|Soulmate| Peter Parker

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: About a week ago you got your soulmate tattoo on your forearm that said ‘Y-You’re beautiful’ and you’ve interpreted it as a random guy on the street cat-calling you.

Warnings: hurt(ish) Peter, (sorry they don’t kiss lol so that’s it) 

Words: 745

A/N: I LOVE THE SOULMATE AU WHERE YOUR SOULMATES FIRST THING THEY SAY TO YOU IS TATTOOED ON YOUR FOREARM (imma twist it up a bit tho and have it temporarily be tattooed)

Part 2

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It was last Friday when it showed up.

I woke up late and in a hurry so I scurried out of my room into the kitchen. My moms eyes widened and then she sprouted the biggest grin ever.

“Finally!” She laughed. I looked at her like she was crazy. She sighed and pointed to my arm. I looked down. ‘Y-You’re beautiful’ was tattooed across my forearm. A slight blush crept across my cheeks.

“I-I have to go to school,” I said as I bolted out the door.

And that brings me here today, Thursday. I thought over this tattoo probably over a thousand time. I’m probably soulmates with a fuck boi or something. I kept on reading the tattoo as if I was walking around town at night and some random guy just passed me and said it, so I told myself to never fall in love with that man. A thick scream erupted through my thoughts. I looked down the street and a man with huge wings was flying past. I ducked as he flew overhead.

“I will do- anything to protect the people I love!” The man with wings said as he stopped and turned around. I looked back down the street as Spider-Man swung on top of a building.

“Same goes for me- that’s why I gotta stop you.” The few people along the street started to scream and run away. I backed against a wall as the winged man and Spider-Man fought. I glanced down the street, wondering if I should run for it. I decided that yeah… I might get crushed by this weird vulture guy but also I wanna get the hell out of here. So I ran.

As I got closer to the end of the street I heard a crash in an alley I just passed. I stopped and looked over my shoulder, then up above me. The man with wings was flying away. I sighed and ran back to the alley. At the end, there was a trashcan with Spider-Man laying across the top. He had seriously dented it bad. I ran up to him.

“Oh God-” I said as he lay there motionless. I jumped up on the trashcan and kneeled next to him. His mask was pulled over half his face. I shimmied the rest of his mask off and put two fingers under his ear. Thump thump. I let out a sigh of relief. He groaned and I put my hand on his chest and shook him. “Hey- hey- wake up. Are you ok?” I asked. He leaned up slowly and then hissed in pain. He suddenly clutched his forearm.

“Shit-” He groaned. His suit had a rip near the hand and he ripped it even more.

“What are yo-” The sight of his forearm shut me up. A thin worded tattoo was now burning away off his skin. The words ’re you ok?’ were all I saw and then it was gone. He looked up at me with a confused look and then all of the expressions on his face dropped.

He was cute. Like wow. He looked kind of familiar with those brown eyes and messed up locks of hair. I doubt he went to my school since my school was so small and I basically knew everyone there. He probably went to Midtown, the high school that was a couple blocks from my school. Was he my soulmate? Is that what happened? Would the tattoo disappear from my skin? I realized he was still starring at me with his mouth agape.

“W-What?” I asked, blushing.

“Y-You’re beautiful.” He said. I bit my lip and a sharp pain spread across my forearm.

“Ow!” I moaned. I lifted up my sleeve and looked down. My tattoo was burning away, just like his. I looked up at him and he was beat red. A scream sounded from a couple blocks away, causing Spider-Man to break eye contact with me.

“I-I-I have t-to go-” He stuttered as he jumped off the trashcan.

“Wait- will we ever see each other again?” I asked him. He thought for a moment.

“I’ll find you- trust me on that.” He smiled and grabbed his mask. I smiled back as he swung away onto the building. It turns out it was smart of me to trust his word because the next day after school, a little spider, who was out of his costume, met me on my walk home.


I have this random headcanon about the Captain Swan wedding, ok.

So Emma and Killian make up yadda yadda, the engagement is back on, and he has a long lovely talk with Charming to make amends and all is right in the Charming-Jones world. 

They get married and everyone (read: me) cries and it’s beautiful and wonderful and True Love Forever.

But then it’s the wedding reception. And while Killian and Emma and her family are all fine, whispers still persist following the drama that happened around the engagement and Killian’s disappearance. Gossip quietly tinges the party with the “well I heard he left her” and “no no no she kicked him out” and “well he killed her grandfather, I can’t believe David and Snow allowed this to happen” etc etc etc. 

And it’s probably someone like fucking Grumpy running his dumb mouth after too many beers when all of the sudden


A fork jabs down, perfectly in between his fingers that rest on top of the table. 

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BTS Reaction To: When You Haven’t Shaved in a While (M)

I didn’t know whether it’d be easier to access as a post itself rather than an answer to an ask.

