The New Boy

Chapter 1


Warnings: N/A

Summary: Niall is new. And not just form a little bit away, but from a whole other country. He moved to Bradford after his parents split, since he hated both of them, he choose to live with his cousin Louis and his parents. Niall loves everything about his new home, his school is amazing, his new house is huge, and Louis’ friends took him into their group. But when Niall meets the charming Harry Styles at play auditions, he starts to fall for him, hard. This is the first step that slowly ruins the perfect life Niall hoped for.


*Niall’s POV*

Finally. My life could actually have a chance of being, enjoyable. My parents were out of my life, at least for the rest of my high school years, and I was going to be spending those years with my cousin, Louis Tomlinson. Perky, funny, he was the only person I could truly count on, only problem in that him and his parents lived in Bradford, England. That meant Id have to leave my home country of Ireland if I was ever going to be happy. So when my parents got divorced, I knew it was my chance.

“Welcome to Bradford, ladys and lads!” The pilot announced as we landed.

I smiled to myself as I saw Louis’ car in the parking lot, even from the runway you could see the bright blue paint. Maybe now I could have a descent life.

“Ni!” Louis yelled as I waited for my bag at the baggage claim.

I turned around and saw the taller boy running to me, hugging me tight in his laky arms.

“Hey Lou.” I laughed.

He let go ad looked at me.

“Wow, you have grown up! Last time I saw ya, you still had brown hair!” He smiled.

“You haven’t cut yours I see.” I laughed as I grabbed my bag.

He laughed as he wrapped his arm around me, taking me to his car.

“Thanks again for letting me stay with you guys.” I told him as we walked.

“No problem, I know your parents. My mum was more then happy to have you away from her sister.” Louis said with a heavy sigh.

He looked at me with a sad smile.

Yeah my mum was bat shit crazy, cheated on my dad all the time and drank just as much. She was a nightmare to live with and that might be a reason my dad started banging his secretary and drinking more then my mum and hitting me. My older brother was lucky to have moved out with his girlfriend a few years ago before they got real bad, before the hitting, before the beatings, before I told them I was gay. I don’t even know why I told them, maybe to piss them off even more but, hey it worked didn’t it?

“Yeah.” I sighed as we finally made it to his car, “This piece of shit still?”

I laughed as he rolled his eyes at me, opening the back to lug my bag in.

We walked around and climbed in the front seats.

“You still act right?” Louis asked as he drove out of the lot.

“Yeah? Why?” I asked, worried about his reasoning’s.

“Well…” he grinned, never a good thing from him, “Monday, the school has auditions for a play.”

I looked at him, his smiled still on his face. He looked very pleased with himself at the offer.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Some Shakespeare play, the cool part is that they are only having guys play the parts.” He smiled, wiggling his eyebrows.

I blushed hard, I had told Louis I liked guys before I had even told my parents. He had come out long before I had even thought about it, and he was probably the most excited when I came out.

“And you know that how?” I laughed.

“My boyfriend is the director.” He sighed, his face breaking into a large grin.

“This the same one from that party last year?” I asked

“No.” He said, his smile still plastered to his face.

I smiled at him, he was always with some new guy. I wish I had that, no one really liked me, female or male. I was kind of an outcast at my old school, mostly because I hated everyone but that’s a side note.

“But, I actually think he’s… the one.” He smiled.

“You’re 18.” I told him.

“And I’ve dated that many guys, your point?”

“Why do you think he’s the one?”

We had stopped at a light and he was quite. His lips thinned as he thought, tapping the steering wheel with his thumb.

“He listens, cares, asks how I am.” He started, “Normally the guys I go with, only care about fucking and he, he doesn’t care if I say I don’t want to, he cares about me.”

“I’m happy for you Lou.” I smiled.

I really was, even though I hadn’t dated a single guy in my entire life and I always had to hear about Louis’ newest boy toy or his late night banging session with the captain of the football team. Ok, I got jealous of Louis a lot but seeing his smile over this guy, made me feel happy for him.

“Anyone you’ve got an eye out for?” Louis asked me as we parked in his oh so familiar driveway.

“No one other then Justin Bieber.” I laughed, grabbing my bag from the back of the car.

Louis shook his head with a smile on his face as we walked up to his front door. He pulled out his keys and unlocked the door, pushing it open.

“Mum!” Louis yelled as we walked inside.

My feet gently patted on the hardwood floors, my luggage strapped to my back and shoulders, Louis walking in front of me. The halls had all the same photos I had remembered from the last year, only a few new ones of Louis’ younger sisters and of himself. I smiled at the memories of a few, me and Louis in the pool when I was 7 and he was 12. His arm was wrapped around my shoulders as we grinned at the camera.

“Niall!” I heard aunt Johannah yelled as she ran down the stairs.

“Hi Johannah.” I smiled as she wrapped her arms around me.

I closed my eyes as she held me. Aunt Johannah was the only really mother figure I ever had in my life, she was always there for me and I called her almost as often as I had called Louis while I still lived in Ireland.

“I missed you.” She smiled as she pulled away.

“Missed you all too.” I laughed.

