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Everything you’ve wanted, I have done. You asked that the child be taken - I took him. You cowered before me - I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you!

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20. things you said hat i wasn’t meant to hear
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When a loud crack of thunder echoed through the apartment, Yoongi both cowered and relaxed. The thoughts of a storm raging outside while he was snug under his blankets comforted him, but the thunder definitely didn’t. Instead, Yoongi tucked his hands between his knees, bringing his chest down and trying to block out the loud noise.

A loud screech came from beneath the blanket when a flash from lightning along with the most booming crack came from the sky above. Yoongi should have known he’d end up here, he always did most nights, but he still tried to deny it. 

Soft knocks accompanied by a groggy voice of “Yoongi?” prompted said man to walk in the other bedroom, feet shivering from the cold floor and shoulders hunched in fear. 

Almost immediately, Hoseok opened his arms, flipping back the blanket and welcoming Yoongi in. Again, on instinct, Yoongi scrambled in, hand automatically curling around Hoseok torso when another rumble of thunder comes from above them.

“Shhh, take a deep breath, it’s okay.” Hoseok’s left hand rested on Yoongi’s head, fingers curling and massaging his scalp and hair. As always, the ministrations work, and Yoongi let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding.

The heat of Hoseok’s body seeped into Yoongi’s brain, automatically making him limp. The thoughts of doing this every night, without having to ask, without this being all platonic, ran through Yoongi’s head.

Nothing could be heard from Hoseok, and Yoongi was sure it would take some time for himself to fall asleep, what with being surrounded in a warmth that will surely be gone in the morning. What started out as comforting a friend turned into torture for Yoongi, having to hold himself from saying everything on his mind.

“Thank you.” Yoongi whispered, nuzzling his head closer to Hoseok’s heart, hoping to somehow stake claim, live there forever, because it was warm, it would protect him from the thunder and the cold end of his bed.

Just as another crack of thunder came form above him, Yoongi turned his head slightly, lips so close to Hoseok’s chest, mumbling the words, “I love you Hoseok, so much.” 

Yoongi hoped the thunder would drown out his voice, that Hoseok would never hear those words come out of his mouth, because Yoongi couldn’t take rejection.

Just as Yoongi was about to fall asleep, a pressure rested on his head, and his heart stopped. Hoseok pulled back from the kiss he placed on Yoongi’s hair, smiling and saying back. “I love you too, Yoon.”

Instead of being scared, the combined noise from Hoseok’s humming and the warm hand rubbing patterns into his back, Yoongi felt safe. As usual, Yoongi felt relaxed in Hoseok’s arms, but more so now that he knew Hoseok felt the same.

That was the best night of sleep Yoongi got in years.

screw writing young popes

write interesting popes.  write well-rounded popes.  write complicated popes. write a pope who kicks ass, write a pope who cowers in a cloister.  write a pope who’s desperate for a cardinal.  write a woman who doesn’t need any priests.  write popes who cry, popes who rant, popes who are shy, popes who don’t take no indulgences, popes who need validation and popes who don’t care what anybody thinks.  THEY ARE ALL OKAY, and all those things could exist in THE SAME POPE.  Popes shouldn’t be valued because we are young, or jude law, but because we are people.  so don’t focus on writing popes who are young.  Write popes who are people.

fb deleted scenes we know about so far
  • newt removes his shirt to reveal a muscular body scarred from creatures
  • credence, after the events of the movie, boards a boat
  • jacob’s fiance dumps him
  • graves cowers in the corner of his office, shirtless except for a tank top, and has a vision
  • gnarlack questions queenie and hits on her (extended scene)
  • graves takes credence to a diner and gives him an enchanted flower
  • tina and queenie singing the ilvermorny song

The invitation comes hand-delivered by a man in a suit. Bitty’s the one to open the door, and hesitantly affirms when he’s asked if he’s Eric Bittle. The card is handed to him, and the man politely leaves, heading back to the black Lincoln idling outside. Bitty catches a few LAX bros peaking out their window, drawn to fancy cars like moths to a flame. 

“It wasn’t a lawyer,” Bitty calls, and five giant men unfurl themselves from where they’ve been cowering. 