Author’s Note: before saying anything, I really don’t think that any of bts would care if you’re shaven or not. I mean, everything still works down there the same  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯; but you’re looking for something a little specific! I got you fam <3 

When you said “nsfw as possible,” I took it as descriptive as possible. I hope this isn’t too lengthy! It seems like my reactions usually just turn into mini-drabbles. 

seokjin: If your boyfriend Seokjin was ever cooking, it was hard to get his full attention, no matter how pressing your current problems were.

But when the scrumptious aromas of your favorite breakfast meal led you into your apartment kitchen with only a old tank top, tight boy shorts, and nothing else covering you, his usual concentration cracked.

Before any morning greetings or any other gestures were exchanged, his usual position at the kitchen counter was gone and now in front of you.

With those strong arms, he grabbed you by your waist and placed you on the kitchen counter, right before gluing his mouth to yours. His unusual behavior had you coming out of your morning daze and moving your mouth against his with the same amount of passion and desperation.

“If you keep coming into the kitchen like this,” your boyfriend breathed, moving his lips along your jaw and behind your ear, “I’m never gonna be able to cook anything for both of us ever again.

His hands, which were previously taking turns caressing your full breasts and your supple hips, were now teasing at the top of your boxer shorts. This took you by surprise; he never rushed like this, preferring to enjoy your body like one of his favorite foods.

“W-wait,” your hands slid to cover his, halting his movements.

“What’s wrong?” His eyes traveled up to meet yours again that it was almost impossible to deny him from going any further.


“I haven’t shaved yet…”

“Hairless or not, I’m still gonna make you cum around my dick all the same.”

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yoongi: As a perfectionist, Yoongi became frustrated on the job at least twice a week. You, fortunately, were the perfect source of stress relief, resulting in multiple late-night trips to his studio every week.

Tonight was one of these nights, and as of now, you were pressed against his lap, grinding your hips furiously into his.

“Take these off,” your boyfriend mumbled, too focused on the sensitive skin at your neck to remove your clothes himself.

“Y-you’re not scared someone will come in?” You tried to make up any excuse possible to prevent him from seeing your not-so-shaven lady parts.

“What?” He rolled his eyes. “I don’t think that’s ever stopped either of us before, and I don’t think Namjoon has ever minded walking in and seeing-”

“Um, okay,” you interrupted him. “That’s gross, but touching me when I haven’t shaven in a little while is probably even more gross.”

Rolling his eyes again, Yoongi’s eyes, which were moments ago clouded with lust, now had a hard emotion of annoyance.

“Regardless of having shaven or not, I still plan on making you cum in the next five minutes,” Yoongi said rather bluntly, squeezing your thighs. “But it’s ultimately your choice: take it or leave it.”

“I-I’ll take it.”

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hoseok: You were never a morning person. Hoseok, on the other hand, was a whatever-the-day-called-for person. So, if he had the sudden urge to eat you out until you woke up to an orgasm in the early, early, hours of the morning, you weren’t too surprised.

You enjoyed his initial touches in midst of your half-asleep daze, but this time, you yelped as he began pulling your panties off of you. He lifted his head from between your legs with a confused expression on his face.

“What? You’ve never, in the long time we’ve been together, ever opposed to me going down on you!”

“I’m pretty sure you’re opposed to going down on me with a bush blocking your way…”

“Well, I’m still having my morning snack, whether there’s hair down there or not.”

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namjoon: As you lied on your stomach scrolling through Pinterest, you felt the bed dip behind you. Namjoon usually slept during most of his days off, so you didn’t think too much of this sudden movement, that is, until you felt a few open-mouthed kisses against your thighs.

You moaned instinctively at the sudden affection and set your smartphone down beside you.

Rough but soft hands reached up to tug down your Nike shorts, and you tensed up at the dominant action.

His mouth, which was now teasing your aching clit through your flimsy underwear, felt heavenly against you, but your anxiety at not having shaven in a little while picked at your growing bubble of lust.

But his hands held your hips firmly in place, allowing him to continue his assault on your clothed nether regions with his skilled tongue.

“Joonie,” you managed to breath between your noises of pleasure, “I haven’t shaved in a while…”

He usually wasn’t silent during moments like these, but there’s an exception for everything. Instead of answering your worries, he simply pulled down your underwear and spread you apart, all before burying his face between your legs once again.

You hadn’t gotten oral like this in years.

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jimin: Unexpectedly, your boyfriend’s Southeast Asian wing of the world tour was cancelled for bad weather.

This was good and bad for two different reasons.

Obviously, the good was that he would be back in your arms sooner, but the bad was that expecting to not get any action from him for several weeks, you hadn’t been too meticulous with your usual feminine grooming routine.

But like usual, as soon as he came through the door from his long flight, Jimin was already on top of you, trying to get as much of his expert mouth, his skilled hands, and his toned body on as much of your body as humanly possible.  

