SO beyond gorgeous in that suit

I commissioned the amazing @lycheemilkart for a portrait of Lilith Trevelyan! My thoughtful, anxious, crafty mage. ♥  I love the movement of her hair, and the overall softness - it really suits Lilith! A moment relaxing in private - but still pensive about something.

I love this piece so much and am beyond happy with the final portrait!

Check out lycheemilkart’s commission information here

Preference "How they react to you trying a wedding dress you found"

(So finally here is the preference I had typed up :D Yay for our faves being so loving of us XD and for Enid and Tara being added!! PS. I tried my best to make them all different :3 Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owner.)

Negan- He’d see you playfully smiling and looking at yourself in the mirror. He’d approached and hug you from behind to surprise you. “You like that dress a lot, don’t you?” He’d ask and you’d nervously nod. He’d laugh and holding you tightly say “Guess, i’ll have no choice but to start planning a wedding!”

Daryl- He’d walk in the room and be stunned to see you in the dress. He always found you beautiful but seeing you in a dress for the first time made you even more stunning. You’d noticed him and look his way and he’d walk towards you. He’d grab your hand and tell you "You’re really beautiful, Y/N…I can’t imagine how great it would’ve been to be able to have a real wedding…”

Rick- He’d come back from a run tired and walk in the room to see you in the wedding dress. He’d smile and feel less and less tired, seeing you so happy. You’d look over at him and seeing him smile you’d look back at your dress and playfully ask “How do I look?” He’d chuckle and walk over to you and say “More than beautiful…

Merle- He’d see you twirling around in the dress to get a good look at it, and find you absolutely adorable and just want to keep looking at you. He’d then walk over and say "So when’s the wedding, sweetcheeks?” You’d chuckle and shrug. “I don’t know…whenever you’re ready, I guess…” He’d laugh and say “Alright, then how about tonight?!”

Glenn- As soon as he’d see you in the dress, he’d be speechless. You were so beautiful and seemed so happy, he’d be reminded of how lucky he was to have you. He’d finally approach you and tell you “Y/N…you’re so beautiful…I must be the luckiest guy in the world to be able to be with you every day…and to call you my wife…”

Carl- He’d find you prettier than ever and start to wonder what it’d be like to get married to you. He’d imagine you walking down the aisle and finally saying your vows and kissing him. He’d get embarrassed about it and tell you “You’re really pretty Y/N!” Before running downstairs

The Governor- He’d be surprised to see you in a dress for the first time. He’d find you more than beautiful and needless to say you took his breath away. Looking at you, he’d then tell you “I never thought you could get any more beautiful, Y/N…you look stunning…”

Abraham- He’d smile and laugh seeing you so excited over a dress. However, looking at you and realizing it was a wedding dress, he’d be more than impressed and tell you “Holy shit…you’re beautiful…I mean you always are but in a wedding dress…you’d make the prettiest bride.”

Eugene- He’d be stunned to see you in a wedding dress and wouldn’t be able to express in the right words how he felt. As you’d look over at him and smile, he’d shyly smile back and finally admit “You’re really, really hot…No I mean you are but I meant in the dress you’re beautiful…”

Jesus- He’d be amazed to see you in a wedding dress and just want to pick you up. He’d get closer and surprise you by doing just as he wanted and tell you “So like that you finally want to marry me?” You’d chuckle and nod at him, only for him to smile and kiss you.

Ron- Seeing you so happy would make him feel so much better about his day. As he’d get a good look and realize it was a wedding dress, he’d find you more than beautiful and hug you. He’d then whisper in your ear and tell you “You’re beautiful Y/N…”

Dwight- He’d find you trying on the dress and wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of you. Looking at you so happy would make him feel the same and he’d finally get a closer look at you and say “You’re really beautiful Y/N…I’m guessing you’d want to get married…can I assume with me?” You’d shyly smile and nod at him.

Morgan- He’d hear you laughing from afar and wonder what could make you so happy. As he’d enter and see you in the dress, he’d be surprise and smile at you. He’d then say “Never thought i’d be able to see you in a wedding dress…I’m glad I am…You look gorgeous…”

Shane- He’d catch you trying on the wedding dress and chuckle to himself. He’d find you beautiful and  walk in to surprise you and playfully say “You’re beyond beautiful… What did I do to get to see you like this?” It made you smile and he then continued “I’m serious you really are stunning…Is this your way of getting me to marry you?”

