So you know how Mother’s Day comes along and there will be “fur mamas” celebrating it and people get so pissed because it’s not a “real” child.

I have been a mom for almost 4 years, and a mom of two for 7 months.
I have been a mom to a puppy for ONE MONTH.


Puppies are 18 million times harder than babies. Like. Omg.

I have to parent her more than my own children.

So you guys. You fur mommas out there.
Hands. Fucking. Down.
Because I’m drowning in dog slobber, toys in 18 million pieces, and her basically doing a line of Coke and speed mixed together once an hour.
Bath salts. It’s like they do fucking bath salts.

@yosapphire - IM SO HAPPY TO HEAR ALL OF THAT TBH!! Sadly I’ve lost to some squidbaggers but when I got to win against them it’s so satisfying >8) But be sure to be ready to play!! I’ve had to take several hour long breaks because so much intensity leaves me tense and jittery and it ruins performance!

Anon 1 - OMG THANK YOU!! QAQ I try, I’m flawed and I get salty but I also dont wanna add to team hate in the community, we have enough drama and smug that goes on… /sweats

Anon 2 - Which is a fantastic point!! But they definitely WANT to sell their new system since apparently the Wii-U didnt do nearly as hot as they wanted, so instead of selling on a ‘failed’ system, they’re gonna push a wildly popular series on their new system

@knightwolf14 - I’m surprised to hear that!! Honestly I posted a “VENT ALL UR SALT” post and half of it is “I’m not that mad!” It’s pleasantly surprising given I’ve still seen some pretty salty posts in the tags and the like

I guess it isnt as bad (for some) as past Splatfests!

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I like to think Sandman is nice to his younger fans. With people like Aran Ryan and Bald Bull, they need a role model. He might be scary in the ring, but I believe Sandman would be more than happy to autograph things for kids.

Awwwe. All I picture is a smol child nervously asking for an autograph and he just smiles and gives them it omg so cute


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So I've been sitting on this question a while, and Imma ask: if Sylvester were to distill Edward and Jonathan, what would they each smell like? And how would he trap them, if that's not too much?

Oooooo I’d be more than happy to answer! I’ll start off with explaining how he’d get them. Now, Sylvester’s avoidance of Rogues and direct involvement in crime plays a huge advantage on how he can abduct people. No one really knows what he looks like – they might’ve heard about his reputation, yes, and his ‘street name’, but they haven’t directly involved themselves with him. Sylvester often drugs people when abducting them in order to make the process easier. For Edward, it might be easier to slip something into his drink – probably hire someone in the iceberg lounge to do it since Edward frequents there – and wait for the effects to come into play. The drug would have to come into effect after several hours, so what he would use varies. (I low-key also wrote that Sylvester got pretty close to Edward at one point while disguised in order to get Intel, so he knows a bit about Edward from that experience). For Jonathan, since Jonathan is well knowledge in drugs, it would be harder to put something into his drink. He’s also not too shabby at fighting, so a direct confrontation would be out of the question. Sylvester would probably try a distance approach – maybe throw a perfume grenade into Scarecrows hideout and hope for the best, or hire a sharp shooter to shoot a tranquilizer into the man, not that that would work instantly either. But he would come to realize drugging wouldn’t be an option. (I also entertained the idea of Sylvester hiring one of the thugs Jonathan hires to tamper with Jonathan’s toxin and switch it out for one of Sylvester’s perfume look-a-likes, but eh too much effort on Sylvester’s part)

Now if Sylvester, by the luckiest chance in the entire world, managed to get his hands on either of the two men for distilling the first thing he’d do would probably rub it into their faces. I mean, it’s not every day you kidnap one of the most notorious criminals and get them strapped down onto your table, in your underground tunnel mind you, to be squeezed out into tiny glass bottles. Regarding scents, for Jonathan I think he would have more of an Earth -like natural scent, or at least that’s what Sylvester would smell off of him. I would associate his scent with Cloves, or mulled cider, or balsam/pine wood, or perhaps even the scent of an autumn morning, or of worn pages and fabric – something that would develop from his habit of wearing too much burlap. Either way Sylvester would have to try and get past the scent of chemicals and metal first. Unfortunately those fragrances don’t sell. For Edward I think there would be a crisper, wintry scent associated with him. Indonesian patchouli, sandalwood, peppermint, nutmeg, sweet orange or even vanillas are scents I can see associated with him. If you want a scenario, picture winter mornings, or sitting by a fire with the snow falling outside, or walking through a market square on Christmas Eve. Sylvester would probably distill him and use him as a seasonal line – as awful as that sounds.