“Fuck, baby, I don’t think I can wait that much longer,” your boyfriend groaned, reaching to pull down your leggings and underwear all in one go. “I need to be inside of you now.”

You shook your head.

“I-I haven’t shaved since you left…” you murmured, closing your legs shyly. “I don’t think you want to-”

Ignoring your insecurities, he reached into his sweatpants, pulling out his raging erection. You gulped at his bashfulness.

“Do you see this baby?”

You nodded weakly, involuntarily biting your lips at his arousal.

“Then, I think it’s more than obvious to both of us that I won’t care about that when I’m fucking you right now, tomorrow, or ever.”

taehyung: For a couple of days or so, you scurried away from Taehyung whenever he tried to initiate something. Tired of relying on his hand, he decided to make his next move when you were showering; it was the probably the best situation, considering you’d be wet, naked, and afraid.

But when he pulled back the shower curtain, he expected maybe a scream or some curse words, but not you covering your nether regions as if it was your first time.

Taking his confused look as a question, you answered timidly, “I haven’t shaved yet…”

He stepped into the shower immediately and pressed up against you from behind, allowing you to feel the frustration building up inside him over the past three days.

“Baby, if you really think I’m gonna deny myself your sweet little pussy,”

Taehyung paused his sentence to rub at your clit, spurring a whimper from you,

“Because of a few stray hairs, you got me fucked up.”

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jungkook: As the maknae of the group, Jungkook’s urges were more unpredictable than the other members. So, if there was a minimal amount of people around and little to no distractions, Jungkook would pounce when agitated, regardless of the current situation.

Even if you were in the middle of watching the latest Ironman movie that he was so adamant on seeing in the group’s dorm, where his hyungs were bound to be returning to at any given moment.

“I k-kinda wanted to see what happened at the end of the movie,” you complained, attempting to shy away from your boyfriend’s irresistible touches.

“But, baby, you hate Marvel movies,” Jungkook whined, dipping his hand into the waistband of your shorts. “And what’s under these shorts seems a lot more interesting to me right now.”

You keened as his skilled fingers worked at your clit through your flimsy underwear. “But, baby, I haven’t shaved…” 

Despite your protests, your hips ground against his hand, trying to get that friction you’ve needed for so long. It felt too good…

“But, baby,” he repeated the phrase again, nibbling at your sensitive earlobe and causing shivers to wreak havoc on your poor body. “I don’t care about that, because your cute little pussy still tastes and reacts the same way.”

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Public Humiliation (Yuta x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) It’s ya girl, Ry, back at it again with that smutty goodness, now kinkier than ever! Let’s all be honest: Who here has been personally victimized by Nakamoto Yuta? Everyone? That’s what I thought. What better way to celebrate our combined demise then with some kinky Yuta smut? Enjoy my little nasties!

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You felt your face blaze with heat as the audience members burst into fits of laughter, practically busting stitches while you fought the urge to run off the set.

“Oh my, Yuta,” the television host chuckled cordially, eyes crinkling at you in sympathy as you looked down at your hands folded in your lap in shame. “It seems your translator needs to brush up on her Japanese quite a bit, don’t you think?”

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Walnut (Evan Hansen x Reader)

TW: SMUT, really smutty, like use of the word boobs and condom

Words: 2,176

Requested: Nope lol

Disclaimer: this is my very first smut… ever. if i am absoloutley garbage - please tell me. seriously. i will stop lol. anyways, this is a super fumbly/nervous smut thing bc lets be real… evan would not be the most confident in this region. 

Yours and Evan’s relationship seemed to fall into a format that could be related to English literature: repeated and rhythmically patterned. The moment you two start doing something, you couldn’t stop. After your first kiss, Evan would not stop pecking you on the lips. After your first time holding hands, Evan couldn’t bare not capturing your fingers and intertwining them with his. Just last month, you and Evan had your first make out session.

It was strange at first. It took a while to getting used to. It would start off with a kiss, standing up. Then Evan would have to break away to control his breathing from excitement. It took a while to find a sitting position where you were both comfortable to lock lips. A few fumbles and bumped heads later, it was decided that the best spot was if you straddled Evan’s lap whilst he sat on his bed - leaning against the wall.

The make out session would include straddling and hair pulling at the bare minimum. It was so new to both you and Evan that you had to make a code word. Every time one of you got a little too excited, you would murmur the word walnut. That would give you or Evan time to calm down before continuing in kissing. At the beginning of the month, it was quite rare that the word would need to be used. 2-3 weeks into the make out month, Evan had used it 6 times and you twice. Now, at the end of the month, Evan needed a break every 10 minutes.