Michonne- She’d walk in on you trying the dress and be surprised to see you like it so much. Getting a good look at you, she’d find you beautiful and tell you “The dress really suits you…It makes you even more beautiful…If only I could see you in it more often…”

Maggie- She’d see you eyeing the dress you had found and suggest you to try it. As you’d come out of the restroom, she’d be speechless and wouldn’t know how to express herself. She’d tear up a little and finally say “You’re so pretty Y/N…Oh my god…come here let me hug you…”

Andrea- She’d smile and chuckle to see you trying on excitedly the dress. She’d then walk over to get a better look and say “I see you really like the dress…I like it on you too…It makes you really beautiful…”

Jessie- She’d find you trying on the dress and wouldn’t be able to hide her excitement to see you in one. She’d approach you and while placing your hair, she’d say “You’re so pretty…If only you could wear it every day or at least for a real wedding…I would’ve love to help you prepare for one…”

Beth- She’d notice you trying on the dress and keep looking at you from afar. She’d find you stunning and you seemed so happy, she wouldn’t want to bother you. You’d noticed her and tell her “Beth, what do you think about it? Do I look good?” She’d approach and nod. “Mmhm…you’re really beautiful…”

Sasha- She’d be looking for you all over the place and when she finally finds you, she’d see you trying on the dress. She’d smile and laugh to see you so happy. She’d then say “You look good in the dress! It’s a shame you can’t wear it for the rest of the day, we have to go on a run…But tomorrow wear it again, I want to get a good look at you, alright…”

Rosita- She’d see you in the dress and immediately wouldn’t be able to hide her smile. She’d be so happy to see you so excited and walk over to you and say "I didn’t know you had a wedding coming up…” It made you laugh and looking at her you’d ask her opinion about the dress and she’d reply “It’s really beautiful…it makes you look amazing…”

Enid- She’d be minding her own business drawing while sitting on the floor and suddenly see your feet. She’d then look up to see you with the dress you had found and be stunned by the way you looked. She’d get up and say “Where did you get the dress? It’s beautiful…It really suits you..”

Tara- She’d come back from a run and as she’d get closer to the house she’d hear everyone inside being somewhat excited. As she’d walk in she’d realize you were trying on the dress and the instant she’d see you, she’d find you absolutely stunning and say “You’re gorgeous…Is it for our wedding?”

Suitors -

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Aqua & Erin

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Just wanted to say that Akashi is perfect in all your oneshots! *_* Can I request a bit angsty scenario when you’ve been rejected by your colleague and end up in a night club meeting Akashi?

How long had you been pining over a man like him? He was everything you needed. A gentleman, wealthy, successful, kind, thoughtful. And it was all fun and sweet until the day you found him with another woman.

Which was tonight.

“You’re too cold-hearted.” He had said.

Well, fuck you too, asshole. You tipped back your drink and swallowed it all down in one gulp. Motioning the bartender, you ordered another drink. You needed to get numb tonight.

How naive you had been for thinking that it could’ve lasted. He was oh so successful and accomplished. He was up there, way beyond your league. How in the world did you think that you could nail down a man like him?

“Rough night?” A voice spoke up. You turned around to find a gorgeous, red-headed man dressed in a crisp suit. Wow, damn, he was good-looking. Wow. But looking at his suit, judging that he was probably a businessman, only reminded you of the douchebag who you had just ended things with. And that only irked you.

“Yeah,” you muttered and turned away from him.

Akashi noted the sudden change of air. You first seemed pleasant and warm, but then it disappeared. You grew cold and shut him out. He raised an eyebrow, curious now, as he settled down next to you and ordered his drink. “What’s your name?”

“I don’t just give my name out to random strangers at a bar.”

“That’s a good way of staying safe,” he said, sipping his drink.

“Don’t be so condescending,” you snapped.

“I wasn’t aware I was being condescending,” he pointed out, raising an eyebrow at your harsh tone.

You pursed your lips. Okay, so you took your anger out on him, who didn’t even hold any resemblance to the douchebag aside from the suit. That was wrong. But you needed your pride and dignity tonight so you just shrugged it off.

Akashi’s lips twitched in amusement. Stubborn but admitting to their mistakes. Interesting. “I’m Akashi Seijurou.”

Wow, that name just oozed power. Who didn’t know the Akashi name? His introduction only sent unwelcome shivers down your spine — and definitely not in a good way. “Hi.” You muttered.

