Happy Birthday @incaseyouart 💕

If you asked me a year ago if i will ever draw myself, I would have said no. But if its the only way we can ever be in the same picture, I’ll draw myself standing next to you over and over again to remind me even if we live all the way across the ocean from each other, art and internet can keep us together. Thank you for being you and the biggest ray of light in my life. Happy birthday, my special bean :’)! You mean so much to me and more!!!

A surprise birthday gift of Saezuru Cafe goodies just arrived for me from @domeyashiro and I CAN’T BREATHE.

There aren’t enough thanks in the world for this. I had seen pictures of that cookie online and I wanted one so badly (I have to figure out how to preserve it; I want to keep it forever!) AND THE CARD AND THE CHIBI PIN/YASHIRO WAITER PINS WERE ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE CAFE. Also: all the badges you sent me I didn’t have! YOU. ARE. AMAZING.

Two things on the internet never fail to make me feel a bit of nostalgia

  • 10 year old viral videos
  • Websites and blogs that haven’t been updated since like 2003


I don’t really know what this is except from Akaashi being pretty (what’s new) and Bokuto suffering because of that. Also mention of Kuroo because how could i not. Zero plot, just fluff. Possible kisses.

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Wishing this feeling would go away…


Stranger Things | season 2 foreshadowing

“Something is coming, something angry, hungry for your blood…it is almost here.”

And the kid would be fanboying the entire time.

if you have a friend, family member, or S/O with bpd please read this

if you don’t plan on talking to them once a day every single day, don’t let the habit start.

if you don’t plan on hanging out with them a certain amount of times a week, don’t let the habit start.

if you don’t plan on saying goodnight to them every night or good morning to them every morning, don’t let the habit start.

because if you go from talking to someone every day to suddenly talking to them every other day or not talking to them as much per day than you used to, we’re going to notice.

we’re going to notice the change in routine and it’s going to fucking kill us.

we’re going to think you hate us because “why would they stop doing this thing they always did with us if they DONT hate us??”

dont get people with bpd into a routine and then suddenly break it. dont do that to us. dont fucking do that to us.