so i told yall i had graphic muse like no other, jfc. im actually proud to call this mine bc my graphics for myself are usually shit but ,, ,, , , anyways. i made it of queen ariana, as a symbol that my mascot will be changing back to ariana for the millionth time !! you can blame salicia for having me change. bully asf. anyways, here’s my gift to the 125 + flowers in my garden get it, it’s my follower count aka friends aka you im trying to be cute ok that are keeping me going !! enjoy babes !!

•  the font is arial 

•  the only thing made by me was the mac. that’s actually it lol

•  everything else were in my collection of pngs from packs.

•  you can pixelate some of the png of your character like i did. all you do is select the photo with the rectangular marquee tool > filter > pixelate > mosaic and there we go.

•  psd wasnt made by me oops, but its rly nice

•  any comments / questions can be sent to my inbox here

•  like and reblog if youre using. like it’s one click to do this, dont b mean.

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