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“But remember one thing–as long as there is light, there will be darkness.”


all the things i ship ★ brooke davis and julian baker

i love everything about you, brooke. i love the way you challenge me like no one ever has. i love the way you look at me like no one ever has, and i love the way you love me like no one ever has. i can’t imagine spending my life without you, and if you say yes to me in a few minutes, i won’t have to. you look beautiful by the way.


Small, but firm.


Inaho and Slaine’s reuinion - 1x7 | 2x10

Writing Tips: Displaying a Scene with Narrator's Absence

 asked:Hi there! I just found this blog and I`ve never asked anything before but I have a question about point of view. My story is written in first person. However, there is one scene I want to include that the main character wasn`t there to witness, so she can`t narrate this. Is there some way to cleverly include this scene?

This is what I like to call the “First Person Dilemma.” While this is a sticky situation, here are a few ways to fix the problem. Utilize the perspective of another character: 

In many books, such as Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress to A Bend in the Road, they will have another character involved portray the scene. However, the problem with this situation is that if not done right, can feel choppy and confusing with the reader. If you are going this path, try to make there be a strong stylistic reason for going this route as well. Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress does the first person switch to reaffirm the importance of storytelling and highlight the differences in characters. A Bend in the Road adds mystery and suspense to an otherwise gushy romance novel. 

Write in third person instead.

Depending on the nature and plot of the story, this may actually be a good choice, as it allows for more details, easier switch of perspective, and dramatic irony. However, if your first person novel is like The Hunger Games or Divergent, two books heavily cemented in the main characters feelings and thoughts, and not books like Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian which deals with other peoples reactions, censorship, and deceit, you might want to find another option. 

Use the narrator’s ignorance to enhance the story.

Who says that the scene has to be included THE MOMENT it happened? Instead, you can have the situation witnessed from the distance, hinted at, or even brought up at a later point! What I would best recommend doing, if the first two options don’t fit your fancy, would be to use the narrator’s ignorance to create a good bit of foreshadowing, a plot twist, or if carefully done, even both. This will add some more intrigue to your novel/story.

Just have the scene explained or mentioned.

While I wouldn’t recommend this, as it can make your story too telly, if done well enough, it no longer makes showing the scene essential, and can add some shock, urgency, or suspense (depending on the scene) to your novel/story. 

Sometimes I’m just really grateful for the Klaine fandom. Like, seriously, how many fandoms have started their own publishing company? How many have started charity for LGBTQA because they wanted a missing scene from the show? Have raised so much money for so many different charities that their favorites have been a part of? Won countless couple polls and rallied together despite being shit on by pretty much every other fandom, including the larger one they’re a part of?

Like, fucking hell, Klainers get shit done and I am so fucking proud to be a part of this fandom, goddamn.

I’m so upset and disappointed in geekremix. What she said on twitter was homophobic and insensitive. 

All we want is pricefield to be an optional ending, we don’t want to see goddamn sex scene or them making out on Rachel’s grave. For many including myself are wanting to see non-sexualised lgbt characters. Lgb pricefield fans don’t want our representation to just be sad queer story because that’s what we normally get. It’s called bury your gays and been going on for several years. Even so called progressive companies like bioware have used it more than once.  We’re usually not allowed to see ourselves a happy ending, especially in video games.

It’s fucking insulting to call us thirsty perverts for wanting a happy ending between two girls where the game has shown them having feelings/romantic attraction for each other. 

I don’t expect Chloe and Max to get together immediately after saving arcadia considering how much trauma those two have experienced. What I’m wanting in something similar to beyond two souls style ending. I haven’t seen anyone suggesting Chloe forgetting about Rachael and getting it with Max. We want Chloe to grieve and have Max help and support her.

But if they’re just stay friends I will be upset. I’ll be even more upset if they only romance option for Max is with a guy in which she has stated several times she has no interest in because he wants her.

I don’t expect Mari to be perfect, people fuck up and as long as they learn from it and make an effort to not repeat it’s ok. But what she did was hurtful and gross. 

Emma Watson claims she can’t just be a white feminist “because my bosses are two black women.”

Look, I love Ms Watson as much as the next person, and while I’ve never been on board the He for She train, I have admired her work and am optimistic about where this will take her.

But man, I am SO disappointed to see her deflect a perfectly valid criticism and throw away the opportunity to open up an important discussion about inter-sectional feminism and acknowledge that WOC’s voices are largely absent from the movement.

