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When you and brandnewfashions HEADCANON each other it's just so fucking brilliant I cry. BUT SERIOUSLY TONY AND INTOMACY WITH STEVE LIKE IMAGINE HIS FEELINGS OVER THIS, and if ANYONE makes any stupid ass comment about "affection makes you less of a man" or "OMG homosexuality!!" Steve will get increasingly more touchy to make you uncomfortable, so secretly tony kinda likes when people try to lecture them

Most of the time I bet they would hardly even notice other people looking and just be so completely stupidly happy staring at each other that they just???? Wouldn’t care. Also, Tony’s hesitation would come from him not feeling worthy of Steve’s intimacy because of reasons that make me sad.







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Ponyboy - He wouldn’t believe you at first, but then he would flip out and be nervous and excited at the same time. 

Johnny - HE’D PASS OUT.

Dally - We all know that Dally would most likely just leave you.

Sodapop - He’d be so happy and dancing around and start kissing you and want to start planning for the baby.

Two-Bit - He’d start hootin’ and hollerin’!


Darry - Take it very seriously and would start estimating how much money you guys would have to start saving for the baby. 

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Just watched Meryl and Maks fusion dance again and I had to pause it as soon as the dance. Maks face is hysterical, he is soooo nervous and Meryl is like lets do this babe, we got this. By the time the cha cha comes around the smile on his face is blinding. That dance exuded so much happy!

Omg I love this^^^ so true!🙈💜 and I loved their fusion! (I loved all their dances) I love the song, it was a nice “finale” song for them!

VIXX’S 3rd Anniversary

Happy 3rd anniversary to My Boys~

OMG! The group that I’m so proud of despite not being in a large company they proved that with hard work they could reach the summit <3 I’m not with from the very start but I will make sure to be with them till Eternity :)

Celebrating their anniversary, I’m working on a scenario which is going to feature all the members. However I’m not sure when it’ll be finished so I’m going to leave all scenarios that had been written before








Two or more members

  • Hongbin & N (Before) Parts 1|2|3|4 {Completed}
  • Hongbin & N (The right choice- Before II) Parts1|2|3|4|5|6|HAKYEON POV {Completed}

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I LOVE YOUR TUMBLR! It is a happy place for me. IYHO, what are Hamish's hottest moments, what are his most adorable moments, and what are the moments where he's the biggest arse? Same for Danny?

omg thank you SO MUCH. you are a treASURE <33333333

oh goodness. all right all right. thinking cap on.

Hottest Hamish - When he whips his tie off, whenever he’s in a big jacket…idk there are so many that I make note of when I’m watching and I just can’t remember them all x] He’s so attractive.

Most Adorable - Uhhh all of them. But the one that stands out is him 1. wearing a suit at the Major’s wedding (with his BOLO TIE), 2. In episode two, he uses his radar gun like a real gun and pretends to be a cowboy and it’s adorable. 3. When he HOLDS A PUPPY wattttt.

Biggest Arse - Basically all the times he interacts with Alex. All of them. All of them.

Hottest Danny - “Now that’s what I like to see” talking to a pile of money, curled up in his egg chair. Unf unf unf.

Most Adorable - When he gets alarmed by a tall German woman. Also–always. He is always adorable. OH WAIT ALSO WHEN HE’S IN THE PARROT AND HIS LIL LEGS ARE KICKING DSJKALHJFKDNGD

Biggest Arse - Ummm. Idek. Always and never at the same time.

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SO I really need to talk about this with someone omg!!! Alright I actually decided to go outside today because it felt nice and while I was out there these guys who looked a little older than me kept riding by on skateboards.. ONE OF THEM LOOKED LIKE MICHAEL OMG! and I'm kinda freaking out because like he fell off of his skateboard and like stared at me with the most shyest smile ever then out of no where my mom came out and was all like "oooohhh who's that?" and then he left and omg.

OMSJAKSNKAKSKSS HE SMILED AT YOU??? PLS THATs amazing and lol your mom pls I hope he passes by again and that you guys have the chance to talk pls bc he seems to be cute af

baby steps”
AU nemily endgame

The pros and cons of breathing

Summary: Funny, last time he checked, he still feels full. Full of countless feelings and thoughts that Phil used to throw at him nonchalantly, loving every second of attention Phil has given to him.

Now look at where we are, jealous like a motherfucker and- laugh.

Genre: In all honesty, I don’t know (it’s angsty, but it ends happy)

Warning: Phone sex, swearing (like so much)

Words: 2, 260 words

A/N: Here u go, a sequel for this fic(u dont need to read it to understand this). U asked for it. Also, im so sorry if ive been updating slow these days, I just feel dead when writing. Im also sad bc my collab fic with sofie ended (sigh) but !!! I just planned a collab with someone for pbb and oMG IM EXCITED TO WRITE WITH THEM they are my senpai. I also got a lil bit carried away.

No matter how many times Dan tried to muffle their laughter with his pillows, it’s fucking useless.

Just like how he feels.