           Today was like every other day of the month. Evan greeted you after last period with a kiss. You two would walk to his house, holding hands. Stepping through the door, he led you upstairs. The two of you giggled like children. Evan’s mom was rarely home. Which could give you the range of make out spot possibilities, but Evan didn’t like change. Evan liked security and being able to know what goes on around him. Because of that, each afternoon snog would be in his room, with the door shut.

           You reached up onto your tip toes and grabbed Evan’s face in your hands. Smiling widely, you connected your lips together. Evan immediately placed his hands on your hips, pulling you into his lanky frame. Smiling against his warmth, you slowly led him to the edge of his bed so he could scurry against the wall; for you to get into your regular seating position. The moment you swung your legs around his hips and sat on him, his eyes grew wide.

           “Walnut,” he whispered, as if the world could hear him.

           “Already?” you question curiously.

           He nodded quickly, swallowing hard. You nodded with a small smile, obviously respecting his wishes to take a quick breather. After a few moments passed, he gave you the nod to keep going. You pressed your lips back to his, moving your mouth in sync. Your hands brushed up his blue polo and into his sandy locks. He let out the smallest of whimpers. It left butterflies in your stomach. Evan’s hands ran up and down your sides. Pulling away from his lips, you looked into his sunken eyes.

           “We are going to try something a little different, okay?” you searched his eye for approval. He gulped and nodded slowly.

           You continued to kiss him, then slowly trailed them down his neck. About two inches away from his ear, he seemed to become weak. You applied the smallest amount of pressure, and you felt his body stiffen.

           “Walnut,” he stammered.

           You kept going. Taking his hands in yours, you slowly guided them north – up to your breasts. 

          “Walnut,” his eyes flew open and watched intensely as to where you set his hands. You held his hands there, making them apply pressure to the new destination. 

          “Walnut, ohmygod, walnut,” he pracitcally hollered. 

            You pulled away quickly, looking at your loving boyfriend. His hair was sticking up, his lips were swollen, eyes were wide, and a small tent forming in his khakis. 

             “I-It was a really close call this time,” he breathed out, blushing like a mad man. 

              “Evan, we should really talk about this,” you looked at him with wide eyes.

               “Ohmygod, you think I’m so weird, don’t you? I-I can try my best, next time? I will try and last as long as I can without saying it-”

               “No, no, Evan. It’s not that,” you chuckled. You could hear him sigh with relief. “I’ve been thinking about this whole thing. You have been saying the code word so often, that it’s just- I don’t know-”

           “W-What is it?” he scrambled to hold your hand, running his thumb over your knuckles.

           “You’ll find it silly,” you laughed sheepishly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

           “Me? F-Find it silly? No way…José,” he gave you an awkward, toothy grin.

           “Okay, okay, I was just thinking – God, I don’t know, - that it’s silly how we go so far and you get so worked up and then we never… I don’t know… finish?”

           “Y-You mean, you want to-“

           “Only if you want to-“

           “W-Well maybe we could-“

           “Oh my gosh, Evan, i-it’s okay-“

           “No,” he took both of your hands in his, looking up into your eyes. “I want to. I-I really want to.”

           Evan’s mom was coming home in an hour. So you and Evan decided that tomorrow evening would be the best.


It was the next morning; you had just gone to the guidance counselor to ask for a condom. You asked Evan to pick up a package of them at the corner store, but he was afraid that somehow – they would end up telling the whole town.

The entire day was filled with excitement. Yours and Evan’s face stayed a shade of firetruck red all afternoon. During lunch, Evan rested his hand on your thigh, which only made your blushing worse. Of course, Jared picked up on it and made an obnoxious comment. Something the along the lines of being “fucking gay”, and calling Evan a “weird sex freak”.

The final bell had rang and you practically ran into Evan. You giggled at each other, knowing that he had rushed to meet you too.


Evan closed his bedroom door and suddenly got nervous. You frowned when you saw him fumbling with the material of his shirt.

“What’s wrong, Evan?” you asked softly. You sat him down on his bed, sitting next to him. Running your hand up his arm, you tried your best to comfort him. He shrugged in response. “We don’t have to do this,” you reminded him. “I’m more than happy to wait. This is a consensual thing. I love you, you know that, right?” you cracked a smile, and saw him crack one too.

           “I-I want to do this. I-I’m just scared. What if I mess up? What if I…” he began to trail off. He looked up at you and whispered, “what if I cum too early?”

           Your face turned red to match his. “It’s okay if all of that happens. This is a learning experience for the both of us. We can go slow,” you kissed him gently on the cheek. You waited for him to respond. Obviously, you would never pressure him to do something like this.

           Evan turned to you, “can we still use walnut?”

           Giggling, you nodded, “Of course.”

           Evan scooted to rest his back on the wall, pulling you up onto his lap. “I-I’m ready,” he whispered against your lips.

           You two started out as per usual. Evan didn’t use the code word once. You were kissing his neck, until he pulled away, gesturing to his shirt.