He turns the card over in his hand. It’s thick, off white, bordered with metallic gold that looks suspiciously real. The whole thing is written in twisting calligraphy, so ornate he wouldn’t have been able distinguish his own name if he didn’t know to look for it. The flip side contains an invitation to Kent Parson’s housewarming party with the time and date, and RSVPs can be made via twitter. The card smells of Chanel No. 5.

Bitty Skypes Jack about it later that night. It’s a bit frustrating, because Jack doesn’t understand the subtleties of passive-aggression and keeps insisting that Kent just likes fancy things and genuinely wants them there at his party.

“It’s a game to him, Jack!” Bitty half yells, the card pinned to his wall as a reminder of what he’s up against. “Well, he has the resources, but I have the brains. Do you think you can find out what color his bathroom is? I want to give him clashing towels.”

Newt Scamander Theory

okay no this isn’t some complicated theory but my mom was making sorta rude comments about how Newt always sort of hunches away and cowers/twitches at things in the movie, and she was basically saying other things about Eddie Redmayne just sort of does that… BUT THEN my brother chimed in and made us rethink because he said how Newt is typically a rather shy and socially awkward person (sorta) and isn’t really an extrovert. He went on to say how he noticed in the film that when Newt enters his case you can literally see and hear and feel just how much he opens up and is so much more sociable and free inside the case. When he’s with his creatures and in his own world he’s truly free. just a cute little thingy we noticed. (side note) hOw freaking cute was it (and terribly sad) when Newt was being arrested and literally begging and pleading for the ministry to not hurt or even touch his creatures?? like wow????? MY HEART. this man is being arrested and is in heaps load of trouble and isn’t even denying anything or pleading for himself he’s literally so worried about his babies and they’re so important and prioritized.

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Every action has its equal opposite reaction.
Thanks to Donald Trump, our country’s fractured into factions.
Try not to crack under the stress, we’re breaking down like fractions.
We smack the POTUS in the press and don’t give retractions.
I get no satisfaction witnessing his fits of passion–
The way he shrieks and tweets, and dresses in China-made fashions.
Our oppressed citizens are frightened, wondering if they should cower,
While a Nazi runs the show behind the chair of power.
This prick won’t listen his citizens that loudly beseech him.
Somebody remind Senate that he’s got enough dirt on his back so we can at last impeach him.
Type up papers, Senators. Someone file the proceeding and serve it!
We all respect the chair, but that Donald Trump does not deserve it.

Bucky’s medicine

(A/N): I loved this request so fucking much, I can only hope I did it justice

Request:Can you do one where the reader is Bucky’s own personal medicine and the only one that can calm him down. And HYDRA used her to keep him in line. And she is small and fragile but when Bucky is taken to the Stark Tower he wants her so the team has to go get her from the HYRDA base. And she doesn’t talk much and gets scared and only trust Bucky and he is protective over her.

Warnings: A bit of angst I guess? swearing, the usual

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   “Bring (Y/N) in,” Pierce muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose as the winter soldier had nearly taken down every guard within the near vicinity of him, all the others were cowering in the corners until he calmed down, which seemed to be fruitless considering he’d been rampaging for a good ten minutes now. 

   (Y/N) was the only thing that could calm the winter soldier down, turning him into a rage machine into a sweet, broken man in under two seconds. Hydra had realized that the winter soldier was going to need an anchor after everything he went through, even after all the brainwashing he was still unstable when mad and Hydra needed a backup plan for situations like this, when the winter soldier was inconsolable or uncontrollable. 

   (Y/N) had been taken from the streets of Brooklyn back in the 40′s, they too being frozen for long periods of time, only coming out when they were needed. They were starved, beaten, and used at Hydra’s pleasure and of course to calm Hydra’s own machine when needed. 

   (Y/N) was small and frail, underfed, and all together weaker than any other person on any Hydra base across the world but they’d been hardwired into the winter soldier’s brain as a comfort, something that would console him even at his most inconsolable times. A time like now, when the soldier was angry and in pain, murdering anyone that came within five feet of his clenched fists. 

   Not even a moment after Pierce’s orders two guards returned, their hands gripping painfully tight around (Y/N)’s already frail and small arms. However, they were so out of it from the Cyrofreeze that Pierce doubted they could even comprehend what was going on, the soldier on the other hand had just enough clarity to perk up at the sight of (Y/N) through the bars surrounding his cage. 

