Most of us were not violent by nature. We all had our problems with authority, but none of us were sociopaths. We came to realize that when you move your life off the social grid you give up the safety that society provides. On the fringe, blood and bullets are the rule of law and if you’re a man with convictions violence is inevitable.


What I hope for Tara and what I hope for myself as the actor playing Tara are sometimes terribly at odds. But my hope for Tara is that her strength continues to grow and that she isn’t destroyed in the process… she’s much smarter than a lot of the folks around her and I hope that she finds ways to employ that intelligence more fully. I think ultimately her “way out”, whatever that means, will be through her smarts and her growing savvy about the way things work within the context of this world.

- Maggie Siff for Regard Magazine [X]