“You’re not very interested, are you?”

“No, not really.” You smiled tightly at him.

“Bad experience with suits?” He smirked. How the hell did he even — you glared at him. What gave him the right to say such things? “I apologize if I offended you for that wasn’t my intention. That was an educated guess, considering your office attire and since that was your third straight shot of vodka. Straight from the office, bad experience with the boss, I’m guessing.”

“Got that right,” you mumbled under your breath. “He’s a real douchebag that one.”

“Would you mind if I asked you what happened?”

Oh what the hell. This night couldn’t get any worse. “I got fired and went to my boss slash boyfriend to find him fucking another woman in his room. So, yeah, rough night.” Did you mention that you got fired?

Akashi didn’t even flinch. “I see. That’s a terrible thing to do.”

“Tell me about it.”

He paused before slipping a name card across the bar. “Well, how about this. Instead of drowning your sorrows in alcohol and risking poisoning, why don’t you come to my office tomorrow and we can discuss something?”

You narrowed your eyes suspiciously at him, “What? In return, I give you sexual favors.”

“Well, that wasn’t what I had in mind but if you—“


He smiled and stood up, holding out his hand. “In return, will you join me for a dance or two?”

You sighed. It wasn’t a bad deal and maybe this guy wasn’t so bad after all. “Alright. One.”

You stayed for four.

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Can i please have a scenario with a jealous, possessive Suho since other guys start hitting on you? Your writing is beautiful btw :D

Only Mine ~Suho~ 

Hey~ this is Admin C here; just a quick apology because I know I skipped a few before this request but I was actually working on them all at once and I happened to finish this one first so I’m just posting it now so you guys can read it while I finish up the others (: thank you <3

Suho’s eyes widened when he saw you appear at the entrance of the ballroom.

You hesitated at the doors, sweeping your eyes through the crowd as you searched for the one person you wanted to see tonight.

You found him easily and you silently sucked in a breath of admiration as you took him in.

Your boyfriend looked absolutely flawless tonight in his tuxedo. That in addition to his handsome face and charming smile was enough to melt you on the spot. Even after you two have been dating for all these years, he still managed to dazzle you so easily, and you didn’t think there would ever come a day when he’d stop dazzling you.

Jagiyah,” Suho said in breathless adoration when he finally pushed through the mass of dancers and reached you. His eyes never left you once, and he gazed at you with so much fondness that you blushed in embarrassment.

“Hi, Suho,” you smiled shyly.

He returned your smile and didn’t hesitate to let you know how beautiful you looked tonight.

”_______, you look beyond gorgeous in that dress. It really suits you well.”

You blushed even more and Suho chuckled softly at your flustered expression.

“You look very handsome as well,” you complimented, but the words couldn’t embody even a fraction of Suho’s perfection.

“Handsome enough to dance with you tonight?” He joked and offered a hand decorously, smiling like the perfect gentleman he was.

You laughed and took his hand without hesitation, stepping onto the dance floor with him.

Any night, Suho.”

He pulled you in and placed his other hand lightly on your lower back, gently starting to spin you across the ballroom floor.

He took great care to move slowly so you wouldn’t trip over your long dress or your heels. Every once in a while, he would ask you if you wanted take a break, and you would decline while smiling at the way he cared so much for you.

You were too lost in your own blissful thoughts to notice anything that was happening around you, but Suho eventually did.

And what he saw sent a surge of burning anger and jealousy through him.

The other men in the room seemed be entranced by your beauty as well, and many of them gazed at you openly and unabashedly as they stood around; some even doing so while dancing with their own partners.

They were being so blatantly obvious in checking you out that Suho unconsciously tightened his hold on you. When that didn’t satisfy him, he pulled toward him until you were buried in his embrace, and he held your face against his shoulder to hide you from their unrelenting stares. He suddenly wanted to leave this party.

“Suho? What are you doing?” You asked curiously, your voice muffled against his neck.

You felt his jaw tighten against the side of your head and you tried to lift your head up to see what was going on. But his hand was surprisingly firm as he held your head down so that all you could see was his throat.

“Suho?” You asked again.

He was silent for a moment before he answered. And when he did, his voice was strained.

”________, let’s get out of here. Now. I can’t stand them a second longer. I hate this. I hate the way they’re looking at you.”

You were surprised because Suho rarely ever sounded so angry.

Who’s looking at me?”

