And the phantoms of the night
Will fade into the past
Morning glow is here at last

I don’t know how many Tales fans are also musical theatre fans, but even if you’re not please listen to this song because it is absolutely gorgeous. Luke’s journey is quite similar to Pippin’s, and whenever I listen to the soundtrack I always think of Luke. 

I can’t believe that three months ago, I’d decided to commit suicide today.
And then I went to the hospital and got medicine and now I’ve been clean for several weeks and so much has happened.
I’m so much more in touch with myself and the world around me.
And today, I’ve spent with friends and got another plant and even though sometimes things are really hard, I am beginning to live a life cultured by love.
And even though my future scares me and death still doesn’t and I’m still fighting a raging addiction, right now I have good friends and a supportive family and comfortable pants. So, regardless of my bad days and the presence of the Shadow Man, life feels really nice right now.

  • Phoebe:What are your favorite physical attributes of eachother ?
  • Phil:I think Dan's got good eyes
  • Phil:They're a good shade of brown
  • Phil:You're a good height, think were about the same height
  • Phil:Let me see your hands *touches Dan*
  • Dan:*looks at Phil*
  • Phil:*looks at Dan's legs*
  • Phil:um umh.. *looks at DAN'S LAP*
  • Dan:You caN STOP NOW IF YOU WANT you've named two
  • Phoebe:No no let's keep going a little bit
  • Phil:*touches Dan's ear*
  • Phil:I'm jealous of your dimple

tw xmas meme

:: day #05 // quote(s) cast member
- we’re all a family. we live together, we die together - tyler hoechlin


I ALWAYS sucked at drawing Ayato and I was so frustrated so I gave myself some time until trying again. So I managed it today and I can finally draw more of him… you don’t know how happy I am