Watson and the He for She movement have been pretty roundly dismissed by WOC since it hit the scene. I mean, you say you want “as many people as possible to feel seen, heard and included in this movement” and yet you focus on giving MEN a platform for feminism rather than minority women?

You FINALLY get a direct question confronting this very problem and you brush it off using the logic of “I can’t be racist, I have a black friend! Two, even!” ? Seriously?

Feminism doesn’t need more Emma Watsons, Taylor Swifts or Lena Dunhams. Feminist issues facing privileged white women are only one small part of the spectrum, and these women are fortunate enough to be able to use their privilege to openly confront it. Do you know how many marginalized women would KILL to have their voices acknowledged in that way? Do you not think that you could use just a LITTLE of that platform to direct attention their way and to their causes?

Sorry Ms Watson. You don’t even get a B for effort.

Steven Bomb 4 is over - hiatus here we are

w o w

I am still in shock at how amazing that bomb was. Best one we’ve had so far. Where do we even begin with what we’ve been given?

I know these episodes were made over a year ago, but the crewniverse just does an amazing job of giving the fans content that they want and need. And not just by giving us scenes we wanted, or new facts and characters, but by really building each of these characters up slowly. They don’t rush anything, and this bomb helped me to realize that Steven, the crystal gems, and Peridot have all grown so much, episode by episode. I am extremely proud of each
character ! Also, this show touches on so many relationship aspects, and has characters with mental health issues that many people can relate to, including me. This show is relatable, encouraging, and has so many great lessons in it. 

A list of what future episodes may hold based off this bomb:
- Will we find out about White Diamond and Pink Diamond?
- Will we find out who Pearl belonged to?
- Well we know Yellow Diamond is gonna come to Earth and reck it all up so that’ll be terrifying
- Someone (I can’t remember who sorry) pointed out that in order for Peridot to have a new uniform with a star on it, she’ll have to reform. Which means, someone is going to hurt my baby and I’m not going to be ok
- Will Peridot fuse with anyone?
- Are they gonna be able to successfully defeat The Cluster?
- Not really related to the bomb: will Peridot explain why she has those
glasses / will she remove them? I just really wanna know


Here is a list of the main important things that happened during each episode and throughout the bomb:
- Garnets backstory / how Ruby and Sapphire met
- Blue Diamond and blue Pearl
- Steven plans on marrying Connie one day
- Peridot SINGING
- Potential view of White Diamond
- The plans on what was to happen to the Earth = all organic life being destroyed and Earth being a gem colony
- The crystal gems and Steven ready to attack Peridot to protect the Earth
- Yellow Diamond and yellow Pearl
- Peridot standing up for Earth / rebelling against Yellow Diamond and Homeworld
- Peridot attempting to fuse with Garnet, and ultimately understanding Garnet more

I am ridiculously excited for what’s to come next ! Thank you SU fandom for making this such a great experience. While sometimes there can be fights and stupid stuff going down, I really felt like I was part of a big family during this bomb.

And now the hiatus is officially here, but we’ll get through that together too (:


From May 3-6 on the fourth floor of the Ikebukuro Sunshine City World Import Mart in Tokyo, an exhibit based on the movie Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion titled “Madoka Magica the Movie Exhibit: I want to See You Once More…” was held. From the very beginning, there was a long line outside the venue of fans who waited several hours, which spoke to the high popularity of Madoka Magica. The event followed the story of Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion and displays were arranged so that attendees could experience many different scenes. The venue was divided into 10 areas, with a focus on life-size figures of main characters including Ultimate Madoka and Homura, and each one had enjoyable content that showed the series’ charm from a slightly different perspective. Also on display were original drawings and paper signed by the voice cast. Enjoy a thorough look at the event through our photo report!

Christmas Carols

Title: Christmas Carols

Author: reidemption

Rating: T? (for minor swearing and a few kisses)

Imagine: Not really based on any specifically but does include the requests for kissing Reid under mistletoe and a scene a la Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

Notes: This was going to be just a bunch of short gen drabbles based on Christmas songs but it turned into an interlocking story that apparently wanted to be about you and Reid getting together. So, I plugged in as many lyrics from the songs mentioned as I could without making it super awkward. So, enjoy and happy holidays! If you guys like it I may write more drabbles in the future. Just happy to be a part of such a wonderful blog!


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