“Every single man in this room.”

Suho released his tight hold on you for a second only to grasp your hand even tighter as he started to walk briskly toward the doors, dragging you behind.

“Suho, you can’t just leave like this! They’re your party guests.”

"Yeah, and you’re my girlfriend, not theirs,” Suho said as he walked even faster.

He gave dark glares to the men who were still gazing at you as you walked by and held you closer.

One of them was daring enough to call out to Suho.

"Hey Suho, who’s that pretty girl? If she’s your little sister then you should let me have her!”

“Hold on, I saw her first, give her to me!” Another guy called from the back of the crowd.

Their comments made Suho’s blood boil. He was never prone to violence, but…

You squeezed his hand in warning when it looked like he was going to lose it and attack the nearest guy.

When the two of you got inside his car, he didn’t start driving immediately. He closed his eyes instead rested his forehead on the steering wheel as he inhaled and exhaled deeply, trying to regain his usual calm composure but finding that he couldn’t.

The look of desire in their eyes when they had looked at you flashed through his mind again and he clenched his jaw, wanting nothing more than to go back in there and shake them all dizzy.

“Suho,” you said quietly, reaching out to touch his hands, which were currently gripping the wheel so tightly that they had begun to turn white.

“Hm?” His hands relaxed at your touch, but he still didn’t look at you.

“Suho, are you jealous?” You asked incredulously, finally reaching an explanation for his behavior.

He turned his head at that, lifting his eyebrows slightly.

“And what if I am?”

You were taken aback for a second because you hadn’t expected him to actually admit it, but your surprise soon melted away into a big smile.

“Oh, nothing. I didn’t know you could be jealous.”

Maybe it was because your voice sounded a bit too happy, but Suho detached himself from the steering wheel and started to lean toward you with a feigned angry expression.

"You think that’s a good thing, huh, to make me jealous?” Suho’s voice lowered playfully into a growl.

You threw your head back and laughed, a bubbly feeling starting to spread from your chest from knowing that your boyfriend loved you so much and wanted you all to himself.

But suddenly, the playfulness was gone and Suho’s eyes darkened possessively. His tone turned serious.

”_________, you’re mine. Only mine. I wish I could hide you in my arms forever so no one else could ever look at you.” He reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

You leaned into his touch and closed your eyes, your lips curling into a small smile.

“I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

~Admin C

Okay but the thing I have zero tolerance for is anyone who calls Louis ugly like I’m sorry but I will pay for you to get your eyes checked. He is goddamn stunning. He literally looks gorgeous in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, he can rock designer tees, he can make you go weak while wearing a tank top and then three hours later take your breathe away in a formal suit. He makes sweater paws adorable and then can kick your ass in a footie uniform. Your favorite is obsessed with him, Harry styles is beyond gone for him. Don’t say for a second Harry can do better bc there literally isn’t better than Louis Tomlinson. Crafted from the gods to grace your eyes and better your life. So stfu with this shit.

