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Bolin points out to Korra and Kuvira that they have so many things in common and should date. Korra, half jokingly, asks Kuvira out. Kuvira, half jokingly, accepts.


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can you please rec some artists similiar to khalil fong?

khalil is so versatile!! i can’t put him in a category & i’ve yet to find someone that shares the same vibe as him, however i can list +++ artists that i love & makes me feel the same way khalil does :-)

  • 李榮浩 (li rong hao) 💖💖💖
  • 韋禮安 (william wei) !!!
  • 孫盛希 (shi shi)  💖💖💖
  • 馮允謙 (jay fung) !!!
  • 雷琛瑜 (j.arie)
  • 陳威全 (vchuan)
  • 王大文 (dawen wang) !!!
  • 家家 (jia jia) !!!
  • 陶喆 (david tao)
  • 胡彦斌 (anson/tiger hu)
  • 黃麗玲 (a-lin)
  • 茜拉 (shila amzah) !!!
  • 林宥嘉 (yoga lin)
  • 陳奕迅 (eason chan)
  • 林俊傑 (jj lin)
  • 鄭俊弘 (fred cheng)
  • 林奕匡 (phil lam)
  • 陳芳語 (kimberley chen) !!!
  • 劉力揚 (jeno liu)
  • 李佳薇 (jess lee)

hopefully u found someone u’ll like here!! i absolutely love everyone & respect everyone here i hope to hear them all sing live once before i rise to heaven & sprinkle chicken nuggets on earth :’-)

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hey!! i just recently got into kpop and ive been looking for some female vocalists to get into and i thought maybe you could give me some recs? or lemme know who u like, if u like any? i really like Gain and Lim Kim. Thanks for your time!!!

i do i have a lot of fave artists ok:

I had a dream that I was a japanese school girl and my senpai was a gemini guy named kai. I fangirled over him so much but he never noticed me, which didn’t seem to affect the dream me? idk I was probably like “oh, senpai will notice me someday!!” I guess lmao

but then I found out he had a girlfriend and she was a scorpio ig in the dream so I shouted “I will stab u! get away from my senpai!!!” but she didn’t budge so I got rlly made and was all like “gemini and scorpio aren’t compatible anyways!!! the stars cockblocked u!!!! u both are doomed!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! HAHAHAH!! FUCK ALL OF YOU INCOMPATIBLE BITCHESSSS!!!!!” and then I died from heartbreak?? (I blame it from playing the sims4 too much)

let’s just say it was really fucking weird when I woke up

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do u know any fics w dean abandons preg!cas bc he's scared but happy ending and all the fluff? or u know just really good parents!destiel taking care their precious baby? im in dire need please. i love your content so so much so give me anything and I'll read it. you are awesome and i love u

Sowing the Seeds and Written in the Scars of My Heart come to mind. You can read the sequels for good parents Destiel.

Uninvited if you’re also looking for pregnant!Cas breaking it up with Dean.

I’m sorry that I can’t think of more right off the top of my head because half of it is switched off due to me being sick.

If you have suggestions and self-recs just drop them into the reply, a reblog or my ask box! ♥ 

I’ll eventually update my Mpreg reading list, but here it is, here’s the A/B/O one because that’s also a good starting point for Mpreg fic. Also here’s my pregnant!Cas tag for fic and art on tumblr.

“who’s my favorite no-good womp weasel?”
“i am, i hope. you do seem to attract the sort.”

waist flats commission for pavus​ !! this is their smuggler from SWTOR, Genna Stoma and Darmas Pollaran! thank you so much for commissioning me, it was such a pleasure ;u; <3

commission info + support me on patreon !

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One of the reasons I really like you is your love for insects/lizards and stuff. Like I don't have a passion for them but idk I just like how you do? Because I feel like most people are grossed out by them and I can be too which makes me feel bad for them but you're just reblogging pictures of worms or something and saying how you love them and its just really nice lol

thank you so much! u_u I’m really passionate about my creepy crawly friends, I feel like they are incredibly misunderstood and just need a chance…it’s been really fun/interesting being on tumblr and seeing a growing number of lizard/insect lovers!! I get really overwhelmed by how amazing bugs are a lot, because it took a long journey of re-learning a lot of taught behavior surrounding them, and now it’s like “oh hello creature that is many times smaller than me but also many times more beneficial to the planet!! I hope you are doing well today” lmao. I’ve always loved reptiles/amphibians tho ;_; pals are everywhere!!