   “Throw ‘em in,” Pierce muttered quietly, turning away from the scene as the two guards did exactly that, throwing (Y/N) into the soldier’s quarters, not even caring when they landed sprawled out on the floor, groaning in pain. Guess they were coming to their senses.

   “(Y/N),” Is all the winter soldier murmured as he dropped to the floor, immediately helping (Y/N) up into a sitting position. He stared at their face earnestly, studying the dark lines under their eyes, the way their skin seemed to be stretched over their bones, giving them a rather skeleton like appearance. 

   “Hey Winter,” (Y/N) was never told the soldier’s real name for the fear that it would jog his memory causing him to panic even more, all (Y/N) was provided with was his code name The Winter soldier and to make it slightly less intimidating (Y/N) had merely shortened it down to Winter, an almost fond form to the fear inducing name. 

   “What did they do to you?” He asks softly, his tone much softer than it’d ever been before. He steals a glance upwards, seeing the way his trainers stared at him, their eyes full of disgust as though he were some animal. 

    “Nothin’ I don’t deserve,” (Y/N) gave him a small smile, albeit laced with exhaustion. The soldier looked back down to (Y/N), studying their very prominent chin and cheekbones. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that (Y/N) was starving, a thought that did break the soldier’s heart. 

   The winter soldier didn’t care for much in this world, he was just a machine, operating as his owners so pleased. He wasn’t allowed to care for anything, it got in the way of his job and that was absolutely against Hydra’s rules but they did allow him one simple pleasure in his god awful life- (Y/N). 

   For as long as he could remember, which wasn’t very long given he had a very terrible memory, (Y/N) had always been there for him, they were there after every mission, taking his beaten and most likely bloodied hands and staring up at him with the utmost fondness in their eyes, on that had diminished even now, even when they were starving to death. They weren’t scared of him, they didn’t want him to be some machine, they were simply there for whenever the soldier needed them and that’s more than he could ever ask for in this awful lifestyle. 

    “You’re hungry,” He states softly, one hand traveling down (Y/N)’s body to rest on their rather bony hips. Last time he’d held them there was most definitely more fat clinging to their body, now there was hardly any fat or muscle there, they were literally skin and bone. 

   “I don’t ask for what I won’t receive,” (Y/N) merely states, shivering against the chill of rather freezing Hydra base. It didn’t help that (Y/N) was severely underweight and their base was underground, only making them that much colder. Without a word the soldier pulls (Y/N) into a hug, keeping their frail and small body against his. He could hear some of the guards murmuring about the affection but he payed them no mind, to busy in trying to warm (Y/N) up. 

   “You get five more minutes (Y/N),” Pierce mutters, obviously very displeased with what was happening between the two but if it helped calm the soldier down then so be it. The soldier only holds (Y/N) closer and he’d be damned if he let anyone of those bastards hurt them again. They were too sweet for this, too kind and too pure to be treated this way. 

    Five minutes passed in a flash, the doors to the soldier’s cage opening as the same guards stepped inside, guns at their sides as they reached out to grab at (Y/N)’s forearms, tearing them away from his warm chest. The soldier wanted to cry out, beg for them to let him keep (Y/N) just awhile longer, but both and (Y/N) knew that any protests would result in both of them receiving a severe beating. So instead the soldier had to watch (Y/N) leave, the guards handling them much too roughly for his liking. And with that his cage was locked again and the guards still alive grabbed him and chained him to his chair, preparing to start the brainwashing process all over again. 

    “There had to be some way Hydra kept him in check,” Tony muttered as he pointed to Bucky who at the moment was looking like a kicked puppy. Somehow on the mission Hydra had interfered, someone stating the trigger words and Bucky was falling into the pit of winter soldier all over again. 

   “Tony it was a one time thing, I’m sure it’s not gonna-” 

   “They did,” Bucky’s voice is hoarse, most likely from the tears and hatred bubbling in his throat. Both men turn to look at him with looks of mild shock upon their face, perhaps mixed with a bit of fear for what he was going to say. “Their name was (Y/N),” 

   Bucky had explained who exactly (Y/N) was, what they meant to him, what they did for him…

   “So they were kinda your own personal medicine?” Steve asks meekly, his tone soft and quiet. Bucky nods, staring down at his metal hand, remembering the way (Y/N) had held it so tenderly, even when the metal plates had been stained with blood. 