jonathan spoilers & mr uncomfortable revelations
  • My favorite character was Childermass’s hat. I think it can sing and prophesy the future, and that he fished it out of whatever they had instead of a garbage dump in the early 19th century (“the street”?). I’ve named it George, and I’m waiting anxiously to see what it will do next.
  • Watching Gilbert Norrell slide out of a party to climb a long, winding staircase and smell a book was literally the highlight of my entire life.
  • I suspected that I would have an inexcusable amount of sympathy for television!Norrell when I saw him in the trailers, because actors, but I was unprepared for my extreme levels of attachment to him in the show. I was really mad at Childermass for letting him go into that party alone. Shave yourself and pretend to be his long-lost brother or something, you ice-cold bitch! He can’t handle that shit by himself!!! HE IS SO SMALL, CAN’T YOU SEE HOW SMALL HE IS. SO SMALL. SO PRECIOUS. PROTECT HIM, HE IS TOO STUPID TO PROTECT HIMSELF.
  • Speaking of which: I don’t want to love you, Jonathan Strange, you are an arrogant pig. Please stop being handsome and emotionally pathetic (a deadly combination) on my television screen, and please also contrive to remain clothed at all times. There are some things I don’t want to know about myself.
  • The struggle not to accidentally call Bertie Carvel “Bertie Wooster.”
  • Serious Talk That Is Serious: Peter Harness juggled the two characters’ biographies around so that their personalities could be seen as reactions to their circumstances, just like people, which makes their forthcoming terrible behavior an expression of human failure as much as it is a comment on the generalized badness of their culture of origin. Just like people. What are you doing, Peter Harness. WHAT ARE YOU DOING. I JUST WANTED TO LOOK AT THE RAVEN KING, NOT REEVALUATE MY LIFE.
  • Unexpected levels of BAMF from Paul Kaye as Vinculus, whose madness is transitory and manipulative, and whose appearance correlates pretty specifically with The Fool of the tarot. Which is absolutely amazing. (Perhaps he knows something about the cards himself?)
  • I was surprised by Drawlight, who wore a frilly pink thing and was clearly intended to be “gay,” and by Lascelles, who had unexpectedly beautiful dark eyes and a bad case of resting bitchface. I like them, but they’re very different from the book, and they reminded me heavily of Dickens rather than Clarke. (It’s okay, though – I really do think they’re great as stand-alone characters, and I think they’re well-fitted for the tasks that await them.)
  • I did not care for the portion of the Gentleman that was served in Sunday’s episode. While the character certainly brought with him an almost palpable air of cold wind blown through a door that opens upon another world, his appearance suggested no hint of the malicious delight for which Clarke’s fairies are famous. Also his green suit looked goofy. I’ve nothing against the actor, who did a very good job & is certainly very beautiful, but I didn’t like that part at all. I also didn’t like the way he was brought in – as though he’d been hiding in the closet all afternoon and was only pretending to be a fairy for Norrell’s benefit. (That sentence looks terrible, but you know what I mean.) Perhaps it will all coalesce into something more materially uncomfortable in the next episode?
  • Stephen Black projected the specific air of calmness and competence that I remember from the novel. He had like two lines to do it in, though.
  • Childermass was just Childermass; I didn’t even react to him as if he were a character. I thought the actor who played him was way too young and pretty when he was first cast, but I didn’t want to be a jerk about it. But it turns out that Enzo Cilenti has some quiddity of Childermassness about himself – or he is such a talented actor that he wears the character closer than a suit of clothes – and it is impossible to interrogate his identity. He’s just Childermass. Hi, Childermass! Sorry I called you an ice-cold bitch! 
  • The ability of all the actors to communicate a great deal of emotional context with almost no room to maneuver is amazing. I am so, so happy the series didn’t come out of Hollywood, you have no idea.
  • It was perhaps the most gorgeous show I’ve ever watched. The shot of the York Minster in the snowy darkness was beyond breathtaking.
  • The sequence of the Stones of York was both larger and smaller than it had been in my imagination. I think it was done very well, but it was much more “scary" than I’d thought it would be. And dark. And scary.
  • It was so beautifully-written, you have no idea. And more even than the competent poetry of the plot itself, I thought the show emphasized everything that was most important while painting just enough detail into the background to give the story depth, rather than obscure its action. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is without question the best adaptation of any novel to film that I have ever seen. At first, I was congratulating myself very egoistically on being a great reader who picked up on all the important stuff – but I think it’s really just that Clarke is such a talented writer that the important stuff is available to anybody who cares to look for it. And Peter Harness is a really talented screenwriter, good job sir.
  • It is possibly worthwhile to point out that the first few episodes will cover the most mundane parts of the book – the frame and the glass – and they were fantastic. Imagine what it will be like when Strange is enveloped in darkness, or when the nameless slave finally becomes king in a strange land, or even seeing the endless dreary parties of Lost-hope. I can’t do it! The show is beating my imagination.
  • The credits said “based on the book by Susanna Clarke,” as though it may or may not have been a novel. ♥︎
  • I am delighted that my decade-long monomaniacal obsession with the Raven King is going to pay off, and I’m sorry for doubting everyone.
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Episode 1: The Friends of English Magic: A

I love that after weeks of doubt and anger and frustration, we get this AMAZING episode filled with all the goodness in life! Aaron and Robert talking about the wedding, Diane apologising to Robert for what she said about Sarah, both our gorgeous boys in suits, beyond cute selfie on Robert’s phone, Robert only needing that one call from Aaron to set him right again, Robert telling Rebecca he wants no one else but Aaron, an ‘I love you’ from Robert, a hug, Aaron knowing Robert so well that he knows when something has happened, sexytimes initiated by Aaron!

And that’s not even counting all the other great stuff that happened this episode. Let all the doubts be vanquished! Emmerdale came good!!