           “Should I take this off?” he asked very calmly.

           You nodded, helping him remove his polo. You were breathless at the sight. His pale form was structured like a sculpture. Every muscle, vein, and freckle was beautifully scattered on his flesh. Birth marks, moles, and little chest hairs dusted his torso. You ran your fingertips along the stretch marks that had been placed there from his middle school growth spurts.

           “You, Evan Hansen, are beautiful,” you reminded him. Evan turned an even deeper shade of red.

           Taking his hands, you guided him to the hem of your sweater. You allowed him to pull it off of you, revealing your bare skin and plain push-up bra.

           “Wow…” he breathed out, absoloutley mesmerized. You began to feel the familiar tent beneath your lap.

           “You can-um, you can touch me,” you reminded him nervously, with a small giggle.

           He reached up shakily, cupping your bra in his hands. He felt you cautiously, as if he could easily break you. He was speechless. It was the first real pair of boobs he had ever seen.

           You giggled at his expression, reaching behind you unclasping your bra. As Evan kneaded your skin, he gasped as the material fell off of your breasts. His tent grew tighter and his eyes became wider. You guided his hands to your nipples, letting him touch the sensitive nubs. You threw your head back with a whimper. Evan was shaking. 

W-Walnut, ohmygod, shit, walnut,” he whispered between his teeth. 

You nodded, watching as his eyes shut tight and his hands froze in place. You could tell that he was trying to calm his breathing. You were surprised at his sudden colourful language. A few moments passed, and your boyfriend slowly opened his eyes. 

“Did you-”

“N-No, I’m still- um- full,” he mumbled back quickly. 

You giggled at his word choice and placed his hands on your hips. You pressed your lips to his, trying to give him a feeling of familiarity. Evan soon became comfortable, taking the slightest bit of control. His fingers traced down to the hemline of your jeans. He popped open the button. Climbing off of him, you laid down beneath him, watching him hover over your body. He slid your jeans down your legs, placing the material to the side. His eyes gazed over your body, drinking the sight before him. 

Walnut,” he whispered. 

You sighed, leaning your head back on the pillow as his eyes shut tight again. 

“I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just that- You’re laying there- fuck- you just look so good. And holy hell I don’t know if I can-” 

Giggling, you stopped his rambling. “Ev, it’s okay. I will wait as long as you want me to.” 

After the second walnut calling, everything went smoothly. You were finally fully bare, and Evan was left in his boxers. 

“A-Are you okay for me to take these off?” you asked him, placing your hand on the band of his underwear. He nodded quickly, watching your every move. 

Carefully, you pulled the white cotton off of his pelvis. His length sprung out of his boxers, hitting his stomach. You looked at his newly exposed flesh, then back at his face. “You’re doing great, Ev. You really are,” you whispered to him. Slowly, you reached out your hand and stroked him once. 

“S-Stop, or I’ll-” he whimpered out. 

“Okay, okay,” you nodded, reaching over to grab the condom before he stopped you. You raised an eyebrow to give him a questioning look. 

“I-I want you to cum, too. And I… I won’t last that long,” he mumbled sheepishly. You smiled at his concern, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He was doing so well, and you really admired that he thought of you and your pleasure. 

“Is there any way to get you, um, closer before I… ya know…” he asked quietly. 

Nodding slowly, you guided his hand to your heat. You let him rub you in a repeatitive motion. Soon, Evan got the hang of things, letting you put your hand on his shoulder - rather than guiding him. His thumb found your most sensitive nub. 

“What does this do?” he asked in a whisper, lightly tapping it. 

You inhaled sharply. “That felt really good,” you admitted with an even bigger blush. 

His continuous tapping brought you closer and closer to a high. You stopped him when you were almost at your breaking point.

“O-Okay, I’m ready,” you whispered up at him.

Evan opened up the condom, rolling it on to himself. He looked at you once more for permission. You gave him a nod, smiling. Before he entered you, he whispered against your lips.

“I love you.”

He slid into you, neither of you lasting more than 15 seconds. Evan hit his orgasm first, absolutely melting in your hands. His whole body shook. Then it was your turn, grappling your finger nails into the flesh on his spine.


Hedi came home around 10pm that night. You and Evan were cuddled on the couch, bones aching and hearts swelling. She opened the door with bags full of groceries.

“Aw, my two little lovebirds,” she mumbled. Putting down the grocery bags, she pulled out a plastic container. “Do you guys want some candied walnuts?”

Evan turned red.