   “Why don’t we go get them then?” Tony asks blatantly, “It shouldn’t be too hard to track them down now that Shield’s security it tighter, right?” Bucky shakes his head, sighing shakily as he does. 

   “They were only kept around to keep me in check, with me no longer there I bet they were killed ages ago,” Both Steve and Tony share a look, a sad sympathetic look for their friend. 

   “Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least try to find them,” Steve suggests softly, giving Bucky a small albeit hopeful smile. 

   “I can start running logistics now,” Tony smiles, already pulling up some technically little piece of equipment, quickly typing in some search or something like that. 

   “You guys-” Bucky begins, only to have Steve cut him off a moment later. 

   “We’re finding them for you Bucky, whether they’re dead or alive it doesn’t matter to us,” Bucky can’t help the small smile the overtakes his features at Steve’s words, his lips curling upwards in the sweetest way. Now god help them that they really could find (Y/N), and alive too.

   “So the sub levels is where the freezing chambers are?” Steve asks as he straps on his helmet, staring at Bucky earnestly. Bucky nods as he reaches for his preferred gun, shifting it around in his hands before placing it at his side. 

   “Yeah, most likely one of the very last halls, it’s most likely really old, run down, dirty,” Steve nods as he grabs his shield, locking it onto his back. 

   “I promise Buck,” Steve clasps his shoulder gently. “We’re gonna get ‘em back,” Bucky smiles, trying to hide how nervous he really was. He didn’t know if he could stomach the thought of (Y/N) being dead, after all they went through he simply couldn’t stand the thought. 

   “Yeah,” He sighs, nodding, “I hope,” 

    Bucky charged down the halls, completely avoiding the bullets reigning from every Hydra agents gun in the near vicinity, some far place down the hall he could hear some man screaming his words after him but he wasn’t going to let them affect him, not now at least, not when he was so close to where (Y/N) once used to be. He ran faster than his legs could have ever carried him, leading him to smack right into a wall as he turns a corner. 

   There it was, a bold steel door in front of him, just begging to be opened. Without skipping a beat he ripped the door open, his eyes already scanning the room for some Cyrofreeze machine. What his eyes landed on was a tall, cylindrical container, much like his own, with many wires attached to it. Since every other winter soldier was dead there was only a few possibilities here; one, Hydra created another serum to perfect another soldier, it was a trap, or it was (Y/N). Without a second of hesitation Bucky punched the glass of the container, listening to the somewhat satisfying hiss of air that followed. 

   “Oh god,” He muttered as he tore at the glass, only stopping when an all too familiar face was revealed, the air around them having finally dissipated. They were much more sickly looking than the last time he saw them which was saying something considering just how sick (Y/N) had looked the last time he saw them. They had almost no muscle to their face, their entire frame just skin and bone, quite literally now. 

   After gawking at (Y/N) for a bit he reached for their air mask, ripping it from their face rather quickly. Then he got to town on all the other wires and tubes hanging from their body. 

   “Bucky!” Steve called from somewhere down the hall, his tone rather frantic as he did. 

   “Shit,” Bucky muttered, attempting to hurry up his process of ripping things away from (Y/N). 

  “Bucky, come on buddy we gotta get outta-” But Steve’s voice stops at the doorway, his eyes taking in (Y/N)’s form as they slump against Bucky after having finally been relieved of all their wires and tubes. 

   “I know,” Bucky murmured, quickly hoisting them up as though they weighed nothing and in a way they did. They literally weighed nothing in his arms, they were so frail and small that he was scared of breaking them but he sure as hell wasn’t going to let anyone else care for them. “Hydra’s starved them since the day they got here, I’m lucky they survived this long,” Steve nods, only staring for a moment or two before he slips back into his Captain persona. 

   “Bucky Hydra’s all over the place, we gotta get out of here and quick,” Bucky nods, holding (Y/N) to his body in an all too protective manner. 

   “Got it,” 

    Bucky remained by (Y/N)’s side the entire flight back, refusing to even budge when Sam said he needed help stitching up his back. There was no way he was letting (Y/N) wake up to an unfamiliar place, without one familiar face around. 

