AU! Rumiya Saito | 25 | Professional Cosplayer, Painter and Public Speaker

Interview for Nippon Magazine ft Rumiya Saito

I feel like I already grew up from my childish shell and I want to evolve,reach for the stars.”- Quoted from one of her recent interviews.

Rumiya is now in the middle of the best period of her life: a fulfilling career as a professional Cosplayer, Artist and aspiring Photographer. She is hoping to bloom, some of her works being sold for a very valorous sum in auctions. She often gets involved with different volunteer actions and charity projects in hopes to help people who are now what she once was: poor or unfortunate. “I owe Ozuru-san everything I am.”- She said in a live stream when asked about her success and fame. “I wouldn’t even be alive today if Ozuru-san hadn’t found me on the side of the road 25 years ago. She may not be my real mother but that definitely does not matter. The things she’s been through to help me bloom are the reasons why I call her my mother in the first place. “. 

Rumiya has completely changed her lifestyle, eating healthier and keeping in shape, she wants to dedicate herself to her Cosplaying career and become a public speaker, despite her shy nature. She changed her appearance over the years in hopes she will find herself within the lines of a personality crisis.

When we asked her about her relationship with the famous sportsman Angelo Jukodo, Rumiya refused to give too many details “I want to keep things between us. It’s not that I wouldn’t gladly share our love with the rest of the people, I just want this to be our thing, not the media’s thing,you know. We’ve known eachother for a long time now and I cherish everything he is. Angelo has greatly helped me shape and change into the person I am now. I don’t know what I would be without him.”. 

On a last note, we tried to get Rumiya’s view on the future and her plans, which were very uncertain: “I was born so unfortunate and twisted my life in such a way I could have never hoped for. I cannot tell you what the future has in store for me, all I know is that I want to be by Angelo’s side and support my mother for as long as I can[…] babies?! …oh my…I think that’s a topic for some other time…” 

 Her interview ended with a soft laughter and a flustered face. 

Me : Flint and Wood.. yeah, never really thought about it. Why not. Let’s check the tag.

*A few minutes later*

Me : aw my babies are so cute. Let them be happy and gay together. Come on guys, GET MARRIED AND HAVE MANY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN TO PLAY QUIDDITCH WITH. THEY’RE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER. DON’T TELL ME OTHERWISE. I have to read all the fanfictions.

Sorry this took so long to finish up! But after Sunset helped out Whisper and they were happy in the end, I just really felt the urge to see them hugging it out! SO HERE IT IS

Whisper and Sunset sharing a cute little hug!

This is all thanks too @ask-whisper-song! With the short story on her blog (illustrated by her adorable unique art) and with her giving me the idea to draw them hugging myself!

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I feel so bad

I just had a visit from my sister and her kids. My 3 YO nephew was his usual rambunctious self, raving about the air ambulance helicopter they’d seen on the way in and instructing me on how to draw a picture of it for him. It was a breath of fresh air.

Until it was time to leave. Then he started asking quietly but insistently if I was going to get better soon and why the doctors hadn’t made me better yet. It was just heartbreaking to see how worried he was for me and I couldn’t tell him when I would be home or that I was getting better. You can’t easily explain to a child that age about long waits for tests or doctors being unsure what’s wrong.

I felt like such a bad auntie not being able to reassure him beyond saying the doctors are trying to help me.

Tumblr: Remove Tumblr's brand new 'safe mode' update
As of today, Tumblr has introduced a new way of blocking sensitive media on their site, with a new "safe mode" update. This safe mode has blocked many things that don't even come close to being sensitive, and if you're under 18 there is no way to turn it off, period. This petition aims to make Tumblr...

As of today, Tumblr has introduced a new way of blocking sensitive media on their site, with a new “safe mode” update. This safe mode has blocked many things that don’t even come close to being sensitive, and if you’re under 18 there is no way to turn it off, period.

This petition aims to make Tumblr realise that this update is ,quite frankly, useless, as the multitude of Tumblr users have other, better ways to block sensitive content that they don’t wish to see, such as blacklisting tags or blocking offensive blogs. Furthermore, before the update, Tumblr’s safe mode was already useful for blocking sensitive content by blocking all blogs and posts that had been flagged as NSFW.

This new update, however, is seemingly blocking posts and blogs at random. It is reducing not only what content people see on Tumblr, but also what people can post. Many people can’t see content their friends are reblogging, other’s are being treated to a dashboard full of blocked posts, and a few can’t do anything due to everything being blocked. Even the LGBT tags are being branded as NSFW, which is a horribly homophobic thing for Tumblr to do during Pride Month.

This update is useless, untested, and broken, It’s not needed, and basically the entirety of Tumblr’s userbase can agree that Tumblr has updated the wrong things. Something like a tag blocker for mobile would be much better, and it would be more useful too.

When this petition reaches enough signatures, it will be sent to Tumblr as a sign of how much people dislike this update. The aim is to have them backtrack the update, and hopefully get them to focus on more useful updates instead of one that breaks the entire site. Tumblr should be a site for everyone, and this update is preventing that from being a thing.