So!  So I went to this Walk to Emmaus thing last weekend. It was… hard, at parts, but in a good way, and I came away from it feeling lighter than I have in literally months.  I really haven’t found the words to describe it to people who haven’t been to one, especially in a way that doesn’t sound weirdly full of woo.  But I’m really glad I went, and I wanted to share a small bit of it with you guys.

On the last day (Sunday), we were all given letters that had been written to us before the Walk started.  Letters from family, from friends, from people at our churches.  Letters of encouragement, of prayer, of what they wished for us to experience over the weekend.  Letters overflowing with love and support

I got letters from each of my parents, my grandparents, people from my church - and then, I opened a letter from Brian.  My sweet little brother Brian.  A letter that he dictated to my mom, who wrote it out longhand for him to reference, and then painstakingly typed up and carefully signed himself.

I think I’m going to frame it.

Sometimes you just know when to throw in the towel

I can’t watch these kids anymore. I’ve already lost my temper 3 times. I don’t like losing my temper. And it’s only 1:00pm. And I feel bad for losing my temper and for thinking these kids are crazy. But sometimes they are and there is so much noise and fighting and screaming. And I just can’t take it.

Truthful Tuesday.

ASTRO as Camp Counselors | MJ

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// Part 1/6 in the ASTRO as Camp Counselors AU Series

MJ | Jinjin | Cha Eunwoo | Moonbin | Rocky | Sanha

  • Okay are you ready
  • Be ready for stereotypes and clichés because I live for them
  • I know I said I’d post Jinjin’s first
  • But I’d forgotten that MJ was older than him
  • I mean
  • Actual 5 year old in a 22 year old body
  • Boy, are you a camper or a counselor?
  • We may never know
  • Probably ends up with the younger groups
  • Because they’re the only one who act younger than him
  • Okay but for reals
  • So younger groups
  • He’s just so good with them
  • Like he’s good with older kids
  • But the younger ones are totally what he lives for
  • They’re cute and energetic and they absolutely love him
  • Also
  • Endless energy
  • Don’t be fooled by his height
  • This kid is so hyper and loud
  • You can follow his group by sound
  • No matter what they’re doing
  • So much noise and movement
  • You cannot keep up
  • Energy so endless he transfers it to anyone in a 5 meter radius
  • Favored activity: water
  • Anything involving water
  • Especially water gun wars and obnoxiously loud games of marco polo
  • He’s not actually very good at any sport or skillful activity
  • But makes up for it with enthusiasm
  • Like me lol
  • Cheers very loud on the side when his kids play soccer
  • Probably the main victim of pranks from the staff
  • Especially Moonbin
  • Screamed like a girl when a ton of fake spiders fell from his locker in the staff’s cabin
  • Was heard from the lake
  • The older campers tell this story to the younger ones at the campfire
  • Every damn year
  • Very embarrassed, but still embraces it
  • Will even re-enact it if you ask nicely
  • Especially if you ask nicely
  • Anyways
  • Talking about campfire
  • MJ has camp songs for days
  • If you’re doing your thing and you hear someone screaming a camp song at the top of their lungs
  • Yup
  • That’s MJ’s group
  • Be ready to join in because he’ll grip your arm and make you sing as well
  • Just imagine though
  • You’re minding your own business, probably organizing the schedules for the next week or something
  • Because you’re a responsible counselor
  • Unlike that loud kid that’s coming your way with his 4-6 group
  • And you sigh and shake your head because this one may be 22, but you’ve never actually seen him do anything seriously
  • You’re always scolding him and telling him to tone it down
  • You’re not so secretly fond of him though
  • His childish energy gives you life and you think it’s totally cute that a guy his age can still find the pleasure in simple and youthful things
  • So yeah
  • Back to what I was saying
  • So he’s coming towards you. He saw you and you know what’s coming
  • You’re like “MJ… no”
  • But he’s like MJ YES
  • And he’s giving you those eyes
  • You know the puppy dog eyes you know what I’m talking about
  • And you sigh and you’re like “but I’m actually doing stuff and I have all this organizing to do and the schedule for the end of summer show is not on point”
  • And he’s like “Jinjin is the head counselor, not you”
  • “Come on”
  • And he grabs your hand and drags you behind him towards his group
  • And of course those smol children love you and they’re so happy and they cheer you on
  • Until one of them sees you holding hands
  • “Y/n, are you MJ’s girlfriend?”
  • And you yank your hand back because omg it’s so embarrassing those kids are 5 year old
  • But even though he blushes MJ is still smiling
  • God, does he ever stop smiling?
  • You lock eyes and he gently grabs your hand again
  • And then funfunfunfun for the rest of the day because this guy is not nicknamed the camp’s happy virus for nothing

kaicent  asked:

whats ur fave hair color on baek? ;u;

black. still black. forever black. im slain. im dead. he looks so hot in black. im so sad. omfg i love him so much *sobbing noises* lmAO HELLO BABYY!! HOW ARE YOUU!!

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Hyperr Leader Jimin at her best!

So this is happening 30 feet from me right now. Oh, joy.

I forgot that today is the day they start ripping out and replacing the water mains on my street. Which means for the next two weeks, I will have to endure the noise, dust, and dirt that comes with all these lovely industrial machines. Also a few days without water here and there.

Don’t get me wrong - infrastructure improvements of any kind are a welcome thing. But it’s already driving my dog fucking bonkers, and It will make working from home a cacophonous, stressful nightmare.