   “Buck-” Steve sighed as he slumped on the floor of the quinjet, exhausted from the day’s impromptu mission. “You need sleep, I’m sure (Y/N) will be just fine if you’re asleep and-” 

   “No,” Bucky growled, holding (Y/N) to his chest a bit tighter. ‘I’m not going to sleep until they wake up and eat,” 

   “But Bucky-” 

   “Don’t try to argue Steve,” Bucky glares at him, trying to tell his friend to back off in a somewhat nice manner. Steve sighed, shrugging his shoulders lightly. 

   “Fine, I can’t make you do anything, but don’t come crying to me when you’re exhausted from lack of sleep,” Bucky gave Steve one last glare before directing his attention back to (Y/N), whose sickly body was still trying to shake off the Cyrofreeze. Bucky could only hope that the damage done to their body wasn’t permanent…

    Bucky waited hours for (Y/N) to wake up but as dawn was nearing and they haven’t as so much stirred he began to grow concerned. 

  “Fuck,” He all but whimpered as he shifted in his spot once again, his ass nearly numb from sitting so long. “God (Y/N), please wake up,” Beside him Steve and Sam slept soundly, the steady rise and fall of their chests only soothing Bucky’s nerves somewhat. 

   “Winter?” The voice was so broken and so quiet Bucky wouldn’t have heard it if he wasn’t on such high alert. With wide eyes and parted lips he redirected his attention back to the body settled against him. “Winter is that you?” 

   “Oh my god,” Bucky sighed in relief, burying his nose in (Y/N)’s still freezing hair. “Oh my god (Y/N), you’re alive,” 

   “Where are-” (Y/N) licked their lips slowly, the movement slow and methodical. Bucky couldn’t help but notice just how dry (Y/N)’s lips and tongue were, guess they had been deprived of water too. “Where are we?” 

   “We got out,” Bucky nearly squeaks, his emotions getting the better of him. “I got us out of there (Y/N),” Despite (Y/N)’s very prominent exhaustion they smile, their lips curling upwards slowly and lazily. 

   “We’re free?” 

   “We’re free.” Bucky states, nodding against (Y/N). 

   “Do you- do you have any water?” (Y/N) asks meekly, as though they were scared of asking. Immediately Bucky nods, having prepared for this moment, He reached with one hand to grab the water bottle behind him, quickly popping the top off and guiding it to (Y/N)’s lips. 

   “Tell me when to stop,” Bucky whispered, slowly pouring bits of water into (Y/N)’s mouth. For having been starved and dehydrated for years they were taking the water well, downing at least half a bottle before raising their weak hand to Bucky’s, grasping it to tell him to stop. “I’ve got some food for you too,” He adds, his voice in softer now than it was before. “Think you can eat?” (Y/N) nods their head, some form of noise falling from their lips. 

   Bucky smiles gently as he grabs the protein bar Sam had packed, surely he wouldn’t mind if he shared with (Y/N)? Even if he did care Bucky didn’t and (Y/N) desperately needed food. They ate at least half of that before they stopped, telling Bucky that their stomach hurt and for good reason too. Decades without food had to do something to (Y/N)’s stomach, probably shrink it a good few sizes and Bucky was amazed that (Y/N) was able to eat and drink that much. 

   “Who’s that?” (Y/N)’s voice sounds scared as they point to Steve on the left side of his body. 

   “That’s Steve Rogers, he’s an old friend of mine,” 

   “What about him?” (Y/N) points to Sam on his right, their finger trembling softly. 

   “That’s Sam, he’s a friend too,” 

   “Can I trust them?” 

   “With your life,” Bucky nods, reaching out to hold (Y/N)’s shaking hand. To this day Bucky couldn’t believe the way (Y/N)’s hand felt in his, absolutely perfect, like two pieces of a puzzle. 

   “Thank you winter,” (Y/N) mutters, closing their eyes as their exhaustion overtakes their small body once again. 