So yeah! But if Sylvester ever got his hands on Jonathan or Edward he would 300% milk the opportunity of even getting that far ^^

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I track the sansby tag and I saw the most recent ask you've answered and I was like 'oh cute art' so I came to the blog and it's so much freaking papyton and I'm so happy and you draw them super cute 😄 sorry this is ranty I'm tired

Omg! I have no clue how to respond but thank you I think!

Also reason for absence these past few days is that I’ve been doing a tennis camp, so I’ve been busy, and tired, very, very, tired.

Plus all the Osomatsu-San fanfics were calling my name and I had to indulge, and me and my gf have been talking a bunch. 


Yes, yes, all the cute G!sanses

Ohohohohhello there

I suddenly had the urge to draw them hnhn //sweats






HamsterG!sans and AngryG!sans by @nyublackneko & @junkpilestuff



dis b mai version of the snas in bad time mode huehehue

here u gO SENPAIS



oikuro ficrecs

Speed Trapped by sushibomb [ 3,088 ] ✮

Model!Oikawa & Cop!Kuroo (it’s a crime that this isn’t any longer)

Nightwalker by auber_jean [ 5,505 ] ✮

It’s midnight, and with nowhere else to go, Oikawa somehow manages to find himself in the apartment of a stranger who seems to know a little too much. (the chemistry between them is so effortless) 

Burning Bright by kittebasu (chanyeol) [ 43,922 ] ✮

The tale of how Kuroo Tetsurou invades and subsequently ruins Oikawa Tooru’s life with his larger-than-life fire magic and his terrible hair. ( lots of subtle not so subtle touches) 

Never Gonna Leave This Bed by auber_jean [ 1,352 ]

Every other night, Oikawa silently dresses, gathers his belongings and walks out of the room, out of the door. Every other night, Oikawa has never felt the need to define their relationship. But not tonight. (clutches chest)

With a Twirl and a Spin and Maybe a Kiss (If You Play Your Cards Right) by MapacheLuna [ 3,659 ]

Daichi had only intended to have Kuroo and Kozume teach them how to do a simple ballroom waltz for Suga’s sister’s wedding.

He hadn’t expected his plight to become a plot device for Oikawa’s soap-opera-level-pining. (FLUFF)

Contact by stelluric [ 2,815 ]

Kuroo took Kenma on a trip to Miyagi so he could visit Hinata. When he wanders outside by himself, he gets lost and winds up at the mall, and is made fun of by someone he doesn’t even know. (seriously, these need to be longer istg cries)

In a Blur by orphan_account [ 1,154 ]

It wasn’t supposed to be anything more than everyday, passerby eye
contact, but it was so much more.
(cute and short ; u ;)

Being Cute Gets You the World by sushibomb [ 5,775 ] 

Kuroo gets a cat and Oikawa learns to deal with it. (ahh funny and cute lol)

sushibomb, auber_jean & MapacheLuna have other oikuro fics you guys can check out!


When Harry was sixteen, he reached out for someone, anyone, to help him through the hardest days of his life. When Louis was eighteen, he answered. While they didn’t know each other’s names or faces or lives at all, really, it didn’t stop them from falling a little bit in love.

And when Harry moves to Manchester for uni two years later, he meets a boy in a bookshop named Louis and wonders why it all feels so easy.

Or: two boys, two blogs, two years of anonymous messages, and a bookshop where it all comes together.

author: alivingfire

word count: 21k

one shot, complete

credit to yoursincerelylarry for the manip

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ive just been having a really bad day and i feel terrible, can u just spam some tae pics please?

yesssss i would love to!!! i decided to put pics of taehyung smiling because that’s what never fails to make me happy!!!! i’m sorry this took me so long to answer, i originally tried to upload all the pics as their original size but my internet was NOT having it omg they were uploading for over an hour :(( so i made them all smaller ahaha anyway i hope u feel better soon love and i’m sorry again for how long this took TT____TT

the rest are under the cut because there are a lot ^_^

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Gordon Reid of Great Britain ® and Alfie Hewett of Great Britain (L) celebrate victory during the Men’s Wheelchair Doubles Final against Stephane Houdet of France and Nicolas Peifer of France on day twelve of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 9, 2016 in London, England.


