Harrison Ford ☆ A filmography in gifsets and trivia.
[1/?] American Graffiti (1973, Dir. George Lucas), as Bob Falfa.

  • American Graffiti marked the first of Harrison Ford’s many collaborations with George Lucas, and the very first substantial role in his movie career.
  • Even though all the actors were supposed to be playing teenagers, Ford, 30 at the time, was the oldest cast member in a group whose ages ranged from 12 to 27.
  • He initially turned down the role after they offered him 485 dollars a week for it, claiming he could make twice as much as a carpenter, his day job at the time. He eventually accepted when the original offer was raised by just 15 dollars.
  • Falfa famously wore a cowboy hat after Ford himself refused to cut his hair in a ‘60s crew cut, feeling the part was too small and it was not worth the trouble of having to grow it back out for potential future parts.

i love dan and i wish i could enjoy his childhood reaction vid but content that’s supposed to be organic is becoming more and more scripted as time goes on. he obviously watched the home videos at least a few times before filming the reaction so making it seem like it was his first time watching them like “oH MY GOD!!!! WOT????? umm, what is happening??? *extreme yelling* *extreme laughing*” becomes frustrating and feels deceiving when you know it’s not totally genuine and forced for the sake of an entertaining reaction vid, but it actually only makes it more cringy than entertaining for me tbh :( also, the “i regret my life choices/this is gonna be on the internet forever/awkward/laugh at me” shtick is getting a lil stale and that’s making me sad too…

ok i’m gonna go on a rant. i used to love school and now i fuckin DREAD it. i feel like it’s been that way for a lot of kids. and let me tell you something, i LOVE learning. i hate tests, quizzes, homework, the stress of all of these things combined with the stress of having to do well. waking up before the sun is even finished rising and going to bed only to get FAR little too sleep is hell. i barely have time to eat in the morning because 15 more minutes of sleep is worth more to me than breakfast at this point and i survive off of very little for nearly 5-6 hours until lunch. THAT’S NOT HEALTHY. kids hope for dangerous weather so they can sleep in and just have at least one extra day to relax. school has the chance to be so fun and enjoyable but there’s so many things fucked up with it that it’s just a living hell.

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How do you think the Da-iCE members would react to their s/o asking them to sing for them? :3

I think Sota and Yudai would have a mic in their hands before the words even came out of their s/o’s mouth haha. Both get so much enjoyment out of singing that I’m sure they’d be happy to do it in a heartbeat (asked or unasked tbh), and if you think of it, their “Everybody” era songs would be perfect– “Be Your Man” for Sota and “My Dearest” for Yudai.

I think Taiki would also love to do it. He’s probably the best vocalist of the performer line and is definitely the most confident one, so I think he would jump at the chance to shine while also serenading his love haha. The real question is if he would pick a female idol song…

Toru and Hayate are more tricky since I don’t know how confident they feel singing on their own, though they both have solid voices (they could always call up each other for support and do a round of “Eternally,” which I hope someone would film because I desperately want to see them perform it). But if it was for the person they loved, they’d do it. They might just need to be badgered a little first ^_^

yarn pods!

Planing to spend the middle part of February spinning like the dickens in order to work through fiber on hand (I think I spun maybe about 20 pounds of wool last year, just very roughly speaking - and I used up almost every bit of the big prepped wool-order I placed at the beginning of 2015. But there’s a lot more to spin: mostly things outside of my general color obsessions, or things that were marginalized by my general color obsessions*, or were too nice for me to spin) and to get ahead on fulfilling Yarn Pod orders, which are frankly so generally enjoyable to plan (it’s like care packages for strangers, so a little fraught but mainly exciting) that I wish I could just do them fulltime and give the rest of the making and design a rest for a bit. 