   “My name’s Bucky,” Bucky whispers as he presses a kiss to the top of (Y/N)’s hair, allowing his lips to linger there before he pulled them away. “But you can keep calling me Winter,” 

“During your reign… your strength, your ruthlessness, your callous disregard for life…it was a terrifying and majestic sight to behold. In the face of that back then, even the Goddesses could do nothing but cower, crippled by your presence. Everyone accepted and acknowledged you as the most worthy successor to the demon king.” - Estarossa, chapter 176

Evil demon Meliodas gives me so much life. x’D ♥

I want to be on the Bachelor so I can make a cookie cutter white guy fall in love with me and then, when it gets to the final two, set off red flags everywhere. Really, I just want to be the Bachelorette so I can break the hearts of all 20 or so of the guys who all look the same. I really want to just call them all by the wrong name and make them all cower before me. I will own them. 

“Just admit it, Violet you want him back,” you said staring down at the ghost girl in front of you.

Tate stood behind you cowering between your shoulder blades. You could feel his tears soaking into the back of your shirt. She could tell you everything Tate had or hadn’t done you would still love him and you weren’t going to let him be betrayed again. And if that made you as crazy and awful you didn’t care.

“I’m sorry, Tate,” she said quietly, “I was just so mad about what you did I-”

“You told me to go away,” Tate sobs as you took his hand in yours comfortingly.

“I know but I still-”

“That’s enough, Violet. You told him to go away and he went away. Maybe it time you went away too.”

The girls eyes widened as she stood still as a statue. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.

“Go away, violet,” you said deadpanned.

When you opened your eyes the room was empty save for you and Tate who slowly came out of his hiding behind you. You turned to him and rested a hand on his cold tear stained cheek.

“I’ll never tell you to go away.”

tina letting credence stay in her and queenie’s apartment ………. queenie making him new clothes and cooking his favourite meals………. credence constantly insisting they don’t have to be so nice to him and the sisters just smilin at him and letting him know it’s alright…………….. one day credence breaks a vase and tina comes to see what happened ….. credence cowers in the corner and can’t stop apologizing ……. tina just sits down beside him and puts her arm around his shoulders n pulls him close ……… she starts smoothin his hair back and just says “we aren’t ever gonna hurt you here credence” ……… im fine ……… ev….erything is fin e ……..

  • Nora: Jaune, how can you be so dense? That girl was flirting with you!
  • Jaune: She was? I thought she was just being overly friendly.
  • Nora: Urgh. Look she's gone out back to collect our order but when she comes back ask her out!
  • Jaune: I don't know Nora.
  • Nora: Jaune, Pyrrha died five years ago, it's time to move on.
  • Jaune: ...Yeah, you're right. It'll be tough but I feel like I can do it.
  • *Meanwhile in the kitchen the waitress is cowering on the floor as the ghost of Pyrrha has haunted a bunch of cooking knives to point at her*
  • Pyrrha: Don't even think about giving him your phone number!
There is a wolf inside me. And she is leading a pack. I am awoken by its roar.
Everything that I love I claw into, refusing to let go. I guard my territory like the queen of the jungle. And nothing and no one
will touch anything or anyone I love. My survival instinct is powerful, I survive trauma with grace, so my scars become tattoos engraved in the light of the sun. I honor this wolf. She is my integrity and my dignity, the pride stamped across my chest.
I am my own sacred sun.
there is also a wounded cub, cowering and exhausted, howling to be held. Make the fucking world go away
You always dread the unfamiliar. Surely you remember the boy in your own school class who was exceptionally ‘bright,’ did most of the reciting and answering while the others sat like so many leaden idols, hating him. And wasn’t it this bright boy you selected for beatings and tortures after hours? Of course it was. We must all be alike. Not everyone born free and equal, as the Constitution says, but everyone made equal. Each man the image of every other; then all are happy, for there are no mountains to make them cower, to judge themselves against. So! A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it. Take the shot from the weapon. Breach man’s mind. Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man?
—  Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

I can’t believe Rogue One managed to make Darth Vader suddenly just as scary again as he was when I was 4 years old, watching A New Hope for the first time and he walked through that door on the Tantive IV and fucking choked a guy to death. Having seen the movies so many times since then kinda desensitized me to the utter terror of Vader but then that end scene of Rogue One turned me right back into the frightened child cowering on my dad’s lap (and I LOVED it)


“Thats it - poof - its gone!” You barked, throwing your hands in the air as you paced back and forth, growling individually at the three of them, causing Barry and Cisco to cower beneath your ire whereas Harrison stood quietly with his arms folded over his chest, wisely nodding in all the right places as you continued scolding them. “I thought you knuckleheads said you were scientists… Scientists. Technology is what you do! I’ve seen you three do incredible things and the very second you try to pull data off my hard drive, you end up wiping the entire thing clean… How do you screw up with something like that?!”