22 June, 2016 12:12am

kinda feel sorry for my feet for all the walking today… had to rush from school all the way to somerset just to visit tokyu hands and explore the rest of ion & wisma atria with my cousin :b
I haven’t been into tokyu hands before today, so I didn’t really know what to expect. however, it turns out to be a great surprise because everything was almost so so so so neatly arranged and there were tombows and pentel brush pens that weren’t readily available (or wasn’t at all) at art friend!!! also i tried writing hello’s with different colours with the pentel sign brush pen, and after i left a group of girls came and were like “omg who wrote these hello’s like that?” and suddenly started saying “hello hello hello” probably because i wrote a lot of them 😂 i was so happy & touched after i heard them say that omggg. was a good day indeed!!! btw first pic is the pens that i bought: (top to bottom) a cheap fountain pen, pink pentel touch sign pen, pink frixion marker, and a tombow brush pen in the colour 373

It’s funny (but not really) how the 5sos fandom rarely includes guy fans and queer fans in fanfics and moodboards and just textposts in general. And then 5sos mention guys and people get angry.

Like. Yes, 5sos shouldn’t act like having guy fans is sO AMAZING OMG BETTER THAN ALL THE GIRLS. But the fandom should acknowledge that not all fans are girls and straight and whAT THE FUCK IM SO IDEK


There are guy fans. So how about we start including them and mentioning them more often and not just when 5sos talk about them (in their assholeish kinda way).

There are queer fans. Include them and talk about them because 5sos might not do either but we deserve recognition.

Everyone deserves recognition and inclusion. Music is supposed to unite us and make us feel happy so what the fuck is happening

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Daaang, I love how you draw clone armor - you're so good with all of their personalities too, and coming up with new ideas with them. Please keep it up - it's always lovely to see more clone works!! ♥ ( and oh, thanks for liking my republic commando stuff, too! :D (this is the main blog of kradeelav, in case if you were wondering)

OMG!!!!!! I love your Republic Commando and Mandalorian art!!!
Your art is cool! It’s really cool!!
I’m happy to receive a message from you… I’m pleasantly surprised! Thank you XD Keep it up!!!!

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It is truly a miracle the amount of love dogs can bring into our lives. This instant unconditional bond. Rescue dogs in particular seem to have an extra soft heart and I'm so excited for you x

i haven’t been home the past couple hours so my sister is hanging out with her and she’s sent me like 10 pictures already and i wanna cry over all of them, she’s so pure. she was afraid to go up the steps so my friend carried her up to the first landing and then she just ran up the rest of the three stories!!! she’s so brave and good!!! she comes when i call her and she knows sit and she knows no and omg i got so lucky. and she gets so excited to see everybody who comes to visit. she’s so wiggly and happy and she already loves me. she wants to just be next to me all the time and she gives me kisses and she can’t decide which toy she wants to play with so she tries to take them all at once!!! omg she’s so good. she’s perfect. 

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Giant slowly gaining a crush on their small friend and thinking they're real subtle. Tiny knows. Tiny finds it kind of funny. But whenever the Giant makes a joking flirtatious comment the Tiny gives a squeak and hides their face, because they can't believe their crush likes them back and isn't shy about it!!! It's so embarrassing that the Tiny keeps forgetting to tell the Giant that they have a crush on them too!!

This is too adorable!!

Like the giants playing it off as flirtatious jokes, like ‘haha I’m just being ironic, nobody will ever know I love this smol bean!’

But it’s so blatantly obvious, the tinies caught them staring with a big dopy blush on their face one to many times and knows flat out that they have a crush!

But when the giant gets actually flirtatious for a moment the tiny just
‘Omg!’ And gets all flustered, feeling all giddily happy!
Wait, shouldn’t they have took that moment to tell them they feel the same way?
Darn it, not again! They got so flustered they forgot!