This one is a good one. So there were these gigantic man-made spiders that couldn’t breed but they found a loophole; they could burrow inside baby doll heads, explode them, and spider babies would scurry out. So these spiders were growing in population pretty fast and people were freaked out by it so they were like taking all the baby dolls and burning them. Me and some people I didn’t know where at my cousins house and one of the spiders got in and we had to quickly find any doll heads but we were too late because there was a doll head (that looked like that one creepy doll from Toy Story) so the doll head exploded and all these little spiders poured out of it. We captured the baby spiders and the big spider in a big metal box and then we took it to some guy who lived in a shack in the middle of Australia; he was like that old and wise archetype but also a redneck type. We told him we need to find a way to stop these spiders from populating. He told us that he wouldn’t help because he believed the spiders had a right to live. As I was waking up I realized the reason spiders were burying themselves into doll heads because the only other option was to borrow into real baby heads and they didn’t want to do that shit. See, they wanted to populate and preserve their species but they weren’t going to sacrifice our children to do it. I also noticed that they didn’t try to hurt me or my crew…THEY JUST WANTED TO LIVE PEOPLE! THEY JUST WANTED TO LIVE! 

After John comes back to 221b, he’s listening to the radio and December 1963 starts playing.  Sherlock instantly freezes and John remembers it playing at his wedding, so before Sherlock can scurry away John grabs his arm and pulls him into an exaggerated dance, loudly singing along until Sherlock starts to hate it a bit less.

It was a rainy London afternoon. Sherlock was draped over the sofa, hands peaked under his chin. John was flipping through The Times absentmindedly, while Rosie sat on the floor colouring a giraffe an alarming shade of fuchsia. The radio in the kitchen was barely audible, the oldies station adding to the white noise from the street. When the opening notes of a familiar Four Seasons song began to drift through the speakers, Sherlock bolted off the couch, and made a dash for the set. It took John a minute to realise what he was doing and then it settled in. Oh. 

“Don’t,” he stood up from his chair and made his way to the kitchen. 

“I’m sorry?" 

"You don’t have to change it. I know what you’re trying to do.”

“I just-I didn’t want it to upset you." 

John shrugged, "Old memories. Yeah, it still hurts a bit. Hurts you too, I think.” Sherlock could only nod. Before he could react John had taken Sherlock’s hand in his own. He cocked his head to the side and blinked at John. “How about a new memory?” Sherlock stammered under his breath, his face turning all shades of red. “Sherlock Holmes, may I have this dance?" 

As soon as Sherlock could nod, John was twirling him around the kitchen. Their eyes locked and the two stared at each other, having a conversation without saying a word. Their reverie was broken by a tug on John’s trousers. He picked up a giggling Rosie and twirled her around. His hand returned to Sherlock’s waist and the trio twirled and laughed through the flat long after the song had changed. Oh what a night, indeed.

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BTS: Seeing You Cleaning In Heels (M/F)

(Some of these weren’t completely specific to what you wanted, but I tried. I hope you like <3 Also a couple turned out to be a little mature, so beware..)


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When he walked into the house and saw you in those lovely black heels he was confused. For one, you were just vacuuming and had these killer heels on that he’s never seen before. For two, who wears heels in the house? He set down his bag carefully and walked towards you as you sang while moving the vacuum around the living room. He went up behind you and hugged you tightly.

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It was 4:30 pm, you were rushing through the crowded streets, coffee cup in hand, trying to spot a taxi to carry you off to the airport.
You crashed into someone and spilled your coffee all over their shirt.
You let out a slew of curse words and hoped that this person wasn’t as angry as they could’ve been.
Surprisingly, they weren’t.
You caught their eye as they smiled at you for a split second.
“Say, you seem awfully busy today, don’t you?”
You let out a small chuckle, nodded your head, apologized, and told them you were running late.
And as anyone else would do, they let you go.
So you scurried off to meet a taxi cab in the swell of traffic.
You never heard from that stranger again.
Maybe you were supposed to forget your responsibilities for a second.
Maybe you were supposed to hold a conversation with that stranger just a little longer.
But if something was supposed to happen between the two of you, you will never know.

Hundreds of missed connections a day.
It’s almost insignificant.
I know that heartbreak is sad. When an overwhelming love has to come to an end,
it’s tragic.
But there’s something just as tragic about a love that never has the chance to begin.

—  Missed Connections. // Morsus Engel
Jealousy at it’s finest - Jace Wayland Smut

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Warnings: Smut(unprotected sex) & swearing 

italics is flashback

regular is present

“Jace wait a minute” I called out to him as his steps grew further and further away “Jace!” I yelled he stopped and turned facing me. I exhaled sharply “what do you want?” he spat out angrily “could you at least tell me what’s going on?” I asked him approaching him slowly “there’s nothing to tell” he said flatly “Jace I’ve known you practically my whole life. I can tell when something’s off” I informed him looking up at him suspiciously “well when you figure it out you can tell me” Jace spoke through gritted teeth and left.

This behaviour had been going on for weeks now. I couldn’t figure out what I must have done to deserve this attitude from him.I went my own way to find Izzy.