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Is it your birthday??? OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Seeing your posts make my day 1937393% better you never fail to make me laugh I hope you get awesome fantastical things in your life because you so deserve them. You're totally the big sister I wanted thank you for all your random awesome stories and advice ❤️❤️❤️

listen, i’m the baby of my family but i am more than happy to be your Fake Internet Big Sister, or FIBS. here are some examples of why i am good at this:

  • i am easily worse at most things than you are, which means Mom and Dad are so busy worrying that i’m eating my vegetables and not filing my kitchen with bubbles from my dishwasher bc i used the wrong soap again that they won’t have time to get made at you when you stay out past curfew
  • i always carry extra GREAT in my purse, like compliments and photo compilations videos of dogs smiling, for when you feel ungreat
  • i’m very good at painting nails
  • i have the face of a kindly youth pastor, so people will believe me when i say things like “no officer, @atthedarkestblue was here with me all night. they couldn’t have possibly been at that party.”
  • if someone is mean to you, i will go to their homes, and hold their face in my hands, and look deep into their eyes, and then take off my hat to reveal my snake hair as i turn them into stone
  • barring that, i will kick them very hard in the shin, shout, “YOU SUCK!!!!” and run away
  • i’m not very fast
  • but i’m determined
  • and i hid razor scooter in the bushes
  • you’ll never catch me, coppers
Exo Reactions To How They Act When They’re Sleepy

I’m squealing over how cute I picture them to be when they’re tired omg xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *extremely squishy & cuddly, will actually walk around trying to find you just so he can lay on/next to/around you*

Chanyeol: *still tries to be all happy & positive but has moments where he just goes quiet & will fall asleep with his eyes open*

Chen: *Ten times more cuddly than usual & extremely clingy, if you try to get up before he falls asleep, he’ll whine at you until you come back*

D.O.: *gets a little lazy & slow but is somewhat the same as normal*

Kai: *literally can’t function properly & will fall asleep anywhere*

Kris: *tries his hardest to seem wide awake but will fall asleep sitting up until he catches himself & acts like it never happened* 

Lay: *looks & acts even more high than normal, will laugh at anything & probably sees things that aren't there from exhaustion*

Luhan: *grumpy & irritable* 

Sehun: *almost exactly the same as usual, just with more complaining*

Suho: *you almost can’t even tell when he’s tired, but he’ll give little signs like blinking slower & taking longer to answer questions*

Tao: *will use whoever & whatever he can as a pillow, he becomes a little more touchy, wanting to have someone around when he falls asleep to feel safe*

Xiumin: *talks about nonsense like it’s an actual conversation to him & will seemingly fall asleep but then continue the conversation like he never drifted off*

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo


“All I’m left with is just a vague brown smell; a mild stench of old fags, warm, stale beer, and cheap aftershave. The distinctive smell of Mister Murdoc Niccals. The smell of victory.”

•1. I am SWEN•

Hi!!! I’m Paige and I’m 17 years old and I live Massachusetts. I run on the track team, I’m a waitress, I make ouat vines (my username is once upon a lana), I love chocolate and I can ride a unicycle. You can’t see it in this pic because it is really bad quality, but I have a lip scar like Lana’s… I was bit by a dog two years ago. I literally spend my whole day obsessing over LP.

•2. I love SwanQueen•

Omg there’s too much to say idek where to start. Gahhhh SwanQueen make me feel every emotion. I feel happiness whenever Emma and Regina have even the smallest SQ moment and it makes me feel so excited at the possibility of them being canon. I feel anger whenever something interrupts SQ from being canon. I feel pain whenever Regina sacrifices herself for Emma or vice versa. And most of all, I feel hope. Hope for this ship to sail. Hope that Emma and Regina will find a happy ending with each other and with Henry. 
I firmly believe that this SwanQueen will happen and that it is currently happening. I believe Lana and Jenn want it to happen.

•3. I love SWEN•

I wish I could meet every single one of you and hug you and fan girl about SQ all day, everyday. Unfortunately, I don’t know any SWENS in person, but hopefully I will meet some of you someday. Seeing all your posts and pics everyday makes my day so much better. You all are beautiful and hilarious and kind and creative and I love you all so much. 

Need more blogs to follow!

Hi, guys! It’s been a long time since I had written my last post doing this but… Here I am! ^^

Nowadays I’ve been watching Kuroko no Basket among other animes and I wished to have more of them on my dashboard, so… If you post stuff about:

  • Kuroko no Basket 
  • The Generation of Miracles (omg I love all of them, seriously :3)… Kuroko, Kise, Aomine, Akashi, Midorima, Murasakibara… The Teiko arc is spoiling me T-T
  • Noragami
  • Ao no Exorcist
  • Durarara!!

You can REBLOG this post and I’ll check out your blog. I’m always happy to meet new people and enjoy your blogs! Have a nice day, guys! :)

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my favorite head canon is the Sam makes the world's best brownies, when Cas was human and came to the bunker he ate them all the time because "omg Sam what do you put in these things they're so good omg" and Dean just laughs his ass off and eats brownies too and at some point there was probably a brownie batter fight between Sam and Dean and everyone was happy (i hope you're night gets better, lots of love <3)

I love this

(and you)

Black Widow in AoU

Just wanted to comment on the presentation of Black Widow in AoU. I’ve seen a lot of arguments on both sides (like so many, and not just here on Tumblr – I read an article in the CBC, like OMG) and while I’m so fucking happy this discussion is happening and everyone is exploring these media decisions and tearing into them both positively and negatively, to be honest not a single thing I’ve read has really come close to my take on it.

Spoilers after the jump.

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“Look Iwa-chan, an alien!”

OMG Happy birthday viria!!! I know how much you love these idiots so I had to draw them for you. I have you to thank for getting me into haikyuu!! and free! so thank you and I hope you like it! Eat a lot of cake and enjoy all your present because you deserve it! Thanks for your beautiful art for all these years and don’t stop drawing what you love.