Do you think I could have this dance?
Queenie, darling, we’ve hardly talked;
Black, why don’t you go get a drink?
(Wink, wink, I know what you’re thinking) 

We girls need just a quiet pause – 
Burrs, I’ll join you in just a mo’ – 
Look, they’re starting to juggernaut
Let’s join in
Let’s go go!

Julia Murney and Idina Menzel, The Juggernaut, The Wild Party (2000), 

Transposed Skeletal Rebirth
  • Transposed Skeletal Rebirth
  • Meryl Streaker
  • Sky Burial

Dried eyes rolling back, cracked fangs 
splintered claws, flowered corpse 
skeletal rebirth, form new homes 
Sunny days shine on scattered remains, 
building new hope on past loss 

Barren land transposed 
fertile ground ensued 
roots dig in 

coming rains, dry days 
stems sprout 

sunlit leaves in the rich soil 
petals spring 

scattered remains and endless days 

and when the flowers bloom 

thats when burial grounds 
change to new homes 
barren land changed to 
these beautiful flowered fields


Sigur Rós - Valtari