Jimin Hair Appreciation

For some reason, I am really attracted to Jimin’s hair (to the point where I actually tried to get my haircut like that. Long story short, they gave me a Namjoon haircut but still happy). So, here is just a bunch of gifs of Jimin’s various haircuts/hairstyles.

Let us begin!

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That fluffiness (his stare is sort of concerning).

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Cute ruffle.

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His dark brown lusciousness. 

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The way his hair sticks out and that single hair across his forehead + that look = Ultimate attractive Jimin

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Baby Jimin with messy hair.

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That bounce.

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Pure black perfectness.

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(Insert nothing here because I have no words for this one).

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This hairstyle is so epic!

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Brown-haired Jimin.

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Slightly curly Jimin.

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Wind-tousled haired Jimin.

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Dark middle-parted Jimin.

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Super messy Jimin. 


My favourite, when I realized I may be in love with Jimin. 

Jimin has killer hair. That is all. 

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I keep imagining Gillian closing this out with a pic of her and David.... With love from, Gillian and Chewie

THAT WOULD BE SO EPIC.  But probably won’t happen since David is always in the shower.

All I Want is You

Prompt : “All I want is you.” + Calum

Warnings : disgustingly fluffy please be wary


He was coming home.

For the first time in months, Cal was going to be walking in through your shared front door and collapsing on your bed. 

So, your epic organization skills naturally took over and you began assessing everything in the house. 

“I have a couple hours until he’s scheduled to come home… so that means I can clean this room and then I can move on to reorganizing the cd rack, and then… oh my god, Mum, do you think he’d want a fresh homemade dinner?” you sighed into the landline you had wedged between your ear and your shoulder, sweat gathering on your brow as you paced back and forth in the living room. 

“Honey, I’m pretty positive your boy just wants to see you. Not the house.” your mom sympathized. “I think he would love the food idea, though.” 

You both burst into giggles and chatted some more, and when your mom hung up you checked the flight path to estimate how much time you had until Calum got home.

Minutes turned to hours, and eventually you looked up at the clock to see it ticking away. Having a few hours until the boys were scheduled to land, you put a meal into the oven and began to clean the living room.

You were fifteen minutes into wiping the fans when you heard bags drop and a gasp being uttered behind you.

Frozen, you turned and looked down from where you were perched in the middle of the living room on a chair, and made direct eye contact with… Calum.

“What in the bloody…” he marveled, taking in your sweat sodden body and messed up hair, flushed cheeks and the recognizable bottle of windex in your hand.

“You weren’t supposed to… I thought I had-” you shrieked. “What are you doing here?!”

“Do you not want me here? Because,” Cal paused and turned towards the door playfully. “I can totally leave,”

You shook your head and let out an exasperated groan. 

“What were you doing, anyways?” he prodded, wanting to know the reason you looked like such a beautiful mess.

“I was-” you began, but he cut you off.

“Is something burning?!”

You both sprinted into the kitchen, all other thoughts blanking when you reached the smoky air. Cal headed straight for the windows and began opening them all as you turned the vent on. Together, both of you grabbed open the oven and slid down onto the tile floor, tired and out of your minds.

“What the-” 

“I just-”

Cal looked at you lovingly, and proceeded to let you speak.

“I just wanted to welcome you home nicely,” you laughed. “Guess that didn’t work out as well as I thought.”

“I don’t want a clean house or a homemade meal,” he assured you. “All I want is you.”


“Really really. Now, lets get washed up and head on over to Ashton’s, I think he ordered pizza.”

You threw a dishcloth at him and grinned. “I almost forgot that crashing parties was your thing. The boys probably hate you by now.” 

He smirked and lent you an arm to hoist yourself up with, and hugged you close. 

“I don’t care if they hate me as long as you don’t.” 

“Stop being so cheesy and clean this mess up, Cal.” you began walking out the door and cracked up when you saw his face with the puppy eyes.

“What?! I just got back home!!”

So I beat Danganronpa 2 last night

I’m sobbing. It was such a beautiful game on many levels. Despite being somewhat spoiled and reading a lot of the awesome lets play translation three ish years ago, I still was surprised at the ending. It was so screwed up but so epic at the same time. Now I need to play the rest of 1 for myself (I read the entire LP and anime) and definitely get despair girls!!

Playing on mean difficulty for hours on end made my brain feel like mush so I’m going to play something else first lol

I’m excited for island mode! I heard this is like a dating sim and I’m so excited! Lol

My favorite characters ended up being Peko (of course), Sonia, Gundham , Kuzuryu, Chiaki, Nagito (love/hate sort of thing) , and Hinata!

My full moon party last night included a lightning show. So freakin’ epic beyond proportions!!! lightning storm with a full moon at the Anglins Fishing Pier in South Florida
Take my hand, live while you can.
Don’t you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your hand.
Please come with me, see what I see.
Touch the stars for time will not flee.
-”Ordinary Day” Vanessa Carlton

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How do you get your dolls to look so complete? Like Epic WInter Apple's necklace and bracelet, and Crystal Winter's necklace and belt? Where do you get them from?

eBay is a great source to get accessories to complete your dolls!


Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism 


Okay so I was watching tons of HTTYD 2 trailers and clips for reference for my Valka armour cosplay I’m working on. We all know Valka rides Cloudjumper while standing, right? Yeah, cause she’s super awesome. Well I came across one trailer that had a quick shot of the huge battle at Valka’s dragon sanctuary. I noticed Cloudjumper barrel rolls at one point and thought “oh hey Valka actually has to sit down and brace herself and ride normally”.





That means she knows just how fast to run to make sure she stays upright and onboard and Cloudjumper knows exactly how to turn so she doesn’t fall off and just THE FACT THAT THEY TRUST EACH OTHER ENOUGH TO DO STUFF LIKE THIS DURING A HIGH-SPEED BATTLE. I know they’ve had 20 years and all but still, jeeeeez Valka is a DRAGON MASTER.

Like this is only 2 seconds of the movie but it makes her 10 times more epic than she already was. :D