After I had said hi to my three other cousins, Louis took me up to where I would be sleeping.

“This is your room.” Louis smiled as we walked in

I stopped in the doorway. The walls were painted a light blue, and had white carpet. A queen sized bed lay against the wall and a desk, wooden painted white, on the opposite wall. Photos of me, Louis, and his sisters lined the wall where a single large window, and window seat, was.

“Holy shit.” I laughed as I placed my bag on the floor.

I sat on the bed, the white, blue and yellow sheets soft under my hands.

Louis laughed at me, “Yeah, thought you’d like it.”

“Wasn’t this your father’s office?” I asked

Louis suddenly tensed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Dad left us a few weeks ago.” He sighed.

Louis sat on the desk chair and looked at me, his eyes filling slightly.

“Louis, I’m so sorry.” I told him.

“It’s ok, he wasn’t the greatest.” Louis said, forcing out a small laugh, “One of the reasons mum was so happy to have you coming up.”

I smiled at him.

“Boys!” I heard Johannah yell, “dinner!”

My first night at the Tomlinson’s house was the best night sleep I’ve ever had. No fighting, no yelling, no drunk sex in the next room. Perfect.

I was sat in the kitchen, my school uniform on and my hair gelled up. Only now I was waiting on Louis to drive us to school.

“Louis!” Johannah yelled up the stairs again.

“I’m coming mum!” he laughed as he bounced down the stairs, “Sorry, Harry called.”

Johannah rolled her eyes. I assumed Harry was one of his friends at school, and let it go.

“Come on Ni, we got to go get Zaynie-Boo.” Louis laughed.

We said bye to Johannah and headed out to Lou’s car.

“Who is Zaynie-Boo?” I asked as we, slipped in the front seats.

“My best friend, Zayn. You missed him last year when you were here. He was in Arabia visiting family.” Louis said as he headed down the street.

The ride to Zayn’s house was quite and enjoyable.

“I have to warn you. Zayn is shy around new people, or he can be a huge flirt, depending on if he likes you.” Louis said as we slowed in front of a small house, only one story painted a light green.

In a few seconds, a tall guy walked out of the front door.

“Holy shit.” I whispered, he was attractive, more then attractive, he was fucking stunning.

“Keep it in your pants Niall.” Louis laughed as Zayn walked up.

The boy looked through Louis’ rolled down window and had a confused look on his face.

“This the cousin?” He asked Louis, his voice smooth like melted chocolate.

“Yeo. Zayn, Niall. Niall, Zayn,” Louis introduced us.

I looked at Zayn, his face was perfect. Tall, dark and handsome must had been inspired by him.

“Zayn, nice to meet you.” He smiled at me before hopping in the back seat.

“You too.” I smiled.

If all of Louis’ friends were this attractive, I’d be just fine at this school.


–Hello my babes! So heres the first chapter in the New Boy fanfiction! I know it kinda sucks, but  I PROMISE the next ones will be ALOT better. Thanks loves!–

Baby Series - First Christmas Part 4 - Christmas Eve
Baby Series can be found here First Christmas Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

We have based the babies ages off the Birthdays we gave them. So Liam’s daughter, Amelia is almost 4 weeks; Louis’ son, Noah is nearly 4 months; Niall’s twins, Cora and Declan are 8 and a half months; Harry’s daughter, Spencer is 5 months and Zayn’s son, Kaiden is 10 and a half months.


“You can go first love,” Liam said, looking at you sitting beside him on the floor. It was Christmas Eve and one of you and Liam’s Christmas traditions was to open one present each on Christmas Eve. You smiled at him as he cradled the month old little girl close to his chest. You reached out under the tree and picked up a present. “To Mummy and Amelia, Love Daddy,” you read the tag attached, making Liam smile wider. “Something for you too, Sweet pea,” Liam whispered, kissing Amelia’s head. You unwrapped the present and giggled as you pulled out two identical purple onesies; one for you and one for Amelia. “Oh Li,” you smiled, holding up the newborn onesie. You moved closer to him and kissed him. “Thank you Li. She will look adorable in it,” you whispered, looking down at the little girl. Amelia blinked a few times, her big brown eyes looking up at you. “And you too darling,” he kissed your temple, “go try it on and I’ll change Emmy.” You smiled and quickly went the bedroom to change. Meanwhile, Liam laid Amelia down on a blanket on the floor and quickly, but gently got her out of the pink onesie. She started to fuss as the cold air hit her skin. “Shh Emmy, it’s alright, there you go,” he cooed, doing up the onesie. Just then you walked back into the room. “Oh look at you Emmy, don’t you look cute,” you whispered, reaching out for her. Liam gently placed her in your arms. “You’re so beautiful Amelia,” you whispered. “Like mother, like daughter,” he smiled, looking at his two favourite girls in the world.

