I think you’re a good man… with a big heart. I believe you try to do as much good as you can, but… you live a life I don’t think I’ll ever really understand. I called Chicago Presbyterian today, and they said they’d take me back. And I think it’s the best choice.

Don’t you get tired of it? Running? Your life is a series of hit-and-runs. The minute someone makes you feel uncomfortable, tests your loyalty, little Tara packs her bags and hits the road. Well, I guess you got what you wanted from me, right? Used me to do your dirty work. That’s not fair! Not fair?

Texting Names for Them & You SOA Edition


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Jackson “Jax” Teller:

Your name on his phone: Sassy Doll Face 😍😈

His name on your phone: Prince Fuckin’ Charmin’ 🙄👑

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Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz:

Your name on his phone: Tigress 👅👊🏼

His name on your phone: Geek Lover Boy 🤓🎮

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Harry “Opie” Winston:

Your name on his phone: Angel Cakes 😇😏

His name on your phone: Firecracker 💥💖

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Alexander “Tig” Trager: 

Your name on his phone: Leather Princess 💀💋

His name on your phone: Fuckin’ Rabbit 😭🐰

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Happy Lowman:

Your name on his phone:  Little Girl 😻💦

His name on your phone: Big Scary Wolf 🐺❤️

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Filip “Chibs” Telford:

Your name on his phone: Tinkerbell 😤💚
His name on your phone: Stud Muffin 😎😱