So I taught my first lesson today

I didn’t have anything going in cause I didn’t know who my student was or what instrument they played (other than brass because that was the assignment) so I, a flute player who only knows how to play trumpet and just got a trombone got assigned a baritone who could only play in one partials but by the end there was progress and we going in the right direction and it was just such an amazing feeling to see my student make progress and ahhhhhh this is why I wanted to be a teacher I know I probably seemed clueless in the lesson but things worked out and progress happened and ahhhh I can’t wait to see what we can do over this semester!!

Congratulations, Yuri on Ice Fandom

We’ve done it again.

We’ve won yet another anime popularity poll, this time resulting in Yuri on Ice being named anime of the year 2016 in this year’s Anime News Network’s mega poll.

With almost 38% of all votes, we beat Re:Zero by the large margin of 2044 votes.

Congratulations, fandom. It is great to hear that Yuri on Ice is getting the appreciation it deserves. Here’s to hoping for more awards.

[Fyi Anime News Network is one of the biggest anime news sites out there and these polls are sort of a big deal.]

this comes from a guy who had virtually no solos for so long because his voice was “not good enough”. first he wrote some of the most beautiful songs for the band and then he went and delivered a song not many could. he rose from the ashes after years of being silenced and you’re gonna hear him now, loud and clear.