(Picture deleted due to complicates)


“Happy Birthday Lou,” you kissed his cheek. He noticed the snow falling outside the window. “It’s snowing. Shall we go play out in the snow Noah?” he excitedly asked the little boy on your hip. “Lou, it’s freezing out there and your family will be here soon for your birthday lunch,” you explained. “Please Y/N,” he pouted playfully, “I know you love the snow and I really want Noah to see it.” You smiled and looked down at Noah who was smiling cheekily at his father. “Let’s get you into something warmer, then we can go outside,” you said, walking towards the nursery. You quickly put Noah into a knitted thick onesie, hoping it would keep him warm. You pressed a kiss to his head and returned back to the living room, where Louis was already standing with his coat and beanie on. “Little Tommo,” Louis cooed, opening his arms. As the little boy settled in Louis’ arms, you put on your coat and followed the two boys outside. Noah squealed happily as Louis picked up a handful of snow and brought it up to his little hands. He reached out and touched it, giggling again. “I have an idea,” he yelled, giving you back Noah and drawing shapes in the snow. “What is your Daddy doing Noah?” you whispered, as Noah snuggled into you. “A snow angel,” he chuckled, and took Noah from you, making him whine slightly. Louis kissed his head, before laying him on the snow. He quickly got his phone out and took a picture. You loved seeing how happy Louis was with the little boy and couldn’t wait until he was older enough to play together.


“Ni, shh, you don’t want to wake them do you? It was hard enough getting them to sleep tonight,” you whispered, trying to be forceful. But Niall looked at you with his hands fill of presents and a pout on his face, you giggled. “Come on, the faster we do this, the faster we can go to bed,” you explained. He walked out of the wardrobe, placing a kiss on your cheek on his way and walked downstairs towards the living room. You picked up some more presents and followed him. Once downstairs, Niall took the wrapped presents from you and arranged them under the tree. You smiled at how excited he was; at was Christmas, and he got to spoil the twins, without anyone telling him to stop. Having twins and also being their first Christmas, there was twice as many presents. You stepped back and admired the tree. “Perfect, all done,” he smiled, “we make a good team, Princess.” You giggled and wrapped your arms around his waist, resting your head on his shoulder and looked at all the presents. “I can’t wait to see their faces in the morning,” he chuckled, pulling you closer to him. “I think they will like the paper and ripping it open more than all the presents,” you joked, making him shrug. “I’m going to check on the twins, to make sure they are still sleeping, meet you in our bedroom?” you asked Niall. He nodded and kissed your temple. You walked upstairs and towards the nursery. You slowly opened the door and smiled when you saw your two sleeping babies. “Goodnight my darlings,” you whispered.


“Green for your foot,” you smiled, dripping the brush into the green paint beside you on the floor. As you brushed in along the bottom of Spencer’s foot, she giggled and wiggled her foot at the coldness. “It’s ok baby girl,” I soothed and looked at Harry for help. “It’s a little cold isn’t it angel,” he whispered, tightening his grip on her, “but we’re going to make a pretty picture for nana and Aunty Gem.” Spencer stopped wiggling at the mention of the two Styles women and gave her father a toothless grin. “Ok Spence, now some little red toes,” you cooed, picking up the next brush with red paint. You smiled as you brushed it over her tiny little toes. Harry kissed her head as she giggled at the cold paint starting to dry on her foot. “Ok baby, here we go,” you said. You gently took her foot in your hand and pressed it to the paper beside the painted foot you did earlier. “All done Angel,” he whispered, “let’s down you cleaned up and Mummy can finished the picture.” You rolled your eyes at him, but knew you would be left to finish and clean up, while he was with his little girl. As you added a yellow star to the picture, you heard giggling coming from the bathroom. You smiled and quickly picked up everything and put it on the table out of your five month old’s reach and headed to the bathroom. You froze and stood in the doorway, watching them; Harry was sitting on the edge of the bath tub with Spencer on his lap as he wiped her foot clean with a wet cloth. “Merry Christmas Eve Angel,” he kissed her cheek.


“Think we have a little chef on our hands,” Zayn chuckled, with Kaiden on his lap. He lightly brushed flour off Kaiden’s cheek, making the little boy giggle. You stood in the kitchen at the counter, watching your two boys on the other side. “Shall we put these in the oven and do some more?” you asked. You picked up the tray and slid it into the preheated oven. You loved baking at Christmas time; and although Kaiden was too young to understand, Zayn wanted him to help. You reached over the counter and fixed the chef hat on his head. “You look adorable in the hat Kade. Mummy’s little helper,” you cooed, watching his eyes light up at hearing his name. “How about some trees?” you asked, holding up a tree cookie cutter. Zayn copied you and rolled out some dough in front of him and Kaiden. “A star. Like the one on top of our tree,” he said to little boy. While you and Zayn were both busy, Kaiden held the rolling pin in his cubby little hands. As he griped the end, he put his mouth on it. “Oh Kaiden no, that’s yucky,” you stuck your tongue out and shook your head. He let go and giggled at your funny face. Zayn looked up at you, not knowing what to do. “He’s teething Z. He wants to chew on everything,” you explained, your voice filled with worry. “Here you go Kade, this is better,” you said, handing him a cooked cookie. He happily sucked and chewed on it. Zayn kissed Kaiden’s head and tightened his grip on his son. “Is that yummy Kade?” you cooed, “the Malik’s make good cookies, don’t we.”

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