(This is possibly not too realistic, as I’d need to have a roster of like 18-20 yarn pod orders per 3-month block in order to feel like YEAH THIS IS WHAT I AM DOING, and that would mean absolutely full-time spinning, which on the other hand would actually be nice though I would probably have to work up to a routine so as to not explode/implode (it is physically rough on a body if you are daft and go from 0 hours spinning to 8 hours per day suddenly). MAN seriously. I would so do that if I could muster those numbers because it would be difficult but temporary, and I could buy sheep. It could be my grubstake for sheep! My sheepstake! Okay interweb. If 18-20 people want grab bag sheep yarn pods, I will do this thing. And I will put more pod subscriptions up in the shop.  If 18-20 people do not have interest, I will probably continue to cap the yarn pods available at much lower numbers for sake of time and will not raise a sheepstake.**

*I think I went through green, and then a grey-blue thing, lately a sepia thing mostly because I’m short on greens and blues, and I occasionally try to do fall colors but they seem to work less well for my brain and do not get the response you’d hope for, etc.; I think it goes too primary red. 

**This is dumb and impulsive and I will not buy sheep dumb and impulsively even in the unlikely event many many dudes wish to buy random yarn-in-a-pod at a high-ish price point,*** so this project would not have the immediate satisfaction of seeing a Large Yarn Pod Project happen this summer -> seeing me buy sheep in late summer -> adorable baby lamb photos all over this tumblr next year. But it is more like: the numbers that would make a big yarn pod project make sense are fairly similar to my rather cautiously figured small sheep flock+first years’ hay+emergency fund number -  back when I was doing the sheepsearch research last summer. So! This would not be a rewarding kickstartery thing where the sheepstake went quickly and directly into tiny cute lambs, but it would be kind of interesting and definitely a challenge. But I have fleeces; I am ready. In the unlikely event.

**There is a lot of work that goes in to small farm wool yarns made by hand, or dyeing commercial wool, or blending any and all of those. The prices I’ve got the yarn pods at now are not something I could myself afford, but they are pretty much where they need to be. 

I don’t like the idea that in order to recover from an ED you have to get fit. It took 5 years post ED to get into fitness. I’m glad i had time to learn to love my body even when I wasn’t “fit”. It makes fitness so much more enjoyable.

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What Richard Armitage movies/shows would you recommend?

I would recommend every single one :D  

The first thing I watched him in was North and South (based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell). He is absolutely amazing as mill owner, John Thornton; I believe you can still watch it on Netflix.

After that, I would suggest Sparkhouse. The show itself is not the best, but Richard’s portrayal of John Standring is heartbreaking - and his first significant role. You may still be able to find this on YouTube.

I adored Richard as Harry Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley (The Handsome Stranger / The Vicar in White).  It’s one of his rare comedic performances and it’s a brilliant one.

He’s also fantastic in the BBC Mini-Series The Impressionists, as Claude Monet (though I can’t say the same for his wig ;)).

Of course, he slays as Lucas North in Series 7 through 9 of Spooks (aka MI-5). In fact, I am currently re-watching all 10 series of this, as every one has a great cast - it seems that every British actor was in this at one time or another (David Oyelowo, Matthew Macfadyen & Keeley Hawes are all in S1)  :)

Richard as Guy of Gisborne in BBC’s version of Robin Hood is unmissable - regardless of whether you agree with the storyline - Richard’s acting is fab.

There is no sassier soldier than John Porter in Strike Back (based on the novel by former SAS soldier,Chris Ryan).  Richard had to leave this successful show to take on the role of Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit.

I’m assuming you’ve seen Richard in Hannibal (his Francis Dolarhyde is riveting), and hope you’ve had a chance to watch The Crucible On Screen (if you saw it in person at The Old Vic, I am ENVIOUS x INFINITY), as Richard’s John Proctor is heart-breakingly moving.

As I originally said - for me, anything Richard is in is something I would recommend watching. Some are a little more enjoyable than others, perhaps - but the ones I’ve mentioned above are definitely worth your while, imho :)

Thanks for your question, Nonnie!

the difference between my first play through of fallout 4 that used a character built off the female cc and this run with a dude char is like… it’s the difference between wearing a cheap walmart shirt that doesn’t quite fit versus slipping into a tee that’s been tailor made for your measurements.

on outwards appearance there’s no real difference - to go with this shitty metaphor a shirt is still just a shirt - but playing with a woman character has this constant, subtle undercurrent of feeling like you don’t fit the narrative. switching over to a male character cut out all of that background radiation of You Are Playing This Wrong and it immediately became so much more enjoyable. the shirt fits.

which is pure wet horseshit because i play women characters in fallout, i always have since i played fo1 as a dumb teen, and never before have i been made to feel like that was somehow a substandard choice because the overall stories have never had this weird lowkey gendered divide before.

ugh. also holy shit i fucking hate raiders calling my character little girl and bitch, and the diamond city guards hitting on them. fuck OFF. you can add verisimilitude without resorting to getting your writing inspiration from a buzzfeed listicle of the Top Ten Things Jackasses On Construction Sites Yell At Women.