I knocked softly at her door “Iz?” I whispered “come in” she called out I opened the door and shut it once inside “what’s up buttercup?” she smiled “your brother” I groaned “yeah he’s been acting weird lately” Izzy sighed “It’s just I don’t know what I did” I slumped down on the edge of her bed “Jace has always kept his emotions to himself” Izzy paused “but lucky for you there’s something that can jog your memory” she took out a lotion “I must admit I’ve never tested it out but it’s highly recommended for situations like these” she explained I nodded “okay” Izzy placed a bit of cream on my wrist.

“Y/n would you care to dance with me?” Raphael asked holding out his hand for me to take “sure” I smiled. We swayed in unison as a slow song played in the background. I was in the memory. I looked around for Jace finally spotting him alone seated by the bar,drink in hand while his jaw tightened. He looked jealous which was absurd becaus- I thought about it, did Jace like me? only one way to find out.

I opened my eyes “thanks Izzy I’ve discovered what I so absently missed” I scurried out the door and ran to find Jace.

“Hey Alec have you seen Jace?” I asked the tall brunette in front of me “yeah he’s up in his room” Alec informed me “thanks” I smiled running to find him.

Jace’s door was slightly open I heard grunting and punches being thrown which meant he was pretty angry and letting out his frustration by boxing “Jace?” I spoke softly slipping through the door shutting it after I was in. Jace continued his fighting completely ignoring me “I know why you’re so upset” I paused fidgeting with my fingers “It was that night at Magnus’ party when I dance with Raphael” I ended Jace stopped his movements sweeping his hair back and looking at me “that is why you’re so upset” I spoke moving closer to him.

“I hate you acting this way speak to me dammit” I released some bottled up anger of my own “yeah..” Jace exhaled deeply “it’s just I hated myself for not gaining enough confidence to ask you myself” he admitted “but why though?” I asked “isn’t it obvious? I love you” my eyes went wide “y-you love me?” I stuttered “and I have since the first day I laid my eyes on you” he explained my heart welled up as that sentence left his mouth.

I knocked on the old looking church door completely soaked in rain water a young blonde boy about my age opened the door “Hi” i smiled through my shivering teeth “I’m sorry but I didn’t know where else to go” I admitted the boy was then companied by a brunette girl “Hi I’m Isabelle but you can call me Izzy. Come in we’ll get you settled” she smiled.

I smiled at the memory. “you left me speechless that day and still continue to leave me speechless” he admitted coming closer I felt his faint breath on me “I love you too” I beamed that was all it took for Jace’s lips to connect to mine.

We moved in unison as if our mouths were made for one another,I wrapped my arms around his neck as he placed his hands on my waist leading me back onto his bed. I fell onto his mattress graciously Jace hovered above me unlatching his lips from mine to look down into my eyes “you don’t understand how long I’ve waited to do that” he smiled “oh believe me I do” I mimicked his expression. Jace went back to attack my neck with lovebites and soft kisses causing a moan to slip from me “Jace don’t tease me” I growled palming his member through his jeans causing him to groan “fuck Y/n don’t tease me either” I smiled.

I flipped us over so I was on top,I removed my tank top and bra. Jace wasted no time in kneeling my breasts “my God you’re absolutely gorgeous” he moaned causing me to giggle I rubbed myself into him “fuckkk” he rasped out I began unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down along with his boxers,Jace flipped us again and aggressively removed my jeans and panties in the process.  

He wasted no time fully removing them and slipped himself into me “agh” I was taken by surprise “are you okay?” Jace became worried “I’m perfect” I breathed out pulling him in for a kiss. Jace’s hips began rolling slowly at first then he quickened the pace holding onto his headboard for more leverage “Fuck Jace” I moaned he was going so quick I felt my orgasm begin to grow “faster” I whispered in his ear Jace gripped the bed so hard I thought it’d chip under his touch.

He went deeper in each time “Jace” I cried “It’s okay me too” he let out I clutched around him causing Jace to close his eyes I released onto him Jace gave a few more thrusts before spilling his cum inside me. Our breaths were uneven,our chest heaving a thin layer of sweat on both our bodies “that was-” I paused “amazing” Jace finished he leaned down to kiss me passionately then pulled away to unconnect himself from me and rolled next to me.

I moved on my side to face him kissing his runes gently “God how I love you” Jace whispered causing me to blush. Jace wrapped his arms around me and held me securely in his arms. 

A knock pulled us from our thoughts Jace and I scurried to pull up our underwears and pants. I grabbed the closest thing to me which was Jace’s shirt. Jace opened the door once the coast was clear revealing a smirking Izzy “I see you two made up” she looked between both Jace and I “what do you want Izzy?” Jace questioned “oh nothing just Alec is briefing us on our next mission in 5, just thought you should know” she winked before leaving. Jace shut the door “great” he sighed I wrapped my arms around his torso “at least we don’t have to hide” I smiled “I at least wanted to take you out before the whole institute found out” he blushed “you can still take me out” I peaked his lips “tomorrow night?” he asked expectantly “I’ll be there” I beamed.


