse and love” over and over earning him four months of detention
  • Whenever she raises her hand in class, he high fives her, and when he’s not there the other Marauders do. Yes I believe in this headcanon.
  • They are the biggest Quidditch fans in Hogwarts history. During the matches, Lily and Sirius paint their faces gold and scream themselves hoarse
  • They braided each other’s hair, Sirius being more gifted at it than Lily
  • Lily starting to meddle when she realizes Sirius likes Remus
  • She frequently hatches plans with ‘Potter’, albeit reluctantly, until the day she realizes that she looks forwards to these silly plans to hang out with ‘James’.
  • One day Sirius is very upset about Regulus and Lily comforts him. “I have a sister, too, and we’re not very close. I miss her terribly…”
  • When Sirius has the falling out with the Marauders over the Snape Prank, Lily is his only friends. She realizes what he has done (she knew that Remus was a werewolf since first year) and is angry, but she still sticks with him
  • Lily is head girl, and when Sirius’ uncle Alphard dies, she lets him skive off classes and makes excuses for him
  • After graduation, all the Marauders and Lily rent out a flat together, and it feels like Lily and Sirius replaced each other’s siblings. It feels like family.
  • Which is why it is so heartbreaking when they have to go into hiding and leave the little home they made behind

Even the stage directions are filled with despair…
From the Hamiltomes

Ok but why is no one talking about uncle Rick saying nico listens to techno pop?
Why are we not talking about talking about everyone assuming he listens to dark music but actually he’s listening to lady gaga? Why are we not talking about him smiling and humming to himself and everyone near being oddly terrified? Why are we not talking about him and will dancing to Mika in nico’s Giant empty cabin and having the time of their life? This is such a good and pure fact why is no one taLKING ABOUT IT