80 years ago, Jesse Owens destroyed the Olympics’ racial hierarchy and humiliated Hitler at the Berlin Games.

22-year-old Jesse Owens rose above prejudice. He smashed the assumed racial superiority by winning FOUR gold medals during the 1936 Olympic Games.

The son of a sharecropper and whose grandparents had been slaves, Owens won the 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay, and long jump breaking the Olympic records that would stand for 20 years. Even Hitler couldn’t stand the humiliation and left the stadium in a huff.

He became the first American to win four gold medals at a single Olympics.
However, Owens returned to America to be made to feel unworthy.

“I came back to my native country and I couldn’t ride in the front of the bus. I had to go to the back door, I couldn’t live where I wanted. I wasn’t invited up to shake hands with Hitler, but I wasn’t invited to the White House to shake hands with the President either.”

Give some respect to Jesse Owens, The man who traveled to a nation that officially hated them for the color of their skin, representing a country that unofficially hated them for the same reason, and kicked all their asses.


Congratulations to Michael Phelps on his 21st gold medal and overall 25th Olympic medal!



In a statement to Face To Face Africa, the country’s food and drug administration spokesperson, James Lartey, confirmed the products will no longer be imported to the country:

“Concerning skin lightening products, we are saying that from August 2016, all products containing hydroquinone will not be allowed into the country. From 2016, the acceptance for skin lightening products is going to be zero.”

This is a step in the right direction in reclaiming our beautiful melanin. Many beautiful women in the US are exposed to beauty standards proclaimed by the white media and that’s WRONG.
Embrace your own skin color and your own beauty as our sisters from Ghana. Don’t be mislead by the stupid MSM and the gov’t, stay natural.