Herc's Four Sets of Corsets and More

Prompt: requested by @foxqmulder

Pairing: Starts out Hercules Mulligan X Reader, develops into Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader

TW: PG swearing, klutziness, insecurities, fluff??? Second hand embarrassment??? Cute fluff???

A/N: Sorry this one took a bit longer than usual! I’m sorry! I had work! I hope this is to your satisfaction! I tried my best! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for all of the love and support! I love y'all! Also, if you have anything you’d like me to trigger, please let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work!

Word Count: 5094

Prompt: “That’s awesome! Could I request a poly!Hamilsqaud where the reader is a brit and is new to New York and meets Herc in his shop maybe? and he asks her out and he really likes her so he takes her to meet the guys and tells her abt the relationship and she’s obvs cool with it and some fluff at the end. Thank you so much !! Sorry if this doesn’t make sense!!”

You weren’t sure how you’d ended up in the small shop on the corner of downtown, but there you were. It was a rustic, Victorian looking shop, and it just sort of called to you. You’d always been into that kind of stuff, the flowy tops and elegant skirts. 

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Roommates- 3

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Lim Changkyun

word count: 2002

🎧 Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran

You wake up to the feeling of warmth and one of the worst headaches you’ve ever had. You also quickly realize your body is pressed to another,  and you fight through the split second of confusion and then feel oddly… good. You don’t open your eyes right away but you take in the rise and fall of the chest underneath your head.

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After hours

So I had to stay after school today because we had color guard sectionals and after that I had this academic award ceremony thing. Anyway I was sitting in the lobby area after school had ended and the teachers and principles were going into the auditorium to set up for the awards and the vice principle didn’t see my because I was sitting against a wall and he just yelled “I HATE SCHOOL” then scurried away so the moral of this story is even our teachers think school is bullshit 

Ten Years (Part 1)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,327

Warnings: language, snark, memories of cheaters

A/N: I have no words. Bucky Barnes continues to keep my attention. Hopefully you guys like this!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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Cursed For Life | 01

Draco x Reader

Word Count: 2085

Summary: Bully; Womanizer; Death Eater. Draco Malfoy is a name all students at Hogwarts fears; what they don’t know is that behind the hexes and that signature smirk of his, there’s pain, suffering, and regret. Draco Malfoy is more than a Hogwarts bully, more than Lord Voldemort’s puppet; he’s a tortured soul, misunderstood by all…

A/N: This is a fan fiction I started a few years ago, and never completed. I decided to dust it off and attempt to complete it. Hopefully it doesn’t suck too much, haha. (Also, the gif is not mine, so credit goes to the creator.)


“Slytherin!” The Sorting Hat roared from atop your head. The Great Hall went from boisterous to deafeningly silent in a matter of seconds. All were shocked that the Muggle-born, Y/F/N Y/L/N, was placed into the house mostly made up of pure-bloods. But no one was more shocked than you. There you sat, dumbfounded and afraid to leave the seat you were in to approach your House table.

Being a new student, just transferring over from Beauxbatons, you were the only sixth year being sorted into a House. You looked anxiously over at Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, three new friends you had made on the train ride to Hogwarts, wishing that they would come to your rescue. But no, they did no such thing. How could they? The Sorting Hat had made its decision; there was no turning back now.

All three, though the same age as you, already belonged to the Gryffindor House, having been sorted there their first year at Hogwarts. The four of you had planned on the idea that you would also be sorted into Gryffindor; clearly fate had other plans in mind.

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"Studying"~ Clay Jensen

You and clay were currently in his room “studying” while his parents were out on a date night. “Baby Im bored,” you whined climbing into his lap kissing his neck. When you pull away his eyes lock with yours and you can practically see his eyes darken with lust. Before you even have a chance to say anything his lips are locked on your starting an intense make out session. You feel his tongue try to gain entrance to your mouth with you allow willingly. Just when things are getting intense Clay plus away panting because he’s out of breath, “Is this okay?” he asks. You nod bringing his face back to yours so you can kiss him again. As your tongues attempt to battle for dominance in your mouth Clay’s hands slip under your top massaging your bra clad breasts. When you finally break apart from the kiss it is so he can remove your top and beging sucking on the sweet spot causing you to moan. You two were so caught up in what you were doing that you didn’t realize his parents were home until his mother cleared her throat from the doorway. When you pulled apart you were both crimson from blushing so hard. you scurried to get your shirt as his mother said, “I think it is time for Y/N to go home.” When Clay walked you to the door he whispered in your ear, “ Next study session we’re finishing that.”