“I uh…” Barry began sheepishly before clearing his throat. “I’m technically in forensics so… Like, that’s still science I guess, but-”

Quickly shushing him, you pitched over your computer and bit your lip, thinking very hard about how you were going to recover your lost data… “I just… Hang on. I just need some peace and quiet if I’m going to figure this out.”

“Right.” Barry said. “I’ll just… I’ll be quiet.”

“I’ll be peace…” Cisco’s blurted before bumping Barry with his elbow.

Looking up, you found him sniggering and making a V-shape gesture with hand; his middle and pointer fingers scissoring a bit and completely sending you over the edge. 

“Allen.” Harrison’s voice broke through the tension. Clearly noticing how you were debating on whether or not to jump over the desk and rip their jugulars out, he probably felt now was a good time to intervene. Casting them a side-glance that teetered back and forth between humorous and sympathetic, he growled, “Shut him up.”

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Request: Imagine the men on team flash doing something stupid and the reader just blowing up at them like all mad and cisco and barry are scared and harry is just smirking like whut? But like sh’es really mad.

I love Cecil’s character arc bc like I’ve seen people say “omg we thought he was dark and mysterious and he’s actually just a huge dork” which is sort of true but i relistened to the September Monologues recently and the fact that Steve mentioned that Cecil never used to do anything besides hang out at the station is so interesting?? bc im remembering back to [Best Of?] and he was obviously SO dedicated to being the best reporter he could be but he also seemed really fucking detached when I think about it?

I think at some point, the whole immortal deal just got to him, yknow? It’s established in that episode that he’s been around since the fucking beginning of Night Vale (not that he remembers much of it, I guess). dude watched Josie grow up and I think he just kept himself separate from people in general to avoid being absolutely wrecked by their mortal existence and inevitable deaths. it’s not like he was miserable or anything, he was just super fucking invested in his work.

and then Carlos comes along and out comes the dorky emotional radio host we know and love. this theory also ties in with how devastated he was when Carlos got stranded in Desert Otherworld because god dammit, he finally let himself get attached again and now he’s lost it all so soon.

tldr; I want to give Cecil Gershwin Palmer a really big hug.

Joshua Lapp was a sophomore at Columbine High School and on the day of the massacre, he hid under a table in the library. He was located only about five feet from the table Daniel Mauser cowered under and Josh shielded his friend Brittany in case the gunmen walked by. He recalls: “I was looking over my shoulder the whole time. I wasn’t going to let them shoot me without looking me in the eyes. I used to watch, like, Lethal Weapon - all those action movies. I remember that they say it’s hard to kill somebody if they’re looking you in the eyes. I don’t know if it’s true, but, as far as I was concerned, it was real at the time. So I was making sure that if they were going  to come over and shoot us, I was going to look them in the eyes.“

After Eric Harris fatally shot Daniel Mauser in the face, Joshua could see them looming closer to where he resided. He said, “Then, they walked on the outside of Daniel’s desk, so they were about two desk lengths away. They both looked at me. I made eye contact with them both. They were straight-faced, like I would look at somebody walking down the street. They didn’t act like they had hurt anybody a second ago. They acted like it was normal. And for some reason, they kept walking.”


“Tate… You killed people…” You said as you stared at boy in front of you who was currently on the brink of tears.

“Why would I do that..” He said with a quivering voice.

“Tate… I don’t…”

“Please don’t tell me to go away… I don’t want to go away…”

“Tate… You’re awful…”

Tate shook his head as his tears streamed down his cheeks and he broke into sobs. He cowered into himself like a scared puppy would cower into the corner. His vulnerable state struck a chord in your heart. You remembered that you loved this boy. With all your heart.

But… He’s a murderer. A monster. Monsters aren’t meant to revive sympathy or love. But…

Why was it so hard to send him away?