The X-Files Episode 3 “Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster” Preview:

The X-Files revival continues to outdo itself, this time by delving into it’s more humorous roots with this latest episode, “Mulder and Scully
Meet The Were-Monster”. Harking back to the one-shot episodes of the original series that really shows the actors going above and beyond and
just as outlandish as possible, the episode finds Mulder at a crossroads, unable to believe in the monsters and creatures he’s spent his whole
life trying to prove existed. Faced with a crisis, Scully brings a new case that brings the monsters to the forefront. When several people are
attacked, it’s up to the agents to discover whether an animal was behind it all, or possibly a serial killer, or as witnesses attests, a monstrous

The episode is a great reminder of what made the X-Files so enjoyable to begin with. Sure, we all enjoyed the huge emotional and psychological
stories these two agents endured, and the mythological story with the alien conspiracy. Yet fans also love to watch unbelievable and wonderous
stories come to life, and to see the absolute silliness of the story unfold. Playing on the allure of old monster movies and even poking fun
at itself, this episode has a huge twist on the monster genre, and includes some heated performances from the cast that fans may not even
expect. Tune into this incredible new episode of The X-Files on February 1st, only on FOX!

Why It’s Important to Support “Zootopia” When it Comes Out March 4th:

I’m currently in the process of reading the Junior Novelization because I don’t give a shit about spoilers anymore and I thought that it’d be really good to pick it up while I had cash on me. 


One of the constant recurring themes of this movie is that you can be whatever you want to be if you have the courage and determination to do it. Anybody can be anything and I think that’s a great message to send to kids coming from all different kinds of backgrounds. 

The characters are lovable as hell, they’re so enjoyable in their portrayals and I think that they could easily be some of Disney’s trademark animal characters. 

Nick and Judy’s relationship: ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AMAZING

If you’re a fan of “The Mentalist” you’ll find so many comparisons between Judy & Nick and Jane & Lisbon that you’d swear they were their animal counterparts. 

So why is it important to support this movie? Well let me list some reasons: 

  1. Great message about creating your own path, not giving up on your dreams and going against the odds to achieve the impossible. 
  2. The animation is gorgeous. Just from the trailers alone I can tell that this movie has a lot of love behind it and you can just FEEL the emotion come out of these characters when you look at their body language and facial expressions. 
  3. More Animal Characters! 
  4. Possible Sequels! This is a movie franchise that is OOZING with possibilities and I can tell you right now as someone who is reading the novelization and who already knows how it’s gonna end thanks to skimming through ahead of time at Walmart: THERE IS SO MUCH POTENTIAL YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. 
  5. Animal Kingdom Inclusion: Disney could easily incorporate this movie into their theme parks and it would thrive if it was included in Animal Kingdom. While it would take a while for them to build a inclusive area for it, I think that this movie will have plenty of animal theme areas, rides, and food possibilities if this movie is popular enough. 
  6. Disney will finally LET FROZEN GO. At least in the sense that it was their most popular film of all time that even beat out The Lion King in world wide box office totals. If Zootopia is popular enough and has enough support, I can see this movie becoming a instant classic among the rest of their recent popular films. 
  7. The voice talent is great, the cast they got to do this film is really perfect for these roles and I think that they have a bright future ahead of them in Zootopia if this movie goes beyond what Disney thought this film would make. 

Zootopia has so much potential and I think that this film honestly deserves a lot more attention in the animation fanbase. 

If you’re planning on going out to the theaters more this year, put Zootopia on your list and give it a shot and if you don’t like it well at least you gave it a shot. 

Hopefully you guys will spread this post around and encourage people to go watch this film when it comes out! 

Here’s the trailer if you need to be convinced that this’ll be a fun film: 




- Ricardo Gomes